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Weekend Open Thread

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After last weekend’s flamingo clutch, reader J passed along this hilarious ring, noting “this happy-go-lucky ring will definitely be added to my weekend wardrobe in the near future.” I like it, although I worry that those wings will be snag-o-rific when it comes to pretty much anything. The ring is $150 at Zappos. Noir Jewelry – When Pigs Fly Ring (Pink) – Jewelry Bony Levy Black Diamond Ring (Nordstrom Exclusive)For my own $.02, I was drooling (drooling!) over this black diamond cocktail ring form the Nordstrom Anniversary sale — $1445 marked down to $998. I do love a sale… Bony Levy Black Diamond Ring (Nordstrom Exclusive)icon


Weekly News Update

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– In today’s blast from the past:  FogCreek Software Blog pulls up an old article on women programmers (which notes that women are a natural fit for computer programming jobs because “it’s just like planning a dinner”) and wonders where all the lady coders have gone today.  Speaking of women and advancement, The Careerist expresses her outrage at an article in The Economist that suggests that women aren’t equal with men because they take too much time to balance family life.  (Also interesting reading:  a blogger at Ms. JD compares women who quit after taking maternity leave to thieves, and the WSJ’s Juggle blog examines a new study on whether there’s a “tipping point” that creates SAHMs.)

Lisa at Privilege wonders why some clothing items are so universally reviled (although hey, I did advise her to burn her scrunchie back in 2009).  Meanwhile, Angie at YouLookFab wonders whether leather jackets are acceptable business casual attire, and Sal at Already Pretty considers how one balances contrasting styles.

– Readers traveling by yourselves, stay alert — according to the NYT, hotel safety is becoming a growing issue.  Perhaps now is a good time to brush up on self-defense moves that everyone can do, which Lifehacker has helpfully rounded up.

Learnvest has some suggestions for how to leave your job on good terms.  (I offered my advice on how to quit gracefully a few months ago.)

Lifehacker advises you create a “to stop” list to get more done.  Meanwhile, Mint rounds up some websites to help you run an efficient kitchen.


Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Silk Animal Print Drape Neck Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Silk Animal Print Drape Neck TopAnn Taylor has been having some great sales lately — you can take 30% off a full-price suit set, as well as taking an extra 50% off all sale styles. It’s the latter of these sales that brings this silk cowl neck down to a very reasonable $25. I like that it has sleeves, as well as the fact that the shirt is long enough enough to be tucked, belted, or layered. It has a touch of spandex (8%) and an empire seam. It was $88, but for the last weekend is now down to $25. Not bad at all. Silk Animal Print Drape Neck Top

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Coffee Break – Leola Shoulder Bag

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Leola' Shoulder BagThe Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends on August 1, but there are still some good deals to be had, including this gorgeous purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Love the look and feel of the “soft washed leather,” and the wine color (pictured) is calling my name. (It’s also available in a black and a taupe.) Nordstrom’s currently has it marked to $332.90, but the price rises back to the normal $498 after August 1. MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Leola’ Shoulder Bag


Changing Jobs, But Not Companies

Fork in the Road, originally uploaded to Flickr by Randy Levine.Reader S wonders how one can change jobs without changing companies — including getting your current boss to champion the change.

I am a fairly new admittee to the bar in the state where I live (just under 2 years). For the past 2 years I have been working in a quasi-legal position that was created just for me. Recently, I’ve been feeling a serious internal pull towards a more traditional legal career and a litigation position has opened up on my company that I plan to apply for. My concern is that I feel some allegiance to my current supervisor because she brought me in, but I am convinced that the traditional position would be a better career move. How do I tell my supervisor that I am applying for an internal position without losing her trust?

This is one of the hardest questions, I think — and one that comes up frequently. I would first caution you to learn as much about the position without talking to your supervisor — are you really a good fit, or are they looking for someone with a lot of litigation experience already?  The person who recently vacated this position may be the best person to talk to first.  If you decide to go for it and want to talk with your supervisor, I’d take her out to lunch and say something like this: [Read more…]

Thursday’s TPS Report: Textured Cotton Pea Trench

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

ASOS Textured Cotton Pea Trench
iconToday I’m liking this pea trench from ASOS. I love that it brings a bit of fun and whimsy to something you wear every day (in cooler weather, of course) — and as always, I love a good sale. This jacket was $120.67, but is now marked to $60.34 in teal (pictured) and navy; it’s also available in mustard yellow for $103.43. ASOS Textured Cotton Pea Trench

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