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Weekly Roundup

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– Ye Gods: Talk about an amazing suit (pictured at left). [Rare Vintage]

Jezebel wonders what role fashion should have in the conversations about Democratic National Convention.

– Dream big:  establish a solid morning and evening routine to be a more productive and happy you.  [Zen Habits]

– We are not alone in our love for Microsoft’s OneNote — good to know!  (We really must do a “Tool of the Trade” about that program.)  [Lifehacker]  Ooh, and you can get it (and the rest of Microsoft’s latest products) super cheap if you have an .edu address.  [Lifehacker]

Fall Makeup Trends For the Office

Corporette would like to welcome its first guest blogger today — Marina from Makeup Loves Me!

having a finished face makes the difference between a great outfit wearing you and the whole office thinking you look fantastic.

i am absolutely head-over-heels for the high drama makeup looks for this fall (lancome’s piha red and piha black lip colors are pretty much all i think about), but i know you working girls may be conflicted about whether these dark, goth-inspired looks are office-friendly.  to take editorial looks and make them work at 10am requires a little bit of negotiation, but it can (and should!) be done.

runway turned coffee run:
undone updos – no time to blow dry?  just finger comb your hair into a not-too-tight bun and get to work already!  lately i’ve been loving the genius behind ricky’s bungee cords for securing my updos – they’re the best combination of hair elastic and bobby pin in one.

matte makeup – this is probably the easiest fall trend to bring straight into the office.  shiny makeup is usually a corporate no-no, so thank the makeup gods for bring 1994’s shimmerless shades for eyes, cheeks and lips back. clinique’s modern matte line is matte nirvana.  not sure where to start?  their stone violet shadow is universally flattering.  

a black glossy lip – the mega dark lips that have been gracing magazine spreads clearly really convey “i’m so professional!” (unless your profession is dominatrix, then, rock those black lips) but take that hue down to a cherry shade, and you’ve got the perfect addition to your look for after work drinks.  carefully swiping on a darker lippie for your “wine-down” takes 2 minutes and can change your whole look.  no matter what your skin tone, check MAC’s cult of cherry collection.

“nude” cheeks – you should never actually leave your cheeks completely bare, but beige has been the word in cheek color for the coming season.  three custom color’s wallflower is your best better than bare pick.

woodsy fragrance – the cooler air means heavier, more senual fragrances are in order.  changing to a fragrance that is a bit heavier, but one that you are still comfortable is a perfect shift, particularly because scent is subliminal.  collegues who see (and smell) you everyday will know something is different but they may not be able to put their finger on it.

and no matter what you do, enjoy fall 2008; it promises great things for beauty and fashion.  if you haven’t yet, please come visit me for all the latest is beauty at

Like what you’ve read about?  Much of the makeup above is available at Nordstrom — links below:

Suit of the Week: BCBGMAXAZRIA

For this week’s suit of the week, we’re loving BCBG’s menswear inspired tribute, the Nika suit. We lurve the fit, as well as the tiny details like the layered hem and collar (they’re different without being frou-frou, which is so necessary in a suit).  The Nika jacket is $318 in viscose and $338 in wool, and the Daria pant is $218.  (For some reason the website has the 2 jackets and matching pant in 3 different colors, none of which match — check your local BCBG store for the actual items.)

Poll: What’s In Your Everyday Makeup Bag?

everyday-makeupFor us, make-up must walk a fine line — you want to look professional, you want to look pretty, you want to look well-rested — but you also want to get out of the house on time in the morning.  We have a post coming up in a bit about interview makeup — but for today:  what’s in your everyday make-up bag for the office?  Multiple choices are allowed.




10 Things About … Interviewing

Interviewing Tips | Corporette

We realize interview week is over at some schools; for others they’re still to come. Still, callbacks will be going on well into September and October, so we thought we’d share some advice on interviewing.

Interview Prep…

1. Make sure your resume is up to date and without typos. We recommend putting the “date printed” on your resume — it can just be a field in your footer. This is especially helpful when you make changes to your resume, or if you interview with firms multiple years. [Read more…]

Weekly Round-Up

Liking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

– Ladies, toot your own horn — studies have shown that far too many career women work too hard and promote themselves too infrequently, meaning they work hard forever but never get ahead. [Jezebel, Downtown Women’s Club DISH]

– Business schools are bummed that their ranks are only about 30% women — compared with 47% women in law school — and accordingly are trying innovative ways to get women in, like giving them seven years to finish an MBA and having early AM classes (as opposed to evening classes) in their part-time programs. Sounds great except the program is becoming known as “The Mommy MBA.” Hmmn. [WSJ] If you’re thinking an MBA might be for you, you might want to check out the Forte Foundation’s upcoming panels on what an MBA can do for you… [Forte Foundation via Lindsay Pollak]

– From Marie Claire: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Negotiating Anything. In addition to the stuff they list, we would also add: jewelry. (A friend of ours just got 19% off a Cartier watch she bought for herself!)

– 25 Painless Ways to Free Up an Hour to Pursue Your Goals. [Zen Habits]

– England trash-talks the idea of “fast fashion,” a la H&M, Forever 21, Target, and other places where clothes cost next to nothing — apparently the Bangladeshi women and children who make the clothes are underpaid, the fabrics are horrible for the environment, etc, etc. (Not to even get into the ethics of the knock-off!) [Jezebel]

– Makeup Loves Me reviews the Essie colors for fall (pictured at top). Is anyone else freaked out that it’s only August but feels like October already, weather-wise?

– Huh: What to do with those semi-dirty clothes. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]

– Are you bitter? And a lawyer? And perhaps bitter about becoming a lawyer? Check out Bitter Lawyer, a great new website on point. Our favorite section thus far is the interviews with ex-lawyers, although the columns are all great, as well. [Bitter Lawyer] (For more interviews but less snark, also check out JD Bliss.)

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