Coffee Break – Haya Pump

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Pour La Victoire Women's Haya PumpFor those of you who like a high heel (4″ with no platform), this one is for you — and I’m drooling over it. We all know I love a good purple pump, and this one seems particularly lovely — nice shade of purple but further muted by the snake print. It’s the perfect color for wearing with navy, black, gray, and so much more. Love the sales, also: Amazon has it for $78 (in purple, eggshell, and a light pink raspberry); ShopBop has very limited sizes of the eggshell left for $65.40. It comes in a lovely black snake, as well, which 6pm has for $104.50, ShopBop has it for $109 (but with free shipping).  Endless has it in all four colors (but with prices ranging from $107.25 to $195, the original price). Happy shopping!  Pour La Victoire Women’s Haya Pump

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  1. Question y’all: What is your favorite site/company for photobooks? Or even photo printing in general? I have a few languishing photo projects and I was wondering where I could get the most bang for my buck.

    • I like Shutterfly.

      • Shutterfly is good. I have used to get my pictures developed. They are cheap!

    • Others in my family love Shutterfly as well. I hear the scrapbooks are really easy to make. (Never tried it myself.)

    • Artscow has great bank for your buck and I’ve generally liked the quality of the photobooks (they did once accidentally swap a different photo project of mine – a basic notepad – with an unfamiliar man’s, however). They give you tons of coupon codes when you sign up.

    • Depends if you want something that is high quality or easy/cheap. Shutterfly will disappoint serious photographers. The color and paper is cheap. But its fine for “kids at Disneyland” type stuff. If you have more artistic needs, I think blurb is good (choose good quality paper, etc), but you can get even better, but be prepared to spend lots and lots of money.

      • Anonymous :

        I think Shutterfly is the best bang for the buck. I am a serious photographer, and I find that the quality is definitely in the “good enough” range. I wouldn’t use it for my portfolio or anything, but definitely works for memories.

    • Pinhole Press and Tiny Prints

    • Kodak Gallery.

    • SA-lit-gator :

      Costco has very good prices for prints and photo albums. Quality is similar to Shutterfly. Plus you don’t have to pay shipping if you can pick up from a Costco wherehouse. You can order online at, just click on the Photo tab at the top. I just used them for wedding photo albums and they’re great.

    • My photographer friend suggested Mpix for higher-quality prints. It’s a little more expensive, but I compared Mpix prints with Shutterfly for the same photo side-by-side, and I found the Mpix quality to be absolutely superior… better color saturation, blacker black, and something about the paper is better, too, but my terminology is lacking.

      I usually use Shutterfly for everyday photos, but I ordered wedding prints from Mpix, and would use them for any future “professional” prints. Highly recommend.

  2. This shoe would be in my cart PRONTO if the heel were one inch shorter!!

    • I know! Darn.

    • Amelia Bedelia :

      it was the PERFECT height for me!
      already bought.
      now to explain the charge to the husband . . . especially since it occurred merely one day after our “saving money and online shopping less” talk . . .

      • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

        I’ve had transactions not appear on a statement until a week or two after I order because they don’t charge until the item is shipped. I’m just saying. ;-D

    • I went through all the posts about these shoes and not one person asked if 4-inch heels were appropriate for a law office. So I will ask – are they? Especially if you work in a conservative BIG LAW firm?

  3. SF Bay Associate :

    I’m still looking for the purple shoes. Closed toe, 2.5-3″, a nice eggplant color, preferably patent, and between $100-$300. I’ve got my fingers crossed that something in one of the upcoming fall collections delivers!

    In my hunt for the purple heels, I came across these:,default,pd.html?dwvar_S841780_color=610&start=5&cgid=new-arrivals-shoes FABULOUS.

    • I remember sometime back we discussed purple shoes, but they were cheaper and may not be what you were looking for.

      I loved those suede ones from aerosoles.

    • Oh, those shoes are *gorgeous*.

    • found a peanut :

      I LOVE those but the red is not very versatile to me.

      I have a pair of the Cole Haan Air Talia in aubergine suede. It comes in a variety of heel heights.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Thanks ladies. The Talia would be perfect except that I have a personal quirk against suede. The texture of it inexplicably makes my skin crawl. Suede is beautiful, and great on other people, but I can’t stand it on me.

        • I found a beautiful pair of eggplant Gucci pumps with almond toe, 3″ heel last fall. Pricey, but I wear them at least once a week and after 30+ wears they look good as new.

        • I have the Cole Haan air talia in aubergine patent leather, not suede, purchased last fall. Don’t see them online anymore, but maybe you can still find them in the stores.

        • I finally broke down and bought the purple suede Talia’s yesterday after months of lusting after them as my present to myself for starting my new job (and if they don’t fit when they get here, I’m going to be so sad)

    • I recall a cute Cole Haan pair (air thalia?) that meets all your criteria except that it is suede, not patent.

    • MaggieLizer :

      I’m wearing a pair of patent eggplant Me Too pumps today (304239 at Nordie’s, apparently on sale now). The square-ish toe took a little getting used to but I like them with skirts and they’re super comfortable. They’re below the price range you’re looking for, but I’ve found that Me Toos are pretty good quality.

      • Do y’all consider purple patent year round shoes or are they seasonal? Don’t want to commit any fashion crimes unknowingly.

  4. Skippy Pea :

    Hi All,

    I am going to China and Hong Kong with a group of friends (I am so excited. :))

    Since this is our first time venturing in that part of the worls, I would appreciate any pointers from posters who have already been there. We are spending about 7 days in Beijing – or 5 days, with hopes of going to Shanghai one day morning and return next day evening on the bullet train. We have about 3 days in Hong Kong.

    I am really concerned about the language problem and currency issues in China. The trip to Shanghai depends on AFAIK- us getting tickets for the train once we are in Beijing. The website tha sells the tickets in in Chinese. I also read on various websites that it is advisable to exchange $s for chinese currency once we are at the Beijing airport and not before.

    We hope to get to parts of the Great Wall, the palaces and terracota warriors. What are other “must do/visit” in Beijing or Shanghai?

    All tips and pointers appreciated!

    • Corporate Tool :

      Beijing, you have to see the forbidden city. Absolutely. I’d also suggest Tianamen square as a must-see.

      I haven’t been to Shanghai in years, and it’s totally different now, but I’d suggest walking along the Bund. There are amazing restaurants/bars there, and it’s a beautiful view of the water.

      Hong Kong is a really fun city. Take the trolley to the giant Buddha, go to Stanley Market to do a bit of tourist-y shopping, wander through the Wan Chai wet markets (only if you have a strong stomach). Try to take a junk ride out to Lantau, or another outlying island, there are some really lovely places an hour or so away. You can also jetfoil (an hour I think) to Macau and have a Portugese/Cantonese fusion meal, or gamble in the casino.

      Also, if you want, I speak Chinese, so I can try to help you navigate through the website to buy the tickets. I don’t think that you need to wait until you get to Beijing to change currency, and the airports are notoriously bad for exchange rates. Shop around at different agencies to see what rate they’ll give you RMB/Dollars.

      • Corporate Tool :

        Right, contact info. E-mail me at [email protected] if you would like more. I grew up in Hong Kong, and spent a lot of time in the others.

        • Skippy pea :

          Thanks Corporate Tool! I will take you up on that. I will have to consult with the others some first!

      • Oh and second the trip to Macau Island, if you have time, while in Hong Kong. It’s an hour via hydrofoil. You have to go on a non-rainy day though, otherwise you’ll get soaked on both the hyrdofoil and while on the island.

        • Corporate Tool :

          You can sit inside on the jetfoil. It’s pretty seasickness-inducing, though.

      • Ditto on the Forbidden City. I would actually recommend hiring a guide, as you will get a lot more out of it. They will be milling about out front. It will feel shady, but find one who speaks English and doesn’t annoy you. Agree on a price beforehand and you will definitely get your $$ worth. Also, the Pearl Market. Buy two of everything. Plus a suitcase to get it home. I don’t think it will be difficult to buy train tickets once you get there, if you have a few days lead time.

        Hong Kong — have an insanely expensive cocktail at the rooftop bar of the Pennisula. Views are worth it. Don’t miss the bathrooms. If there is a horse race when you are there, GO. The day of, ask every person you meet which horse to bet on (they will all have an opinion). Place a bet, enjoy the cheap food and beer, and take pictures! One of my favorite experiences there.

        Don’t worry about the language, especially in HK. In Beijing, make sure you always have the business card of your hotel with you (with the name in Chinese on it), so you can get home.

    • The terracotta army (Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor) is in Xi’an, which is a bit of a haul from Beijing. That said, I think it’s totally worth the trip if you can finagle it. I don’t remember how I got there when I went, but it was part of a larger swing through that part of the country.

      Definitely spend time up on the Great Wall and in the forbidden city. And, assuming you are an adventurous eater, do your best to get away from food for foreigners. The Chinese Chinese food was way tastier than the westernized Chinese food.

    • Beijing – keeping in mind I haven’t been there in ages – Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are across the street from each other. I also recall the Summer Palace was beautiful. Highly suggest a day trip up to the Great Wall (we went via bus). Not sure what Terra Cotta warriors you’re referring to, as “the” Terra Cotta warriors (the one guarding the tomb) are in Xian (not Shanghai or Hong Kong). I honestly don’t think that you’ll have trouble in Beijing if you’re in the touristy areas – most people speak English.

      Hong Kong – I just returned from last month. Beautiful. I didn’t do touristy things though, as I was visiting family. We stayed on the island. We traveled into mainland China one day to go shopping and had clothes made by a tailor.

      We got all of our money at the bank, not in the airport or hotel. We exchanged a few hundred dollars in the US (at the airport) to get us some taxi money once we landed; otherwise, we exchanged the rest in Hong Kong. I found that in Hong Kong cash is what everyone wanted and took, not credit cards. The subway system in Hong Kong only takes cash (and you can use the subway card at other stores).

      Have fun!

      • Skippy pea :

        Thanks. I will be in Beijing first. I guess I will find an ATM there. I wish I was in shape enough to get clothes made on this trip.
        hmmm. maybe I will still try it. All tailor recomendations are also welcome. :)

        Is it advisable to sign up with organized tours or are we okay going by ourselves to all these places ( wall, the palaces, forbidden city etc)?

        What is the tipping protocol?

        • You’ll want to find a tour to the Great Wall (it’s a little far to get there by yourself and will probably be cheaper than a taxi) but otherwise you can do everything on your own. It’s really easy to get around, and your hotel should be able to help you if you have any questions. I booked my great wall tour through my hotel and your hotel should be able to do the same. You can also ask them for advice on how much taxis should cost from one place to another, etc. You will need to bargain on the taxis or else they will rip you off.

          For the most part, most people in the touristy areas will know English. Beijing did have the olympics, so everything got upgraded and more English was added in preparation. Certain things like the toilet signs may be in Chinese, but you should be able to memorize those and be fine. On the train, they may not speak English. I went on one Chinese train where I was in a car with 3 other women, only one of whom was Chinese. Our attended acted kind of surly and knew no English, but despite that attitude he really made sure to take care of his all-girl compartment (we were next to his station) and make sure we were safe.

        • lawtalkinggirl :

          You do not have to tip at restaurants in China.

          Try to go to Si Ma Tai to see the Great Wall. It is less visited and thus much less crowded. Also the wall there is mostly original structure, not rebuilt for the tourist crowd. It’s very steep, so wear sturdy shoes.

          My favorite places in Beijing were the Old Summer Palace (Yuan Ming Yuan) and the Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan). Also check out the Ming Tombs and spend some time wandering through the hutongs (the old style streets typical of Northern Chinese cities).

          • co-signed on Si Ma Tai for the Great Wall, but I’d suggest the Qing Tombs over the Ming Tombs if your time is limited.

        • teslagirl :

          There is an ATM in Beijing airport where I always get cash. It is never a problem.

          I have been to the Great Wall a couple of times and I highly, highly recommend going with an organization called the China Culture Center ( They go to a section of the Wall called Mutianyu, which is a little further than the closest section (Badaling), but much less crowded. They also stop at the Ming Tombs on the way to the Wall. It’s a great organization (I took a calligraphy class there when I was in Beijing for a month this spring) and I can’t say enough good things about them.

          I had a suit made for my partner at Carol and Luc Tailor Shop in Beijing ( There was no bargaining, but it was a good price (2000 RMB for a jacket and two pairs of pants) and they did it in three days. You can bargain at the major markets (Yashow, etc) but I worried that if I bargained them down too much, they would do a bad job. Hong Kong is probably better for tailoring. Just walk down Nathan Road and the tailors will find you, believe me. (“Tailor? Copy watch? Copy handbag?”) That being said, you should certainly experience a Beijing market. The pearl market or the silk market are both good ones. Start at 10% to 20% of what they ask for. Don’t be afraid to lowball – they can always say no.

          Generally, tipping isn’t expected in China. If you give cab drivers even 1 RMB (15 cents), they will be thrilled. Seriously.

          You will probably want to get first-class train tickets but on the fast trains, even second-class is OK. In second class, there will be pushing and shoving to get on the train first and grab what luggage space there is, so limit your luggage on trains if possible. Unless you like pushing and shoving.

          The public spitting was the hardest part of Beijing to get used to. Yuck!

          In Hong Kong, make sure you go up to Victoria Peak. We went once in the daytime and once at night. It’s an amazing view.

          Shanghai is all about the Bund for me. We stayed at the Astor House Hotel just off the Bund, which may be my favorite hotel ever.

          I could write more. China is fascinating.

          • Second going to Mutianyu. Most hotels/agencies should have the option of Badaling, Mutianyu, or Si Ma Tai. I had a friend who did Si Ma Tai the summer before I went and said he was about ready to die. I think it’s probably fine in spring/fall, but in summer it’s just too hot and really exhausting. When I went to Mutianyu, it was not crowded at all and the climb was fairly easy. Badaling is always insanely crowded and should be avoided if at all possible, but it is also the easiest climb.

        • my HK friends tell me minimal tip, like rounding up to whole numbers

      • was just in hong kong; cab from the airport to the Peninsula Hotel (second the vote on the bar at the Felix there, and the food at Felix is terrific but pricey) cost about 260 hong kong dollars. the light show on the harbor at 8:00 was underwhelming but the drinks and dinner were great.

        • Skippy Pea :


          Thank you everyone for all the great tips! I have already saved all this information. :))

          • I have family who are expats in Hong Kong, and have visited several times. I speak absolutely no Chinese, and have always been fine. Almost all signs are in English, and it’s very easy to get around. (A legacy of the colonial era, I suppose.) I frequently strike out on my own for a day.

            The train from the airport into the city is clean, runs very frequently, and is much quicker than taking a taxi. Take the train to the stop nearest your hotel, and then take a taxi from the station.

            In HK, take the star ferry across the harbor on a nice day, and don’t miss victoria peak. Night time is my favorite.

            For shopping, I avoid the big malls that have many of the same luxury stores as the U.S. I like Shanghai Tang for hip, modern Chinese inspired clothes, and especially household goods like picture frames, etc. The silk pajamas are to die for, but kind of pricey.

          • Hope this isn’t too late. In Shanghai, visit the French Concession part of town. There are tree-lined streets and lots of interesting little boutiques and restaurants/cafes. I could have spent days wandering around that area! Also, consider having a drink at Cloud 9 in the Jin Mao Tower (Pudong side). It’s located on the 87th F and the views of Shanghai are AMAZING!

    • Beijing…see the great wall at mutienyu to avoid crowds.
      Musts: forbidden city and tiananmen square. Buy gorgeous coral and freshwater pearls at hong qiao mkt. You can google it. No need to speak Chinese, they’ll all have calculators to type prices for bargaining. Start with 50 / 60% off their first offer and move up from there.

      Hong kong…don’t miss the sound and light show at 8pm daily. Go to Kowloon for this, and face Central. Wanchai and LAN Kwai fong are for food, nightlife etc. Take the tram upto the peak.


  5. I just saw this on Yahoo, and thought other Corporettes may agree/disagree –

  6. Heels-related threadjack: why is it that shoes squeak, and is there anything that can be done about it?

    I have a fabulous pair of heels, and one of the shoes is not quite squeaking, but sort of making a sound (it sounds like it’s puffing expelled air). I’ve tried adjusting my stride, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of it!

    • I have a pair of heels that does that when my skin is dry. When I put lotion on my feet, it goes away. So weird that the sound of my skin and shoe would make that noise, but it did.

    • A friend told me (so YMMV) that that means the shoe was improperly put together so some air was left in the sole, and a cobbler can fix it pretty easily. But I haven’t tried it myself.

  7. Anyone have the problem of their pencil skirts twisting when they walk? This drives me nuts…and I haven’t figured out a solution, so thought I would ask here.

    • This has been discussed before and I think the consensus is they twist if they’re too big in the waist.

    • Yes! I find that it’s caused by the way I’m holding my bag. Somehow the bag moving back and forth while I walk pushes my skirt around… but yes, also happens only on skirts that are too big.

    • Ugh so annoying!

    • Yes, all of my skirts do this. So annoying. I’ll have to get them tailored I guess.

  8. Did anyone do any sort of premarital counseling before getting married? I want to, but my fiance’s reluctant. There are some things I think we need to tackle before they get out of hand.

    For instance, I’m basically not allowed to have contact with someone I went on dates with, say, 5 years ago, ever. Is this normal?

    • We did the standard counseling required by our church/officiant before we got married, and while I found it helpful (in a sense), I’ll be honest, we didn’t tackle anything as specific or serious as what you mention. The “counseling” we attended consisted of filling out a form online that dealt with money, family, personal relations, etc. and then discussing our differences and how we would handle them. From what I hear, that’s a fairly standard practice with many churches or officiants. I think you may need to consider more serious counseling with an actual counselor to tackle that issue and others like it.

    • Anonymous :

      No, it’s not normal. At all. Please talk this through with a professional. If your fiance won’t go, go on your own.

      • Agreed, it is not normal. But I am currently dating a guy who also wants me to not talk to exes and am trying to not be too judgmental about his preferences. I am working to balance his needs for security and my needs for autonomy. A counselor can help you both express why you think you should be trusted and why he might be insecure about your contact with an ex.

    • I wanted to go to premarital counseling and my partner did not – so we did not go. After two years of marriage, when we had more troubles he still wouldn’t go. Once I had one foot out the door, he wanted to go to counseling.

      In hindsight, a man who will not go to counseling (to make you happy or to help you to be better in the relationship) might not be willing to put in the work it takes to make the marriage work. I suggest making it clear to him that you want to go to the couples counseling so that you can become a better partner or work on your own communication and expectations for the marriage. I think some men think counseling means there is something wrong with him, as opposed to just an opportunity to have a third party help you both learn to communicate your needs and desires.

      And as the other poster noted, you can always go alone and learn how to better discuss these issues with your partner.

      That said, good couples counseling (e.g. learning how to communicate and diffuse conflict in a marriage) is much more important than the standard “pre-marital” counseling required by many churches (which can often be a rubber stamp).

      good luck.

    • If there’s anything you’re “not allowed” to do, then counseling is a must. That’s a no go for any relationship.

      Also, his refusal go to should be a red flag.

      You’re worth someone who is in touch with who he wants to be around you.

    • “allowed” is the word that makes me itchy. Your future spouse doesn’t allow or not allow that sort of thing. You make a decision as a couple.

      • I agree. No one should be “allowed” or NOT allowed! In this day and age, the guy has to accept that you are not his first, and that you (like he) has a sexual history that cannot be sublimated.

        I say if he starts telling what and what you are not “allowed” to do, lose him now, because he is going to be some kind of control freak after you get married.

        Although I am very much in favor of marriage, it should not be to some Neanderthal who refuses to allow you to revisit your past history.

        He will eventually start trailing you when you go to the supermarket to buy groceries, as there are men there who could engage you in conversation. Trust me, I have been there, and I sent my fiancee packing when he started to lay down the law about what I could not do before we were married. He was a real tool.

    • I don’t think it’s abnormal for a man to prefer that you do not have contact with your exes (or for a woman to prefer the same about her partner). If you meant “allow” in a literal sense, like that he would break up with you if you talked to your ex, then he likely has some serious jealousy issues and if there are also other things he doesn’t “allow” you to do, he has some control issues too. You should definitely work through this before getting married.

      I don’t know how much you’ve brought it up, but if you’ve told him that it’s important to you to have premarital counseling and he refuses, that’s a red flag in itself.

    • I’m a little late to this one, but I hope you see my reply:
      We did go to a couples’ relationship building weekend about six months before we got married. At first, I didn’t think H would be interested in going with me, because he isn’t touchy-feely at all, but I mentioned that I wanted to go and asked him if that would be something he’d be willing to do (I’ve been divorced) and he agreed. Since it was all group sessions, there was no pressure to work on a specific problem – it just gave us skills to get through problems. Then, when we would leave the group and go have dinner together or go back to our room, we would try to talk through a few of our issues using what we had learned that day.

      As for not “allowing” you to have contact with the person you went on a date with. That sounds extreme, considering it was just a date and it was so long ago. Definitely an issue that needs to be addressed either on your own or together, if he is willing. If he isn’t willing, and depending upon his reasons why and how he reacts, you should think long and hard about how he will react to future marital conflicts.

  9. Could you share some recommendations on television shows that are available through Netflix or Hulu? I don’t have cable but am craving a great new show. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed Parks and Recreation, The Office, Ugly Betty, Entourage, and Modern Family as well as trashy reality shows like The Real Housewives of New York City etc. If you have any others to suggest, I would really appreciate it!

    • i second mad men. i just finished season 1, and all seasons will be available streaming starting tomorrow. i also highly recommend friday night lights, damages (seasons 1 and 2 are available streaming on netflix), and the good wife. if you can tolerate a little teen drama with snark, please watch veronica mars (seasons 1 and 2 are a must; 3 is skip-worthy).

    • Accountress :

      I don’t know about Netflix specifically, but I love me some…

      Doctor Who
      Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      Cougar Town (don’t be scared by the name, it is sooooo goooood)
      30 Rock
      Wonder Woman (the original- so camp, but so fabulous!)

      • LOL – just noticed you have both Cougar Town and Community, like me. Did you lurrrve the crossovers last season?

        • Accountress :

          I did! I thought I was imagining it, so I had to text a friend and be like “Did I just see Travis dressed like an Ewok?” And then Abed’s craziness on CT was just fabulous given his birthday-episode-convo with Jeff earlier in the Community season.

      • Torrrrrrrrrchwood. Just started watching. I love it so much I want to take it home with me and introduce it to my mother in all of its omnisexual glory.

    • All of the below are available through either Netflix or Hulu (I’m pretty sure).

      Friday Night Lights
      Veronica Mars
      Arrested Development

      • SF Bay Associate :

        A fellow Mutant Enemy fan I see. Grr! Argh! I love every show on your list except Leverage, which I haven’t seen. Apparently I need to :). Also, Buffy is sadly NOT FREE on Hulu, but all the seasons are there. I’ve also heard great things about The Good Wife and Friday Night Lights, but they really don’t satisfy my escapism yen. I prefer more implausible settings like Sunnydale.

        I totally agree about Veronica Mars – great show.

        Adding seasons 1-3 of Alias, too. 4 wasn’t good, and 5 was straight up bad. Bad Robot can’t seem to keep his attention in one place for long.

        • If you’re looking for escapism, I think you’d like Leverage. I’ve just started watching it (only four episodes in) and it’s a great lighthearted caper show. It sounds like we have very similar tastes, so I think you’d like it (and I’m going to check out Alias, which I haven’t seen).

          General recs that haven’t already been mentioned:
          Samantha Who?- both seasons are free on hulu
          Downton Abbey- I just saw this recently and am now madly in love with it.
          How I Met Your Mother
          Gilmore Girls- I don’t know if this is free anywhere, I own the DVDs
          The Big Bang Theory- some episodes are available on hulu

    • Seems like you tend toward the comedic, and not so heavy dramas:

      Cougar Town
      The Closer (now in its final season – so sad)

    • found a peanut :

      friday night lights!

    • I just have to plug Drop Dead Diva again, I LOOOOOOOVE that show. The first season is on Netflix streaming, currently watching the second season via dvd. Also, I was transfixed by RuPaul’s Drag Queen Superstar (or whatever the show is called), streamed on Netflix. So much drama and the hair and makeup…fascinating.

      • Is this the show with the heavy woman? I love that show, and I love that a woman who is heavy can be shown to have the same emotions and needs as women who are model-thin.

        It’s time that the media recognize that the world is more than Jennifer Aniston’s and Ali Larter’s. We don’t have to be totally thin to be able to enjoy our lives and have emotions, sex and relationships too.


    • Mad Men. So amazing!!! Also really liked (but perhaps didn’t absolutely love) Friday Night Lights.

    • MaggieLizer :

      Arrested Development, Battlestar Gallactica, Firefly, Lost, and if you want to revisit your high school days, My So-Called Life

      • I’ve just discovered Gavin & Stacey on Netflix (instantly available). It’s a British comedy — cute, funny, lots of fun slang.

        I’m also on the FNL bandwagon. (Clear eyes, full hearts… sniff, sniff…. can’t believe the show is over!).

      • Seconds (or thirds) forArrested Development, Mad Men, Alias (1-3) and some of the others already listed.

        Add: Dollhouse, Psych, Rescue Me (at least the first few seasons, I kinda lost track), My So-Called Life, True Blood (are the first seasons available? I’m not sure), Californication

    • Weeds! I’m still in Season One and loving it. :)

    • Weeds. Mad Men. Arrested Development.

    • Anonymous :

      Psych! We love it. I’m very openly in love with Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster.

  10. Do you like dramas? If so, West Wing, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men are good.

    • Awful Lawful :

      Ah West Wing! One of my all-time faves! Good call!
      You might want to check out Franklin & Bash, too. Escapism for sure, even though it involves the law, it’s mostly VERY far-fetched!

  11. Friday Night Lights
    Parks & Rec

  12. Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m so excited.

  13. Wish the heel were lower. These would kill with a navy suit.

  14. Just got these – LOVE the style, quality, price but they are TALL. Sadly I think they have to go back since I have to be able to run in my heels and these are more in the “sitting” category.

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