Suit of the Week: Theory …(and, the Differences Between the Different Gabes)

Theory-different-gabesFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

OK. I don’t know if I’m the only one who has been confused by Theory lately, but there have been so.many.tweaks to staples in their line, with minimum changes to the name of the style.  Their staple suiting pieces have, at least in recent years, been the Gabe (blazer), Golda (skirt), Max (bootcut pants), Emery (wider trousers), Betty (sheath dress).  Let’s take the blazer for example — first it was just the Gabe blazer. Then it was the Gabe B. blazer.  Then it was the Gabe B.2 blazer.  Now it’s the Custom Gabe Blazer.  I saw this “Urban Gabe Blazer” at Last Call and my head exploded — was this a new diffusion line?  So I called the store to see if they could give me some insight.  It’s actually pretty simple:  all of the old Gabe blazers are obsolete and not being produced any more (including the one pictured below, which is why it’s on sale).  The newest version is the Custom Gabe, which has a wider lapel and is more structured through the bodice.  “Urban” is the name for the fabric that went with one of the previous versions (the Gabe B.2 I believe); the current fabric they’re using is named Edition.  (“Tailor” is another fabric name you may recognize, which I believe went with Gabe B.) The new fabric is a similar wool blend, but has a bit more stretch and feels a bit softer.)  Some of the old product pages still exist on Nordstrom, so I’ve taken screenshots of them all here for comparison purposes if you bought one in the past, liked it, and are trying to stock up on sale online (Gabe B., Gabe B.2, Custom Gabe).

In the MEANTIME, yes, Last Call has a pretty good price on an older version.  The jacket (Gabe B 2 Urban One-Button Blazer) is $299, formerly $375; the pants (Max 2 Urban Bootcut Trousers) are $199, down from $275.  Additionally, there’s a less traditional blazer, also in the Urban fabric (Theory Lanai Urban Open-Front Blazer), was $375, now $279.  Last Call has all three in both black and oatmeal.

Plus size readers, please discuss: what is the classic black suiting that comes in plus sizes, and is thought of along similar lines? What is your go-to brand? I could link to a similar black suit for a plus-size comp, but I’m more interested in the discussion — is there a brand or suit that has a similar Hall of Fame status?

Theory suiting


Tales from the Wallet – Buying a Home

Tips on Buying a Home | Corporette

How does buying a home affect your finances?  How can you best prepare for it?  This is a huge topic, but we’re going to attempt to take it on as part of our Money Milestones series, which explores how a few big milestones in your life can really affect your finances.  So far we’ve looked at wedding budgets, how to financially prepare for a baby, and how to pay for grad school.

This can be a tricky issue, and we’ve covered a lot of the hows in my last post on owning property (where we also discussed whether to buy a home when you’re still single), as well as in our discussion on where you live is one of the biggest money decisions you make. Some thoughts on how to prepare for and survive a home purchase:

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Wednesday’s TPS Report: New Jeanne Jersey Wrap Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

New Jeanne Jersey Wrap DressI’ve been doing this blog a long time now (almost 7 years!) so I can say this with some authority: Saks Off Fifth has some of the lowest prices I’ve seen on DvF dresses. There’s a good selection of prints and solids for her wrap dresses (Jeanne and Julian), most at $137, down from $398. I may remember seeing the dress in years past as low as $125, but that is rare — so if you like it, consider pulling the trigger today. Full disclosure: the wrap dress, while iconic, may not work for everyone — personally I’m not a fan of it and get a lot more wear out of dresses like the Bevin, Jori, or the April (now as low as $119), but that’s me. The pictured dress is available in sizes 0-12 for $137. New Jeanne Jersey Wrap Dress

Here are two plus-size options.

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected]


Coffee Break: ‘Luna Pearl’ Fluted Earrings

Lagos 'Luna Pearl' Fluted Earrings | CorporetteI love pearls, and I hate post earrings, so it is perhaps not surprising that I really like these pearl earrings with lever backs from Lagos. Two things to note: First, these are pretty big earrings — 12MM — but that can be a great look, particularly for a woman with more of a preppy vibe. Second, I would not recommend wearing these with a pearl necklace — the whole look would just be too matchy-matchy for me. (But, hey, you do you.) The earrings are $295 at Nordstrom. Lagos ‘Luna Pearl’ Fluted Earrings


How to Wear Belts with Skirts

belts with skirtsWhat are some good guidelines for choosing belts to wear with skirts to work? Reader S wonders…

I’d love it if you could do a round up or a how to wear belts with skirts. I love the look of belts with skirts and I’m not really sure how to pick which width to go with or to coordinate colors.

We’ve talked about wearing belts– as well as the closely-related question of when to tuck – before, but not specifically with skirts. I’ll be honest here: I’m not much of a tucker myself, so I don’t often wear belts with skirts.  Pencil skirt plus fitted pullover plus blazer equals outfit.  Fit and flare skirt plus fitted cardigan equals outfit.  I have a lot more fun, in general, with other accessories. If a skirt doesn’t fit at the waist, I am much more likely to get it tailored than I am to try to hold it up with a  belt.

So I’m curious to hear what other readers say regarding wearing belts with skirts.  I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules — just guidelines to play around with.  Some thoughts: [Read more…]

Sponsored: Save Time and Sanity with Sassoon’s New Blow and Style Menu

Blow & Style_MR_10Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sassoon, but written by your friendly local blogger, Kat Griffin.

I’ve written before about my love of blow-outs (including how to make a blow-out last for multiple days!), but here’s what I don’t love about blow-outs: the Question.  You know the one: “How do you want your hair blown out?”

“Um…. the normal way.  With a brush and blowdryer and stuff.”  (I say this because I once asked for a blowout and got a flat-iron instead because that was all they offered, and I was too crunched for time to go elsewhere.)

“Yes, but straight?  Wavy? Glamorous?”

“Ummmm… straight, I guess.”

I always feel a bit dumb for not knowing the answer to this question, and I suppose if I started a Pinterest board, or ripped magazine pages out, I could go to the salon and confidently say, “Give me X.”  But I somehow always forget that this is an issue until I’m in the seat.

So I was THRILLED when I heard about Sassoon’s new service: a blow and style menu that not only names popular styles and makes it easier to differentiate among them, it puts even more options right in my hands, right when I need them: when I’m at the salon.


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