Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Silk Linen One-Button Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

117.indexedEven though we’ve already had our round-up of summer blazers, this beautiful silk/linen one has still caught my eye.  Part of it might be the styling — she does look distinctive with the scarf so neatly folded (duplicative on someone under 40? Debate, ladies…) but part of it is the quality: Lora Piana fabric. Grosgrain details. Fully lined in silk. The gorgeous blazer is $698 at Brooks Brothers. Lora Piana® Silk Linen One-Button Jacket

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected]

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  1. Hello gorgeous styling.

    I meant to post this under the weekend thread but seeing as how I did my nails last night….anyway, here are my nails with henna/mehndi (for the curious): http://hijabeng.tumblr.com/post/24861773701/ok-nails-done

    • And here are my feets with henna/mehndi: http://hijabeng.tumblr.com/post/24863183596/and-two-layers-on-my-toenails-which-are-super

      • Muslim Anon :

        They look good! And not nearly as orange as I thought henna’ed nails would look. Have things simmered down with your parents and beige guy?

        • Yes, parents have simmered down, thankfully. The world wide auntie network has spread it far and wide that I was the one who said no. I tried to re-engage the guy to not be so hasty but he doesn’t really seem interested in getting to know each other. And he sends me business like texts perfunctorily once a week, like I’m a friendly coworker or something. Shrug. There is a better woman out there for him, somewhere.

          • Muslim Anon :

            Ugh, sorry about that. Maybe he thinks you’re beige too, which is totally fine! The auntie network can be helpful but also really annoying. Like they think any girl over age 25 or so should just jump at the chance to marry, but then have all these crazy criteria for guys. It’s dumb.

    • Anonsensical :

      I love your nails! And would love a quick tutorial on how to get the same look . . . might try this next weekend.

      • The key to getting dark nails consists of four things:
        1. A large drink
        2. An up-to-date Netflix queue (or Hulu or Amazon or whatever you crazy kids are using these days)
        3. Pajamas (the rattier and stained, the better)
        4. This specific nail mehndi http://tinyurl.com/6mcqu2c

        Pee first. Apply it on your nails – make sure to really glop it on and cover your nails. Watch a movie or three. Remove. The end. You can use any other mehndi concoction you have but the color may not be as dark. It will stain your skin if you go outside the lines but normal handwashing will fade it out in 24-36 hours.

        • Anonsensical :

          Thanks! The Netflix/PJs part sounds exactly like how I want to spend next weekend anyway, so it will be great if I can get nice looking nails out of it. I can never stop chipping my polish all to ruins, so I’m really looking forward to trying a stain like this.

        • “Pee first.” Wiser words were never spoken.

          Last week I had a serious fit of questionable judgment. I painted my nails in the morning before work while wearing pants with a button fly. Hilarity ensued.

        • nose pain help? :

          Ru, do you ever put henna in your hair? I’ve done it before (always used light mountian natural brand) but am wondering what your favorite brand is and if you have any tips on getting the most color saturation and getting the product to really cover all of the hair.

          • Sorry, that was me -forgot to change my name back. now you all know which poster had the yucky infection!

          • I’ve used the cheap $0.99 powders from the Indian groceries – mix with brewed black tea and lemon juice and let it rest for an hour to a few days (in the fridge) and globbed it on my hair. Kept it on for like 12 hours? SUCH A PAIN to remove (you will need a wide-toothed comb in the shower). Actually, for all kinds of henna applications, heat helps A LOT. Keep a lit candle to warm your hands over or put on a shower cap and blowdry your head with henna on.

            But since we shampoo so much, the best tip I really have is to regularly apply every week. And use real powders from the motherlands.

  2. Would you wear this to work? http://t.co/dwWDILxQ

    • I personally wouldn’t, but it’s pretty! It seems more appropriate for a baby shower or similar.

    • Maybe on Friday. But my office is biz cas. And in a tropical place.

      • Plus it is VERY white, which for ME, mean’s that I will certainely eat and leave MARINARA sauce on it. But even if I did NOT, it would loose it’s pure white color after a while.

        I spoke with my dad about the office thing. He said I should tell the manageing partner that I have SENIOIRITY, so I should get to stay. I do NOT want to sit in the back by the copier and the KITCHEN b/c there is alot of noise back there, and I do NOT want to be near the food and cookie’s. FOOEY!

    • Former MidLevel :

      Personally, no. I look young enough already, so I avoid these types of styles, which read extra-young to me.

    • I’m short, so I imagine the skirt would fall lower on me, and therefore I say yes, but I would serious it up with a blazer and closed-toe shoes.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I always seem to be the most conservative dresser on this blog (open toed shoes? never!) but I would totally wear that dress to work, with nude pumps and my hair up in a twist.

    • Yes if I did not have court or any hearings that day. Maybe with a more neutral sweater for my chilly office and some closed toe pumps in gray or nude.

    • Interesting to read the different responses! I’m super color-phobic about work clothes (black, black, and more black) so I’ve been wanting to branch out, but thought this might read too “sundress”

    • a passion for fashion :

      i would. but i like dresses like that in the summer.

    • Kontraktor :

      Absolutely. I would wear it with a white blazer or maybe a yellow cardigan and probably nude pumps.

      • anon in SF :

        Yes, if no big meetings or court. I’d cut the cuteness factor with a white blazer (not a cardigan, which I think would read baby/wedding shower) and non-sandal shoes.

    • Yes. My office is business casual, emphasis on casual.

  3. Tres elegant! Somehow i can never get this sort of styling right, but I love it when others do!

  4. Beautiful cut, though I would want a second button (which would fall, incidentally, right about where the model’s hands are – posed that way on purpose?)

    I like the scarf look in theory, but am afraid in person it would look like I forgot to put on a shirt! (Ringing vague bells of someone using a blue scarf-like fabric to fill in for a missing top on Project Runway a few years ago?)

    • I think her blouse is beige. So wearing a blouse or shell in non-fleshtones would help.

  5. Clueless – What is Lora Piana fabric? And should I care if something is made out of branded fabric?

    • Clueless Summer :

      I think it’s a very fancy mill in Italy. I get the impression the fabric is better but don’t know it justifies the price (although good fabric plus good BB tailoring doesn’t make 600 seem unreasonable to me).

    • Italian fabric house, mostly known for suit fabrics, cashmere blends in particular. I’d look at fit first when considering a suit. If the fit works, then sure, pay up for the fabric.

  6. I agree with Cat; I would want a second button. The single button looks higher than I would like it to fall.

    I think the scarf looks beautiful. I sometimes wear a scarf in a similar way with a three button jacket; when buttoned, the jacket completely covers any collarless shirt I wear under it anyway, so the scarf just peeks out, almost as if it was a high-collared blouse. (and I’m under 40, btw).

    • viclawstudent :

      I wear a scarf folded like this, too, although like Amanda says, with a higher-cut blazer so that there isn’t a big area revealed as on the model. (I’m under 30, so here’s my vote for no age restrictions on this style of scarf-wear …)

      • I’m all for bringing scarves to work (I’m in my late 20s, and can’t resist a good silky scarf). They’re excellent for dressing up trenches and blazers and can be really handy when your shirt falls…short.
        It can be difficult to find a nice shirt that covers everything you want it to- I’ve had more than one meeting where I realized that once I leaned over, the shirt got a little low. Scarf + blouse= problem solved.

  7. LOVE this jacket. I don’t think I could pull it off with the scarf, because I think scarves look a bit off (to be kind) on people my age.

    TJ: I’m already having a bad morning. I have to take medicine that makes me tired (like, fall asleep standing) and a bit out of it, but I’m at work and staying home is not an option this week. (On another note, thanks to those that helped me find urgent care this past Thursday!) Then I find out a meeting is canceled that I wanted to wear my new suit to, so I can’t wear it now and won’t have a chance for a while. Then there is a little awkwardness with recognition of life events in my office. (I’d explain more, but I feel like people could already figure out who I am from this!) Finally, this is on top of a wicked busy time for me that also means I don’t get to see my friends much lately and I should have. I really just want to go sleep, but I have a TON of stuff to do at work and have to get it done. SO, basically, nothing major happened, just a bunch of frustrating things within about a half hour of each other, and now I’m in a blah mood but have tons and tons to do. /rant, thanks for reading. =/

    • Aww, hugs to you. You should treat yourself to your fave coffee and lunch/dinner foods today.

    • Commiseration – that’s what we’re here for. Treat yourself to that latte that has way too many calories and set up timed fun breaks to look forward to so that you can focus on your work. Maybe you can plan a different outfit to be excited about.

      Aaaaand, I have to take medicine because allergies make me naturally drowsy. So, life ain’t that bad =).

      • Thanks to you both – I’m going to treat myself tonight! (I shouldn’t today, because I have food here…)

        I just hope I don’t fall asleep or do anything crazy in any meetings today! How awkward would that be!

        (I’m trying to be positive and get out of this funk mood, so thank you for helping! I might take your suggestion and still splurge at lunch, since I don’t really like what I brought (but it was in my fridge and little else was).)

  8. Driving to work this morning I saw a young woman getting into her car in a beautiful dress – short (knee-length) but a little flowy (like chiffon) belted with what looked like a turquoise belt. So beautiful together! I would never have thought about combining plum and turquoise. Unfortunately, it ended up looking a bit too c*cktail-y for work, maybe because it was flowy. Maybe she had a jacket that made it more work appropriate. It’s so hot and humid this morning (raining torrentially all weekend) that nobody would wear their jacket on the way to work. I ended up changing on the way out the door into something I could wear rain boots with if I end up having to leave the building.

    • ohh, I love plum and turquoise together. throw in some cognac and I’m in heaven

  9. Hello, I apologize for hijacking the thread. My Sr. Counsel received an invitation to a Corporate Counsel Summit group. Is anyone familiar with this organization and do you find the membership useful? Thank you in advance.

  10. lawsuited :

    The cut of this blazer is beautiful, but I’ve decided to swear off linen now that I commute to work by car. I’m a wrinkled mess before I even step into the office!

    • I agree with this. Whether one button or two, I do not have a job or the money for such a blazer, and even if I did have a job, the concept of getting behind the wheel of a car wearing this blazer, in white, nonetheless, would not be a good exercise in judgment. If I had a good job, I would also have a chauffeur to whisk me about town in an airconditioned coach; whether a Mercedes, BMW, or Maybach, but seeing as this is not likely to happen any time soon, I would also not wear this blazer in the dirty yellow cabs I have ridden in lately, either.

    • I commute by car, too. I take my suit jacket off and hang it on a hanger in the backseat. Voila.

  11. In the Pink :

    Speaking of lovely jackets. Asking again. Did anyone watch “Desiree” segment on WNTW with stacy and clinton last week? Drooling over the pink jacket with a bow/tie on the front. No listing online of what she bought and where. Anyone spotted something like that yet?


    • Have you tried asking Clinton? He actually responds to people who post on his Facebook page.

  12. AnonInfinity :

    Update! Last Monday I posted a sad note in the Coffee Break thread about completely missing an issue in a memo to the big boss.

    Anyway, I put the memo in a drawer for 2 days because it was bumming me out (and I had a million other things to do), then I got it back out and ruthlessly cut the bad parts, did a million hours of research, and wrote up the correct issue. I turned it in, and he emailed me last night saying that I did a good job. I also came in this morning and he’d drawn a smiley face on it. Success!

    Thanks to all who talked me down. I was afraid that he would no longer think I was doing a good job, but apparently that was silly.

    • Muslim Anon :

      I remember you – congrats!

    • These things are almost never as bad as we think they are. Glad it all worked out!

    • As an adult woman, I too would love the fact that he drew a smiley face on this memo. Congrats!

    • Former MidLevel :


    • Hooray for smiley faces :)

    • SAlit-a-gator :

      Congrats AnonInfinity!

    • I think you found yourself a new mentor! I am so glad he acknowledged your hard work.

      • AnonInfinity :

        Duuuuuude. It would be quite excellent to have this person as my mentor. Like, seriously.

    • Yesssss!! Love these kinda stories. Will keep in mind next time I screw up at work (it’s inevitable I imagine) that there’s always a chance to turn a bad thing around.

    • soulfusion :

      I may have to steal the smiley face idea. For the right junior I think that would be fun! And congratulations :)

      • AnonInfinity :

        The smiley face is coveted around here. He gives them out very sparingly, and many associates keep a smiley face memo in a folder for years.

        I’m sure it’s silly to other grown ups looking in, but it’s a Big Deal.

        • Seattleite :

          When Peggy Noonan was a speechwriter for President Reagan, she once cut out a smiley he’d drawn on a speech, taped it to her shirt, and wore it around the WH all day. Not silly to appreciate accolades!

  13. I’m hoping to buy my sister a piece of David Yurman jewelry for an upcoming celebration. I know I’ve seen David Yurman on some flash sale sites, but don’t know the easiest way to find when/if the brand will be available on Gilt or RueLaLa. Does anyone have a system for finding a brand they like on sale? Or do you know if David Yurman’s pieces ever go on sale at non-flash sale stores? TIA!

    • Call the David Yurman outlet in Las Vegas. I have ordered pieces from there before at a signficant discount. Some popular items will never be on sale (cable link necklace, for example), but it’s worth a try!

    • Neiman Marcus Last Call stores carry discounted David Yurman. They don’t have it on their website but they usually have a decent selection in store – not the popular items (which are never on sale on Gilt or Ruelala anyway), but still a good selection.

    • I’ve also seen it a lot at consignment shops. My mom bought a piece for me off of ebay.

  14. I;m interested in starting a course of antidepressants, but didn’t mention it to my doctor when I was there last week for a sinus thing. I’ve been to him about 4 times already this year, and I’m afraid he already thinks I am crazy. Should I call back and see him again this week? Call a psychiatrist? I’m really out of my element here.

    • Are you sure it’s not your allergy/sinus issues making you feel fatigued and weary? I was of the same opinion until I finally honed in on the right treatment for me and I suddenly didn’t feel like [email protected] all the time. Just fyi.

      • Thought of you Thursday night, Godzilla, when my friend visiting from TX said she’d gone off of her allergy shots and felt so much better! Poor thing is living on a ranch with mini-cows and she’s allergic to most grass. But I think she finally has it under control. She had a chronic sinus/ear infection.

        • Awww, hugs to your friend! You know, I felt like such a freak when I had my tea party this weekend (which was awesome, btw) and when people ask me what I do these days, all I could honestly say is that I hang out with doctors and pharmacists. Seriously, I spend way too much time with medical professionals as a patient but I can see an end!

          • soulfusion :

            My pharmacist now knows me and while that may not be unusual in smaller cities or at the non-chain pharmacies, being recognized at a Manhattan drug store means I am in there far too often.
            And to anon – your doctor will not think you are crazy. If you want a referral to a psychiatrist (or need one for insurance purposes), go to your GP, if not you can try and find a psychiatrist. I had a complete emotional/mental breakdown earlier this year because I kept explaining away/ignoring my depression symptoms until I had a full on panic attack at a doctor’s appointment. It took some time to get out of crisis mode because I let it sink so far but there was something really comforting about having help with the chemical component. If you are considering it, do something about it now before you reach an even darker point. Best of luck and know that you are not alone in this but for whatever reason it is really, really hard to admit (but maybe because of the overachieving chicks demographic!).

    • I love my NP, who is in family practice. I feel like I can tell her anything, and she just helped me adjust my antidepressant due to some life issues. If you are worried about how your doctor will react when you go to see him about this, maybe he’s not a good fit for you?

  15. I’m a no on white blazers. Put a nametag on her and she looks like my dermatologist.

    • Much more attractive than my dermatologist, I have to say (he’s a 70 year old dude).

      • I actually think mine is prettier – Katie Rodan.

        • In House Counsel :

          Isn’t she on some infomercial? I swear the name sounds familiar…

          • Makeup Junkie :

            Yes, she’s one of the doctors who started Proactive before selling it. She’s also the founder of Rodan + Fields skincare line

          • What Makeup Junkie said. I’m fortunate that she practices in Oakland.

            And the Rodan+Fields line is the bomb.

    • TurtleWexler :

      I just saw a new dermatologist last week and he is seriously hot. So in my mind right now, looking like a dermatologist isn’t such a bad thing. But, as he is a man, I kinda doubt he would be wearing a blazer like this one…

      • soulfusion :

        although I saw a young, attractive derm for a skin cancer screening a couple of years ago and it was a bit mortifying/nerve racking to have him inspecting every inch of my skin……….

        • TurtleWexler :

          Eh, I thought I would feel the same way but this guy was very professional and had a great sense of humor, so any potential awkwardness was mostly diffused. I love it when I can find doctors who are 100% in the right profession, it makes things so much more pleasant.

    • Yeah I keep trying to make the white blazer thing work for me as a summer alternative to black but need to give it up.

  16. I like this. I have been looking for a white blazer for a while actually. Thanks to some suggestions from the hive last week, I was inspired to really focus my search. Success! I found what I was looking for at Bloomingdale’s (the Aqua Girlfriend blazer) – very flattering, under $100 (25% less tomorrow) and will go with both work attire and weekend clothes. Sitting in my cart as we speak. Now, here’s hoping I can avoid staining it until at least September….

    • Correction: It’s actually marked down to $68, and with an extra $25 off with a promo code if you spend over $100. Online sale preview starts today, apparently.
      Here’s a link:

      • SAlit-a-gator :

        Beautiful! I like that it not linen and looks substantial enough not to be see-through if wearing darker colors underneath. Excellent choice AIMS!

  17. Job seeker over 40 :

    Somebody please explain what’s with the scarves over 40? Too old-lady/dowdy/style clueless for anybody younger?

    • Kontraktor :

      Hm, I don’t know. I wear silk scarves all the time, and while I guess sometimes I think they might make me look a bit stuffy (I’m much younger than 40), I like them and they are unique. Plus they are a nice way to tie colors together in an outfit and have fun with bolder colors. I’ve worn scarves to interviews before and felt nice/conservative/fine, but who knows. It’s definitely a bit of an anomoly on younger people it seems.

      • Job seeker over 40 :

        Thanks for explaining. Yes, scarves can be wonderful. I already have salt & pepper hair (can’t be bothered to start coloring) so my being over 40 is already undeniable.

    • This styling looks very ‘flight attendant’ to me.

      • This! Every woman under 40 wearing a silk scarf, at least to me, looks contrived.

  18. Ah, scarves. I love scarves, and I am over 40, so I guess I am allowed to.
    However, I have a short neck and this greatly limits my styling options. Anyone in a similar predicament? Suggestions?

    • Don’t do what the lady in the photo did. Pick thin long scarves – wrap it around your neck once and then knot it lower, at least a handspan below your clavicle, like bowtie blouses.

      • Thank you, but won’t the loop around the neck visibly shorten it?
        A knot around the clavicle level is just about the only option I use. And I shy away from long ends, so this leaves me with only smaller square scarves.

        • You don’t have to loop it around – just tie it below your clavicle. But go for the longer ones, it’ll lengthen your…what is the word…..collar? Your virtual collar? It’ll make your neckline look longer. But this also depends on the bust situation as well, it’s definitely a balancing act.

    • I am in a similar predicament, only with a large bust and wide shoulders added to the equation. I have found wearing a scarf like a necklace to be the most flattering option.

      Directions via Hermes: http://s633.photobucket.com/albums/uu54/Everythingfab/?action=view&current=Screenshot2011-01-05at30616PM.png

      • Flattering it may be, but what’s the point of a beautiful scarf if you twist and knot it out of all recognition?

        • You can’t really see the pattern, but I think that’s true of most scarf-tying methods, and you can still see the beautiful colors. Anyway, this is what works for me.

    • I love scarves, too, and my issue is that I’m busty. Wearing a scarf tied like the model with the BB blazer would create way more volume between chin and nipples than I need. I try to use scarves to create length, which may be a shorter-necked person’s objective, too. My favorite scarves are lightweight and very long, so that when draped around the back of my neck and untied, they reach to at least my waist, and sometimes to my knees. With a dress, I like to wear one just draped over the back of my neck and hanging down my front, with a single, loose knot that sits somewhere between bust and waist level.

  19. Anne Shirley :

    Duplicative? I don’t understand what you mean here. And I’m under 40 and love scarves.

    • I think Kat meant “capable of being replicated?”

      I have a few scarves but rarely wear them because they’re always getting in the way or untying themselves. Also, I have a bit of a mental block in that scarves are unusual enough around my office that I would feel very “look at me and my scarf, aren’t I elegant” – even though I wear bold colors otherwise. Any tips to help scarf newbies enjoy them?

      • Safety pin the back of the knot so that it stays in place (secret hijabi skillz to the rescue).

    • new york associate :

      I don’t get it either. I thought it was just me!

  20. hellskitchen :

    TJ – looking for hotel recommendations for Nice and Monte Carlo. Just staying for a couple of nights so don’t need anything fancy but my SO and I are past the student hostel stage. In Nice, close to beach and/or Olde Town would be great; in MC, close to the casino of course :-). Thanks!

    • Don’t know about Monte Carlo but I would recommend staying in Nice and taking the bus to Monte Carlo for the day. It is easy to do and cheap, whereas I strongly suspect staying in Monte Carlo is not cheap at all.

      Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the hotel I stayed at in Nice, but there are lots so you should have no problem….

  21. Calling all Denver corporettes- Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and I are trying to put together a Denver meet-up. If you’re interested, please email [email protected]

  22. A few months back, I sought advice from the commenters on this website regarding whether I should apply to an assistant prosecutor job, despite my civil law background. As an update, I made my way through all the interviews and was offered the position! After a lot of thought, input from recent graduates my own age, and advice from more senior attorneys, I have decided that I am going to accept ths job! I am very excited about this decision and really looking forward to the highly challenging and rewarding role. Thanks again to those who responded to my first post.

    • Former MidLevel :

      Awesome news! Congrats!

    • K... in transition :

      how lucky they will be to have you! Congrats!

    • AnonInfinity :

      YAY! Congrats!

    • anon in SF :

      Excellent! I switched from civil to prosecution a few years back. It will be a bit of a learning curve, but the work is so much more rewarding and there is so much more individual opportunity to lead cases, go to court, etc., at least vis a vis my old firm.

    • lucy stone :

      Congrats! Time to order yourself a white hat. ;)

  23. K... in transition :

    Getting really impatient and frustrated about this whole job hunting “game” …too “over-qualified” because of what I’ve done post-Master’s, but no doctorate makes me underqualified for the next step up. Ending up in the middle and there are apparently no jobs to hire me for in this middle space. Calling today to find out how much longer before my unemployment runs out but am really getting freaked out that I won’t have a job before that time comes and that I’ll have to live on credit cards indefinitely and then ??? Why can’t I find enough skype therapy clients and people who need research or writing done that I can work for myself?!

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Hi K! Keep your chin up and keep looking. Something has to eventually come along. I’ve actually been thinking of emailing you. I have a good friend going through a rough time including some mental health things and I think I need some professional advice on how to be a good friend, not enable, not judge, but know when to step in and stop her from doing something unsafe, etc. I need tips on how to respond when she excitedly tells me a plan to do something that is so obviously a bad idea and will result in nothing but sadness and tears later without her getting mad that I’m judging her, thinks she’s stupid, thinks she’s a bad person, etc. How much would you charge for an online session of friendship coaching lol??

      • K... in transition :

        aww, you’re so sweet to think of me! Shoot me an email? And FYI, there are actually a lot of people who see a therapist for coaching rather than for therapy, specifically for reasons like this; not their own mental health exactly but guidance in life or in business or career or the like!

    • How can I get more info on your skype therapy/coaching? Or can you suggest someone else who does this? I’m in my 20s and ridiculously confused about life right now, but I have a hard time taking off work to go to someone in person.

      • K... in transition :

        shoot me an email? munchkin 1616 at juno dot com (it’s so weird to use personal email to talk about work stuff but my work email is my name, which I know we don’t use here, so forgive me!)

    • Can you share some more information about the online therapy here, such as cost, link to info, email to contact? I imagine some here may use or pass on the information (myself included).

      In regards to what you seemed focused on, I’m sorry about the unemployment/lack of jobs. I have been told in the past that I am too qualified as well, which seems so frustrating. I think sometimes you can counter it by explaining that you are more interested in this line of work, intend to stay for a long time, but it’s tough.

      Money is stressful, but remember that there are many things more important: health, family, friends, and happiness.

      • K... in transition :

        Hi! Essentially, the online therapy that I do has 2 options; one more of a traditional therapy except that we are looking into computer cameras rather than at each other in the same room, the other is more of a coaching option. Traditional therapy is exactly what you’d expect (you have some things to work through, you come to talk), coaching is more about getting from where you are to where you want to be (wanting to become more organized, wanting to start dating, wanting to build your business, needing motivation and someone from outside your head to help you to navigate the road moving forward in some life area).

        Pricing is sliding scale for those who need it, but typical pricing ranges from $120-$150 in this economy. I’m totally willing to do a c*por*tte discount… or a JSFAMO discount, if you will or one for those who book/pay for multiple sessions at once.

        Hope this info helps, feel free to email me, I’ll be happy to give you my professional email address (which I don’t post here because it’s my name)! :)

  24. 50 shades withdrawral :

    Finished the trilogy in a week. Wish it didn’t end.

    • Me too – took all the time I was supposed to be drafting a mediation statement to read it. But in the end, I found it very unsafisfactory — kind of like the ending to a Pat Conroy novel.

  25. PSA – Cole Haan is on Rue La La today.

    • Thanks! Just scored some snakeskin shoes.

    • Got the last pair of the flat red sandals in my size :-)

    • phillygirlruns :

      lots of great stuff, too – just picked up a pair of nude heels that i’m hoping will be the right replacement for my current, on-their-last-legs pair.

    • Locomotive :

      Thanks for the heads up!! Got the Cole Haan Air Violet in Nude (because I loved the purple air violet someone else posted up here a few weeks ago so much). You guys rock for putting up all these great deals. and great shoes!!

    • Just got the Brooke in Prussian Blue. Been eyeing that one for a while;)

    • Oh Cat, you are evil!

      Just replaced my Air Tali wedges that I pretty much wore out last summer!

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