Coffee Break – Leola Shoulder Bag

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Leola' Shoulder BagThe Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends on August 1, but there are still some good deals to be had, including this gorgeous purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Love the look and feel of the “soft washed leather,” and the wine color (pictured) is calling my name. (It’s also available in a black and a taupe.) Nordstrom’s currently has it marked to $332.90, but the price rises back to the normal $498 after August 1. MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Leola’ Shoulder Bag



  1. Somehow I keep getting the first post today.

    Love this color. If purple is Kat’s color and teal is Road Warriorette’s color, red is mine. But I only spend over $200 in one fell swoop for car-related items, travel, electronics, and rent.

    • Congratulations on sticking to a budget! I do think, however, that good leather amortizes well. I have a 10-year-old Coach purse that is just starting to show some time-related damage.

      • It’s a pretty sorry budget. Basically, if it’s a clothing item that I like under $50, I’ll buy it. That adds up quickly, especially during sale season.

        The big budget items make me nervous. Even when I do shell out the $200+, I fret about it.

        It’s all thanks to my dad. Sometimes I’ll stand there and price toothpaste or sunscreen. It’s crazy.

        • It’s smart to price toothpaste or sunscreen. There’s no reason to pay extra for products that are substantially identically. But the difference between a $400 Marc Jacobs bag and a $30 Target bag is much greater than the difference between Crest and Colgate. Not to say that you should prioritize buying schmancy bags – just to say it’s not necessarily pound foolish for a penny-wise girl to buy one.

        • SF Bay Associate :

          I always figure out cost-per-serving or cost-per-ounce at the grocery store. I think it depends in part on your parents’ financial circumstances when you were growing up. I shop at Whole Foods now, not FoodsCo like my parents did, but I’m checking cost differences between cans of organic tomatoes just like my mom did with cans of refried beans.

    • I’ve never set a specific limit like that, but I completely agree that I couldn’t spend that much on a single item- *maybe* a really nice winter coat (actually, I probably would just freeze until it went on sale, but my husband would buy it if I needed one, he thought it was nice, and there was a holiday. I don’t think I’ve bought my own coat in 12 years.) Other than gifts from him, the only single items I have that I’ve spent that much on are formal dresses (one formal one that I bought mainly for fun when going on a cruise (and immediately had buyer’s remorse, since it was stupid to spend that much on something that I couldn’t wear much) and my wedding gown). (I’m counting suits as multiple items, though.)

    • anon-oh-no :

      I used to think like this, and found myself with a bunch of crappy clothes that I often only wore a few times. So i changed my “rules.” I only buy stuff that I really, really like. It doesnt matter if its 5 bucks, 50 bucks, or 500 bucks (obviously, there is a line somewhere where the item is simply out of my budget, but that will vary from person to person, and for me, it has varied over the years depending on my job and other life needs).

      I used to say, for example, that spending 75 or 100 bucks on a blouse was insane, even though there were often blouses i saw in that price range (or higher) that i really liked. One day I just bought one. And I wear it all the time and love it.

      Have I completely kicked the habit of buys stuff because its on sale (or other similar reason that is not a good reason to buy)? No. But I’m working on it, and my wardrobe is much happier for it.

      • I understand this, but I’m a ridiculously good bargain-shopper. I really don’t have any poor-quality sale clothes. This I learned at my grandmother’s knee. Of course, I grew up in the land of bargain shopping. Filene’s Basement and TJMaxx started in MA.

        You should see my closets (I have 2 walk-ins).

      • My practice is much closer to yours than to Bunkster’s or Lyssa’s. (For the, the cost per wear went down when I started to buy things I loved at full price.) To each her own! However, I applaud anyone who actively thinks about her budget.

        • I’m with oh-no and src–after years of trial and error in purchase decisions. I have regretted both buying something I didn’t love at a low price, and NOT buying something I would have worn to death because it was expensive.

          And if we’re sharing “our colors,” I’ll go ahead and say mine is cobalt.

          • Oh, cobalt is my color too. I can’t get enough of it. Anything cobalt makes it very difficult for me to resist.

          • Same here, I have started buying pricier items even if that means I have to wait until I travel abroad or a friend does.
            I feel that although I have a tiny wardrobe (and still no closet), I love almost every single item in it.

      • This is a good practice – I still mostly shop at Ross, etc., but only buy something if I really adore the piece. It’s still helpful for me to have a moderately low ceiling on cost, though, because I’d be devastated if I ruined something that was not only beloved, but also very expensive – plus, if I decide it’s not really working out in a season or two, I won’t think twice in giving it to Goodwill.

    • Red is my color. I’m trying to retrain my mind to prefer quality over quantity. I used to buy a lot of cheaper things but then they would fall apart faster and I didn’t love them as much. That doesn’t mean that I spend a lot on items even now. I can’t make myself buy something at full-price so just stalk it until it goes on sale.

      • Is it bad that my color is cobalt, purple and teal? Don’t make me choose!

    • I agree. I do not want to spend to much money for anything, and if I did, my fiancee would cut up my credit cards. He is very smart with money and has gotten me on a budget. I have reduced my credit card bill from $8,000 all the way down to $4300 since I have been with him (18 months) and he said that after we are married, he will pay off the balance and we will be rid of the interest fees when we move into the place he has bought for us after the wedding.

      He has also pointed out to me places I should be shopping for food and clothes, and he has bought a great minivan on the used car market at a wonderful discount. He also knows where to find discount vacation packages and we are going to go away at the end of the summer to Palm Springs for only $69 per nite, including breakfast!

      So it will be very good when he takes over all of the finances, leaving me to focus on my job.

      • Anonymous :

        Anyone else get nervious when people say “my [fiance/husband/boyfriend] would [cut up/take away] my credit cards if I …” Not to pick on Vivan, here (sorry, Vivian!), but it seems to me like if you’re in an equal partnership, no one would have the power to cut up anyone else’s credit cards, or put them on a budget, or anything like that. It should be a mutual decision to work on finances/follow a budget/ what have you. Maybe it’s just a turn of phrase, but it’s one that implies something worrysome, I think.
        Insert “this is just my opinion blah blah blah” disclaimers here.

        • She seems like an Amanda/Ellen reincarnation to me, so I can’t be bothered.

        • Anonymous :

          That’s kind of what I thought, but I’ve seen it with real commenters too. This one just tipped me over the edge.

          • No, to me it seems like Vivian just likes the idea of her man being the financial partner, and she the non-financial partner. I don’t see anything so terrible about that; as long as he knows what he is doing and she is happy giving him access to the finances, we should not take pock-shots at their partnership, even if we would do things differently.

          • Anonymous :

            I was totally taken aback by the soon to be step ford wife, but then assumed she was a troll. You are right though that there are som real commenters like this and it bothers me.

        • I get nervous when people are judgmental asses. Like people who assume others are trolls, or people who can’t figure out that her husband won’t really., really kill her.

          • Could be a troll, could be someone who just doesn’t get it, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

            I just started a new job in a remote location and realized that some of my new coworkers are the first women in their family to work or or go against their traditional family’s wishes (which was incredibly hard for them).

            Not all cultures, even in the US and Canada, empower women to enjoy lives and make their own decisions. Therefore it’s important to embrace the women who challenge their oppressive cultures when they’re just taking baby-steps at a time (in our humble opinions).

        • What if she had commented that her boyfriend/fiance/husband was spending way too much money and had a lot of credit card debt and she was worried it would hurt her credit or their relationship? If the “bad with money” partner were a man and the responsible party were a woman, we would all be saying that she should take charge, talk to him about his finances, help him pay down the debt, make him cut up some credit cards, and educate him about his actions while making sure that poor financial decisions didn’t burden their relationship and upcoming marriage. Fighting about money is the number 1 reason for divorce, and I think a responsible party taking care of financial issues when the other is not so great at it and doesn’t mind the interference is just good planning. He’s not taking over because he’s a man and he’s in charge, he’s taking over because he’s good with money and she seems to have a tough time keeping her spending in check. Lots of people with money problems, male and female, would probably love it if their SO could guide them into less debt and more fiscal responsibility without having to work out the nitty gritty details on their own.

  2. I just want to say thank you to Corporette, and all of you who comment here.

    Given the current situation in Norway, and everything being splashed in the news until you think you’re going insane, it feels very good to be able to come here, switch off that, and focus on something less serious, or different, for a while.

    Thank you, Kat, and everyone who comments, for distracting me during this weekend and the subsequent days, by continuing as usual. (It really helps to know that the world keeps going, no matter what happens in my little corner of it.)

    • I’m glad to hear that. The (tragic) Norway story was important to us in the US, but only in between a number of other stories. I hadn’t thought about how overbearing and oppressive it must be on you guys. I recall for several days after September 11th, the Food Network shut down, simply broadcasting a note about the tragedy and that they would be off-air because of it. I found that really disappointing- The Food Network, where everything is pleasant and the worst that could possibly go wrong is a burnt dinner, seemed like it would have been such a welcome break from the 24 hour news coverage of the time.

      I hope that you’re doing well.

  3. To all the taller ladies:

    J.Crew actually has a 27 inch length pencil skirt this season!

  4. I just read an interesting story about Pakistan’s new, stylish foreign minister:

    Among other things, the post and linked articles discuss her sartorial choices. Most notably, she carries a Birkin bag! And South Asian corporettes will be pleased to see her rocking a kurta and headscarf with pearls.

    • Anonymous :

      Yes, latest headlines in India read. ” Pakistan puts its best face forward” :)
      But she is gorgeous…like a brunette jemima khan.

  5. I know there’s a bar post from yesterday, but I am afraid no one will read it if I post on there. I just finished the exam and instead of relief I just feel tired and scared about the results. Help!!

    • Former 3L :

      Me too. (Although I’m really, really happy not to have to take any more exams this week, don’t get me wrong.) I think you have to give yourself a couple of days of just NOT DOING BAR STUFF OMG for the first time in weeks/months to decompress. I’m going to watch last Sunday’s “Breaking Bad,” maybe hit Nordstrom with my mom before I move. I’m going to let myself be a little residually-stressed for a while. Then hopefully life will go on and I’ll be able to forget about it until November. And then…well, it’ll be what it’ll be. Best of luck to you.

    • rocknroll :

      That’s how I felt too. I just laid on the couch watching crappy TV to try to take my mind off it. Eventually I dozed off. I pretty much spent the next few days on the couch… I had never been so tired in my life! I definitely did not feel like going around and doing all the fun stuff I had been fantasizing about all summer. You’re fine. NOW is the time to do whatever you want, even if that just means sleeping. =)

    • AnonInfinity :

      I spent my entire day sleeping, exercising, walking aimlessly around the mall, and reading a fun book. I’m hoping that the nervous feeling decreases over time.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      It took me a few days to finally feel relief. I was trying to relax and read a book for pleasure and fell asleep completely dressed and woke up the next morning. Like rocknroll, that was the most tired I’ve ever been. Try to do things that distract you, but eventually you should feel that relief. Congrats on being done!

  6. Would someone who is not tie-challenged tell me which of these options is the least offensive? I am completely clueless when it comes to men’s ties. They all look the same to me.

    (this is a present for a friend of mine who just made partner (yay) – obv a bit of a joke, but I think it will be funnier if it looks potentially usable … )

    • I’d say my husband would wear Boone, Bowthorpe, Pollock or Wade, and he’s pretty conservative with ties.

  7. Sydney Bristow :

    I remember recently someone mentioned being able to set up gmail to send an email on a certain date and time (i.e. write it now, but have it sent Monday at 8am). Does anyone know how to do that? In either gmail itself or the Mail program on a Mac? A quick google search didn’t really help. Thanks in advance!

    • Boomerang. I think it’s an option in “labs.”

      • it is called boomerang, but it’s not in labs. it’s an add-on. sadly, boomerang has come out of beta so now it will cost you if you try to schedule more than 10 (i think it’s 10) emails a month.

  8. I mentioned in a recent thread that I was going to try lemon juice for treating dark patches/melasma on my face. I have now used the lemon juice three days in a row, and I’m already seeing a pretty remarkable difference. I just had lunch with my sister, and she said it was the first thing she noticed when she saw me. It’s lightening up the dark spots, and it also makes my skin really smooth – I think citric acid is a mild exfoliant. I leave it on my face for about 5 minutes, then rinse and moisturize. I’m very impressed with the results so far.

    • I need more details! Do you just dab straight lemon juice on your spots?

    • conbrio: are you using juice from fresh lemons, or….?

    • I’d really like to know more details about your treatment as well, I have so many dark splotches on my face and arms and legs. They were freckles when I was younger, now I think they are just age spots, and they keep getting bigger.

      • It’s mostly melasma, from taking birth control pills – also sometimes known as “mask of pregnancy” – and I think some of it is just age spots. I went to a dermatologist who gave me prescription-strength hydroquinone, but my sensitive skin couldn’t handle it – I broke out in little red bumps all over my cheeks. Then I did a Google search for alternative treatments for melasma, and found recommendations for the use of lemon juice or onions. Decided I didn’t want to smell like raw onions! So I got a lemon, cut it in quarters, squeezed most of the juice out to make some salad dressing (bonus!), then went in the bathroom with one of the quarters and rubbed the rest of it over my face (I put the rest in the fridge for later use). Let it stay on my face for about 5 minutes, bits of pulp and all, then rinsed it off and moisturized. It really makes my skin amazingly soft, and the spots are diminishing. It’s a little weird – the lighter spots have faded more quickly, so now the darker spots seem to stand out a little bit more – but I think it’s a work in progress. I’ll keep going with it. Plus I love that it’s natural and VERY inexpensive.