Beauty Wednesday: Summer Makeup

summer-makeupLadies, how do you change up your summer makeup? We haven’t talked about this for a few years, (not counting my epic review of tinted lip balm last year), so let’s discuss.  Any new products that are must-haves for you for summer?  Any old products that have “still got it”?  Which are your preferred products for summer? How do you factor sunscreen into the mix (if at all)?

For my $.02, I’ve retired bronzer (see you next November/December, old friend!) and have primarily been using Nars the Multiple for cheeks and eyes at the moment.  (I briefly tried Benetint again, which I’ve used for years, but it just isn’t doing it for me right now.) I think I’m going to try to get into daily use for my Bare Minerals foundation — it has a physical sunblock and evens my skin, so yay.  But I’m excited to hear from you guys — what is your favorite makeup for summer? 

Pictured:  bareMinerals 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Original Foundation Kit (awww, 20 years!), available at Sephora for $38. 

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Reader Mail – Makeup Tips for the Summer

Because the usual author is on her honeymoon, today’s reader mail has graciously been answered by City Girl, who writes about a variety of topics pertaining to city living as a professional woman, including beauty and fashion for the workplace. City Girl is also an associate at a law firm in Washington, D.C.

I am wondering if you can do a post on what kind of make-up is appropriate for the office. Do you have to wear make-up at all? If so what should you wear? Are there particular brands you recommend? Any advice on this would be very helpful.

Office-appropriate makeup goes a long way towards adding polish to your image as a professional woman. It is not mandatory, nor need it be complicated or time-consuming, but it really adds to looking put-together – plus who doesn’t have a bad complexion day where you want to reach for concealer? I am personally of the school that if you wear makeup to feel put together when you interview, then you should wear makeup as a summer associate, because it will help you feel confident and put-together all summer. Either way, even if you don’t plan to wear much (or any) makeup, do consider some of the products below. If you had to pick just three products, I would recommend tinted moisturizer, mascara or eyeliner and some sort of lip a product. [Read more…]

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