A Corporette Survey — and Giveaway

Won’t you please, won’t you please, won’t you please take my reader survey?

I’m always so amused to look at the Corporette stats on Quantcast — according to that, 38% of the Corporette readers are male, and 39% of you are 35-49. The last time I took a survey, though, 44% of you were 22-28 — and call me crazy, but I’ve always had a gut feeling that we have a primarily female audience.   So in order to make sure I’m serving the demographic I actually have, I’d love to know more about you. I’ve compiled a quick little survey and I would be so, so appreciative if you would take it.

HOW appreciative? Well, I’ve decided to turn it into a giveaway — by taking the survey you have the option to enter to win a grab bag of products from brands including Borghese, Lumene, Burberry, GoSmile, Aveeno, and more.

Thank you so much for taking the survey!




  1. Kat, I noticed you didn’t ask for geographic information (i.e. where readers live). Was that deliberate or did you overlook it?

    • Consultant in NoVA :

      If you go to the Quantcast site and search for Corporette (or any site for that matter), you can view various stats including the geographic locations.

  2. I get very specific info on geographics from Google Analytics, so I didn’t want to bother folks with that — but thank you for noticing!

    • I’d be interested to see a breakdown of where the Corporettes come from!

    • It probably isn’t statistically significant, but I wouldn’t put too much weight into the geographic information. I work for a huge, Fortune 100 Company, with offices in every state, but everything is networked through the home state of the company. So, since my internet comes from State A, every website thinks that I am in State A, even though I’m actually in State B (hundreds and hundreds of miles away).

  3. Diana Barry :

    A fun idea for future surveys – someone started an informal survey of how tall, what size/shape are you, what designers work well on you, etc., that might be fun to do as a more formal survey!

  4. 38% are male? Really? It will be interesting to see YOUR results!!

    • Agreed! Would be interesting to see the results of your survey – and to hear where we are geographically!

    • Okay. Tech girl here. I wonder if the male/female ratio has to do with IP addresses or the name the email address is registered under.

      • I was wondering if it was something like that, too (although I have no idea how that stuff works). Also, what sex does it interpret my office computer to be?

      • They probably gather data on the other sites a Corporette visitor visits and then try to estimate gender based on that.

        In other news, according to Quantcast, I’m an “addict.” Yikes.

        • I wonder re: the IP addresses — I think Quantcast bases it more on what other sites you guys visit (at least that was my understanding) and makes assumptions about demographics from that perspective. I particularly think political sites may be interpreted as “male” from Quantcast; same with financial sites.

          (You know, because obviously women are only interested in pretty shiny things and we could care less how the country is run or where our money goes and oh is that the oven telling me my brownies are done?)

          • Ooh. Can I have a brownie?

          • I’ll tell you this – I access websites from my work computer, and all the advertising assumes I live in Houston (where I think some of our network stuff is based) when I actually live in San Francisco. This is how I know that Houston has better groupons than San Francisco. :)

          • manoavalleygirl :

            Wow. My other favorite sites are sciencedaily.com, several political sites, and the big daily world newspapers. Doubtless I’m considered a male instead of a well rounded and political female. Oh, and sites concerning my legal speciality, which is decidedly male-dominated.

        • Are you guessing you’re part of the 2%?

          • It says more than 30 visits per month = addict. Although, I doubt I have 30 visits from the same IP address since I’m travel most of the time.

  5. Love that you included 3 hyperlinks to the survey :P
    Of course I will!

  6. Out of curiosity, why did you ask about race?

    • I asked because Quantcast also tells me about race and so it’s just one of those things I wanted to know from my readers instead since I already doubt the Quantcast info w/r/t gender/age.

      The specific wording of the question in the survey came directly from Survey Monkey — some expert-certified question. I know in last year’s survey, when the multiple choices were just those that Quantcast offered, a lot of readers objected to “African American” because they felt a black reader from Nigeria, say, wouldn’t know what to check.

      • What would a white person from South Africa who is now an American citizen check? Race questions are always a problem unless the person self-identifies.

        • You just described my father!

          • LLM in BsAs :

            I comment rarely, but…
            That is me! I am Argentine born of Argentine parents. But I am not latina. My maternal grandparents were/are Italian Jews and my parternal great grandpartens were Russian Jews. How does that make me latina, other than by the accident of my birthplace?

  7. Survey done! How hilarious was it for me that I had to fill in my degree as “other” because you didn’t have an option for high school degree? Just because I’m uneducated doesn’t mean I’m not a corporate climber!

  8. Skippy pea :

    Kat, I took the survey! :0

    I forgot to enter the giveaway though! I must have missed that part. :(

  9. Though he doesn’t read it regularly and won’t take this survey, my boyfriend also occasionally reads corporette for the comment threads because he thinks we’re the smartest, most useful internet commenters.

  10. How does Quantcast know about age or gender?


  11. Equity's Darling :

    I’m so excited for the results of the survey! I’m hoping for a post with details later on:)

  12. Curl Friend :

    Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?

  13. Only because you said please sooo sincerely did I answer!
    There was no place for inquiring about TECH.. Your tech comments are invaluable to me an I WANT MORE!

  14. Runnin' for it :

    I just took the survey. I love giveaways, especially for beauty products. Kat, when will you annouce the winner?

  15. Related to this, has anyone seen this? It shows how you can see what Google assumes about you to do its ads.


    Cool, right?

    Ummm…it thinks I am a man. Awesome.

  16. FYI – The above is my site and I’m right in the middle of switching it over to a new host and DNS right as a post gets popular, of course. If the above link from In-House stops working, this: http://associatesmind.com/2011/08/05/see-what-google-knows-about-you-and-how-to-make-it-forget/ should be the eventual correct address.

  17. adrienne zedella :

    i took the survey – thanks for the chance to win something awesome and for asking for our opinions!

  18. Took the survey. Just hope it’s open to non-US residents also. Get peeved when sites exclude non-US residents even though we make up your demographic ;-)

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