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– Lisa at Privilege has some awesome snark for working wardrobes on TV, including, apparently, a show in which a character running for President (of the United States) gives her concession speech in a bright red jumpsuit.  Brilliant.
– Esquire and the WSJ advise men what to wear to work, but there are some great tips for women too:  buy what fits, get good shoes, go simple, seek advice, and to “care a little bit.”
Barking Dog Shoes rounds up nine cute and comfortable shoes for Fall 2012.  Capitol Hill Style clarifies her stance on “people over 25 shouldn’t wear denim out.” (Do we agree?)
The Careerist tells us we’re all being petty to get so worked up about her opinion that women over 40 should cut their hair.
Savvy Sugar has a really interesting roundup on the frugal habits of millionaires.
The WSJ tells you how to get elite travel perks.
– Finally, thanks to People StyleWatch for quoting me in an article about prints and the office.

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  1. Lisa’s post is great. That jumpsuit is insane.

    I can’t.even.respond to CapHillStyle without letting myself down.

    • Is it just me, or is the anti-Belle sentiment rising lately? I’ve always interpreted her judgment as her own opinion, which she is free to express (and readers may or may not agree with).

      • I think it’s the way in which she expresses her opinions, not the fact that she has them.

        • That and I also think that I can’t really relate to her because of difference and age and career progression. But, it’s mostly the former.

        • noneofyournevermind :

          Exactly. She lost all of my respect with the sexist “all women are bad at finance” post a few months back. Readers (rightly) constructively criticized her and she responded very rudely. Later followed by a classic “how to lie with statistics” everyone is reading my blog so I must be right comment.

          What annoys me almost as much as her way of responding to criticism, though, is what I call the Belle-Bots that come out of the woodwork and defend her unremittingly, while seeming to lack all critical thinking skills. (I suppose I was that way in my early-mid 20’s, so I shouldn’t judge.) The few times I visit I like to play a game and see how many comments in it takes for them to surface after someone disagrees with her.

      • I think it’s because her tone has become awfully Mean Girls lately. I actually like most of the ensembles she puts together, but I’d say 90% of her casual picks have no place in my lifestyle.

      • I just thought her advice wasn’t helpful for a generally non-stylish person like me.

        I read [this site] for help incorporating my personal style into a wardrobe that will help me be taken seriously as a professional. I don’t need help from anyone at all defining my personal style when I’m going out to dinner with my husband. Which is, in fact, jeans and usually an old tshirt. I am indeed over 25. I have no reason to be anything but me when I’m on my own time – and me isn’t very fashionable on a daily basis. If you are, more power to ya though.

        “I just feel that when you’re going out, you should take the opportunity to dress to impress. ” Oh, well. I have no one to impress but my husband and cat, and they’re kind of stuck with me.

        • Makes sense. I guess I just filter out a lot of the arbitrary rules she states to the point that I don’t even notice them. Thanks for explaining :)

          P.S. Your line about your husband and cat made me smile. Pretty sure my boyfriend would tease me endlessly if I threw out all my jeans post-25 because of something a blogger said (heck, my female friends would too!).

          • Haha, I lost all pretense of trying to impress my husband with my fashion sense when we were dating and he told me that his favorite underwear (to see me in) are my plain white Hanes. It was meant to be. :) The cat only requires that I wear something sturdy enough to climb on. I like to think that even without fancy going-out clothes, I’m pretty impressive to the people in my life that matter.

        • Hear, hear!

          T-shirts and jeans forever

  2. I’m on the fence about denim after 25… At 27, I can still be mistaken for a college student, so depending on where I’m going, denim does nothing more than make me look young. I think a dark denim, skinny or trouser style, with the right top and accessories can make me look my age, but if I throw on a pair of jeans and a simple T or tank, I typically get asked what my major is. I still go out in jeans, but I definitely think more about my outfit if I’m going to be in a setting where someone assuming I’m younger than I am is a detriment to me.

  3. Thanks! As you can imagine, I had the Corporettes front and center in my mind as I wrote about the TV wardrobes. Oh, and I’m often out in jeans and a shirt on date night myself. But I might be REALLY adventurous and wear a black tee.

  4. You do realize that Lisa is a racist, don’t you, and that you are promoting white privilege, right? Please don’t tell me you were so stupid as to not read the “about me” section of her blog before endorsing it?

    • You do realize you are being ridiculous, right? And that I am nothing of the sort? The whole point of my blog, besides style, is to show how being white and privileged doesn’t have to make you a jerk. Did you read all of my About Me? It would be hard to do so and not understand my true attitude to both race and privilege.

      I have toyed with changing Privilege’s tagline to, “A WASP and a liberal Democrat both, who knew?” Alternatively, “Sexy for an old lady,” as one of the street citizens in San Francisco once called me. If you don’t embrace the oxymorons, you’re doomed to miss most of the interesting parts of life.

      • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

        Don’t pay her any attention Lisa. As a young African American woman I have followed (and loved) your blog since you started linking it to your name. Never once did I feel that you were racist either through your About Me section or in your posts and I hope that I too can be as dignified when I am older.

        • Mrs. F, you made my day. Thank you. Thank you so much. I have worked on dignity, ever since I was 21, and it’s a never-ending project. Again, thank you.

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