Thursday’s TPS Report: Patti Knit

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

PATTI KNITIf you’re a fan of British brands such as Coast, head’s up: the website combines the online shopping experience for Warehouse, Oasis and Coast — one shopping cart, and free shipping for orders over $85 ($10 shipping below that). Not bad. There are a ton of cute things on sale right now, too, such as this interesting orange knit sweater from Coast — I like the ruching at the waist and the adjustable tie, combined with the wide boatneck. Lovely. Was $140, but now marked to $80 at Patti Knit

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected]


  1. Great choice, Kat. It’s so rare to find bright, unique items that are still professional, especially ones with sleeves. I like this a lot.

  2. PharmaGirl :

    Love this, Great find.

    • I like it also, and with my 30%, it is affordeable! Yay! I am going to get it. To bad I will not be abel to wear it for tomorow’s meeting with Roberta. I gave her an ORAL report on the 10 cases, and she says this is the FIRST time anyone has given such a thorough assessement of the case’s. She wan’ts to try a new place, but she says it is a SECRET! Yay! I love suprises! She also said that we should go shoppeing down at Macy’s afterward’s so it must be near there. This is FUN b/c the manageing partner will NOT be goeing! Jim keep’s bugging me about Saint Louis. He say’s we should stay at the 4 Season’s or the Ritz Carlton. Yay!!! I do NOT care as long as his company is paying for it!!!! But he better NOT make me drive him all over town in a smelly cab and make me pay the cab fare. FOOEY on that!

  3. I LIKE.

  4. To I Do Not Like the Cone of Shame :

    Already wasted 90 minutes this morning on dogshaming dot com – so cute. Just what I needed, another diversion from work! :)

    -2/3 attorney

  5. e_pontellier :

    2 problems with this (otherwise totally awesome) shirt: 1- it says hand wash only. 2- what do you put over this if you’re cold?

  6. I need some help from the San Francisco ‘r e t t e s. A young friend of mine (my fellow soprano soloist in our choir) is finishing her internship in December and will be moving to SF to join her boyfriend who is in graduate school. They just found an apartment in the Forest Hill neighborhood. We were thinking it would be fun to get them a gift card for a nice restaurant in SF to celebrate starting this new phase of their lives. I have no idea how much money we’ll have – maybe $150 for two people? Any suggestions? They aren’t vegetarian and they both love food.

    • Chouchou is a cute little French restaurant in Forest Hill. Or, consider L’Petit Laurent, another very popular, very intimate French restaurant in Glen Park (near Forest Hill). Citywide, Foreign Cinema is a favorite of mine. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with San Francisco restaurants :)

    • That’s really nice of you! I don’t know Forest Hill or Glen Park well, but I’d suggest:
      Farina (or Farina Pizza, which is the same owners’ newer, hipper place with a larger menu)
      Heirloom Cafe
      Slanted Door (downtown)
      Perbacco (downtown)
      Boulevard (downtown)

      Haven’t been there yet, but Rich Table is very new and got a great review on Tablehopper. If you like food want to waste some serious time (or just want to have some food sites to suggest to your friend), check out tablehopper [dot] com, sf [dot] eater [dot] com and/or seriouseats [dot] com (based in NY but they often cover the Bay Area).

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Chapeau! is a great idea – an excellent value for a nice dinner, as unfortunately $150 is not a ton of money for a “nice” dinner in this town. Tax is about 9%, and many SF restaurants also impose a “healthy San Francisco” charge of 8-10% to pay for the health care they are forced to offer to their staff due to a recent law, plus an 18-20% tip is standard. If they are also wine drinkers, Boulevard is out of budget, but its younger, hipper sibling Prospect should be within budget if they are careful about ordering. I like Prospect better than Boulevard anyway. I’m not a fan of Slanted Door (too sweet, too touristy, very expensive). I think Delfina’s lost some of its lustre. Yes to Nopa, Farina, Perbacco and its sibling Barbacco. Cotogna (the sibling of Quince) is another great bet, as is Canteen. Aziza may be within budget as well. State Bird Provisions and AQ are really hot right now. Incanto if they’re down with offal. La Ciccia is pretty close by to FH/GP – great Sardinian, cozy.

        • Yeah I knew that was probably a stretch, but they’ve been students so I’m thinking that range is plenty. I’ll look at some websites and see what I can come up with. They’ve both been living here (he went to undergrad here and spent the summer back here) so they’re spoiled with the really good neighborhood restaurants. I like the idea of Chouchou since it’s near where they’ll be living.

    • Oh that’s my old neighborhood. Chouchou is delicious! My parents used to take me there for special occasions as my non-profit budget ran more towards the taqueria on Portola. The restaurants in West Portal are nice but casual. The yummy Peruvian one and Squat and Gooble.

      Aah, I miss yummy food. Can’t wait til I’m home for Christmas.

      It’s such a small world and not a ton of rentals, I half wonder if they’re moving in to my old house.

      • Cool! I looked at the Chouchou website and it looks yummy! I want to go there. She will be job-hunting and he is a grad student so it would definitely be a stretch for them. That’s exactly why we wanted to do that. The other option would be more money to spend at a cheaper place, but I’ll see. I know nothing about the neighborhoods or restaurants. I’ve only been to SF once.

      • What are you talking about? There is awesome food in Edinburgh….

  7. BR — 33% off entire site today. Just snagged cute scarves for $34.

    • Someone please stop me from spending a pretty hefty chunk of change on the BR website…

  8. PSA – 6pm is running its $13 sale. It’s hit-or-miss, but I got a great pair of pants and a scarf for $13 each.

    • Definitely didn’t realize today was 10/11/12 until I looked at the sale. Thank you marketing dept?

  9. Quick Q for the hive– I interviewed for an internship last week, and they offered me a job (yay!!!). I just got the offer email yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about sending the partner who interviewed/hired me a quick note– something like “thanks for the offer, i’m looking forward to working with you blahblah” Is this a good idea? What should I say? This is my first real job (career job, not just job job), and I want to start out on the right foot.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I think that’s totally fine, especially if the partner who interviewed you is the one you’ll be working with.

  10. Any one here a “Coupling” fan? When I was watching the Nashville pilot last night, everytime I saw Hayden Panetierre’s character, I kept turning into Jeff: “b**sts, b**sts, b**sts”

    • I love Coupling!
      I can’t decide what I thought of Nashville though. It struck me as a TV version of the movie Country Strong.

      • Woods-comma-Elle :

        I found it pretty slow-going if I’m honest and got distracted pretty quickly!

      • I have an unhealthy adoration for Connie Britton (Tami Taylor FTW!) and I think she is so great in everything. Also, my parents lived in Nashville for a year so many of the spots were recognizable. I definitely think it has potential, but could go South. I’ll probably watch several more episodes to decide. I do love my trashy TV, so even if it gets quite soapy, I’m okay with that.

        • Tami and Eric Taylor! Miss them so much. I wanted him cast as her husband in Nashville……

  11. 2/3 attorney :

    Shopping quest! I am looking for a long sweater (but NOT a sweater dress!) to wear over leggings (stay with me…). I know the legging debate is polarizing, but I think if they are thick and completely absolutely totally opaque AND you cover your butt (and, um, front) then they are a good weekend option for fall days with a pair of boots. So that’s my position, and I look forward to hearing yours :)

    For anyone who agrees: have you found the perfect sweater for over leggings? I am thinking kind of slouchy and oversized, for balance, and long. I like the shape of this one but it’s too lightweight and sheer. Any ideas? Thinking heather-y gray and maybe under 100.

    • Check out TCFKAG’s tumblr from yesterday (link to follow) – she found such cute stuffs, I’m considering joining the leggings/boots contingent!


        • Phooey. Comment awaiting moderation, but just click TCFKAG’s name on her comment below and just scroll back to yesterdays! Totally worth it!

      • I miss TCFKAG’s finds – she doesn’t seem to be on this site much anymore.

        • 2/3 attorney :

          Agreed. TCFKAG come back!

          • I’m around, I just do more of my on-line shopping over there. But occasionally make guest appearances. :-) Also I did just do this yesterday over there! Victoria’s Secret (I know I know) has a bunch, as does Express, and I really like one from Max Studio.

          • 2/3 attorney :


            I love the one you found at Express! Just wish it showed a back view in the pictures.


          • I really may buy leggings just to be able to wear the sweaters you found. OOooh, anyone know if petite leggings exist? I look like I’m wearing footie pajamas in normal-sized-person ones.

          • Petiteesq — short answer, yes. Long answer, here’s one example:

            Google petite leggings for more examples. :-)

          • Here’s another more expensive pair made by Jag (the maker of my favorite jeans.)


          • Yay, thank you!

          • eastbaybanker :

            I love all the off-shoulder sweater picks! I have to go to a casual bday party which an ex will be attending in a few weeks. I want to look fabulous, but like I didn’t try to hard. I think a slouchy fall sweater over leggings with boots is so perfect. And yes, I know that it’s a little sad that I have to plan an outfit weeks out.

          • TO lawyer :

            Eastbaybanker – that outfit sounds fab and I don’t think it’s sad at all to plan outfits out weeks in advance, especially if you’re seeing an ex!

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I love this look too and have a few suggestions.

      This one isn’t quite heather but looks like it could be very comfy.

      • I love the look as well but can never decide how long a sweater needs to be. Based on that picture, if the model were wearing leggings, would that sweater be long enough on her? It totally covers her b u t t but not much more.

        • momentsofabsurdity :

          I do just enough to cover the butt – I don’t care if I move just the wrong way and maybe my butt is exposed. Whatever, leggings were pants when I was 5, why can’t they be pants now?

          But I explicitly do not ever do shirts short enough that they don’t cover the butt (and the front) when my arms are at my side and I’m standing up straight. That looks always reads as 5-years-old or on-my-way-to-the-gym to me.

          • “Whatever, leggings were pants when I was 5, why can’t they be pants now?”

            Amen sister.

          • Agree with your standard completely! I was strongly anti-leggings when I saw too many people wearing them with short shirts, but I have seen the light and would wear them every day if I could. So comfortable and warm for fall.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I like this one a lot.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      This is cute but you’d need something underneath it.

    • I agree – think a long sweater, tights and boots are a great fall look. If you look for a tunic length sweater, it will be long enough to cover your butt/upper thighs, but not as long as a dress. I think it should ideally hit below your butt on your upper thighs to work with the right proportions.

      Sorry no specific shopping suggestions though!

      • A long sweater, LEGGINGS, and boots is a look. Sweater + TIGHTS + boots is going out in your underwear.
        I know some people think even legging require an over-layer. (I don’t.) But tights, like pantyhose, are not a “bottom” all by themselves. Ew.

    • Check out the brand Lole on zappos. I just ordered the Imagine (or something like that) tunic, and I really liked it, but it ran big. I just received the small and haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

      • 2/3 attorney :

        Ooh I do like that. Was the banding around the hip area really prominent on the one you tried on? Seems kind of strangely placed.

        For those following along at home:

        • I initially got the Rock Heather (lightest color) in a medium, and the banding was not that prominent, IMO. The whole thing was kind of shapeless on me. I am hoping the small will be slightly more fitted so it’s not gaping at the neck and arms, but not so fitted that the banding is clingy or anything like that. (For sizing reference, I typically get a 4 or 6 (S or M) in tops from BR, J.Crew, etc., but I have long arms, so I tend to order bigger with longsleeves, but the M sleeves in this were plenty long.) I can report back on the small–I got that in black, because the rep I was chatting with for the exchange said they didn’t have Rock Heather in small and that she loved it in black.

        • Ooh, that’s really cute.

    • Check out the Vince Cowl Neck Sweater at Nordstrom. It’s pricey, but I’ve found the Vince Cashmere wears well and is still looking good after many years.

    • Can someone recommend leggings that don’t give a muffin top?

      • I know people have mixed feelings on this company, but the Lululemon Wunder Under crops or longer pants are expensive but totally very flattering.

      • eastbaybanker :

        Spanx makes leggings now if you really want to get things under control! Otherwise, just look for a higher rise. If you’re shopping online, anything that hits at or near the model’s belly button is a good bet. In my experience, anything lower gives me muffin top to varying degrees. I got a great pair of high rise leggings in one of the old lady departments at Nordstrom, but couldn’t find them online.

  12. emcsquared :

    A colleague’s father in law passed away, and they are holding Shiva tonight. I would like to send some food, but I’m not Jewish and don’t know whether there are dietary or other restrictions that I should observe (I don’t think she is orthodox, but not sure about the family).

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Fruit from Edible Arrangements?

    • You should be safe with something vegetarian, in particular vegan.

    • If you aren’t sure, I’d send something from a kosher restaurant or bakery. They’ll package it so the recipient knows it’s kosher. But if you are not going to pay a shiva call, another tradition is to plant a tree in Israel in memory of the deceased. You can do that through the website of the Jewish National Fund- jnf(dot)com and look for the “shop” link. They will mail a certificate to the family.

      • Agree. Kashrut (Kosher rules) isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about what you allow into your kitchen.Don’t send food if you don’t know the dietary restrictions of the family at whose house they’re sitting shiva, unless it comes from a kosher establishment (note that few Jewish delis are actually kosher). Plant a tree in Israel and send a card.

    • I second the advise to stick with a kosher restaurant or bakery. Some Edible Arrangements locations are listed as kosher. My dad got rid of (donated) some lovely vegetarian platters that were sent when my mom died because he was concerned that cutting boards and slicers that were used for cheeses were also used for non-kosher meats.

    • I’ve used this before and it worked well.

  13. MsLurksALot :

    Nice sweater and a fun new clothes site to lurk on!

    Unrelatedly, does anyone have recommendations for photographers in the DC area?

    I’m looking to get a few pics I can use in professional situations (bios, linkedin, etc) since my current taken-on-my-home-computer and crop-out-granny photos just aren’t cutting it. I’d like to find someone who can do pics maybe at iconic DC landmarks (I might as well get the holiday pics out the way at the same time) and can do corporate looking pics with nice backgrounds instead of the person-in-a-business-suit-stiffly-smiling-in-front-of-a-mottled-grey-background that seems to be a favorite in this region or, heaven forfend, a soft focus, puffy-haired glamour shot!

    • I don’t have a specific recommendation, but you can frequently find people who will do this sort of thing on craigslist. You can check out their work on their website before hiring them of course. You can also check out the local art school as well, because sometimes photographers trying to get into the business will do this sort of work as a way to build their portfolio and make some cash — and you can get a discount because their still newbies.

    • This is a friend of mine who’s just started her own business:

      I think her work is excellent!

    • MsLurksALot :

      Thanks for these suggestions!

  14. [For Bluejay] since our exchange was late at night, buried in yesterday’s post

    Thank you for your comments there– yeah, I didn’t think that the surprise was malicious, but I suppose it means that the bubble-effect is pervasive. And re: those mean sorority girls – LOL.

    Did you ever read David Brooks’ _Bobos in Paradise_? I think many of the folks he’d describe as Bobos (bourgeois-bohemians) would score a very low number in that PBS quiz, and I’m not surprised — even as a straddler, I feel the magnetic pull of that world. There are lots of things to recommend about it, and lots of things I like about it, but I know it’s not the be all and end all.

    • I loved David Brooks’ The Social Animal. Definitely was considering reading more of his work next. After the interesting discussion of classes on this site, I might need to check that out.

      • Hi, KC!

        I also read and greatly enjoyed _The Social Animal_. For a naughty (but in many ways spot-on for the time) look at the social classes, take a look at Paul Fussell’s _Class_. He published that in the late 80s/early 90s, and it definitely caused a stir, which was likely his intention. He comes across as an arrogant, snobby pr!ck who has delusions that he’s transcended his social class (his blathering about this “Class X” shows his wishful thinking her), but many of his observations about the existing classes of the time were spot-on.

        • Thanks for the recommendation. Sometimes you have to take an author with such transparent motivations with a grain of salt :) I will certainly give it a try!

    • Haven’t read it but will check it out! I’m not usually a big Brooks fan, but this book looks interesting.

  15. So hive, I had my big test Tuesday, and I can officially join the ranks of people living with Colitis. I’ve only been having symptoms since the middle of June, and it seems that my doc thinks we can treat with just meds, which I started last night. I made it all the way to 30 without ever being sick, so this is a new scary thing for me. I’ve also been adopted by the ‘rettes on here with similar conditions, and I just can’t thank them enough for their support!

    This place is just too great :)

    • Sorry to hear that the symptoms have crept up on you, but glad the doctor thinks it’s manageable with just meds. *hugs*

    • SDChicky619 :

      Hi SoCalAtty, I’ve been lurking around for a few weeks, and am commenting for the first time as yet another gal with “Swiss cheese guts.” I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis five years ago and have managed it pretty well (on and off). Oh, and I live in SoCal, too. Just wanted to wish you good luck with your new meds! I predict that you will soon start feeling MUCH better :)

  16. Threadjack for gift suggestions:

    Can anyone suggest appropriate Catholic baptism/confirmation gifts for a 6 year old girl and 4 year old boy?

    • A children’s illustrated bible, a nice wall cross, or cross/angel jewelry.

      • For the girl especially, a simple cross necklace is a nice gift. I received one with a tiny pearl in the center from my aunt and uncle for my baptism and first communion (I wasn’t baptized as an infant, so I received both sacraments at the same time). At the time, I owned very little non-plastic jewelry, so it was a wonderful way to remember the date. I still wear it from time to time, though I moved it to a longer chain when I got older of course :)

    • A saint’s medal with their confirmation saint on it. Are they really being confirmed, or is it a first communion? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone being confirmed so young, although I realize the age varies.

      You can also go to a Catholic bookstore and browse around, or ask the sales clerk for suggestions.

    • Anne Shirley :

      A boxed set of the Narnia books to grow into? A bitty little pearl bracelet for the girl? Or a children’s biography of their saint or your local saint?

    • A rosary, book of saints, children’s prayer book, something with angels

    • DC Association :

      money. pure and simple. when I grew up that is what we got from everyone. (I’m east coast.)

      • Funny. I’m from the East Coast and had my first communion, but I’ve never received cash as a gift ever.

    • A card with a check inside (or maybe a savings bond) is what 99% of people give.

      • RookieRette :

        I got savings bonds from most of the family for my First Communion, as well as several birthdays. Little!me didn’t like getting paper instead of toys, but the bonds came in handy – those got cashed in my freshman year of college and bought the first semester’s worth of books. :)

      • This is definiely region/family specific. My first communion was not a money occasion in my family. And if I recall, my godparents were really the only people who got me anything.

    • Okay, they are almost certainly getting their first communion and not confirmed (confirmation happens when you are a teenager and are old enough to make the decision to reconfirm your commitment to the church.) It doesn’t really effect the present you get them, but it’s nice to know.

      I got two types of presents for my First Communion. The first type was cash, which my parents put into one of those little savings accounts you can get as a kid that has a little booklet or whatever (do those exist anymore?) but a cash gift to put into a college fund or something wouldn’t be entirely unacceptable. The other type of gift was books with nice, vaguely religious meanings (I don’t really think you have to get like “Your First Bible” or anything, just things with good underlying messages).

      My personal favorites included The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde (trust me its great, though a bit hard to get your hands on these days), Stone Soup by Ann McGovern. Angeline Ballerina by Katherine Hollabird. I’m sure there are way more now.

      • anonymous Canadian :

        In our diocese the children receive communion and confirmation at the same time now! There is some theological rationale behind this that I am not sure I agree with, but I understand this is now the norm in more than one jurisdiction. I know I was confirmed later and appreciated it more than my 7 year old did a couple of years ago!

        I agree with the suggestions for illustrated books (perhaps from a Catholic bookstore), small pieces of jewelry, etc. Money is very thoughful, too, but it is nice to see your little ones using the gifts they were given and money doesn’t always have much meaning at that age.

        It is lovely that you are wanting to recognize the family’s special day!

        • Seriously. That seems theologically wrong to me. I mean, I feel like at 7 you can’t make the affirmative decision to commit to the church!

          But then again, my mom was a confirmation teacher at my church and she told more than one 13/14 year old that if they didn’t WANT to get confirmed they didn’t have to (which led several parents to give her some serious stink eye.) But she was adamant about it and I think she was right! Anyway, none of this implicates presents really, so no need to start a theological debate.

        • I have heard that there just aren’t enough priests so services are being thrown together or cut. A coworker who goes to a church near our office has complained that confession sessions were being cut because there weren’t enough priests. I wouldn’t be surprised that the priest-shortage is causing some churches to try to do confirmation and first communions together, but that’s probably not the only reason.

      • Practicing Catholic :

        Confirmation has nothing to do with reconfirming your commitment to the Church. It is a sacrament wherein you are anointed with oil and are sealed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is not a Catholic coming of age ritual. There is no age at which it can or cannot be performed. You can receive all three sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation, first communion, in that order) at the same time. In much of the world infants are confirmed.

        • Practicing Catholic :

          For the original source, see

          • Lady Harriet :

            Yep! In Eastern Rite Catholic churches, all three sacraments are done in infancy Age at Confirmation depends largely on your parish/diocese–some places require you to be at least 15, but some have Confirmation in elementary school. I believe that Anglican Use parishes (which, despite the name, are Catholic) also do confirmation at the same time as first Communion.

    • lucy stone :

      Are you sure it’s a baptism? Usually Catholics do infant baptism. For First Communion, which sounds like the right age for the 6 y/o, I still have the rosary my great-grandma got me that was blessed by the Pope (did not appreciate it at the time, but carried it on our wedding day), a few small Precious Moments trinket boxes, and a child-sized tin cup necklace my grandpa got me that I now wear as a bracelet doubled over.

      • Positive. Friend has rediscovered her faith and that is why the children are being baptized now as opposed to when they were born.

        • Research, Not Law :

          I was baptised at 6 years old. I received a nice rosary with irredescent beads that I thought was the most special thing ever. Iconic jewelry and money are also traditional.

          I like the suggestion of CS Lewis books, too. Very out of the box but appropriate.

          Most Catholic churches don’t have nurseries or schoold during mass, so an illustrated missal would be nice.

    • It does not have to be religious. I received a pendant with my initial for my First Communion and still wear it.

    • Our daughter recived her first Communion earlier this year. (Sniff-my baby! all grown up!!) A few items she received- handmade rosaries (look on etsy), a current Missal (our Order of Mass was recently changed and this is a little reference book with the new Mass as well as prayers), a lovely necklace from Lisa Leonard (Faith-Hope-Love), a James Avery necklace and charm, and a charm bracelet with a Communion charm.

      For the Baptism, I suggest a crucifix or cross for the nursery, a Children’s Bible, or a donation to the Church where the child will be baptized or the parents’ favorite charity.

    • Are you sure the children are being confirmed? I’ve never heard of children that young being confirmed. I’d look at a Catholic bookstore or some of the online Catholic supply/gift stores. Most of the baptism gifts will probably skew toward infants, but the First Communion rosaries would probably work nicely.

    • Lady Harriet :

      A nice rosary (either a fancy one for them to save, or a colorful kid-friendly one to use now), children’s saint biographies (bonus points if you can find one for the kids’ confirmation saints), toy Noah’s Ark with lots of animals, any sort of religious statuary or medals (again, bonus points if you can find one for the confirmation saints.) I like all of Nona’s ideas too!

    • Anything from www dot thingsremembered

      They have a section of religious gifts. Lots of good stuff.

  17. hellskitchen :

    TJ for NY ladies – any suggestions for good but affordable cobblers? Last one I went to charged me $13 to replace heel tips. That just seems too high. How much do you generally play for resoling and replacing tips? Thanks!

    • I do tips myself. It’s pretty easy to pull them out with pliers and hammer new ones in.

      • hellskitchen :

        Ooh, never thought of that. Where do you buy them? Could you share a link? Thank you!

        • I can’t remember where I bought them, but they were with the insoles and shoe polish somewhere like Walmart, Target, DSW, etc.

  18. Hey Zara fans, Zara’s big sister, Massimo Dutti, is debuting stateside & online tonight! I can’t afford it, but nice eye candy! Posting their preview link separately

  19. Seventh Sister :

    The Newsroom/Shopping for Guys Threadjack:

    So I was watching the season finale of The Newsroom last night and thought Jeff Daniels’ pajamas were pretty cute (I think they are Brooks Brothers last season). I was complaining to my husband that it was too bad he hated wearing pajamas.

    It turns out that he doesn’t actually hate pajamas, he is just extremely long-waisted/short-legged and “I need an XL pajama top and L pajama bottoms.” (I don’t buy clothes for him pretty much ever.)

    Any suggestions?

    • Heh. On a somewhat related note, I’m looking for light blue men’s and child’s button down pajamas. The plan is that my brother and his toddler will go as Gary and Walter from The Muppets for Halloween. The pajamas would then be close to the blue suits they wear in the movies. They have similar men’s pajamas at Hanes, but I can’t find any child’s pajamas. Any ideas?

      My sister-in-law has red hair and will go as Mary.

      • phillygirlruns :

        no suggestions, but this is a really cute idea.

      • How about a blue botton-front shirt and blue sweatpants? I can’t find any light blue, solid-colored boys’ PJs.

    • I’m confused. Do you just want tips on where to buy pajama separates? Because I’d just buy pajama bottoms and a henley top. Or do you want a specific style of pajamas but in separates?

    • My husband has a long torso and shorter limbs, and loves Brooks Brothers PJs. The tops are fairly long, and the bottoms have enough of a rise (and are draw string) that you can wear them at varying places on your hips.

  20. This site has a top similar to the one Kat featured this week (yesterday?)

  21. The Billable Hour :

    Let’s talk about billing…
    My firm bills in 6 minute intervals, and I always struggle when trying to decide to round up. Do you follow traditional rounding rules (so if is .1-.14 round down to .1, but if it is .15-.19 round up to .2?)…or, if it is over .1 do you all round up?
    Dang. I think I just wasted .1 over thinking this post.

    • Always round up.

    • Always round up. If you spend 7 minutes on something, round to 0.2.

      I don’t bill for the tiny 1-2 minute email responses, answering paralegal questions, signing filing documents, etc. So I figure it works out in the end.

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      Yes, always round up. In fact our time recording system at work automatically rounds up for you so you may have a setting you can use for this.

    • Diana Barry :

      ALWAYS ROUND UP. I also bill for every single g-d minute I spend. :)

    • The Billable Hour :

      Thanks guys :) small firm, so no tracking software. That feels more fair to me :)

  22. Well, I have this site to thank for my jacket choice this morning. I was already out the door with my awesome business-casual leather blazer. Then I remembered I have a networking event with law students this evening. Well, I don’t want law students thinking leather blazers are perfectly appropriate interview attire, so I opted for a more conservative blazer.

    Now I feel too dressed up at work. FOOEY!

  23. Mountain Girl :

    Do you every buy multiples of an item in different colors (white button ups, etc excluded)? I have a sweater from Lands End Canvas that I really like and I’m contemplating getting it in another color but have never done that before. The sweater is just a good basic so its not like it would be easily recognizable as a twin of another one in my closet but I’m curious what the hive does.

    Here’s the sweater in question:

    I also have this one from Eddie Bauer in black and I’m totally thinking about getting it in the chestnut or brown as well.

    • Former MidLevel :

      Yes, I do this all the time. If you find a piece you really love, definitely buy more than one.

    • Yes, without pause, if I know it will get heavy wear and the fit is great.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I have this exact sweater in 3 colors. So definitely, yes.

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      All the time.

      How does the Eddie Bauer one fit? I need a new dark brown cardigan.

      • Mountain Girl :

        I love the Eddie Bauer sweater. I am tall so I ordered a tall size. I was a tiny bit longer than most round neck sweater so it seemed a little more contemporary. The buttons are placed in a placket trim rather than just directly on the sweater (I hope that makes sense) and it seemed like the sweater had a nice drape to it because of that detail. Totally sold on this sweater!

    • I’ve done it a few times, and always been happy about it. The exception being, don’t buy the same pair of shoes in black and dark brown – or, if you do, don’t wear them with black pants unless you’re really, really careful! (Ask me how I know that one)

      • I’ve made this mistake with a black and navy pencil skirt. Thankfully black shoes don’t look too bad with a navy skirt…

    • If I find something I love, I buy it in every color I like. It’s not very wallet-friendly, but it makes me happy. (Says the girl who bought 14 v-neck sweaters on Tuesday night because she couldn’t decide which colors she liked best).

      • OK, I’ve never bought *that many* of the same item! :-)

      • eastbaybanker :

        In my experience, I have no idea if something is awesome until I’ve owned it for a while. Would I buy 2 JCrew Jackie cardigans if they were crazy on sale? Yes. But I would never buy more than 1 of something I didn’t already love.

        And 14 of something? For realz? That is astonishing!

    • I also do this all the time — and why not? If I find something that flatters me, and that comes in multiple colors, and is versatile and reasonably priced, then I stock up while I can. I’ve never regretted it!

  24. Hey did you laydeez see this?
    Now, I know we try to keep politics to a minimum here, but I hoped we could talk about companies taking political stances. I, for one, am for it – it helps me determine where I want to spend my money (or not). Anyone else have a different point of view?

    • Without getting into the political conversation, I definitely shop at stores/avoid stores that support/don’t support causes I do/do not believe in. For stores I boycott, I send them a letter telling them why I don’t shop there anymore (so far, they haven’t seemed to care :) ). Perhaps I should also write to those I continue to support and tell them why….

    • I’ll bite. I don’t like companies taking political stances. I don’t like companies making charitable contributions either.

      Companies have one goal, one purpose: make money for shareholders (this can be taken to extremes, granted). Giving away money is a direct contradiction to this goal. Politics are a distraction. I think companies can be helpful when defining regulations (though this is abused–think people sitting on planes on a tarmac for 8+ hours without food, water, or clean bathrooms). But that is the limit.

      Companies can’t marry, companies don’t have unintended pregnancies or children, companies don’t require healthcare, food, or shelter. Companies have no place in telling humans how to live a human life. and so don’t need protections afforded by political action.

      • I agree with you on politicals stances for their own sake, but many of the actions a company takes in conducting its business have social/political implications. A few of examples are whether a company includes same-sex domestic partners in its employee health insurance benefits, how a company treats its employees in general, and the company’s environmental practices. Those things definitely impact how I spend and invest my money.

        • Another big one for me is sexist commercials. I absolutely refuse to reward companies with my business if they insult me in their ads. (I’m looking at you Dr. Pepper.)

          • +1. Seriously? Men can’t drink zero calorie beverages?

          • SF Bay Associate :

            Yep, that was the end of my relationship with Dr. Pepper.

          • Gail the Goldfish :

            I am far too addicted to diet dr. pepper to stop drinking it, but seriously, what was with that ad?

        • karenpadi :

          I agree with you there. I do believe that companies should conduct their business ethically and I do favor companies who treat their employees consistently with my values.

          Re: the Nordie’s announcement: I disagree with making marriage quality the company’s stance. I would rather that signatories, in their personal capacity, made the political point. I would not like being an employee who disagreed and who has to now defend a personally abhorrent political viewpoint at work (especially because retail workers aren’t hired for their politics–this would be different if we where talking about campaign staff).

      • I definitely disagree that a company’s sole purpose is to make money for shareholders. Ideally, they provide jobs, produce quality goods or services at a fair price, pay taxes to support the cities/states/countries that support them, and donate to causes to give back to their customers/community. That can range from a collection jar for a person in bad circumstances on the counter at a mom & pop store all the way to taking a stand on same-sex marriage.

        If a company takes a political stand that counters my own, I tend to avoid buying their products. And the opposite is also true: if a company takes a political stand that I support, I may make an effort to buy their products.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I have no problem with a company taking a political stance (it is their money to do with as they please, if their shareholders don’t like the way money is spent, depending on their stake, they may have a measure of control over it). I think companies get to decide how they want to spend their own money, and if they spend part of it on charitable contributions or for political causes, well, then I assume their shareholders have made peace with it or the management will soon be ousted.

      I also consider my dollar a vote, and don’t shop at stores/places where I know that money is going to support a cause I don’t agree with (for me, it is similar to not shopping at a store where I know labor practices are unfair – that’s not okay with me, so I will give my dollar to someone else. If that causes the company to do better/worse, well, I suppose that’s a natural consequence of taking a stand.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      If corporations are going to fund politics then I want that funding to be public knowledge. However, I would prefer that corporations stay out of politics. I don’t think it is fair to the individuals that work in the company. For example, a CEO may be pro-whatever and the rank and file workers are anti-whatever. It seems unfair for them to be labeled by their CEO’s choices.

      Most recently, we had the Chic-fil-a debacle. A local store franchise owner spoke out that he supports gay marriage and that the corporation’s stance is only hurting his local business which isn’t fair where he and his employees did not share the view of the parent.

      • hellskitchen :

        Such an interesting point. A corporate stance is at the end of the day the stance adopted by a few people at the top. Corporations should not be allowed to make political contributions unless all employees have a say in where that money goes. If the leadership supports a cause, they should contribute to it individually

        • I understand karenpadi and momentsofabsurdity’s points about shareholders getting a final call on how a company’s cash gets donated, invested or distributed, but why employees ? Company cash does not equals employee cash and executive decisions are not the result of democratic votes by employees.

    • Hmm, interesting question. Personally and completely selfishly, I hate it because it’s just one more thing that I have to think about, as if trying to find something that I like and that is my size and fits whatever needs I have and is the right price is not, in itself, enough to worry about. To some degree, worrying about the social stances of companies strikes me as sort of a “rich person” problem (just to dip back into the class discussion from the weekend!) that I can’t really afford right now. Or, perhaps, so I can maintain this stance when I become rich, I’d rather donate to charities directly than try to justify or not justify my spending around what companies do (probably a better policy).

      So, I never seek out the information, and I’ll admit that I usually dismiss it (though many things I’m just fairly neutral on, i.e., though I support gay marriage, I wouldn’t call it important enough of an issue to me to support or reject a business about it), if I do learn about it, then I have to feel bad about it, and no one wants that.

      Also, I agree with Karenpadi for the most part, who was far more e;pqiemt than I could have been. :)

      • Totally agree on the “rich person” problem. Another facet of that, is, while I try to be aware of the policies and practices I support when I make buying decisions, I don’t apply that to clothes. I am shaped very weirdly and have an extremely difficult time finding clothes that fit. While many clothing manufacturers have appalling labor practices, if I factored that into my decisions I would have nothing to wear ever.

      • Diana Barry :

        Ditto. It is just one more thing that I don’t have time to think about.

      • What did I type when I meant to type “eloquant” above? Yikes!

        I should add that a) I completely accept that this is a fairly selfish viewpoint and not in really good keeping with my generalized libertarian views, and b) when I do actually try to take “socially conscious” issues into account, I’m incredibly bad at it. For example, a few years back when there were all these stories about Google helping the Chinese censor the internet, I completely swore off Google. For about a week, until I realized how darn good Google is at pretty much everything that they do. I mean, gmail is just so user-friendly. I still think that they’re probably evil and, at some point during my lifetime, will probably merge with Apple to become Skynet and unleash the rise of the machines, but eh, whatareyagonnado?

        • pssssttt, Skynet already achieved self awareness….. it’s watching cat videos on youtube, ssshhhhhhhhhhh

    • I think it makes sense for companies to take a side or donate to support an issue in the state where they’re located or headquartered. It affects them, and their employees, directly. Companies have been taking positions or supporting candidates that are perceived to be pro-business or will give them tax breaks since time immemorial. I don’t think that’s any different than taking a stance on a non-business issue that affects the company.

      • hellskitchen :

        I would think those are very different things. In the former, those actions make more money for shareholders and possibly impact the workers in the company. In the latter, if it’s a non business issue, why must a corporation take any stance on it at all? As a poster above says, these stances are often the personal beliefs of the leadership, not something that all employees may agree with and more importantly, they don’t impact the employees themselves

        • The legalization of same-sex marriage isn’t a business issue, but it certainly affects employees of Nordstrom. It affects their tax status, it affects their health insurance, it affects FMLA, it affects all kinds of things.

  25. Hey ladies, just looking for some input. I am looking for a pair of knee-high boots for the winter months coming up. The issue is, most boots are the wrong calf size for me. Wide calf is too wide, but usually the normal width is too narrow. I’ve heard from some friends that lace up boots might be the way to go. Has anyone had luck with these or found cute ones?

    • i got a pair of laceup ones from Caterpillar (of all brands!!) in black. This was a few years ago. They are lace-up knee high boots. They take forever to get on but they are so so worth it. I don’t wear them to the office though.

    • I haven’t, but I noticed that Lands End has 40% off all shoes and boots today, so you might want to check them out.

    • I hate clunky shoes :

      I have the same problem, in all honesty, no recommendations, just do not shop online, you have to go try them on. I got a great pair of black leather riding boots from DSW and a great, although ridiculously expensive pair of brown boots from Saks.

      • Miss Maple :

        I have a similar problem and recently bought a pair of Clarks boots from 6pm. They were fairly cheap, so I figured if they weren’t painful or super tight, they’d be worth holding on to, but they ended up fitting really well. Mine are called Dream Regal and it looks like there are still some available on 6pm at least.

    • I don’t love lace-up boots. Try boots with elastic by the zipper. That generally accommodates calves without gaping at the top.

    • I got a pair from Nine West i think 2 falls ago, but just FYI, they have laces up the front, but a zipper up the side. So, they are a bit adjustable, to fit my calf, but not as much work to take on and off. You might look for some options like that.

  26. Boston area TJ:

    Are any ‘ R e t t e s members of the Healthworks gym? It looks great, but I’m consider that it may not be worth the price (from what I see online, somewhere around $90/mo but maybe a bit cheaper if they have a student membership or non peak-hours membership?)

    Would love to hear feedback on this gym chain. I like the breadth of classes, and its location.

    • Which one? I have lots of friends who belong to Healthworks and to say they love it is kind of an understatement. But I know a couple of them aren’t quite as nice. So I could probably give you specific feedback on the location you’re looking at if you’re interested (I’d just ask my friends).

      • The Coolidge Corner one (which is I think on Harvard St?). Thanks!

        • Two or three or four (or possibly more) of my friends go there. They all love it. Like a lot. If you check back later I’ll ask them what their favorite classes are and stuff, but basically love is all in the air for it.

    • Anne Shirley :

      I was a member of the one near Copley for one glorious summer. If they open in NYC I will pay $150 a month for it and seriously consider moving next door.

    • Anon in Back Bay :

      My roommate is a member of the Back Bay one and raves about it. Her experience plus that of my coworkers has convinced me I need to join.

    • When I lived in the area, I was a member of the Porter Square one, and it was great. I was able to negotiate some kind of discounted rate (I wasn’t a student, but had just graduated at the time).

  27. Two Cents :

    Pregnant ladies or those who may be in pregnant in the future – please allow me to sing the praises of Seraphine Maternity and their amazing clothes. Went to the Carribean last week and wore three adorable and flattering maternity swimsuits, and now I just received two incredibly flattering dresses from them too. Super appropriate for work and also can be dressed up with the right accessories. I was skeptical when I saw them in the bag because the fabric looked thin, but they look really great once you put them on. Links to follow to avoid moderation.

    • Two Cents :

      I’m 5’5 and the dress hits me a little below the knees. I don’t have a huge bump though.

    • Two Cents :

      Navy Shift Dress

      Also hits at knee length

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