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– What would you wear if you had an interview with Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue?  New York Magazine interviews 13 people who actually had to answer that question.
Glamour shares how to remove glitter nailpolish.
Shopping’s My Cardio has some great tips for holiday shopping.
– Have you been sexually harassed by a client? The Daily Muse knows how to respond.
Savvy Sugar rounds up 11 common cover letter mistakes.
SparkPeople has some advice on how to eat healthy at the office.
– For the city dwellers out there: Gothamist tells us what to do if you fall on the subway tracks.
– Hilarious:  Mashable rounds up the best “Damn You Autocorrect” submissions for the year.  (Shut your office door for this one — I was literally LOLing.)
The Huffington Post has a great list: the 25 best articles for women to read from 2012.  (I added like 20 stories to my Pocket reading list!)

– P.S.: Thank you to the ABA Journal for nominating Corporette one of the Top 100 Law Blawgs, for the fifth year in the row (eek!)! Readers, I’d be honored if you’d go vote for me as best of the category “Career” — go here, register/sign in, and vote away. Thank you!

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  1. karenpadi :

    I voted!

  2. OMG … some of those autocorrect errors just had me laughing uproariously!

  3. I voted for you Kat on the ABA law blog thing. Come on folks, she’s only got 35 votes!! More of us need to do it!

  4. I made the mistake of reading the AutoCorrect site with my office door open. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I had to cover my mouth with both hands and I still couldn’t stifling my laughter. Why do I have to be so stubborn?! Why didn’t I just close my door????

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