Suit of the Week

iconiconFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

We found this fabulous hunter green herringbone suiting collection through the dress, actually — we nearly posted it as a TPS by itself and then realized it had matching pieces.  Still:  LOVE the dress, the high neckline, the nipped waist — and even the slight cap sleeves, which won’t bunch up under your jacket but allow you to take your jacket off and roam the halls.  The green herringbone is an interesting fabric, as well — we’d wear the pieces as separates and accent with black, navy, cream pieces — or even a dark purple.  The jacket (Antonio Melani “Adam” Jacket) is $199, the dress (Antonio Melani “Nasira” Dress) is $159, and the pants and skirt (not pictured) are $129 (Antonio Melani “Antonio” Pants) and $99 (Antonio Melani “Katie” Skirt).



  1. Love that this is a suiting collection that is more affordable but still stylish… can’t see ever buying an entire collection in such a distinctive fabric but am loving that dress!

  2. I love this — all four pieces.

    • Me, too. They look like really versatile pieces.

      • Love the dress. I don’t need to wear suits, but they’re all great. I like hunter green as a nice change from black/navy/grey – but not sure whether it would work on all skin tones…

  3. I love Antonio Melani work clothes! They always seem to have quite the selection (different patterns, textures, pieces, etc) and gorgeous colors, but I’ve never actually bought anything. Can anyone speak to the fit and/or quality?

    • I have a dress that I love, love, love. The fit is very flattering. It even looked good when I was still working on shedding the last of my baby weight. I think the quality is good, although I can’t speak to heavy use because I have only had it for about a year and worn it 5 or 6 times.

    • I have one Antonio Melani suit, bought several years ago, was not very impressed with the quality at that time. The pants stretched out fairly quickly, the material was very thin, and unlined. I wouldn’t pay full price for one again, maybe if it was marked down significantly. Definitely more of a 1-2 year suit, not one that will last. I have another suit from Ann Taylor Loft I bought at the same time, actually cost less, and I still wear it all the time.

      • I have 2 Antonio Melani suits from back in the law school summer days. They’re polyester and don’t look that great on – look a bit cheap and faded the teensiest bit over the course of two years. They also seem to be fit for a normal-to-long torso, rather than the short-waisted hourglass figure. An old wool blend Alex Marie suit fit far, far better and still looks good (and can be machine washed) for the same price. It also fits curves better and still works when all of my current other suits are three times the price. So if you’re looking at Dillards, I’d stick with the wool / wool-blend brands.

    • I don’t have any Antonio Melani suits but I love the way their pants fit and I have a couple of tops as well and they all seem to be holding up well after a couple of years’ wear. I love this suit and I am thinking very seriously about getting it.

    • I have a Gray pinstripe pencil skirt from Antonio Melani. I have one word to desribe it: Cute!
      It has two side vents and got me many compliments

    • I have several Antonio Melani suits that I bought over the past 2 years. I buy them because they are classic and stylish and the pant cut sits at the waist and fits me perfectly ( I could not find a similarly cut pant in other brands like Ann Taylor or Banana Republic ). I am not impressed by the fabric though. I would welcome some suits made of wool and cotton blends, as opposed to polyester only .

  4. I like the look of these pieces. I’ve never looked at this brand. Does anyone have any comments on the quality? I have a Dillards gift card that’s sitting unused.

    • Freshly Minted 3L :

      I can’t speak to the quality of Antonio Melani clothes, but I have been carrying an Antonio Melani handbag daily for nearly a year and it’s as beautiful as the day I bought it. The leather was great quality and has softened nicely. Every stitch is still tight and unfrayed and the hardware is still shiny and gold.

      I don’t live near a Dillards, but they do have a good online return policy.

  5. Soooookie!

    • (pronounced “Suhck-Aaaah!”)

      • GenerallyLurking :

        I realize I’m probably about to show my age and/or painful lack of popular culture awareness, but I have no idea what K’s comment or jojo’s reply mean. Would someone translate for me?

        • character in TrueBlood (HBO show in which people talk with painfully fake southern accents, but is still an excellent show) and the new season starts Sunday!

          • GenerallyLurking :

            Ahhh! Thank you very much. I’ve kinda been meaning to watch True Blood. Maybe I’ll give it shot this season.

          • Will add this … above model looks very much like Anna Paquin/Sookie (pronounced like “cookie” not “kooky,” LOL).

  6. Chicago K :

    Love the pieces and the price! Unfortunately, I don’t think we have Dillard’s here unless they are under a different name in Chicago. I’ll have to check, as I notice a lot of references to them here.

    • Chicago K :

      Ok, don’t know where I got the idea it was only carried at Dillards! Now that I look back it doesn’t say that anywhere…please disregard, I am working on 4 hours sleep today!

      • Experienced :

        Chicago K -do know the line is made for Dillards by Tahari (exclusive to Dillards).

  7. divaliscious11 :

    Like the dress, but hate the belt with it. Chops up the line.

  8. Legally Brunette :

    I think Dillards might be in the south? I’ve seen a bunch of stores in Texas. Also curious to hear about the quality of this brand because the clothes are really cute.

    • Yes – very big in Florida as well. I think I have seen them in Washington, D.C. though so that may be their stopping point.

    • i really miss Dillard’s. We have it in Georgia (where I’m from originally), but no such luck since I moved to New York.

    • Dillard’s is a southern store. I have several Melani suits and have been impressed with the fit and quality as compared to other department store suits. I am curvier on the bottom and have a long torso, and the fit of the Antonio style pant is great for me. The jackets are also good for women who have a bit of a chest. Even though many of the suits are polyester, I don’t think they look cheap.

    • Dillards used to be the same as Marshall Field’s in the Midwest before a – ahem – store-that-will-be-unnamed took it over coup-style in the middle of the night. :-D

      • I don’t think Dillard’s ever had a relationship with Marshall Fields. It began as a local/regional chain in Arkansas and began expansion throughout the southeast initially in the late 80’s/early 90’s. At least historically, they tried to distinguish themselves on customer service (tho not at the level of Nordstrom). I travel widely for work and have observed that there is a great variety in the type of merchandise and price points they hit, depending on the demographics of the community. The stores in my mother’s small town in Florida carry almost no professional clothing and much more Koret/polyester lines for older ladies than does my local store. For awhile, there was a closeout location in my town and they had Louboutain (sp) and Manolos from somewhere that I have never seen locally.

        Although they are not everywhere (yet) it is clear they are trying to establish a national presence. Antonio Melani is a house brand, as is Peter Nygard. I much prefer Melani.

      • No, Dillard’s is not related to Marshall Field’s. Dayton’s and Hudson’s were “sisters” of Marshall Fields.

        Anyway, at least here in Chicago, the Field’s stores absolutely sucked. I lived at various times near three different ones (Evanston, Skokie and Oak Park) and they were all dowdy, poorly stuffed, and chock full of old-lady clothing. Nordstrom came to Chicago and ate their lunch. Macy’s takeover meant nothing to me; they had squandered their brand years ago. The only people who were “impressed” by Field’s are older people who remember the grand State Street store of 40 years ago.

        • and the Frango mints :-)

        • Ahh, I thought Daytons was Dillards…nevermind!

          And I always liked Marshall Fields’. I could always find what I needed, the staff was super, and everything was decent. I’ll agree that Nordstrom is heads and shoulders above them. However, I thought Marshall Fields was far superior to Macy’s.

  9. My experience with the brand is that it’s a typical “department store” suit like the ones stores like Macy’s seems to be so fond of. Personally, I’d rather spend my money on something that drapes better, looks nicer and lasts longer. However, if you’re looking for a 1-2 year suit and don’t mind the “department store” suit look, then go for it.

    • Agreed. The dress is interesting, but I think the suit is a little kind of a snooze. And I hate Dillards–difficult return policy.

  10. Delta Sierra :

    I think it’s a great outfit, but hunter green? Seriously? Has anyone seen it in real life? Looks grey/taupe on my screen.

  11. Ugh, polyester. I just can’t do it.

  12. I don’t love the dress — looks too faddish for me.

    I do like the way the suit look on the model — but given that Macy’s suits never work for me, I would hesitate to order this (without trying on) since Dillards and Macys and Kohls and all those places seem to stock very similar items. Also, the website doesn’t offer any alternative views so I would hesistate to order something without seeing it from all sides. God knows we’ve seen enough unexpected surprises here (anyone remember the mermaid tail on a NL jacket a few weeks back?)

    Love the color, btw — hunter green it’s not, but it’s nice to see a “neutral” shade that is not gray/black/navy yet that still looks like it would work in any environment. More green suits, please! :)

    • oh, that tail! Oy… I was the one who posted a report of seeing the meteorologist on the weather channel wearing it (at first I thought she was wearing a jacket too big and thought belting it would help… horrors!)… I rarely (if ever) buy clothes online for exactly this reason!

    • Dillard’s is more upscale than Macys/Kohls. Consumer Reports did a survey on all stores in this month’s issue and Dillard’s received the best ranking of any store because the quality was quite good. I’d say the quality is somewhere between Macys and Nordstrom.

      • I’d say that statistic is attributable to the fact that Dillard’s carries brands like Eileen Fisher and BCBG, not because it carries Antonio Melani.

      • la peagoise :

        dillard’s can vary wildly. i would NEVER set foot in a dillards in birmingham. belk, yes (well, two of the three belks). never dillards. kohls is, for me, nowhere near “department store.” it’s strip mall, not actual mall.

        i’m still mourning the loss of parisian’s.

        • I am also very surprised to hear someone say that Dillard’s is better than Macy’s. The Dillard’s near me is horrible…always a mess, clothing appears to be of lower quality than Macy’s, no one ever around to help, etc. I guess it varies.

          • The Macy’s in my area are all horrible except the one that is in the same shopping center as Saks. One is so bad you can’t find anything to wear to work even if your work is jeans friendly. It is pretty much all shorts, casual capris, maxi dresses, and ultra bedazzled/loud t-shirts and tank tops. When I moved away to go to law school I avoided the Macy’s for this reason and was surprised that the Macy’s in that town was actually much nicer than what we have here.

          • Delta Sierra :

            Dillards seems to be making a push to go up-market. It seems to depend a lot on the manager of the individual store. I go to 3 Trader Joe’s stores, one is undependable, the other 2 are fine. Similarly, if I drive a little farther, one Nordstrom Rack is excellent, and of course the one nearer is terrible.

          • Delta–so jealous that you have TWO Nordstrom Racks to choose from…I don’t even have one near me

        • concur. i <3 dillards (the only one in my hometown is nice), but parisians was amazing. and proffits was way better before it got eaten up by belk. i was kind of shocked to read someone equating kohls with the "mall anchor" department stores–they're just *different.*

      • Dillard’s varies wildly depending on where it is, I think. In my hometown, the one in our old mall was fairly average–about like Macy’s. However, we had a new, more upscale mall open, and the quality at the dillard’s there was noticeably better–i would put that one between macy’s and nordstrom. Just depends on where you are, I think.

        • Location does seem to matter.
          The Macy’s in Herald Sq in NY sells Louis Vuitton bags. Who would have thought.

      • Dillards do vary – some are more the status of a JC Penny, while others are comparable to Macy’s. I’d say they’re typically ranked like this: JCPenny, Dillards, Macys, Nordstroms and Bloomies, Saks.

  13. Love this! I’m so tired of wearing nothing but black and grey suits.

  14. LOVE

  15. A salesperson told me Antonio Melani clothes follow European sizing. So while I can wear a size 2 dress at Ann Taylor or Banana, I definitely need a 6 in AM.

  16. While I think the dress looks great, I have a hard time paying that much for something in polyester when a J. Crew wool dress is only $30 more:

    This suit definitely falls in the category of serious sale only for me.

    • Oh! That J Crew dress is great!

      • I love JCrew suiting dresses!

        If anyone’s in the market, today’s the last day for their extra 20% off summer sale items sale.

        • For court? That JCrew dress is for a dinner date, not work.

          • If this was longer on you (it would on me bc I’m not nearly as tall as the model) and you wore a jacket, it would be appropriate for court in my area. Most definitely appropriate for a day at work. Again, provided it’s knee length or slightly above.

          • Not for court, but many of their wool dress (maybe not that one, but the ones with sleeves) are great for work.
            I would probably not wear them for a dinner date — unless I was coming from work.
            I have a black wool one with long sleeves, knee length, conservative neckline. I would not wear it to court, per se, but I don’t think twice about wearing it to the office. The one pictured in the link above would love fine w/a blazer, imo.

    • Yes, but J.Crew so RARELY puts sleeves (even cap sleeves) on their dresses. I’m tired of finding ways to make their dresses appropriate for my office.

  17. Dress is a little on the frumpy side, no? Also skeptical about the fabric and color. Cute belt on the dress though

    • I don’t think the dress is frumpy. When I think of “frumpy,” I think of clothes that have little shape.

    • I don’t think it’s frumpy at all. It just feels like, maybe, it’s trying too hard. I am sure the right person could pull it off, but I like my work dresses to be a bit more classic & timeless.

  18. MediaStyle :

    Can I ask why so many stores (Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom) show suit pants so short? I can understand if they are advertising the shoes – having shorter pants help the visibility- but I don’t get it when they are selling the pants. Looks ridiculous.

    • I’ve always just assumed that the models are tall & long legged.
      That fact, coupled with heels & those kicky poses they seem so fond of, results in short pants.

    • I read something about photo shoots being sent samples that are generically sized, while models are typically taller. There was something about it costing more money to have clothes fit models properly. Shrug.

  19. I could use some help! Today for the first time I work a navy Taharhi dress that I love. (cotton and polyester) I wore it with a cream sweater, and there is a complete layer of fuz all over the top of the dress. The tag says dry clean, can dry clean get this off? Or should I be doing something else first? I tried a lint brush but there is just so much! Any helps/tips would be greatly appreciated

    • Get a good lint brush (something that says heavy duty or for pet hair). Lay down the dress on a flat surface — I use an ironing board.
      And go to town. It will take a bit of elbow grease, as they say, and a few sheets of the lint brush roll but you save the $ & wear from dry cleaning so I say it’s a small price to pay.

    • What kind of lint brush are you using? I use one that I got at Petsmart that looks like a paint roller, but has sticky sheets on it that you can peel off as each one gets lint-ified. that seems to work pretty well for getting pet hair, sweater fuzz, etc, off of just about anything. Dry cleaning would probably get rid of it too.

      • Yes, that’s what I use to. If you brought it to the dry cleaners, that’s what they would use as well (I know b/c I get my lint roller from my dry cleaners!).

      • That’s what I use (I get mine in a big pack of four at Wal-Mart fairly cheap so I can leave one at work, one in the car… etc. I’m probably Scotch’s biggest customer of them!)

    • The lint rollers that look mostly like masking tape (very heavy duty) seem to work better than the pet ones, in my experience. I normally use the pet ones, but used one at work in a pinch that had the masking tape look and it was so much better! It took everything off with one sheet instead of 2-3!

    • Delta Sierra :

      Duct tape. Test it on an unseen spot first, to make sure the tack isn’t too much for the fabric.

      • If you’re at the office, and don’t have a lint brush, those clear plastic FedEx label things work really well.

        • Or clear packing tape. I make a loop with it and then you can put your hand through it and run it over your clothing like a lint brush, sort of.

    • Put it in the dryer on fluff with a couple dryer sheets.

  20. I love the more stylish suit options that Antonio Melani has but unfort. I need petite sizes and they don’t make. Any suggestions for simialar suits in a comparable price range that come in petite? I’m familiar w/ J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic.

  21. outfit completion 101 :

    What would you ladies recommend layering over the dress if someone bought only the dress and not the jacket? I’m a little thrown by the ‘stand collar.’ Would a cardigan look silly over the perky collar? Thoughts?

    • I don’t know how one would wear that layered. I guess a simple black cardigan would not look too out of place, but I don’t know what else to suggest.

  22. Anonymous :

    Emergency Hijack:
    I was just scheduled for my first full-time interview for an in-house legal position. I want to wear a black AT sheath dress w/ a black blazer, low black heels and pearl necklace. Is this too much black, too predictable w/ the pearls? Should I aim for a pantsuit or skirtsuit with a shell to throw in some color instead? Are full-time interviews much diff. than internship interviews (besides the stakes being so much higher!)? I’m so nervous, I reaaalllly want this job! Any tips much appreciated!

    • I spent four years in-house and handled attorney and assistant hiring for my section. I would go for the traditional skirt suit look with a blouse unless you know for a fact that the company is more free-wheeling (e.g. advertising, media, or similar). When in doubt, go conservative. The other benefit of the blouse is that if you end up in a conference room that is not well air-conditioned or if you go to lunch, you have the option of removing the jacket; with a sheath, you have the bare arms issue to confront.

      Good luck! Let us all know how it goes!

    • I would agree — traditional skirt suit is more conservatives and safer. If in doubt, go the safer route.

      And yes, full-time positions are taken more seriously than internships, from the interview perspective. An internship is basically an X month interview with no guarantee of permanent employment at the end. Much easier to give a chance to an iffier candidate for an internship than for permanent.

      Good luck!!

    • divaliscious11 :

      We are biz casual so that would be fine at my current company and my prior company, but then again, I, nor my boss really, don’t get to caught up in what you wear unless its outlandish….

  23. 49-What’s the company like? On first thought I would suggest more of a traditional pant or skirt suit.

    • Anonymous :

      It’s a large financial co. Is a sheath not generally appropriate/traditional interview wear?

      • recent grad :

        A sheath with a great cardigan/blazer is generally great for the office, but maybe not for an interview. Go with the skirt suit. Wear your hose (I know, I know). Personally, I wouldn’t do the black skirt suit, white button front shirt, and pearls combination – to me it looks a little TOO law school intern-y. Feel free to throw in a little color, but err on the side of conservative.
        BTW, I’m totally in the same boat as you. Yesterday the office I’ve been wanting to work for pretty much since I started law school called to schedule an interview for Friday. EEK!! So exciting (for both of us)!

      • I think it’s fine if it’s a dress suit – i.e. the dress and the jacket came together and are meant to be worn as a suit. I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear separates to an interview, because separates are less formal than a suit.

        • I should add, though, that no one is going to ding you for the outfit you described. It just isn’t the most conservative or traditional option.

      • I’m in finance, and would never wear a sheath for an interview — go traditional. Pearls are fine (I swear by my pearl stud earrings for interviews)

      • I’m not an attorney but I work for a large financial company and I would suggest that you go with the skirt suit and hosiery.

  24. housecounsel :

    You cannot go wrong with the black sheath, jacket and pearls for this interview.

  25. I just purchased a washable brown suit made by Alex Marie (Dillards exclusive). It looked very professional for court but now I am worried that it is too old lady! I didn’t even realize that it was washable polyester until I brought it home. Everyone seems to hate the department store look but so many cuts at other affordable stores seem to trendy for conservative judges. Help!

    • if you didn’t realize it was washable polyester, then it probably doesn’t look like polyester and I think you’ll be fine. I think people are hating on the department store look when it looks cheap. Does it fit you well, look good on, and do you like it? If so, I say keep it. I also would bet most judges couldn’t pick out an expensive suit from a more affordable one, especially if they fit well, and even if they could, I hope they would understand not everyone can afford super nice wool suits. (and I have noticed the suits at affordable stores do seem to keep having some weird twist–e.g., I tried to find something at Ann Taylor a couple of months ago for an interview and they only had a jacket with ruched sleeves. Kind of neat, but not for interviews).

    • I have a couple of Alex Marie suits from the law school days and some of their items look very good and get rave reviews. I do have one navy pinstripe suit that, when I ask, the clotheshorses I know do guess “polyester” – so that’s out.

      If it looked good to you, then it’s probably fine. Their suits are really kind of hit and miss in terms of that “cheap” look. Some are great.

  26. I think the suiting looks very nice. Great find, Corporette.

  27. anonymous :

    Hijack – The Summer Associates have started working and good lord the women are not dressing appropriately. Today, one of the young women was wearing a cardigan, a tshirt, a knit short skirt, and LEGGINGS CROPPED TO THE CALF, and ballet flats. The other young woman was wearing black pants a la Express, a t-shirt with embroidery around the yoke and a half-placket of buttons, and flats.

    In contrast, their male counterparts wore slacks, belts, and button up shirts in various blue patterns. And looked exactly the same as the male associates. Being a man is easy.

    We are a business casual office, and these women don’t appear to have a clue at ALL. Am I supposed to say something to them? Should I? I want them to succeed, don’t I? Or do I want them to sink or swim on their own?

    I’ll probably re-post this in the TPS tomorrow as well.

    • NY associate :

      Yikes. I’d probably ask HR to have a talk with them, unless you have a relationship with one or both of them.

    • oh dear. Maybe you could recommend Corporette to them in conversation (over lunch? “so what have you been up to to pass the time between assignments? Only so much WSJ you can read… my favorite is corporette… blah blah saved me from some inappropriate choices… (too preachy? it’s late)). I would feel incredibly awkward bringing it up directly to either summer.

      (Kat — maybe it’s time for a helpful link to a previous post on summer associate wardrobes/tips??)

      • I sympathise! Had the same issue in my biz casual office when an intern showed up in a mini-sweater dress + tights, then a tunic (=mini dress) etc! Couldn’t say anything as she didn’t report to me…..

        If they’re your reports, easy peasy. Just say what you need to, behind closed doors/ give them the dress code/policy etc. Or is that not “done” at your workplace?

        If not, maybe you should hint to whoever they report to???

    • Been there :

      Oh gosh. I definitely made some fashion mistakes in my first job in SF, where people tend to dress more casual, but these ladies seem to have taken it too far. The summers in our DC office are just the opposite — they all seemed to be wearing suits all the time, even though women in our office don’t wear a full on suit most days of the week. Doesn’t HR send out the dress code memo to the firm reminding everyone of how to dress? Ours does that every year.

    • recent grad :

      If you’re at all friendly with these girls or the person they report to, then I say do it yourself. If not, then talk to whoever they report to.
      If you do it yourself, be brief and firm, yet gentle. Let them know their clothes aren’t appropriate for the office. Give them a few suggestions – stores they could check out, styling suggestions/items that are appropriate (pencil skirts, cardigans, blouses, etc.), and to look at what the other female attorneys are wearing. Having been a summer (who hopefully didn’t make any egregious fashion mistakes), I know looking around the office was the BEST way to gauge what was appropriate.
      If I had been in that situation, I DEFINITELY would have wanted someone to say something to me, to be straight forward about it and not mean.

      • recent grad :

        Also, DEFINTELY do this in private. Remember: “Praise in public, censure in private.”

        • Agree! Humiliation just teaches people not to trust you — and if one of these women is going to work for you that’s not how you want to start off the relationship!

    • Either say something, or if you don’t know the women well enough to feel comfortable, ask HR to notify all of the women associates of the dress code. I’ve mentioned things like this to interns before and so long as I’m kind about it they don’t seem to take offense.

    • Same issue at my workplace.
      I don’t remember this problem before. Last summer, e.g., most people were fairly appropriate.
      This summer, so far, I have seen: tiny skirts, skanky shoes, many women sans suit in cutesy outfits like gray capris & striped cardis (even on the first day) — this is not the norm, one young woman in black pants that I would call “lounge” pants, etc., etc.
      The guys have all looked great.
      I want to give them corporette businesscards — don’t these women want to succeed???

    • This is one of the hardest things about being a woman – what is “business casual” is easily defined for men, not so much for women… If they’re still doing it after having a day or two to see how the office really dresses, I would take them aside privately and kindly mention that a more formal look may be a better idea —

      Whatever you do, DO NOT make it personal, do not make it about them being women.

    • I would definitely have appreciated someone telling me that I was dressing completely inappropriately, but in a very kind and private way. If your firm doesn’t have an HR-type person, then definitely do it yourself!

      • Me too. Maybe bring it up in the context of a conversation about shopping? Mention where you shop for work clothes – banana, j. crew, etc. – because its so hard to find appropriate clothes elsewhere and the office code can be kinda’ strict. Too forward?

    • Circulate a memo with clearly delinated do’s and don’ts. Maybe give Corporette a shout-out on it. Then you don’t single anyone out, and it gives you a document to point to if future violations keep occuring.

      I feel a little bad for the summer associates … I mean, we all turn to this site for advise on what’s appropriate – and some of us have been in the office for years. I don’t know how they ended up thinking “leggings” are somehow appropriate, but nonetheless – it’s far from obvious for women.

    • divaliscious11 :

      I’d pull them aside and give them some friendly advice…ONCE. What they do with it is up to them….. some people don’t really understand business casual

  28. Thread hijack: I am buying some clothes for my teenage son, who like any teenage boy doesn’t want to hang around either mom or malls. I want to get him either Lacoste or Ralph Lauren polo shirts in a variety of colors. Any suggestions on where is the best place online to get those things?

    • Brooks Bros, Eddie Bauer and JCrew all have non-logoed polo shirts that might go over better. (I take that back–the BB ones have the Golden Fleece). Anyway, check with your son as to whether he even wants polo shirts. Those could be too dorky! And those brands might not be cool. Just ask. Otherwise, you could do what my mom did in those years–buy, show him, and if he hates, take them back. But that’s a lot of work for you!

      • I wouldn’t presume either that polo shirts are “dorky” or that those brands are — my college-age brother (in Phila) wears both those brands/styles frequently, as well as j.crew (and no, he’s not a popped-collar obnoxious type!). I’m guessing Sharon knows what the kid wants but he can’t be bothered traipsing around the mall to pick them out in person.

        Depending on the quality of your local Macy’s, they may be the best bet for both brands (although don’t count on those ubiquitous coupons helping you out much — seems like everything but the Macy’s house brands are usually excluded). The RL website often has sale merchandise.

    • And Lands End has a gazillion colors in their polo shirts and tshirts for men. Return (if necessary) at Sears.

  29. RL having a sale + free shipping till June 10 on their site…

    • Thanks – yes, the brands are fine, he just doesn’t want to traipse around a mall.

  30. I like all of these pieces, although not necessarily together. The color looks to me like not a hunter green, but actually something more toward a greyed olive. This is a color that flatters redheads and blondes and some others, but I know it would not be for me.

  31. For anyone still reading this thread, what do you think of this for work:

    (Antonio Melani Laila Dress). I saw it in the store but didn’t get it because of the price–thought I’d wait for it to go on sale. Thoughts?

    • I have to admit I’m not loving that one, for work, at least. I hate wearing chiffon because it snags so easily, and I think it can look cheap— it would be awkward to get the ruffle neck like that under a jacket. Your workplace may be more casual than mine, though.

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