Weekly Roundup

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Sotomayor6_sitting– Congratulations to Judge Sotomayer on her nomination. Ms. JD rounds up several articles about her, while Jezebel focuses on some of the more offensive reactions.

– Hot pink fuschia is the latest trend to hit both menswear and womenswear… Elle would be so proud! [WSJ]

– Two interesting happiness and balance articles this week, both from the NYT. First, researchers discover that not only are careers in finance or consulting bad for work/life balance, but they in fact are far worse than careers in law or medicine. Secondly, researchers found that the reported happiness level for women has dropped since the dawn of the feminist era. Perhaps ignorance was bliss?

– Shopping’s My Cardio offers some tips on how to make a “worthy” splurge.

– The Happiness Project offers tips on how to make conversation with a stranger — uber handy for summer office mixers, as well as for networking opportunities.


  1. I feel compelled to point out that the link to the NYT article on the decline of happiness is an op-ed piece by Russ Douthat. The paper Mr. Douthat references does indeed have a sensational abstract, which, if one were to only read the abstract, might give the impression that women’s happiness has declined. However, in looking at the actual data contained within the article, there is little to bolster the claim.

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