Healthy Snacks for the Office

Healthy Snacks for the Office | CorporetteWe’ve talked about healthy snacks to keep at the office before, but since it is the season for healthy eating resolutions, I thought now might be a great time to talk again about what your favorite snacks are — what do you bring with you? What do you keep at the office?

When I was working in Big Law I kept a banker’s box on the window stuffed full of a variety of snacks — when I was packing my office to switch jobs, a supervisor came into the office and I offered her some, since I was just throwing away a lot of them — we’d worked closely together for four years and she couldn’t get over how she’d always just thought it was a box of docs, like all the other boxes in our offices…  In those days I ate far too many 100-calorie Nabisco treats, but these days, I’m a big fan of:

  • seaweed snacks for mindless munching — 30 calories, low in sodium, and with a reasonably short ingredient list — sign me up.  I buy the Sea’s Gift brand in bulk.
  • hard-boiled eggs — I almost always eat two a day (but only one yolk). I highly recommend throwing the egg shells and whatever you didn’t eat in the kitchen trash instead of the trash by your desk.  I particularly love that you can just wrap a hard-boiled egg in a napkin, throw it in your purse, and go.
  • string cheese.  I’m kind of obsessed with Trader Joe’s Light String Cheese — it’s cheap and only 50 calories a stick.  I tend to buy it in bulk when I go since Trader Joe’s is a bit of a trek for me.
  • Raw nuts.  I’m taking a break from eating raw nuts right now (I’ve eaten enough raw almonds to last a lifetime!) but I like buying the portion-controlled packs from Fresh Direct of cashews, walnuts, and almonds.  (I don’t have a huge problem with overeating raw nuts, but I feel like the smaller packs stay fresher — once they’re opened I store them in the fridge.) Trader Joe’s is another great resource for these.
  • yogurt — I’ve gotten more into Greek yogurt like Chobani because I like the shorter ingredients list; I often eat this for a mid-morning snack.
  • Fruit – I particularly like apples (Pink Lady especially) because they’re hearty enough to throw in your bag, aren’t too juicy, and don’t need to be cut.  Unfortunately I’ve read a lot about how organic apples really are worth the expense; when I’m buying nonorganic I try to rinse and towel-dry.  (I feel like the towel-drying does more than the rinsing sometimes.)
  • Fruit Gushers.  Ok, “healthy” is pushing it — but I do like that these are very portion controlled (90 calories per pack), and they satisfy my desire for licorice/fruity yummy-ness.  Again, I’ve started buying in bulk from Amazon (we are both Prime members and members of Amazon Mom, so we get 20% off subscribe and save items when we have 5+ items per order — it’s addictive!).  Trader Joe’s used to have tiny fruit strips called “Fiberfuls” that were 50 calories each and full of fiber — so good! — but I think they’ve stopped making it. Dried fruit is a much more healthy option in this category, but I tend to have a portion control problem with my favorites, mango and pears.  Readers who share my love of licorice/chewy fruit candy, which are your favorite snacks?

 Readers, what are your favorite snacks to keep at work?  Do you have a place to keep refrigerated snacks, or do you focus on shelf-stable snacks?

Healthy Snacks for the Office | Corporette

What Not to Order at a Business Lunch

how to eat a sandwichWhat foods should you avoid ordering at a business lunch — and are sandwiches among them? Reader M has a legitimate question, but some of the Google results I found on a preliminary search made me laugh out loud (including the brilliant, if outdated, Tumblr blog, 500 Still Frames of Joe Biden Eating a Sandwich).  Here’s her Q:

What’s the proper procedure for eating a sandwich at a business lunch? Hands or knife and fork? Or should you avoid this altogether? I think you should follow the lead of your guests, but wanted to get a second opinion.

We’ve talked a lot about  different aspects of this — from our top tips for business lunches, to how to stick to your diet at a business lunch (even a gluten-free diet), and even whether you can take leftovers from a business lunch — but I don’t think we’ve explicitly talked about what to avoid ordering.  I’ll be honest — my gut reaction to Reader M’s question was that this verges on the “we’re thinking too much about this” side of things (although I was amused by the prospect of titling the post, How to Eat a Sandwich), but it’s a legitimate question — sandwiches can get super messy, with unexpected bites.  I’ve been to way too many catered group lunches (particularly as a lawyer!) where the only option was sandwiches, though, so I don’t think there’s anything inherently unprofessional about picking up a sandwich and eating it.  Still, unless we’re talking about an open face sandwich (or something obviously messy, like a drowned sandwich), a knife and fork seems like a bit much to me.  So for my $.02, I’d say to pick it up with your hands and take the smallest, most delicate bites you can — chew thoroughly and repeat.

It got me thinking, though — what things would you never order at a business lunch, readers?  [Read more...]

Business Lunch Tips — And Other Awkward-to-Impart Knowledge

business lunch etiquetteOur “Top 10 Things to Know About a Business Lunch” article is one of our top posts here at Corporette. I still remember the day I wrote it — the blog was about a week old, and I was still (anonymously) figuring out content. (Both the TPS report and the Suit of the Week were things I added at the absolute last minute!) I went to a largeish group lunch with summer associates (maybe 10 of us?) and while no one acted egregiously, I remembered just how hard it was for me to learn that business etiquette stuff, and how awkward it was to try to impart that knowledge to summer associates. “To the blog!” I thought.

So I’m curious, readers — what are YOUR top three business lunch tips that you wish you could teach to all the young’uns at your company or firm this summer? What other tips do you think are important from a career and professionalism standpoint, but are awkward to talk about with younger colleagues?

Pictured: Fork!, originally uploaded to Flickr by Joshua Rappeneker.

Easy Weeknight Dinners (and Kat’s Top Five Lazy Dinners)

Crockpot Kahlua Pork, originally uploaded to Flickr by Chung Chu.For busy women, preparing dinner all too often falls into the “takeout” category. (I’ll admit it: I totally lived off Seamless Web during my law firm years.) But preparing your own meals at home can be so much better — not only do you know exactly what’s in the dinner, it’s almost always cheaper and healthier to make it yourself. We’ve talked about how the crockpot is amazing for quick, easy dinners, my best tips on how to freeze food without a vacuum sealer, as well as great grab-and-go foods for snacking and lunches, but we haven’t totally hit on Reader K’s question before:

I’m starting my first biglaw job next week and I’m looking for a few easy workweek dinner ideas. My husband and I try to avoid eating takeout more than 1X per week, but I’m not sure how I’m going to manage cooking dinner every night with my new schedule. Do you have any advice for making quick and healthy meals during the week?

I can’t wait to hear what readers will say!  I know we’ve talked about the crockpot before, but I really do have to stress how great it is — you prepare food in the morning when you still have energy and the best intentions, and you come home to a dinner that’s usually ready to be served up.  (And crockpot liners make clean-up super easy, too.) I have a few other ideas for easy weeknight dinners, and I’ll also list some of my absolute easiest recipes below — I’m a totally lazy cook!  (Pictured.) [Read more...]

A Few Thoughts on Hormones… (Or: How to Fight The Crazy)

Originally uploaded to Flickr by emersonquinn.This is a bit of a ranty post, so I’ll start with the questions: do you feel that hormones affect you? What are your best tips for controlling or preventing the symptoms of PMS, pregnancy, or menopause?

I’ve already ranted about watches and cuffed pants, which kind of sets us up well for today’s rant: about hormones. You see, I’m weaning off breastfeeding, which means I’m kind of a psycho hose beast right now. And it’s gotten me thinking about how it’s really unfair for women, because throughout our lives we’re socked with major hormonal changes: [Read more...]

Coffee Break – FreshPocket Insulated Man’s Lunchbox

A while ago, the good folks at Koko were kind enough to send me some of their lunch bags. They have a number of very fashionable bags that look like satchels or totes, but inside they’re insulated. My favorite thing they sent me, though, was this square little lunch box, which they apparently market as a “man’s” lunchbox. I think it’s great, and that the uniform, flat size makes it much easier to pack in a larger tote. This baby is $14.99 at Amazon. Koko FreshPocket Insulated Man’s Lunchbox


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