Suit of the Week: Theory

Theory 'Dorian - Dialogue' JacketiconFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

This is a lovely suit — at least in theory (no pun intended, honest!). The boucle knit has an interesting striated look, and the leather trim on the pockets and sleeves adds a lot. I even like the boxy fit to the jacket, and think it looks lovely as a separate (as shown here). The skirt, sadly, is where we get to the “theory” part — why is it so short? Who, exactly, do they think is buying this piece? (And why is “dialog” spelled differently in the name?) Odd, odd — but perhaps for a woman with shorter legs this suit would be perfect. The jacket (Theory ‘Dorian – Dialogue’ Jacket) is $465, and the skirt (Theory ‘Francia – Dialog’ Boucle Skirt) is $245, both available at Nordstrom.

Theory 'Dorian - Dialogue' Jacket Theory 'Francia - Dialog' Bouclé Skirt


My Visit to TJ Maxx HQ

In my law school days, I was a huge fan of TJ Maxx — I’d spend many a study break roaming the aisles, looking for treasure (and finding it more often than not — I once got a pair of Armani trousers there, deeply discounted to $80.)  Still, I haven’t been a regular shopper there in years.  Part of it was lack of time on my part (as you ladies know, it’s often a challenge to shop in the store when you work long hours and can’t get there before they close!), and part of it was a general dissatisfaction when I’d been to NYC stores.  (I’ve always found that TJ Maxx can be very location-centric — if you’re in a ritzier area, the store will have much better merchandise than it will in a worse neighborhood.  For example, I’d heard reports of a friend finding La Perla lingerie in a bargain bin at the store in the Hamptons; my Armani find was from the store near the posh Chevy Chase, MD.)

Still, I never quite “got it” — how could they have the same dress that I’d just seen at the department store, but for 50% off? I assumed that everything was irregulars, or that perhaps there was some problem I couldn’t quite detect (like a sloppy stitch somewhere) or didn’t care about (e.g., a mislabeled size).  So a a few weeks ago, I was honored to be invited (along with a few other bloggers) to visit the headquarters of TJ Maxx and hear more about their business…. and since a lot of you readers may be traveling to more suburban homes this weekend, I thought I’d talk about it today.

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Giveaway Announcement: Three Dots T-Shirts

One of my favorite t-shirt brands of all time is Three Dots, and I’m happy to announce that they’re doing 15 days of giveaways — one t-shirt a day. I’ve had these shirts for years and they’re a good weight, they wash well, and they hold their shape (while being super comfortable) — kind of the perfect basic tee.  (Pictured below: one of my favorites, the essential v-neck short sleeve tee, $44 at

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Inez Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Antonio Melani "Inez" Dress This strikes me as a great color blocked dress from Antonio Melani — I love a good empire waist, and the longer sleeves are unusual on a dress (even if they are only 3/4 sleeves).  As far as accessories go, I might try to add a second color to the mix (since I hate wearing black with just one color) — perhaps a dark blue necklace, or even a red accent would be great. The dress is $159 at Dillard’s. Antonio Melani “Inez” Dress

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Coffee Break: ‘It’s in the Bag’ Handbag Hanger

Spring Street Design Group 'It's in the Bag' Handbag HangericonNordstrom has a number of cute accessories on sale right now, and this caught my eye — as part of our handbag discussions last week I know some folks had mentioned people who require an extra chair for their handbag, or only set it down on a napkin. I’ve always been less than fussy myself (particularly since most of my good bags come with feet on the bottom so you can put them down), but if you’re more protective of your bag, this kind of “handbag hanger” can be a great solution for when you’re dining out. Was $30, now $19.90 at Nordstrom. Spring Street Design Group ‘It’s in the Bag’ Handbag Hanger

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Metallic Herringbone Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Michael Kors Metallic-herringbone blazerWe’ve seen this gray, nubby blazer a lot this season — but something about this Michael Kors version seems extra luxe. Love the gray on gray look, as styled here, as well as the slight peak to the shoulders and the wide lapels. It’s $1495 at Net-a-Porter. Michael Kors Metallic-herringbone blazer

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