Open Thread: Who Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

celebrity-crushesSo here’s a random, fun question for today: who are your celebrity crushes; who do you admire? Who’s your Internet boyfriend or girlfriend — who’s your spirit animal — who’s your hypothetical best friend? (On the flip side, are there any celebrities you absolutely can’t stand? I have three actors who I will almost never watch in a movie…)

For my $.02:

  • Celebrity crush: The usual suspects, I guess; Benedict Cumberbatch (pictured here from Doctor Strange), Matt Smith, Idris Elba, Ashton Kutcher… in years past Clive Owen, Keanu Reeves, Bill Pullman, George Clooney. Like everyone else I thought Oscar Isaac was great in the last Star Wars. I also kind of have a thing for Adam Driver — I passed him once on the street in Brooklyn and was really surprised by how “leading man” he seems in person; at the time I only knew him from Girls. On the lady side I always admire Emma Watson, Zoe Saldana, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, and more recently Charlize Theron, often for their fashion risks as much as the roles they take.
  • Spirit animal / person who you recognize a bit of yourself in: Maybe Keri Russell’s character in The Americans? She has a cool, almost cold way of looking at situations that I recognize in myself, but I lack her black/white view of the world. (Also, you know, I’m not a trained killer.) I might also put Bethenny Frankel in this category, although there are a ton of differences between us.
  • Hypothetical best friend / person you’d actually like to have a drink with: Probably a comedienne of some kind — Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Tina Fey, maybe Emma Stone or Melissa McCarthy. I also like Jill Kargman (creator/actress of Odd Mom Out). I might put Stacy London, Tim Gunn, or Susannah Martin (from the old BBC version of What Not to Wear) here too. I’d probably put Oprah on this list also.
  • Actors I cannot abide: Nicholas Cage, Kevin Costner, and Bill Paxton. (Aliens is one of my husband’s favorite movies and we joke that I can only stand watching Paxton in it because he dies a violent death.)

I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting — I’m looking forward to your lists in part so I can so OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT ____! (Ah, for the days when we had them all on posters around the room…)

Ladies, how about you? Who are your big crushes? Which celebrities do you watch for at awards shows — and which ones are you most likely to go see a movie just based on their star power alone? 



  1. I admire Matt Damon on a personal level. He seems to be a devoted partner/father and to be generally well-grounded and interested in the common good. I’m not really a “fangirl” of his, but I smile when I see him succeeding.

    Celebrity crushes are not my thing; I suspect they are mostly horrible people.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I used to think that anybody who was in the public eye, especially on television, couldn’t really hide their true self, so that what you saw was probably what you were getting. E.g. somebody like Bill Cosby, America’s favorite dad, was probably a pretty great, affable guy because he was able to keep up that persona so consistently on-screen for such a long time.

      Yeah, right. I don’t think that any more.

    • Anonymous :

      My friend teaches at the school Matt Damon’s kids go to. She says he’s super nice, and also that he smells really good.

      • Senior Attorney :

        Haha that is a Fun Fact.

      • I would NOT sniff anyone, especialy a movie star, to find out whether they smell good or have B.O. That is NOT good politics. I remember reading in the National Inquirer about Brad Pit, who I realy like, but I would NOT trust what they say about stuff like that. If I am dateing a guy, I can figure out pretty quickley about how clean they keep there armpit’s. FOOEY on news papers that claim they can tell what a guy’s armpit’s smell like! I also like Ben Afflack and Jared Kushner. Thank’s for asking, Kat and Kate! YAY!!!!!

    • Surprisingly, I feel that way about Matthew McCaunahey (no idea how to spell that and don’t want to Google). I used to not like him at all during his bongo playing days, but now that he’s a dad married to a non-celeb, who he seems to love and respect and cherish, I can’t help but like him.

    • Anne Elliott :

      Crush: Matt Damon for sure and a little know Brit actor called Sam Claflin (Me before You), Colin Firth and years ago, Hugh Grant.

      Hypothetical BFF: Tina Fey (but she’d be way too cool for me)

      hate: Adam Sandler, Steven Seagal, Nicholas Cage

  2. Newbie Associate :

    Chris Hemsworth with the long hair.

    • Newbie Associate :

      And pretty much anyone who looks like him. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, and with a big frame/shoulders. Yaay, cliches!

  3. I hate Nicholas Cage too! Other actors I can’t stand: John Cusack, Benedict Cumberbatch, Adam Driver, Helena Bonham Carter. Common threads are that they always play versions of the same character and in the case of the men, are unattractive in a way that reminds me of Hollywood’s sexism (because no woman at the same “level” would ever get the types of leading romantic roles they do.)

    Celebrity crush/person I’d like to have a drink with is Lin-Manuel Miranda, who seems so smart, nice and genuinely humble. Also Constance Wu. I’m sure I’ll think of others–there are occasional actors who you read an interview and just go “wow, they’re genuinely smart!”

    • Newbie Associate :

      YESS! I have the biggest kid crush on Lin-Manuel because of his personality and a huge girl-crush on his wife, because she’s a boss (scientist + lawyer).

      • Senior Attorney :

        YES! Lin-Manuel for the win!!

      • I had no idea he had such a following. He was on an episode of WTF with Marc Maron recently. Highly recommend. He was very charming.

        • Anonymous :

          Ugh, where Maron calls him “Lin Manual” C’mon Marc!

          But yes, he is the BEST. He’s also on an early episode of Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast which is so sweet as well as Michael Ian Black’s podcast, How to Be Amazing.

          I love Lin-Manuel because he’s also a fan of stuff! He seems so sweet and down to earth.

      • Anonymous :

        Lin Manuel’s wife was in my college graduating class. I don’t know her, but we have mutual friends and apparently she’s really nice and down to earth (and brilliant).

    • Anonymous :

      I also can’t stand Nic Cage, yet I watch Con Air whenever its on.

  4. Anonymous :

    Louis CK is a dreamboat. Also, Ryan Stiles.

  5. Anonymous :

    Pierce Brosnan, because he’s a dreamboat and seems like a genuinely good person (was married to his first wife for many years before he lost her to cancer, has been married to his non-celeb second wife for many years, cares about the environment, etc.). Otherwise celeb crushes aren’t really my thing, although I wouldn’t kick Ryan Reynolds out of bed. But I’m not attracted at all to many of the conventional movie stars like Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Russell Crowe.

    • Anonymous :

      Ryan Reynolds’ parenting tweets crack me up.

    • Love Pierce Brosnan. A friend who was a nurse (RIP) met him when his first wife was undergoing treatment and she said he was very nice to everyone and unassuming.

    • Anonymous :

      Can anyone tell me why Nicolas Cage is so disliked? Many men I know don’t like him either. What is it? I don’t have an opinion about him one way or another.

  6. Threadjack –

    Does anyone have any present ideas for my sister? She’s in her late 30s, a stay at home mom to two elementary school aged kids. She lives in a very affluent suburb of a major NE city.

    She’s not a drinker and her family has food/fragrance allergies so anything consumable or makeup/perfume/candles, etc. is out. She’s also not really into working out or anything outdoorsy at all.

    She enjoys reading historical fiction but beyond that I am not entirely sure what her hobbies are. I usually get her a sweater or a cute necklace but am looking to branch out.

    Any ideas? Ideally I’d like to keep it around $50ish but could go more for something amazing.

    I got her husband an amazon echo.


    • Should also note that I live several hours away from her so unfortunately I can’t take her out to an event/dinner.

    • workingmomz :

      What about a shawl?

      • Could you provide a link to what you’re thinking about? I am only picture like a wrap that you wear with an evening dress.

        She’s a very casual and sensible dresser. Think jeans, tennis shoes, and machine washable top.

        My mom got her a warm blanket for the couch last year so sadly thats out.

      • Cashmere infinity scarf from RH?

    • Anne Elliott :

      Philippa Gregory books!

    • If she likes reading, how about book of the month club? You can get a 6-month membership for a reasonable cost (though probably more than $50). Each month she can pick from a selection of five new titles and receive a hardback book in the mail. (This is a dream gift of mine).

      • Anonymous :

        Current member… great idea! And the books are all new or newish releases so it’s likely even avid readers would be happy.

  7. Paul Newman. Back when he was both young and alive. Ridiculously gorgeous and seemed like a very good person. Swoon. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is basically two hours of me staring open mouthed at him and young, gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor.

  8. Can’t we talk about work-related topics or gossip that isn’t suited for Teen Beat?

    • Anonymous :

      That’s like 99% of this blog. It’s ok for 1 in 100 posts to be indulgent :)

      • Brunette Elle Woods :

        This. You knew the theme of this thread before you opened it. It was your decision to click or skip.

  9. Jon Stewart, John Cho, Idris Elba and Tom Brady

  10. Celeb crush: almost anyone who can make me laugh. So George Clooney, yes; DiCaprio, no. I’ll also confess a bit of a thing for John Snow when I’m watching GoT (but not the actor in real life and weird because he’s definitely not funny on the show, at least not intentionally).

    Best friend crush: Mindy Kaling.

    “Heartthrob” I don’t understand: Ryan Reynolds (reasonably cute but seems so dull).

    Actors I won’t watch movies with: Daniel Day Lewis (exception: Gangs of New York); Sean Penn (exception: Fast Times); Eddie Redmayne. Paul Giamatti used to be on this list but I saw him in a movie I loved and it changed my whole view of him. I think for these folks its really less about the person and more about the projects they choose/the sense I have of their really wanting an Oscar for them.

  11. Taron Egerton (Kingsmen appearance), who will wonderfully be co-starring with Channing Tatum in the sequel. Hopefully with no shirts.

    George Clooney, both for being sexy and wanting to be like him- confident, collected, cool, knows everyone, gets sh*t done.

    Spirit animal, BFF, and want to be her: Katharine Hepburn (I know, an oldie, but she was ahead of her time).

    Also really enjoy Taissa Farmiga, Christina Applegate, and Emma Stone for the BFF category. And Angelina Jolie for being both classy and edgy-tough, her humanitarian work, and her tattoo game is strong.

    Extremely dislike watching Will Ferrell.

    • I thought I was the only one that disliked watching Will Ferrell! I also dislike Tom Hanks (I know, I know), which makes me feel a bit un-American.

  12. Anonymous :

    Corey Taylor and Chris Cornell. I could listen to them sing all day long.

  13. Anonymous :

    Celebrity crush: Ryan Goslin, specifically in that scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love.
    Spirit animal / person who you recognize a bit of yourself in: Anna Kendrick
    Hypothetical best friend / person you’d actually like to have a drink with: Chrissy Teigen
    Actor I cannot abide: John Travolta, except in Grease

    Comic/comedian edition
    Celebrity crush: Jason Mantzoukas
    Spirit animal / person who you recognize a bit of yourself in: Pete Holmes
    Hypothetical best friend / person you’d actually like to have a drink with: Amy Schumer
    Comic I cannot abide: Jeff Dunham, Russell Peters

  14. Anonymous :

    I’m not usually one for celebrity crushes, but for some reason I have a big crush on Norman Reedus (Daryll from The Walking Dead).
    Leftover from my pre-teen days, I still kind of have a thing for Jon Bon Jovi too.

  15. Edna Mazur :

    Patrick Stewart. Still, he is so dreamy.

    I’d like to be best friends with Anna Kendrick and Mindy Kaling.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I’ve loved watching Patrick Stewart’s Twitter over the past couple of years as he started living in Brooklyn. He’s awesome. And I love seeing him and Ian McKellon as BFFs.

  16. Timothy Olyphant. Handsome and hilarious.

  17. Midwest Mom :

    I’m a little older than the rest of you

    Celebrity crushes: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Richard Gere, Josh Lucas (in Sweet Home Alabama)
    Spirit Animal – Meg Ryan in her RomCom days
    Best Friend – Jennifer Aniston
    Can’t stand – Angelina Jolie

  18. Fluffy, but I’ll bite — how is Chris Pratt not on anyone’s list?!? I like everything he’s acted in, and he seems like a great person in real life as well. Good dad, master hair braider ( His instragram trolling of photos with Jennifer Lawrence ( had me laughing out loud.

    • Marshmallow :

      Yessss Chris Pratt +100. But I confess I thought he was just as cute or (gasp) maybe cuter before he hulked out and became a leading man. I’ve been a fan since Parks and Rec.

    • Anonymous :

      I love him so many.

    • Anonymous :

      Oof he seems like such a tool. He keeps abandoning his pets, hunts for sports, and seems waaaay to into the god thing for me

      • Anonymous :

        The god thing? That seems…disrespectful.

      • Anonymous :

        This. I admit I found him charming on Parks and Rec, and he seems to adore Anna Faris (who I love) but I still remember when he was on Everwood and dating the much younger Emily van Camp when she was just a teenager. I’ll always see him as a little sleazy after that. I was pretty horrified to hear about the pet abandoning thing recently too.

  19. Anonattorney :

    I never have crushes on the super famous guys anymore. The last crush I got on an actor was Theo James in Divergent. Yes, I’m in my 30s, but I fangirled over a YA movie. And it’s not Theo James in every movie – just specifically that role in the first Divergent movie. I also thought Sam Heughan was pretty amazing in the season of Outlander.

    My aspirational spirit animal is probably Charlize Theron or Lena Headey. In reality, I’m way too much of a spazz to be either of them. Schumer would be my best friend. Can’t stand a LOT of people, but I generally won’t even see movies with Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. I don’t know. I think they are just too famous for me to ever get into the suspension of disbelief that I need to really enjoy the movie.

  20. KS IT Chick :

    Celebrity crushes — Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr, Mark Harmon, Scott Bakula,
    Spirit Animal – Jeanene Garafolo (When I dyed my hair black, everyone said I looked like her)
    Best Friend – There are a whole group in Drinks with Broads, as defined by the Fug Girls at Go Fug Yourself. The list usually starts with Christine Baranski & Princess Anne, the Princess Royal
    Can’t stand – Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen,

  21. Colin Firth and George Clooney. Would take either or both. ;)

  22. Are we really using the term “spirit animal”? Come on.

  23. anon for this :

    After hearing him sing on Madam Secretary (since which, I’ve learned well, duh, of course he can sing, given his work in at least one musical)– Erich Bergen, for sure!

    Speaking of Madam Secretary…Tim Daly.

    And Damian Lewis’ *character* in the TV show, “Life” (Charlie Crews).

  24. George Clooney, Paul Newman & Robert Redford (back in the day), Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon.

    Can’t stand Tom Cruise, Richard Gere and Mel Gibson

  25. Because I am a giant nerd, my celebrity crush is Tim Geithner.

    Does that even count?

  26. Anonymous :

    Celebs that I crush on regardless of role: Micheal Fassbender, Clive Oven, Daniel Craig aaaand The Rock.

  27. In-House in Houston :

    Celebrity crush: John Krasinski aka Jim from The Office. Love him! I love that he’s turned into such a hunk, and that he’s happily married with 2 kids to Emily Blunt (but secretly I hate her for stealing him away from me ;)

  28. Minnie Beebe :

    Celebrity Crushes: Jaime Dornan. O.M.G. I only know him from The Fall (and eww, he’s a major creeper in that show) but he is so stinkin’ hot. I also kinda dig Matthew Rhys (from The Americans)

    Spirit Animal: Claire Danes, maybe?

    Person I’d like to have a drink with: Mindy Kaling for sure. Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Julia L-D. Also Gillian Anderson– she’s probably got some stories! Daisy Ridley.

    Actors I cannot stand: Leonardo DiCaprio– I don’t get him. Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson. And oh, god, Brad Pitt. Blecch!

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