Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Old Navy’s Open-Front Cardigans

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Old Navy’s Open-Front CardigansPricewise, it’s hard to go wrong with this feminine cardigan: it’s practically meant to be that sweater you keep in your office in case the A/C is too cold. The sweater comes in a ton of basic colors — some marked as low as $8, others full price at $19 — and we love the soft Pima and Modal blend, as well as the soft draped shoulders. Note that it comes in both tall and petite sizes, as well as. This color — Cabot Cove — is on sale for $8.00 at Old Women: Women’s Open-Front Cardigans – Cabot Cove


  1. Not sure if this is a ‘duh’ question or not, but what do you do with the front of the cardigan when you’re out walking around – does it just flop around in the breeze?

    Coincidentally, I went into an Old Navy last night (it’s been years since I was in one) and picked up a gray pencil skirt for $2.50 and some navy slacks for $9.50 – they had an extra 50% off the clearance racks. Not the best quality, but for that price I’ll take it.

  2. I own this cardigan in both this color and the medium grey it comes in. I adore it! It’s great with jeans or khakis for a more casual look or anything else basic.

    JE: Yes, it just flops in the breeze, but you can “close” it with a pin/brooch if it bugs you or just fold it around you when its flapping is bothering you.

  3. Love it. Just ordered this color and the white. Been looking for a great cardigan to go over summer dresses. Thanks!

  4. operaghost :

    Old Navy? *shudder*

  5. I have this cardigan in khaki and black and wear them all the time with jeans and tank tops. The cotton blend is really soft and doesn’t feel cheap. The black has started to fade with washing, though.

  6. I was surprised that I recently found some great v-neck cardigans from Old Navy that I thought were pretty reasonable… I will check this out.

  7. I had high hopes for this cardigan, because I’ve been looking for one for a while. Tried it on at Old Navy this weekend and was bitterly disappointed — it’s paper thin and the arms were skin tight. Definitely can’t wear this over any kind of sleeve whatsoever.

  8. Are you sure about this one? It looks like a gym jumper. I wouldn’t wear that one even at the dinner with my parents…

  9. I agree with CPJ. I ordered it online and paid shipping. Arg. Color was pretty but fabric was way too casual for work. The sleeves were skin tight so how could it possibly be worn over anything but a tank top–which isn’t really appropriate office attire either.

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