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The Washington Post has a fascinating article about how newswomen have stopped wearing suits, which may hasten the suit’s demise.
SheFinds has an intriguing slideshow about what actually sold on Black Friday.
– Grammar nerds, unite: Savvy Sugar has a gift guide for us.
Fast Company tells you how to make up for lost ground if you didn’t negotiate your first salary well.  Meanwhile, Online MBA has an interesting video about how to know when it’s time to change careers.  Similarly, a guest poster at The Careerist has a three-part series for lawyers about how to make a lateral move to a new firm.
– Four career experts weigh in over at Intuit Quickbase on how to fix it if you’ve got a focus problem at the office. Over at Above the Law, guest poster Susan Moon shows us how to manage our managers.
FitSugar has a great slideshow about the best yoga poses for desk dwellers.
– In other Kat news: thanks to the NYT for quoting me in an article about how to buy new work clothes on a budget, and thanks to Above the Law for letting me guest post this week (all about BigLaw holiday parties).

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  1. Totally off-topic, but is anyone else watching Elementary, totally obsessed with the 21st-century Sherlock, and absolutely in love with his rant/observations about flirting last night? Sigh.

    • Yup. Love it. Jonny Lee Miller (Angelina’s first husband) is awesome. I also like the modern BBC version, Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch. The 2 shows are very different, but awesome.

      • BBC’s Sherlock is probably my favorite show. LOVE!!

      • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

        I loved Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina in “Hackers” btw. And yes, I saw that in the theatres back then in the mid-90s. :-)

        When I think about people who meet their SOs/spouses at work, I think Angelina is the poster-child for that.

        Foxfire – she met Jenny Shimizu
        Hackers – Jonny Lee Miller
        Pushing Tin – Billy Bob Thornton
        Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Brad Pitt

    • havent watched it but I like Jonny lee miller. But I am so mad they call him Sherlock! They could have called him and Lucy different names and still have it be a modern interpretation of sherlock like they did with house.

  2. Interesting article on the demise of the suit. I work in consulting and for some reason, when the dress code is “business professional” at a client, my male coworkers show up in suits but they truly do not expect me to do the same. Very odd.

  3. Stephanie :

    The article about suits is kind of a bummer in that I think it’s going to be harder and harder to find suits that are something other than plain black or grey. I’m an in house lawyer at a defense company and the standard is suits, at least for meetings, and my GC and the CEO (both women) wear suits every day. I can wear a “sheath dress” and like a cardigan, or a blouse and pants or skirt some of the time but not all. I’m afraid the only options are going to be Theory (I have most of those already), St. John (I’m too young to wear pink tweed!), and those obviously cheap looking skirt suits from say, Macy’s (e.g., black and white colorblock with a little belt and short poufy sleeves). Ann Taylor has gone to sh*t, I don’t know what they’re doing over there these days– everything fits terribly and the fabric is weird. Banana Republic has sucked for years now. Jcrew is just a badly fitting version of Theory. Am I just getting picky in my old age?

    • Charlotte Peloux :

      No dear, these retailers have gone decrepit in their old age with their cost-cutting in materials and labor.

    • Yes, Kat – thanks for the articles especially the one on suits and the one on negotiating salary.

      I’m in banking (commercial loans not investment banking) and suits are still required. Now I understand why I’m having trouble finding suit jackets now.

  4. I’ve been pointing out to my husband for the past few years “Look at those news anchors! She’s in a tank top and he’s in a suit and tie – she looks like an idiot who doesn’t understand what’s appropriate for work!” I cannot understand it. Here’s hoping the Duchess makes blazers a thing again.

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