OK, some seriously cute stuff on sale at Net-a-Porter

Damn you, Bunnyshop, for tipping us off to such a great sale. But lots of great pieces here for the office also. We’re too tired to figure out how to make the pictures look the way we want them to (booo) but here’s a hint of what’s to come:

net-a-porter sale

  • Tory Burch Eugina Rope Dress, marked to $175 from $350. Nice long length (unlike many of the other dresses on the site, which are waaaay too short for the office.
  • A great Marc by Marc Jacobs Dixie cotton sweater. We generally prefer our sweaters in silk or cashmere, but hey, we make exceptions. So adorable! Originaly $368, now $184. We also love the Marni brooches the good folks at Net-a-Porter styled the sweater with.
  • We went back and forth on this one for a while — that ruffle! — but it’s so unique we had to pass it along: An Anna Sui Deco backless top, from $282 to $141.

We’re thrilled to see that the art deco stuff looks like it’s coming back in style.

The Hunt: Perfect Nude Shoes

best nude shoes 20082017 Update: Check out our latest roundup of nude-for-you heels!

In “The Hunt,” we look at a variety of options for a working woman’s basic wardrobe.

Summer is approaching (or so they say) and that means nude legs. Whether one actually wears nude pantyhose or goes bare, the fact remains the same: Mama needs a good pair of beige shoes. In our experience here at Corporette, we’ve found that the closed-toe shoe is the only appropriate one for the office (the only exception is a peep toe, like the one at left). It hides a multitude of pedicure sins, and avoids anyone having to look at your toes which, let’s face it, are a little gross after walking outside even if your pedicure is fresh. Plus, you then have the freedom to get a crazy color on your toes — OPI’s Russian Navy or that Day-Glo stuff the fashion mags are hawking. However, finding the perfect summer nude shoes can be tricky. They should be as close as possible in color to your skin tone. And, really, no higher than 3.5″ — at the outside. It’s our opinion that any heel that is higher than 3.5″ is only appropriate in three circumstances:

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Tuesday’s TPS: Vera Wang Lavender Label Collection

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

light blue purple silk top by Vera Wang’s Lavender Label CollectionHappy Tuesday! We think this light blue/purple silk top by Vera Wang’s Lavender Label Collection is beautiful (available at Neiman Marcus). The shawl collar with gathered tie detail is great, and, unlike many women’s shirts with a tie intention, it’s pretty clear how to wear it and look good. This would look lovely with wide white pants, as the model is wearing, but it also would look great with any number of colors: gray pants, a deep purple pencil skirt, a navy pin-striped suit…

We love old, musty desks, even in the Internet age

WowOwow has an interesting new segment where they’ll show a “scene” from their daily life.  Today, it’s desks. We’re sort of an odd duck: we’ve been in love with desks for a while now.  (We were also in love with libraries as a child, so this may not be that odd.)  In our opinion, the right desk is a declaration of self as well as a power statement.  Yes, they’re huge and expensive, but they may have hidden drawers and engravings and inlays — and all those details tell you something about the person beneath the suit.  We’ve seen some gorgeous desks through the years — editor’s desks, professor’s desks, CEO’s desks, judge’s desks, law firm partner’s desks — and every single one of them has taught us something about the person.  Who they are, what they’re really like beneath the suit.  How messy they are.  How powerful they think they are.  How attentive to details they are.  It’s also sort of come to represent a true form of success: no one in the junior ranks has a desk like this.  You are a boss — either the boss of many other people, or a boss of yourself.  Either way, you’re no longer the midlevel.

Come to think of it, we have no idea where one even purchases these desks.  (We found the image above by Googling “partner’s desks.”)

In the wOw spread, we love Judith Martin’s desk the best — it kind of looks like the place Miss Manners would work.

2017 Update: I BELIEVE you can still see images of the desks here; here’s the Wayback machine link to the original post on the wowOwow site (which, yes, seemed antiquated even back in 2008 — it’s interesting to see it apparently morphed into the site PureWow).

wOw Scenes: Our Desks

Image above: “Seven Seas” collection by Hooker Furniture, available at thefurniture.com.

Weekend Roundup

ask a working woman survey– Ask a Working Woman Survey: Indeed! You’ll learn all sorts of stuff. Such as, nobody likes pantyhose. But seriously, go take the survey! [Feminist Law Professors]

– WaPo thinks Vogue’s shoots of lady politicians is a window into how these women would like to be perceived. [WaPo]

– Uh oh: Barack has now been caught calling women “sweetie” twice. [Chicago Trib, bastard.logic]

– Wired tells us how to hack our brains to get smarter, including which drugs to take. [Wired] Oh, and Real Age advises us to drink lots of tea. [Real Age]

– Information overload? Part of the game is knowing when to give up. [NYT: Shifting Careers]

Poll results!

is pantyhose requiredWe’ve taken the poll down for the moment because it was screwing up the sidebar, but the results are in:

– 50% of you think pantyhose never need to be worn, regardless who you’re meeting with that day,

– 43% of you think that bare legs are fine unless you have a big meeting (i.e., in court or with the CEO)

– 7% of you think that pantyhose/stockings should always be worn in the summer.


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