Coffee Break: Original’ Hair Tie

Stretchy Hair Ties: Invisibobble Original' Hair Tie I got a set of these recently and wasn’t quite sure what to think — they reminded me of old phone cords, and I liked that they’re supposedly better for your hair. (The company’s line: they “place even pressure around the circumference of your ponytail in order to minimize breakage and crimping.”) But I actually do find myself reaching for them more often than not — they’re comfortable, slightly more interesting than the usual elastic, and so far, pretty indestructible. They’re $7.95 for a set of 3 at Nordstrom, available in 9 colors; you can find similar products at Amazon and beyond. Invisibobble Original’ Hair Tie


Returning Items Bought Online

Returning Items Bought OnlineI sometimes like to ask myself, what are my core competencies? What am I really good at — an expert in? Ladies, you’re in luck: I am an expert at returning items bought online. (I’m maybe a bit of a shopping bulimic, and while I’m not proud of this, it’s just kind of where I am in my life right now.) I have my own little system for how I return items bought online, and I’m curious to hear: Ladies, do you have any other systems or hacks for returning items bought online? Another question here: What’s your understanding of the etiquette of returning stuff? Let’s bypass the question of whether I’m being a jerk by buying a lot of stuff and then returning it — I feel like return policies were created to address this question, after all — but I do try to make things as easy as possible on the person handling the return at the other end.

So here’s my system for returning stuff online (starting from the moment you’ve decided what’s staying and going).

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Splurge Monday’s Workwear Report: Ribbed Merino Wool Cardigan

Black Cardigan with Detailing: Brooks Brothers Ribbed Merino Wool Cardigan Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

This merino and faux-leather sweater from Brooks Brothers looks like it will be great for fall — it feels edgy but patrician at the same time. (The matching shell is pretty cool too, although I think I prefer the pieces as separates.) The sweater is available in XS-L sizes for $398 at Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers Ribbed Merino Wool Cardigan

For a lower-priced alternative, try this or this. There doesn’t seem to be a close plus-size option, but here’s an open-front cardigan with faux leather and a “sweater jacket” with faux-leather trim.

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Weekend Open Thread

weekend open thread - lipstickSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Yes, yes: I’ve seen the ads everywhere too. And they’re working because MAN I want some of this lipstick! The Secret Selma, Very Victoria, Super Cindy, or even Hel’s Bells colors are all calling my name — want! They’re $32 each and getting rave reviews over at Nordstrom. Ladies, what’s your favorite brand for lipstick? Do you prefer a matte lip or one with a bit of shine? Charlotte Tilbury ‘Hot Lips’ Lipstick


Weekly News Update

news update - summer skincareLike these posts? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! You can also follow us on Pinterest and Instagram, or via our RSS feed.

  • The New York Times talks to three facialists to get their recommendations on summer skincare.
  • Already Pretty rounds up several non-sheer white t-shirts.
  • Alison Green from Ask a Manager writes for U.S. News  & World Report about the new law in Massachusetts that makes it illegal for employers to ask applicants about their salary history — it’s the first state to do so.
  • Over at Above the Law, the Old Lady Lawyer columnist writes about weight discrimination against job candidates in the legal field.
  • Fortune talks about the new working-women emoji in Apple’s new emoji selections (plus options like a man getting a haircut — previously, only a woman was shown doing so — and single-parent families).
  • New York magazine’s Science of Us reports on a study that found that the causes of divorce have changed, and that now the major factor is whether the husband in the couple is working full-time.
  • The Dallas Morning News shares safety tips for women runners in light of recent disturbing news, while Meghan Kita shares a different perspective in Runner’s World and warns against victim-blaming.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, The Cooper Review illustrates “9 Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women.”

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Frugal Friday’s Workwear Report: Sleeveless Solid Fit and Flare Dress

Flattering Work Dress:  ANGVNS Sleeveless Solid Fit and Flare Dress Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Reader L wrote in to recommend this dress, noting, “I’m obsessed with this dress and wanted to recommend it. It’s incredibly cheap but super flattering even on my size 14-ish frame, especially since it has vertical AND horizontal darts at the bust and fits perfectly. It’s not lined, but the fabric is not too revealing and also not too hot in the summer. I have it in all three colors and hope they come out with more!” Considering it’s $19-$26, eligible for Prime (and for free returns on some size/color combos), machine washable, and available in black, red, and blue (in M-XXL), that’s pretty awesome. ANGVNS Sleeveless Solid Fit and Flare Dress

Here’s a plus-size option.

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