Sponsored: Ann Taylor’s Suiting Event Starts Today

ann taylor suit saleDisclosure: This post is sponsored by Ann Taylor, but written by your regular friendly blogger, Kat Griffin.

Ann Taylor has a ton of great sales, but if you’ve noticed, the suits are rarely part of those sales — except for the rare Suiting Event, which just started, and now offers 30% off all suits.  There are some great women’s suits in the sale, including:

All Season Stretch Suiting

I’ve always been a fan of Ann Taylor’s all-season stretch suiting — it’s such a great basic for every working woman.  Wear it with cashmere and merino in the winter; with cotton and linen in the summer… it really is seasonless.  This lovely “smokey charcoal” suit (pictured below) caught my eye, but it’s also available in black, navy, a beigy “stone beach,” and a light brownish “dark stone taupe heather.” Pictured below:

  • All Season Stretch Two-Button Jacket, was $169, now marked to $118. The jacket is lined and has besom pockets; it’s available in regular and petite sizes (limited sizes only, alas!).
  • All-Season Stretch Pencil Skirt, was $79, now $55.  It’s available in regular and petite sizes 00-18.
  • Modern All-Season Stretch Trousers, were $98, now $68.  They’re available in regular and petite sizes 00-18. (The same color is also available in Ann Taylor’s other two main cuts, the curvy cut and the signature cut.)



Cotton Sateen Suiting

Ann Taylor’s cotton sateen suiting is always a great option for summer because it tends to hold its shape better than more drapey fabrics like linen and crepe — think lightweight, but crisp. There are a ton of pieces included in the sale, including (pictured):

  • Cotton Sateen Two-Button Jacket, available exclusively online.  (You definitely want two buttons if you consider yourself on the busty side).  Available in black, navy, and stardust, the blazer comes in regular, petite, and tall sizes 00-18; at full price it’s $159, but with the sale it comes down to $111.
  • Cotton Sateen Jewel Neck Sheath Dress, available exclusively online in black only.  It comes in regular and petite sizes 00-16, and was $129, but is now marked at $90.
  • Cotton Sateen Pencil Skirt, available in regular, petite, and tall sizes 00-18 for $79 (now $55).
  • Signature Cotton Sateen Trousers, available in regular, petite, and tall sizes, 00-18 for $89 (now $62)
  • Not pictured, but also part of the sale: these two navy sateen dresses, and about a zillion cotton sateen pants.



Pinstripe Suiting

This gray pinstripe suit is a perfect fun yet conservative suit — it’s interesting and flattering!  I like the chic one-button blazer (was $198 now $138),  the modern pinstripe trousers (now $90, down from $129), and the pencil skirt (now $76, down from $109). All of the pieces are available in regular, petite and tall sizes 00-16; the blazer is available up to size 18. The pants also come in Ann Taylor’s curvy and signature cuts. All of the pieces are available exclusively online.



Ladies, what are your favorite suits to get at Ann Taylor?  


  1. I so desperately wish Ann Taylor offered plus sizes! :(

  2. I bought a linen suit there last week – and am just over the “price adjustment” time frame. Sigh.

    • Can you just return it and buy new today?

      • That’s what I’ve done before. Just rebuy the items today and return using the old receipt.

        • Wildkitten :

          That’s what I did last week when the skirt suit I had bought the week before unraveled in the middle of the workday and I needed a new skirt to wear and they wouldn’t replace it without a receipt, which I did not have because I had not left the house that morning intending to return my skirt – I had left the house intending to wear a suit at work all day. I don’t know if their quality is like that generally but caveat emptor.

          • Wildkitten :

            It was a zipper qualify issue, specifically. They don’t make their own zippers but they definitely buy and use off-brand zippers.

        • So I have bought (and worn) Suit A, and I still have Receipt A. So the plan is to purchase Suit B, then use Receipt A to return Suit B?

  3. AttyInATX :

    Threadjack! I need advice on buying a nice tote for work. This will be the first bag I have bought that wasn’t at Target so I’m clueless about Designers. Ideally I’d like to spend about $200 and it needs to be big enough to hold a couple legal sized files. Other than that I’m wide-open. My friend has the Tory Birch York which I like but
    I wonder if there is something better. TIA!

    • I have the Rebecca Minkoff large MAB tote in black. It doesn’t fit a ton of files, but it looks comparable in size to the Tory Burch York. I love it.

      • A counterpoint – I had a medium MAB bag and the inside part of the handles starting wearing out within 1 week of use. I think the leather is super-thin and they didn’t design it well to withstand the normal wear that happens when you carry a satchel by its handles.

    • Look at fossil!

    • KateMiddletown :

      I’m realllly coveting the Dagne Dover pieces featured here a few weeks back. I love the linen color but haven’t been able t pull the trigger yet. (Apparently they’re releasing new colors/sizes thruout the year.)

  4. Baconpancakes :

    Not in the market for suits, but I found a cute white perforated moto jacket that’s calling my name. How often does AT have across-the-board sales?

  5. where is Ellen when we need her? She LOVESICK. Ann Taylor!

  6. Yay! I am here and I love Ann Taylor! Thanks to Kat and the HIVE. I ALSO need for this websight to be up and running! Is there a REASON why there is so much trouble with the Internet? I could NOT get on o the sight AT ALL yesterday to p’ost. FOOEY!