Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Ann Taylor’s Cotton Stretch Short Sleeve Button Front Shirt

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Reader K alerted us to this lovely blouse on sale at Ann Taylor; as she noted, “the ruching at the front gives us women with a little more up front the ability to button without a cami or double sided tape.” We love the ruching also, as well as the slightly puffed sleeves and the sharply pointed collar. It’s available at for $29.99 (was $59) in a few different colors. Cotton Stretch Short Sleeve Button Front Shirt

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  1. This looks like a cute shirt. AT and Loft shirts do work pretty well for women with a little more up top. Last I looked, Loft still had some nice short sleeve button downs on the Final Sale rack for $14.99 (about a week ago), but I’m not sure if there will be any left now. I saw shirts in navy and turquoise and got the navy one.

  2. Penelope Phillips-Armand :

    This top looks good for the sort of job that requires moving one’s arms or upper body, e.g. giving a presentation with extensive graphics. Unless it’s a very hot Friday, though, wouldn’t it have to be worn with a jacket?

  3. cute. anyone seen this in person – is that top button high enough to avoid a cami on a long torso?

    Where are all these offices with their strict dress codes?? The only thing that keeps me from wearing blouses like this is if I know I’ll be out of my office a lot (and therefore subject to the general building A/C settings!) during the day.

  4. What a cute top! As a bustier woman myself, I can totally appreciate the extra room up top with the great accent details.

  5. I am actually wearing this exact top (and color) today! It is very comfortable and stays almost completely wrinkle-free without needing to iron – just hang it up straight out of the dryer and smooth it out.

    For Cat – for me, the top button is definitely too low to avoid either a cami or a hidden snap/safety pin higher up on the placket (depending on personal preference). I am 5-8 with an average torso and, on me, the button basically sits directly over my bra.

  6. Love the top, but they’re out of blue, so I looked around. This is cute and a STEAL – 40% off of $19! – but is there any way it’s not going to be too cheaply made? Anyone wear Express?

  7. oops – link:

  8. I have this shirt- great look, but I still need tape/pins/cami.

  9. I find ironing ruched cotton shirts terribly hard. How does this shirt iron?

  10. To K – this is just one girl’s opinion, but I find that this shirt does not require ironing at all. I take it out of the dryer while the dryer is still spinning, hang it up, straighten it out, and I’m good to go all day w/o wrinkles. It has a “softer” look than the no-iron shirts (such as brooks brothers) but it definitely doesn’t wrinkle. I’m not quite sure how they pulled this off but I’m a big fan as I hate to iron.

  11. Honestly — I hate puffed sleeves. And the first thing I saw about this shirt was what looked like huge shoulders on the model.

  12. A client of mine wears these tops, sans camisole, and she has a tall busty figure. She does pin the gape though.

  13. thanks for the button height feedback – I think I will skip this one. I don’t mind adding a cami to a DvF dress or a purposely low V sweater, but I’m tired of needing them for everything! Extra laundry, extra summer layer, and extra money for a second piece? Retailers, I’m over it!

  14. Agree wih Cat… the fewer 2-layer outfits I can avoid during the summer, the better.

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