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Suit of the Week: Classiques Entier

Classiques Entier® Cascade Front Stretch Wool JacketFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

I’m loving the look of the cascading ruffle on the jacket of this stretch wool suit from Classiques Entier — it looks feminine but not overly fussy, and it seems to flow naturally from the lapels (which is different than some similar jackets on the market right now). The whole suit is highly rated, and — as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (see my other roundups of the sale here and here), it’s on a pretty great discount until the sale ends on August 5. The jacket (Classiques Entier® Cascade Front Stretch Wool Jacket) is now $165.90, but after the sale it will be $248, and the skirt (Classiques Entier® Stretch Wool Skirt) is currently $104.90, but after the sale it will be $158.  Readers, what do you think of the new ruffles we’re seeing on suits lately?  Too froufrou or do you like? [Read more…]

Tales from the Wallet: The Best Books and Sites for Financial Advice For Newbies

best personal finance books

2018 Update: We still think this was a fun conversation about the best personal finance books for newbies — but you may also want to check out our newest roundup of the best financial books for beginners. (If you’re just getting started on your personal finance journey, you may want to check out our “money roadmap” post, where we rounded up our best advice for the steps to take to thriving financially. )

Which are the best personal finance books for newbies?  Reader E had a great question:

I absolutely love your Tales from the Wallet series, but I find a lot of the lingo is a little over my head. I do understand that most of your readers are lawyers and professionals with sizable incomes, but I was wondering if you had any book recommendations for readers like myself. I didn’t invest in a 401K through my employer because I didn’t understand it. The idea of having money deducted from my account for a stranger to manage and crossing my fingers for the best didn’t sound very appealing to me. After reading some of the comments, it looks like there’s more to it. I currently don’t have any investments and want to start to learn about vehicles to put my money in. Please share absolutely any resources for new investors! Thanks!

Everyone has to start somewhere, so I think this is a great question. We’ve talked about tax-savvy investments on here, of course (and may answer some of your 401K specific questions), but in general it can seem daunting to learn about personal finance. (Pictured: Kate Spade New York ‘Popsicle’ Coin Purse, $78 at Nordstrom — according to the reviews it’s surprisingly functional!)  I’ve read a bunch of personal finance books over the years; these are the best ones that I would recommend for newbies: [Read more…]

Wednesday’s TPS Report: Pepper Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Tart Pepper Blazer Happy Wednesday! I think this striped peplum blazer looks like a lot of fun — a great way to liven up a simple black or white sheath, and an interesting choice to mix with more colorful pencil skirts and the like. It’s $116 at Zappos. Tart Pepper Blazer

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Coffee Break: Waverly Wedges

Belle by Sigerson Morrison WaverlyI love these cool wedges by Belle by Sigerson Morrison — they look chic, walkable, and modern. They’re available in taupe as well as a purple — I kind of wish the purple version had a darker stain on the wedge bit, but that’s me. They’re $225 at Zappos. Belle by Sigerson Morrison Waverly


The Top Ten Things to Keep In Your Desk

The Top Ten Things to Keep In Your Desk | CorporetteIt’s a perennial question: what to keep in your desk? We haven’t talked about this in a while, so I thought we should discuss reader J’s question:

Can you do a post on essential things to keep in your office/desk? I ask this because I never think of things to bring in until it is too late. Recent example — I’m about to go to a client meeting, and I look down and see my bright pink nail polish half chipped off on every nail. Of course I didn’t have any nail polish remover in my office, so I waste my 10 minutes before the meeting looking around for remover. Other examples include: nail clipper and file, bandaids, Advil.

Some of my favorite posts on the blog are on things to keep in your office — drugstore stuff for your office, tech stuff to buy for your office, food to keep at the office, and the clothes that should live at your office. We’ve also done a fun post on different uses for office supplies (in a pinch). But we haven’t talked about this in a long while, so let’s discuss. Readers, please list your top ten absolute essentials for your office! What have you been surprised to get a lot of use out of?

For my own $.02, if I had to set up a totally new office, I would bring: [Read more…]

Tuesday’s TPS Report: Cap-Sleeve Animal Print Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

 Derek Lam Cap-Sleeve Animal Print Dress Neiman Marcus, like its sister site CUSP, is offering an additional 25% off on all sale items, which can result in some crazy deals — such as this gorgeous Derek Lam dress. For some people (myself included), animal print is a classic — and in the right print and the right design, it’s almost a neutral. I think this giraffe print, with its flattering ombre effect, looks like just that kind of neutral. I love the round neckline, the ladylike length, and the cap sleeves. It was originally $990 (!), was then marked to $346, and — with the discount that ends today — it comes down to $259.50. Derek Lam Cap-Sleeve Animal Print Dress

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