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Lucky Magazine interviews Ivanka Trump on designing for the modern working woman.
– Angie at You Look Fab learns from her shopping mistakes.  (Yep, been there.)
Ask a Manager ponders how “connected” women should be on maternity leave.
Forbes gives us an inside look at Kate White’s new book, where she tells us success secrets she “shouldn’t be telling us,” including how to use “bitch envy” in a positive way. Meanwhile, Savvy Sugar warns us against negative coworkers.
Inc. has some great suggestions on how to schmooze without seeming sleazy.
Road Warriorette wonders what dress is inappropriate for flying.
Lifehacker rounds up the best office chairs.

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  1. Kat, you forgot the article in the October issue of Real Simple in which you give Work Wardrobe advice!

    • I literally *just* saw it — haven’t gotten my subscriber copy and the October issue just hit newstands today. I’ll add it as a Weekly News update next week. :)

  2. karenpadi :

    Bay Area meet-up next Saturday the 22nd at 1pm. Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park (near Caltrain).

  3. Not sure if anyone actually reads this based on the lack of comments, but thought this was somewhat useful as how to choose a financial advisor is a frequent topic around here.

  4. Remember when Capt. Scully landed his jet in river? The passengers ended up on the wing of the plane on a terribly cold day waiting to be rescued. It’s something to think about when dressing for travel. Will I be able to move around comfortably in what I have on? If I turn up on national television in what I have on will my mother be 1) glad I’m still alive, 2) not embarassed at what I had on.

    • Statistically speaking, you’re a lot more likely to have to quickly get out of and away from a wrecked car or hope your outfit won’t embarrass you in the ER post-car crash.

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