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YouLookFab suggests ways to wear a striped blazer.
– What 5 things should women never say while negotiating?  American Express Open Forum wonders.  Meanwhile, Wisebread rounds up body language mistakes that sabotage interviews, and ForbesWoman discusses how your follow up can help or hurt you.
Savvy Sugar has three “scientifically tested” ways to help you concentrate at work.
Ask a Manager suggests good ways to tell your network you’re looking for work.
Mint reviews some “fine print gotcha’s” that should be on your radar (including canceling a hotel reservation but then having to pay full price for it anyway).
– Congratulations to Sara Blakely, whose Spanx empire has made her the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, according to Forbes.  Well done!

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  1. I posted these earlier this week in the hopes you’d see them and include them in the roundup:

    Article on the lawsuit being filed by former students against law schools: http://nymag.com/news/features/law-schools-2012-3/

    • Study of student loan debt shows high levels of default: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/06/business/study-finds-a-growing-student-debt-load.html?hpw

    • Article about how criminals can find you on a site that aggregates all of your personal data: http://jezebel.com/5890590/did-my-rapist-find-me-on-spokeo (on the 3/7/12 suit of the week thread we discussed ways to remove yourself from these sites)

  2. The spanx link is the same as the follow up link…

    • d’oh — fixed : http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2012/03/07/undercover-billionaire-sara-blakely-joins-the-rich-list-thanks-to-spanx/

  3. so anonymous :

    Totally random question, but I don’t know anyone IRL who I can commiserate with on this. Does anyone listen to Cosmo Radio? I listen daily, and I can’t decide if I am “hate listening” or listening as a fan! I know I truly dislike Taylor but I kind of like Kenny, and I’m hot and cold on Patrick but he can be entertaining. I am mad that Leah is gone. It’s probably a little too young for me, but curious as to others’ opinions.

    • Merabella :

      I LOVE Kenny! My husband and I listen for him on the way to work. I’m not really a fan of Taylor because she complains ALL.THE.TIME! I’m the same about Patrick, but I really enjoy Dr. Jenn – she is the shrink on after 8.

  4. karenpadi :

    I think we discuss after-interview thank-you notes quite often. I have a new data point.

    We interviewed a guy about a week ago and sent him an offer earlier this week. On Tuesday, those of us who interviewed him were encouraged to call him to congratulate him and let him know we were looking forward to working with him.

    But I’ve not received a thank-you note. So I’m not calling him. I’m also not looking forward to working with him as much as I would have.

    • I completely agree with you. It’s my pet peeve when candidates don’t follow up with even a short email. I always remember who did and who didn’t send me a note, even after they’ve started working. Probably a bit silly of me, but still.

  5. phillygirlruns :

    in addition to feeling somewhat dumpy and un-polished today as a result of forgetting my belt, i have now discovered that i was wearing my cardigan inside-out for several hours. GAH.

    • Go home. Immediately. Your day is obviously not going to get any better.


  6. writing a will? :

    As an atty, can I write a will for my parents? It’s just the 3 of us, so everything would be left to me. I don’t practice wills, fwiw.

    • Yes, although with the caveat that the laws could vary in your state. The witness can’t be a party who stands to inherit, but it doesn’t matter who actually wrote the will. I’ve done wills for all of my family members as well as for myself; it isn’t hard to learn how, and I’m not a wills lawyer either.

  7. I have a followup lunch coming up with a partner in a firm I would LOVE to work with (although I suspect he will be offering advice rather than extending an offer)… he knows that I am not working (much) right now, so what do I wear to lunch? Somehow, I feel pathetic busting out a suit for a lunch meeting, when all parties know I would not be suited up except for said lunch… yet a sweater and dress pants seem wrong, too.

    What does the hive think?

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