Weekly Round-up

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a womans wife– Two interesting articles on working wives — the NYT has some thoughts on how things go when the wife works and the husband does not; meanwhile Sandra Tsing Loh eloquently wishes she had a wife.  (Pictured: We are huuuuge fans of Anne Taintor’s books and so forth; this magnet is $5.95 at her website.)

Bitter Lawyer wonders whether a woman’s hairstyle is important at her job; Forbes wonders whether men dress to impress. (Link fixed!)

– We’ve had an interview-advice filled week, but Mint.com has some additional thoughts on interview etiquette.

Brett Kelly has advice for you on how to eke an extra hour out of your day.  Meanwhile, Lifehacker suggests making do-not-do lists to increase your productivity, and Netted has the 411 on a new free program that helps you work on the computer more productively.


  1. The link to Bitter Lawyer actually goes to the Mint.com page.

  2. That Brett Kelly article advising you to sleep less and stop watching TV made me laugh; my goal is to free up time to sleep and watch TV.

  3. Anyone know the program that will tell you how much time per day you spend on certain websites

  4. Just a heads up, that mint.com article on “interview etiquette” is actually a repost from AskMen.com, and refers to what “a gentleman” does in interviews.

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