Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: New York & Company’s City Style Ribbed Sweater Shell

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New York & Company Women's City Style Ribbed Sweater Shell - Black
With fall so nearly here, we’re eager to start wearing our twinset shells on top of our blouses for more of a collegiate look.  It’s a great way to deal with gaping buttons, and to dampen an otherwise loud print.  We’d rock it with a suit and a brightly-colored printed blouse, or for a layered look with a blazer and trousers (or a pencil skirt) made out of different fabrics.  This sweater shell (which does come with a matching cardigan, for another classic fall look) is $26.50 at New York & Co.   New York & Company Women’s City Style Ribbed Sweater Shell – Black

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  1. Does anyone have experience with the quality at NY&CO? It looks like they have some really cute designs right now, but I’m afraid the knits and delicate items will fall apart after the first wash.

    • I stopped buying anything from NY&CO about 2 years ago because of the quality issues. They either seem to become faded/discolored or fall apart within a few washes. The sweaters don’t hold up at all. If you want something cheap/cute, I think Target is a better bet.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the sweater vest/shell over button down look. I find that it’s perfect for keeping me warm but not overheated in the office.

    It’s also the only time that I can stand to wear any of my old button downs from the era prior to discovering the no-iron wrinkle resistant Brooks Brothers button downs. The most-hated wrinkles all occur underneath the vest/shell.

    I never thought about trying out bolder patterned or colored button downs under a vest, but I very much like the idea. Great tip, C!

    I haven’t been to a NY&Co for probably 10 years, so I’m not sure about the quality.

  3. I’ve never purchased a sweater at NY&Co., but I have never had quality problems with their blazers or any other tops. If you sign up for their email list, nearly every week they will email a coupon for $25 off $75 purchases.

  4. Woman of Color :

    Some great deals can be found online at NY&CO. I usually only purchase certain pieces from there like blazers and belts. I often receive compliments on the jackets that I get from there. I once purchased a lime colored blazer for $7.99, and it has held up very well. Their cardigans are also often a steal. Never pay full price for anything though, as the item is guaranteed to go on sale. I have had an issue with buttons, but those are easy to fix. I generally dry clean anything that I like to hold on to for a bit (at least for the first year). So that preserves the item a little longer.

  5. I love the sweater vest/shell over button down look, but I can’t seem to make it work for me – the shirt always bunches and wrinkles underneath and makes the vest wrinkle oddly and look unattractive. I don’t wear button-downs at all, generally, for the same reasons – I just can’t get them to stay tucked in and smooth. Is there anything I can do to make them work for me?

    • K – I tend to purchase the bodysuit button downs to eliminate this problem. There are often good deals at I love them because I never have to worry about them untucking or anything.

  6. I used to shop at NY&Co all the time–even dating back to when it was Lerner’s and then Lerner New York. I kind of forgot about the store since there aren’t any b&m ones near me–thanks for the reminder to check them out online!
    Re: quality–I remember it being completely comparable to clothes from places like Express.

  7. Delta Sierra :

    K – me too with the the lumpy vest, the self-untucking shirt. Very annoying. Nothing more unprofessional than fiddling with your clothes all day. I stick to lightweight sweaters.

  8. Thanks everyone for the tips. So do you tuck in the blouse or leave it out below the hem of the sweater shell? Leaving the blouse out seems a bit casual. I own only maybe 2 sweater vests and my twin set shells are crew or nearly crew necks (so wouldn’t work over a blouse), though I do have one that might work. Hmmmm… something to try on and see.

    • I tuck in the blouse. I think that the look works especially well with a pencil skirt, but that might just be because I like pencil skirts in general.

    • I get away with leaving the blouse untucked by adding a nice belt at my natural waist. Nobody at my conservative office has said anything to me about it (although a male colleague of mine has been told to tuck in his untucked shirt). A belt really seems to add polish to an otherwise casual look.

  9. Anyone think this is too low cut for work? I do wear shirts this lowcut to work, but sometimes think I shouldn’t.

    I do think less “endowed” women like this model can get away with more. But still, leaning over a partner’s desk to look at edits on a brief …

    • Yes, I think it is too low cut for work regardless of bra size. Also too tight (could you even fit a button down under it w/o stretching out the sweater?)

  10. @moremadder, I know what you mean. I am a little on the busty side for my petite frame and I have the same issues with selecting my tops. I would not wear this top alone for that very reason, but I would consider wearing it over a button-down shirt for a different look.

  11. Don’t you think the sweater vest look is a bit too school-girlish?

    If you get cold, wear a cami underneath. If you have gaps, either buy a bigger blouse or wear a cami and unbutton, or my fave, wear a scarf as an ascot.

  12. I love sweater vests over blouses, but only ones which have a high V or a crew neck. I think something with a scoop neck ends up looking cheap and even trashy. I always tuck in the button down underneath; thin button down shirts often lie better beneath the vest, though I do love a crisp oxford button down under a navy vest.

    I think the look requires a very well-tailored slim-fitting shirt and and a very slim vest to avoid looking bulky or shapeless. My problem is finding slim-enough vests for my narrow torso and flat chest; I end up looking like a man if the sweater is loose.

  13. Does anyone have a suggestion for where to get a nice sweater vest? I love the style, but haven’t seen many in stores.

    • The Limited has some nice sweater vests this season. Good quality fabric and nice fit.

  14. Liz:
    I like J Crew best for cashmere shells”

    Brooks Brothers has several varieties in silk blends and cashmere.

  15. amanda heard :

    I use to shop there religiously but 2 years ago or so the quality of their clothes went way down hill. They upgraded their store appearance but down graded their clothes. I still have pants that I got there 3 years ago however 4 months ago bought pants and they already fell apart. So i spend my check at their competition. Never shopping there again.

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