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New Yorkers: “Women at the Top” on CBS2

monthofwomen-300x225We don’t have HD TV yet, but apparently tomorrow night on CBS 2 there will be an hour-long special featuring “women who have found success in the areas of business, politics, finance and entertainment.” We’d be interested to watch it if we had it — if anyone sees it let us know how it goes.

Women at the Top Tomorrow Night [NewsByte2]
WCBS-TV Celebrates Women in May []

Weekly Round-Up

nailtiques– Fashionista declares it so it must be so: Black nailpolish is dead. (If it were ever appropriate in an office anyway, which is debatable.) [Fashionista]

– Oh, good, we like to laugh: “Report: Women Increasingly Choosing Dead-End Careers Over Dead-End Relationships.” [The Onion]

– 5 mini-laptops worth lugging around. [Smart Money]

– In case you’re in need of some mini-speakers for your office computer: MUG recommends this pair by Klipsch.

– Wot? A useful Facebook application that lets you add your friend’s birthdays to your Google calendar? No way. [Lifehacker]

– NYT has an interesting take on the age-old conundrum: rent versus buy. We like the advice: If you can rent something for $2100 per month ($25,200 per year) or buy it for $400,000, the “ratio” is about 1:16 — you should never buy if the ratio is over 1:20. [NYT]

Friday’s TPS Report – Rosette Tee from Gap

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Gap Rosette TeeToday’s find is a great white tee with just a few embellishments — we’re always looking for something like this to wear under a navy or brown suit. (While you’re there, we also recommend this clean pencil skirt (on sale!) or this Dobby top— the top is a bit casual for the office, but we’d love to wear it with shorts or jeans on the weekend.)

(Also: we were interested to note that Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Old Navy have *finally* consolidated their shopping bags and shipping process — woo hoo!)

Vogue Versus the Law Firm

fashion-vs-lawWell, not exactly. Lauren Della Monica, over at Damsels In Success, posted her biggest lessons learned from two of her careers: as an editorial assistant at Vogue, as well as a litigator at a big firm. Her resume is inspiring, anyway — she’s opened her own art consulting firm and is only 33 — but these tips are particularly interesting, if only to compare the two. Here’s a quick quiz for you — guess which piece of advice comes from which column? Answers (after the jump)…


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Sex and the City, and Fashion for Lawyers: Steal Miranda Hobbes’s Look

Sex and the City: Steal Miranda Hobbes's LookThe Wall Street Journal has an article today about how Sex in the City-type dressing — too sexy for the office — is detrimental to women’s careers. We agree, of course, although we don’t necessarily know many young women who would be tempted to dress like Samantha. Instead, let’s look at some screen caps of lawyer Miranda, who was supposed to be the most conservative of the bunch. Our take? Miranda definitely doesn’t dress too sexy for the office — but she’s so boring in half of these pictures that we can’t say she’s a role model for us, either. All photographs c/o HBO (after the jump). (Get the entire collection of Sex and the City on Amazon!)

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Excuse us for the lack of posts

working girlWe apologize for the lack of posts — in addition to our day jobs taking up far too much of our time, we’ve been working on a big story (should be up by Friday): a review of all the new invitation-only online sales sites. We’ve also been working on various technical glitches on the site (and we’re happy to report that the RSS feed link is now working again).

In the meantime, allow us to post a clip of one of our most favorite make-over movies: Working Girl. It’s funny how Sigourney Weaver’s character doesn’t look that out of style — the shoulder pads are a bit much, but still. We were trying to find the clip where Joan Cusack says, “But it isn’t even lea-tha,” but, alas, we could not. (If you have it, please e-mail us!!) (Full video after the jump…)

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