Weekly Round-Up

– Becky Quick (co-anchor of CNBC’s Squawk Box) gives her advice for how to dress for a job in finance. [Marie Claire via Dealbreaker]

– Under-eye circles: women’s No. 1 beauty concern. [NYT]

– A new site targets women financial advisers: the goal is to empower them with “the information, resources, and sense of community they need to have a successful financial services career and a healthy lifestyle.” [LadyAdvisor.com]

– For those of us who need financial advice, we’re better off getting it from a “laddie” mag like Maxim than from a woman’s mag. [Feminist Finance]

– Do we need women-specific self-help books? [Bookslut via TNR]

– A helpful article on what summer associates need to know before becoming real live lawyers. [Daily Lawyer (free sub req’d)]

– Glassdoor reports on salary and working conditions at various companies. [Glassdoor via Lifehacker]

– How to Find Time for a Job Search. [The Glass Hammer]

– Power naps trump coffee — who knew? [Lifehacker]

– The 125 Healthiest Supermarket Foods in America. [Men’s Health]

– Ever wonder, “How much should I spend for a wedding present?” Smart Money can help. [Smart Money]

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