Coffee Break: Modernaire Leather Zip Hobo

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Modernaire Leather Zip HoboiconI recently had a chance to check out Ralph Lauren’s new handbag line, and I was impressed with the quality of the bags as well as the reasonable prices. Like this great hobo, the bags all have a slightly edgy look to them but with a timeless, classy appeal. This bag is $398 at Bloomingdale’s (available in both black and brown).  Lauren by Ralph Lauren Modernaire Leather Zip Hobo
P.S. – If you’re looking for some afternoon entertainment, check out the Lauren by Ralph Lauren fashion show iconhappening at right now!icon


  1. I believe that Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family starts this weekend.

  2. I do not like this bag. Did Ralph Lauren need to clear out the zippers?

  3. M in Chicago :

    Do any of you use something to protect the leather of your nice bags and purses? My everyday purses tend to be black or other dark colors and a pebbled leather or glossed or that sort of thing since I know they will wear well.

    I recently broke my “rule” though and bought a carmel colored bag that is very soft, buttery leather. Now I’m living in constant fear of scratching or staining it. Any tips on keeping it nice? (FWIW–I always keep them in the dust bags they come with when not using and place tissue paper to hold shape.)

    • I was about to post almost this exact question. I just bought a dark cognac bag that for me is an investment piece, and I am not sure whether some sort of protective treatment is in order. I’m worried that putting chemicals on it could somehow hurt the leather’s look or feel or smell or overall integrity. And FWIW, I am not nearly as good as M in Chicago above about keeping bags in dust bags and stuffed with tissue – I use the heck out of them.

    • Anonymous :

      I use Cole Haan’s leather protector spray, with good results.

    • surrounded by lawyers :

      Any shoe or leather store will have “leather lotion.” Apply it with a dry cloth and then buff. It moisturizes and cleans, so it minimizes wear and tear (though it’s no total solution). I use it on all my leather–shoes, bags, belts etc.

      Every once in a while you will probably still need a professional cleaning, but this is a very cheap and easy preventative measure.

    • i'm nobody :

      check the Purse Forum. Lots of good recommendations.

  4. This bag does not look like a $398 bag. At all. It looks like a Nine West disaster. Not a fan.

  5. Threadjack:
    – How do you keep makeup from settling into the fine lines under your eyes? I am not sure if it’s the makeup I’m using (MAC Studio Tech) or what but I keep getting this effect where the makeup collects in the wrinkles and makes them look way worse than they are.

    – What do you do to fix shoes that you love, but are just a smidge too big? I wore some of my favorite pumps today and for some reason, they were slipping on my heel (they fit fine last year, not sure what happened). I love these shoes and don’t want to get rid of them, but I don’t like blisters either.

    • re (1) – I just started using Benefit’s Stay, Don’t Stray and like it so far. It helps concealer stay put and acts as a good primer for the upper lid.

      re (2) – I’ve bought those foot petals pads in the past and had good luck. The ones for the ball of the feet push your foot back a bit. I like the little strips that you can stick to the inside of the heels, too. You could experiment and see what works best for you. I think you can pick them up at Target these days.

    • OMG, this is SOOO my problem. My heels seem to have narrowed – who knew your feet could shrink after all the childbearing, etc. And notwithstanding the heel narrowing, the front part stays the same, so DUCK FEET is what I have…ack. Gonna try, hope for the best………

      About the undereye thing, ugh, try time travel (backwards). :).

    • spacegeek :

      A) Try a good makeup primer. I love Smashbox’s PhotoFinish primer. Not the light version, but the regular.

      B) I use two types of inserts for shoes that may be too big. Both from Dr. Scholls which are less expensive than the foot petals and can be found in any drugstore. I use the ones that go under the ball of one’s foot–pushes the foot back towards the heel of the shoe. I like the clear gel ones because they are comfy as well! If the problem persists, I add a pad to the inside of the heel of the shoe–it fits around the ankle/heel and prevents slippage that way too.

    • Urban decay’s primer potion…(UDPP)!

  6. BargainHunter :

    Not cute bag.

  7. So..meh. And so (not even a good copy) of the LAMB bag featured a few months back, which had its own issues. This bag is just plain ugly, IMHO. Sorry Kat, let’s get back to pretty, if not functional, bags. Really. Who walks around with a $350 black hole from endless, zappos, bluefly or wherever on sale right now, and a $350 TJ Maxx do over with zippers on the side? Don’t mean to be mean, but, your readers work, walk, ride public transit and – generally – don’t want to spend a combined total of >$1000 just to carry their stuff around. Which is part of how some of us may or may not feel ‘rich’ (speaking to your other post today)……love the blog, love the community…..

  8. Are there any Corporettes at the DRI in Chicago this week?