Coffee Break – ShakeItUp Pump

ShakeItUp PumpHmmn: I like the look of this high black peep-toe from Nine West. The few reviews on Zappos are great, and it’s still full price most other places — but today, has the black leather and a black/purple fabric version marked to $35-$45 (down from $79). Nine West – ShakeItUp (Black/Black Leather) – Footwear

N.B. Peep-toe pumps are not appropriate everywhere — know your office!



  1. PharmaGirl :

    The purple flowered version of this shoes is cah-razy!

  2. TJ to say: I got a call from my dog-walker this afternoon to let me know that my crockpot is over-flowing on my counter. Blerg.

  3. Request for advice!

    Like some of you, I’m currently in the process of searching for a new job. I had what seemed to be a very positive phone interview last week for a position that I would love to get. According to the hiring manager, they’ll be doing in-person interviews later this month – although I haven’t heard anything yet about scheduling one.

    I’ve also been contacted to interview for another position which sounds good, although less appealing than the first one. I know I should go ahead and pursue all options until I have something signed, sealed and delivered, but I’m wondering if I can contact Dream Job and let them know that they are my first choice – but I’m entertaining other possibilities.


    • No- its assumed you are entertaining other possibiltiies. 99% of their applicants are entertaining other possibilities. If you get an offer from number 2 and you’ve already interviewed with number 1, then you can tell them that they are your first choice etc.

      • oh gosh I just realized you haven’t even been offered an interview. My no just increased by 100%

        hang in there, I know how bad job hunting can be!

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Definitely don’t contact Dream Job to say you’re entertaining other possibilities. I’m sure they know you are (as are all job candidates), and you haven’t yet even advanced to an in person interview. For me, this would come off as presumptuous on the job seeker’s part (as well as make me wonder if they think I’m a bit silly for not realizing that).

      If you do end up getting an offer from the second position, then it’s okay to use as leverage to push up a hiring decision – but really, only after you’ve had a successful in person interview.

    • I would be very carful. These day’s they know that no one just sit’s on one job waiteing for it to land. If you feel COMFORTEABLE calling them, mabye, but I would figure out some OTHER reason to call–for example to UPDATE them on some developement, like a case that you just filed a motion in, an articel you read in the paper, or something like that.

      When I was lookeing for a job after the bar exam, I knew that I wanted to work in NYC, but since I went to school out of town, I did not have a lot of choice b/c I was NOT on LAW REVIEW and was barley in the top 1/2 of my class. Also, I do NOT think that the big firms realy wanted women from GW unless they were on LAW review.

      So when I met up with the manageing partner and he agreed to give me a shot, I folowed my father’s advise, and grabbed the job. I have NEVER looked back since! Yay! Who knew that a chance meeting with the manageing partner would land me such a great job with a clotheing allowance and alot of flexeiability! I have more cleint’s then I know what to do with, and even the manageing partner is begining to think of me as an equal, b/c I have proofen myself both as a litiegieator as well as a corporate expert with do diligence. I also am going to learn about IMMIGRATION, and my case load in the WC is getting very weighty. Yay! If ONLY I could find a decent guy with a job and who’s clean, I would be VERY happy.

    • laura holt :

      No, definitely don’t contact them. If and when you have a signed offer in hand from the less appealing job, its appropriate to go back to the first job and tell them they are your first choice but you have another offer you need to accept by X date. At this point it just looks weird to tell them you are entertaining other possibilities (all the candidates are, and they know it) and they wouldn’t care anyway (so you have the possibility of an interview, so what? It’s very different from another offer).

  4. I had to reschedule my ENT appt because my scans weren’t delivered and rescheduling is SO HARD. ARGH. NO, 10:45 IS NOT A GOOD TIME. NEITHER IS 2:15. HOW DO YOU THINK I’M PAYING FOR THE HEALTH INSURANCE THAT SUPPORTS YOUR OFFICE.

    FOOEY. Being a working sick person is not easy. But I have health insurance, which is a great thing. But still. DOUBEL FOOEY.

    • Brooklyn, Esq. :

      I feel you. My number 1 criteria for doctors these days is proximity to my office. Kinda crazy that is has to be that way but it is what it is. Good luck!

      • My number 1 criteria is evening hours. When I call asking if they have evening hours, they say yes and cheerfully offer me a 4pm appt. Facepalm.

        • I was calling a couple of prospective pediatricians today and asked if they have evening hours. “Yes, our last appointment time is 5pm.” Uh huh.

        • Brooklyn, Esq. :

          Oh yeah, this too!

        • I have physicians as clients and they want to schedule evening and weekend conference calls to discuss their practice’s legal needs. So this is why you can’t have evening appointments. Really.

          • But why can’t they do that during the day so they can see patients during the evening/weekends? Because they can make phone calls from home while they’re with their family. I understand. But still, fooey.

        • Mountain Girl :

          Your number one criteria is evening hours? Where does the appearance of the providing physician rank on that scale? ;)

          • HA – EXCELLENT QUESTION. I can’t tolerate doctors that are too good-looking. I start giggling. It’s MORTIFYING.

        • We should start a Corporette directory of doctors with hours other than normal business hours – maybe it would be good for one of Kat’s themed threads where she asks for reader input?

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Ditto. I have a 9:45 ENT tomorrow which is at that awkward time that it is too late to not go into work first but too early to go into work and then go there. I will be “working from home” before it. When I called to make the appointment, they were closed from 12-1. I’m lucky that I can make personal calls from work whenever. I really feel for the people that have to call on their lunch break and the office is closed.

      • I am doing the awkward late arrival to work also. Sigh, I’m lucky that I have a flexible enough position where I can make up the hours but still.

    • I’ve come to realize that you cannot overestimate the importance of convenience when it comes to doctors!

      I spent far too long schlepping 1 hour each way to see my PCP. This past Saturday marked the 2nd time in a 6-month period when I showed up there only to have the office staff claim that I did not have an appointment. That was the kick in the butt that I needed to find a new doctor located close to my home.

      And all these allergy and ENT posts have made me realize that I need to find a new ENT. The one I saw previously was not only far away, but also less into treating my symptoms medically and more into trying to sell me a fancy home air filtration system. Blech.

      • Competent medical office staff is CRITICAL. If they keep botching appointments or constantly keeping you from the doctor, it’s time to move on. I should look into changing my PCP also but eh.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I was horrified a few years ago when my doctor went to a “concierge practice.” Which means I pay an annual feel for the privilege of having her as my doctor. But I love her so I bit the bullet and went for it. For that money I get 24/7/365 access to her by cell phone or email, plus she schedules appointments when I am available, plus I am the only patient in the office whenever I have an appointment.

      I feel kind of better-medical-care-for-the-“rich” horrible about it, but I also kind of love it.

  5. e_pontellier :

    I know this is a lot of posting and I’ll calm down I promise, but NYC meet-up next Wednesday, October 17, at 8PM. I’ve been getting emails and it sounds like He11’s Kitchen is a decent location for everyone – but keep the emails coming! You can RSVP to me at e.pontellier.r e t t e [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m (obviously no spaces). No need to reveal your handle/screen name. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to meeting you.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Someone with more time on their hands than me should add up who advertised more, NYC or Chicago. I think Chicago is in the lead so far but NYC might be catching up. I hope you get a good turnout!

      • e_pontellier :

        Haha, thanks! Yeah I wanted to try to get it on everyone’s calendar early enough. (thank you for the gentle reminder that I can calm down. I won’t post a reminder tomorrow or Thursday, I promise.)

        • Kat- anyway we can get an “upcoming meet-ups” box on the right hand bar where the inappropriately shaped suggestive baked goods were?

      • karenpadi :

        Oops, yeah, Bay Area meet-ups. I’m lucky if I remember to announce them more than three times (including the initial announcement). BTW, Bay Area women, we were thinking beer and sausage for our next meet-up (yeah, we’re classy). So SF or East Bay?

        SF Bay Associate, you are a “required attendee” for this one. Mamabear, please join us, everyone wants to meet you!

        • There’s a great place I mentioned for sausage and beer in Oakland, but only if it’s a nice, warm day, they don’t have a lot of indoor seating.

          But I’m down with either SF or East Bay!

        • SF Bay Associate :

          Aw, awesome! Beer and sausage makes me think of Rosamunde’s if we’re doing SF. I’m sure there are great places in the East Baytoo.

        • Left Coaster :

          Rosamunde would be a perfect place — and they even have vegetarian-friendly sausages (only in SF!).

  6. Two Cents :

    Any recommendations on a warm and stylish maternity coat that can last through a Boston winter? I am looking on ebay and will also go to a consignment store, but was curious if anyone had recs on particular brands. I’m willing to invest since I will be wearing this every day for several months. Thanks!

    • Diana Barry :

      I have an Old Navy down parka, black, that I can give to you. It is v. warm but not particularly stylish (parka!). Alternatively, I have a purple long wool winter coat (non-maternity) that is from the 90s and is HUGE around the middle, that totally worked for me when I needed to get more dressed up.

      If you want, email me at dianabarry r e t t e at gmail and we can talk. :)

    • I know nothing about maternity brands (never having been pregnant) but I like this pea coat, though I’m not sure its warm enough if its really cold here this winter.|J84DHJLQkR4-s5klWq6vob5IkzqgK4ZdAA|10/9/2012_4:30:18%20PM

      (This brand also seems to have some puffy coats and other options.)

      • I also like this Topshop one:

        (Must not be opposed to a fur collar). Though, free seems particularly appealing from diana above — and you know, she knows how warm something has to be in Boston!

    • Do you commute by train or drive to work? IMHO it Makes a big difference in wInter wear requirements. I now take the train (or boat) and spent big $$$ tO keep myself warm.

      • I freaking hate the train. It is always so cold. The end.

        • The train itself is warm but the platform and then the walk to work is when I freeze. And if I take the boat, the docks are SO COLD.

    • I got a maternity pea coat from the Maternity line at Kohls. It was inexpensive and worked well.

  7. Random question but how do you freeze stews (or some sort of veggie and sauce mixture)? Do you use baby Tupperware? Plastic bags? I froze a big Tupperware and it was a nightmare getting a single size serving out so I could heat it up on the hob.

    Also, if you remember my sugar question from last week- Thursday is the day, going cold turkey. I have stocked my fridge with ready-made salads and the aforementioned veggie dish in hopes that having food around will help.

    • East Coaster :

      Kat had a post on freezing stuff and how she uses ziplocs to portion stuff out and then lays them flat for easy storage. This has been the most convenient way for me. The downside is with soups or other liquids because they dont fit into a bowl to quicly microwave, but I just use a big plate.

    • I use quart-sized plastic freezer bags. For the freezer bags, I freeze them flat (placed on a cookie sheet in the freezer). If I forget to defrost whatever it is, I usually just microwave it for a few seconds until it’s soft enough to break up and put in a saucepan.

    • Single servings in freezer-safe ziplocs.

      • Kat did do a post on this a while back- and I did it last weekend for the first time and it was fantastic! So much less space in freezer and nice perfect single serving portions

    • I find the ziploc thing to be a bit too much hassel and mess, personally (plus, I’m irrationally attached to my bags and don’t want to waste them – yes, I know that that’s dumb). I’ll admit that I’m not great at this, but if I want single servings, I use individual gladwares (the cheap-o kind that are very flat). They stack up really nicely in the freezer and are easy to just grab for a lunch bag. Or, more often, I just stick it all in one container, then reheat the whole thing, hoping that my husband and I together can use it up, and if not, just re-freezing it. (I’m not saying that’s the best idea, food quality-wise, though, although it’s worked pretty well for me.)

      • The food doesn’t get freezer burn in the cheap containers? Or do you buy ones made specifically for freezer use?

        • Honey Pillows :

          I freeze in individual size tupperware as well, and as long as you let the food cool completely before putting it in the freezer, fill the containers almost to the top, and eat them within six months, you shouldn’t have a problem with freezer burn.

          Alternately, mason jars make a great freezer storage vessel, and have small necks, so less exposure to air/freezerburn.

          • Ooh, I have been hoarding bonne maman jam jars. Perhaps this is the way to go.

          • @Cb.

            I love those jars. I cannot bring myself to throw them away. They’re just so cute!

          • I used to freeze soups/stock in mason jars and I would just caution that you leave a little room at the top because liquids expand when they freeze and I once had a jar shatter. It only happened once, so it’s possible that the jar had a hairline crack or something that I hadn’t noticed, but it made me much more cautious in the future.

    • kerrycontrary :

      I freeze soup in round tubberwear with twist off tops. They are usually more manageable portion sizes, and I just microwave them to heat up.

    • Someone posted that they use Ziplocs and put them in muffin tins for single servIngs. Brilliant.

      • East Coaster :

        Has anyone else tried this? I did this with soup and sounded great in theory, but ended in tons of freezer burn, and terrible freezer flavor.

        • I do this for tomato sauce and things that will go in with other strong flavored food, but I wouldn’t do it with “delicate” soups. Only use the muffin tins until the food is frozen hard enough to pop out (usually 1/2-1 day), and put into a high quality freezer bag and push as much air out as possible. I also only do it with things that will generally be used in a month or less, not things I plan to keep in the freezer to use much later.

          Yogurt containers, like someone else suggested, or butter spread tubs work pretty well too for slightly larger individual size portions.

          • The silicon muffin tins work great for this. I freeze homemade stock that I’ve reduced somewhat in these. Wait a few hours for them to freeze solid, pop them out, and throw them in a big ziploc or store in a tupperware container in the freezer. You could also freeze other soups, chilis, etc. this way and use a couple “muffins” for a serving.

      • This. I was so impressed with this suggestion from an earlier freezing convo. Have yet to try it, but it seems pretty handy.

    • Nothing to add on the freezing, but good luck on the sugar!

      I am 3 months into no sugar (this time around). The first 2 weeks are tough, but you really do stop wanting it once it’s out of your system. I recommend avoiding artificial sweeteners in the first few weeks, too.

      • Three months! Wow! Do you eat fruit? I have a big academic hurdle today and then it’s bye bye to cake, candy, and sweets.

        • I have opted out of added/processed sugars, so I eat fruit. I have opted out of honey/agave/etc. for now, even though they are natural but will probably started adding them back sparingly once I’m 6 months+ into this.

          The last time I cut out sugar I did it for 3-4 years with great success, and I felt to much better. I have blood sugar issues, so I did it mostly because I don’t like the way sugar makes me feel, despite really liking how it tastes.

          Good internet vibes on your academic hurdle as well! Looks like you passed per a more recent thread – but still have something (defense?) to go.

    • I use yoghurt containers (not the mini yoghurt containers but the…I don’t know…750g kind). Since I go through a container of yoghurt each week, they are never in short supply. I end up with 2 or 3 servings in each container but they are absolutely perfect for freezing things.

    • We use quart sized ziplock freezer bags. Stand the bag up in an old coffee can, fill with one or two servings, seal, lay flat and freeze.

    • The Ball Canning Jars Brand – makes reusable plastic freezer container cups. They are amazing, but hard to find. I think you can order online or go to a home-depot type store where they have canning supplies.

  8. Does anyone have a camera they love? I am looking for something better than my Iphone 5, but not professional quality. I have a big vacation coming up as well as some parties I’d like to remember forever. So I’m looking for something with some zoom, good picture qualtiy, quick startup time, and somethings that’s user friendly. Any suggestions?

    • YES! I recently purchased the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It takes amazing photos in low light + no flash and it did very well on vacation. The panoramic mode is very nice. It’s very easy to use and smaller than my android smartphone. I’d suggest buying a spare battery and getting a 32gb memory card (or at least 16gb), for videos and whatnot.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Just FYI – there is a deal for the Panasonic Lumix on Groupon Goods today. It seems to have good reviews on Amazon

      • Turtle Wexler :

        I have an older version of this camera and I love it. The only downside is that it’s too big to fit in a pocket or small handbag, but it tucks nicely into medium-to-large handbags. I’ve always been impressed by the picture quality — not *quite* as good as my DSLR, to be fair, but at 1/3 the size and 1/5 the weight, it’s worth that very small tradeoff.

      • i love the 10 megapixel Panasonic Lumix

      • Equity's Darling :

        I have the Lumix DMC-ZS7, and I absolutely love it. I bought it a couple years ago for my exchange, and I love all the photos it takes, they’re awesome, and the intelligent auto function is great (I think…). And small enough for most purses, though too big for a clutch.

      • I have had a Lumix for the past 4 years and rumor has it it is a very good camera, but I have never learned to use it properly. It does take very nice photos on the “Camera for Dummies” auto setting.

    • Cornellian :

      anything used at your local camera store. cameras are a lot like cars, as far as I can tell, in that they become worth 20% less when you leave the lot. Plus they’ll help you consider whether you need an SLR or not, etc.

    • I LOVE this camera.

      I paid full price, and I would again! It was also Wired’s camera of the year a couple years ago, for whatever that is worth. I love that I can take high quality photos with a camera that fits in my purse…

  9. Anon Analyst :

    Does anyone have resources (books, websites, videos) related to dog obedience / training? Specificaly with regard to introducing dogs and cats? We were fostering a stray kitten and my sister-in-law has taken him. They already have a dog and I’m trying to help them with introducing the two animals. For now the two animals are separated. The main thing I’m wonderin is how to get the dog to be obedient in the presence of the cat.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Does this help? (PDF)

      I think keeping them separated and then allowing supervised interaction while the dog is on a leash is probably the best way. There are some dogs that will just never be good with cats though (mine is one. He will try to kill your cat. No amount of training would change that – he has a very strong prey drive and can’t be left alone with cats) so knowing your dog is important.

      • Cornellian :

        Yeah, I would wonder if it’s possible at all. My dog will let other dogs hump his face and bite through his nose, and let children stick things in his ears and use them as handles while they ride him around the house against his will, but he I’d be very cautious introducing the two if the dog’s not used to cats.

    • I think Patricia McConnell is a genius about so many things dogs related. She has a blog, The Other End of the Leash, and has written several books. I think she covers dog/cat relationships too.

    • Anon Analyst :

      Thanks. I’ll check out that link. Yeah, I’m hoping the dog eventually warms up to the cat. They’re just taking it day by day. I really hope it works out. We’ll see.

    • On the other end of the spectrum, my dog is terrified of my cat, and he is at least twice her size. She chases him around the house all the time. It definitely depends one the individual animals involved. Slowly introducing them under supervision is the best way to see how they will interact.

    • Really, really depends on the dog. We always had dogs and cats, and some of the dogs were scared of the cats while others (especially Australian Shepherds) tried to herd the cats. Our dogs also snuggled with my pet rabbit. They were/are weird dogs.

      In general, though, the best way is if the dog was around cats as a puppy. If they grew up thinking of cats as prey, you’re not going to convince them otherwise.

  10. Midtown NY PS :

    Anyone have time to personal shop for me? I need to find a crew or boat neck shirt that I can wear tucked out (untucked?) with a black skirt suit for a significant meeting. If its sufficiently loose around the belly to last me for a few more weeks of my pregnancy (I’m at 8.5 now) that would be a great bonus. The catch is that it can’t cost too much ($75 or less would be ideal, if feasible) and I have to be able to pick it up this afternoon in midtown east manhattan (50s to 70s, Madison to 3rd ave). Anyone have a great suggestion?

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      This doesn’t quite fit your requirement (the neckline might be too low) but I have this in a couple colors from Express and it has a bit of room in the tummy, especially if you size up.

    • Diana Barry :

      Gap at Lex and 59th? I would call them first to see if they have maternity, but if they do they are likely to have a maternity top that would work. (212) 751-1543.

      • Diana Barry :

        Sorry, I thought you were 8.5 months, not weeks. Reading comprehension fail! But still go to the gap or the BR next door.

    • This one?

    • Do you like this one?

    • WHY WON’T MY POSTS POST? AAARGH. They are just disappearing; not even going to moderation.

      OK, I feel better now and am trying ONCE MORE to post a link to a shirt that I think would work for you.

    • WHY WON’T MY POSTS POST? AAARGH. They are just disappearing; not even going to moderation.

      I apparently cannot post any links at all, not even one at a time, so try these shirts:

      Loft item number 279945
      Loft item number 288091
      Loft item number 288558
      Loft item number 287206

      • Hahaha, maybe they went to moderation without giving me the in moderation message? Weird.

    • Midtown NY PS :

      This site is amazing. Thank you all so much! Found two good options at Loft. Thanks for saving me from a ton of anxiety on a crazy day.

  11. Muddy Buddy :

    I’m a little jealous of all the fun-looking meet ups in other cities, so shot in the dark.

    Is anyone else here from Little Rock or central Arkansas that would be interested in a meet up?

  12. The boil water order was just lifted! Hurray! What a relief.

    And we just finished deep dark work on our budget that came out well for all concerned. A day well spent.

    • woo for good days!!!

      I left the house an hour earlier than i usually do this morning and discovered that we have a whole family of HUMMINGBIRDS that spend their mornings in my neighbors flowers. Love hummingbirds!!

  13. Tips on letting things go at work? Without going into too much detail, someone at work withheld information from me to make themselves look better with the powers that be (and made me look clueless in the process). Unfortunately it worked well for them. The issue has been resolved now, but I’m still upset. I find myself replaying the whole incident in my head weeks after it’s happened, or comparing myself to this person, or having “what I wish I would have said moments” when I run into them at work. Thoughts? I feel ridiculous letting this person have so much control over my head space.

    • I’m testing a potential universal rule for letting things go: have many outlets of energy in your life, and don’t invest everything into any one of them alone. I realized that usually when I get overly upset about something at work, and can’t get past it, it’s because I don’t have enough else going on–enough other things I care about, think about etc. I could say the same about my relationship, family, friendships… I’m wondering if it all comes down to being able to redirect your attention when you need to, or ideally just feeling more balance across areas so that no one thing can knock you too far for too long.

  14. Is it just me, or is today dominatrix day? Between these shoes and the top this morning…

  15. Now that fall is here, I am on the hunt for a blanket for my bed to go between the quilt and topsheet. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!!

    • karenpadi :

      100% wool. Like a Hudson Bay Blanket. They are expensive but will last decades and are super warm and durable. It looks like eBay has some too for pretty cheap.

      • Equity's Darling :

        The HBC ones last forever- my parents have one that my mom inherited from my grandmother, who bought it before she was born (my mom is in her 50s’).

    • I third the wool. I have one that I bought from Turkey and it really makes all the difference. It’s a pain, because you do need to dry clean it but the density keeps the cold air out.

  16. Speaking of shoes … are any of you aware of a brand that is narrower in the heel, and wider at the toe? I have oddly shaped feet (think like a duck foot!) and although I measure a straight 10, I have to go down to a 9 so the shoes don’t slip off, which means crushed toes. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Me too, and Cole Haan is the only brand of dress shoes that fit my feet. I wear an 8.5. In most brands I have to go up to a 9 to accommodate my forefoot, and then it falls off my heel (so the opposite of you). Cole Haan’s heels fit me like a glove.

    • Try Varda.

    • harriet the spy :

      I echo the Cole Haan recommendation. I find them a tiny bit too narrow in the forefoot , but it’s worth it to not have shoes that slip off my heel all the time.

    • i feel like a broken record about this lately, but my solution to this is to get shoes that fit in the front so my toes aren’t squished (because i am sick and tired of dealing with ingrown toenails) but only buy shoes with straps or a high vamp so that they will stay on and not slip off my heels. I am really picky about them bc i don’t want super chunky mary jane looking shoes. But i have been able to find several super cute heels with mary jane or ankle straps or high vamps, enough to put into a good rotation for work. I just don’t think it is possible in this universe for me to find a shoe that will fit my toes and NOT slip off my heel. Doesn’t happen.

      also the brands that have worked best for my wide toes/narrow heel: Indigo by Clarks, Born, Sofft, Ecco. I have to dig deep to find styles in those brands that are cute and not frumpy, but it is so worth it. Shoes that do NOT work: Gentle Souls, Naturalizer. I haven’t tried Cole Haan, so i’m not sure about those.

      I can post links to specific shoes I have if you are interested.

      • Try dancer’s wool in the toes. That’s what works best for me when I have to size up.

    • Kenneth Cole shoes tend to fit me well and Brass Plum at Nordstrom. I usually end up taking those heel pads they sell for the backs of your shoes and put them in the heel and on the back inner sides of my shoes to pad them out a little. Shoes with leather soles are also great because they’ll stretch out a little where you need it. I have a pair of Pelle Moda mary janes with leather soles that fit amazingly well.


    • Have you considered taking them to a shoe repair shop and having the toe area stretched? I was also just clued in by the sales guy at Nine West that a shoe repair person can tighten the heel at the back seam or slingback.

      On the cheap, I tend to go with buying to fit my forefoot, and inserting heel liners. Dr. Scholl’s has great silicone ones if you are paranoid about them being seen, or if you want extra traction, but the Foot Petals ones ( or similar knockoff in the shoe section at Target are nice for comfort. At Target they run around $7-10 i think for a set of a few, and I don’t find this to be an inconvenience as I already have to place arch supports in pretty much all of my shoes to avoid plantar fasciitis.

  17. Posting here instead of facebook because I dont want the fb drama. But the speech was defending of a misogynist! its not that awesome or bad*ss! ugggh.