Poll Results: Cropped Pants and the Office

Tech Capri - WomensAbout a week ago, we asked you guys whether cropped pants (and Bermuda shorts) are acceptable for the office, whether as part of a suit or otherwise.  While the poll is still going on, we thought we’d summarize the results for you thus far:

65% of you agreed with us that cropped pants and Bermuda shorts are never acceptable for the office.

28% of you said cropped pants were acceptable, whether as part of a suit or otherwise.

3% of you said either Bermuda shorts and cropped pants were both a-OK

A mere 1% of you said that if the shorts or cropped pants was part of a suit, it was all good.

So… perhaps leave your capri pants for your workouts if you’re new to the office and still learning the lay of the land. Above: Under Armour’s Tech Capri – Womens, available at Paragon Sports for $31.99.

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