Weekly Roundup

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– Women aren’t necessarily leaving the work force for different reasons than men. [The Women’s DISH] But they are fleeing legal careers faster than men! [Vancouver Sun via Ms. JD]

– Ooh, a profile on Carly Fiorina… and her support of McCain. [WSJ]

– What you eat affects your mood (we knew that) as well as your cognitive abilities (didn’t know that). Salmon and beets, anyone? [iVillage]

– If you’re thinking of getting a dog, you may want to consider a mutt rather than a designer dog like a puggle, which can have massive (and expensive) health problems. [ChiTrib]

– Investing idea: buy a foreclosed home. [WSJ]

– Amusing: an article from Law.com on the evolution of lunch from summer camp through to partnership. [Law.com]

– Randomly: A cool website we just found: a Yale-educated former lawyer is blogging (and writing a book) about a year spent making all efforts to be happy. [The Happiness Project]

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