Coffee Break – Totes Purse Umbrella

Polka Dot Umbrella for Women by TotesI’m one of those annoyingly practical types who carries an umbrella everywhere during spring and fall, when surprise showers always seem imminent. I recently got a new mini umbrella and was amazed at how heavy it was, compared to my old, super lightweight umbrella (which I think was a sister to this one). So for today’s coffee break, I’m recommending this umbrella — I like the colorful black-and-red pattern on it, the fact that it folds to just 6″, and the weight: a mere 7 oz. Amazing. It doesn’t have auto open/close, and it isn’t really designed for massive gusts of wind — but for those days where you’re caught by surprise by the rain, this can be a lifesaver. It’s $14.95 at Amazon. Polka Dot Umbrella for Women by Totes



  1. I’ve been needing a new umbrella.

    I saw this girl at the grocery store yesterday who looked So.Cute. I wish I had asked where she got her outfit. She was wearing a cream-colored lace top that was kind of crop top and split up the back (with a tank top underneath). I know it sounds hideous, but it just looked so adorable and put together yet casual. Anybody seen anything similar? I looked at Anthro’s website this morning and didn’t see anything.

    • It had sleeves, by the way.

    • Gooseberry :

      Sounds very American Apparel to me. Check there.

      • Good guess, but I just looked and didn’t see it. And by the way, that website is quite scandalous. Remind me not to look at it while at work again!

    • Could it have been this?

      Not exactly cropped, but the rest of it sounds right. And of course, I really like it, fashion twin ;)

      • Ooh, I like that one. The one I saw was short sleeves and had bigger holes in the lace, if that makes sense. If the one you linked were a little cheaper, I would snatch it up. I’d probably even wear it without anything under it since it shows so little skin.

        I’m so glad to have a fashion twin!

      • oooooh that is cute!

      • ohhh I want that!

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Could it have been this?

      It was available in white but looks sold out now

  2. Always a NYer :

    I always have an umbrella in my purse, better safe than sorry ;) The Wind Defying Packable by Hammacher Schlemmer is my current favorite – auto open/close with vents for really windy days.

    Now for my tj – Any recommendations for knee socks that don’t fall down during the day? I’ve had to pull my socks up at least six times =/ TIA!

    • Nordstrom Brand Knee High Socks The Nordstrom Brand Compression Socks also stay up very well, too.

  3. Question for ladies who have the Clarisonic Mia…

    Have you ever traveled with it? I’m thinking about it, but am concerned that it will somehow turn on while in my suitcase, resulting in a dead battery and/or problems with TSA.

    • Always a NYer :

      Bring it in your carry-on. Also, put it in a small box so there’s no chance it could turn on by something accidently touching it.

      • Oh good idea about the small box. I used to use an electric shaver on my legs and was once walking through an airport and couldn’t figure out what was buzzing. It was my shaver, which managed to turn itself on, resulting in a dead battery.

    • I travel with mine weekly, and so far I have not had an issue.

    • Have mine here in my hotel room with me. I just toss it in my suitcase; I never considered the accidental turning-on issue. I guess if that happened I’d just live without it for a few days. I also don’t check luggage, though.

  4. Tri tips? :

    I’m running my first (sprint) tri in a few weeks. Any tips? Especially with respect to transitions.


    • Maddie Ross :

      I feel so sporty today — commenting on this and the golf thread this morning (which is funny, because I’m not really that sporty!). Anyway, I’ve done several sprint triathlons and I love them. They are so much fun and it’s a great group of people who participate in and run these events. In a sprint tri, I’d keep your gear at the transistions to a minimum. One unique thing I keep at the swim to bike transistion is a hair brush. I have long hair and it’s worth a few seconds to me to run a brush through and get a “good” ponytail rather than deal with a rats nest later in the day. I also carry water on my bike, but do not carry on the run. In a sprint, you’ll be more than fine with what you can get at their water stops. Basically, my best advice is to make sure you arrive plenty early the morning of the race to get your spot staked out and orient yourself to your surroundings, not to mention to get your legs and arms marked for the swim. Good luck and have SO much fun!

      • Legal Marketer :

        As a fellow long-haired triathlete, have you tried a french braid or two? That is my race-day hairstyle because it keeps the tangles away and is easy to tuck under a swim cap, is flat against my head so it fits under my bike helmet and stays secure enough to keep the wispies off my face during the run. I usually throw on a visor after the bike.

        I also like to have a spare bike bottle of water at my transition spot, so if it is a beach run from the swim, I can use that bottle to squeeze water on my feet/rinse off the sand before I put on my bike shoes.

        I agree that you should try to get there as early as possible, and won’t need to carry anything with you on the run. If it’s going to be sunny, put a layer of sunscreen on your entire body right when you wake up, and another layer before you start the swim.

        Have fun!

        • Beach Bar :

          Oh, I forgot to add this to my novella–I’ve always been told by race staff not to put on sunscreen first thing in the morning because then the permanent marker they use for body marking won’t stick. So that’s just another reason to get there early, so you can get marked up and then have plenty of time to thoroughly apply sunscreen.

      • Beach Bar :

        I do my hair in a “bun” (the kind where you don’t pull your ponytail all the way through, and then wrap the elastic around one more time) at the exact spot between the bottom of my bike helmet and the bottom strap, so the hair has room to stick out there. It also fits under my swim cap, and generally stays put during the run.

        Practice is the best way to get faster in transition. You’ll develop a routine and be able to lay things out so that it’s just habit to do it in a certain order without forgetting anything. Some recommendations are to:
        -take off your swim cap and goggles while you’re running to T1 from the swim, so you’re ready to start putting bike gear on the second you get to your mat.
        -put your bike helmet on your handlebars so you don’t forget it–it’s amazing how many people do, and you’ll get yelled at to go back and get it! if you wear sunglasses, you can also set them open inside the helmet to remember to put them on at the same time.
        -find a bright, easily recognizable towel (preferably patterned, it’s more unique) and lay it over your helmet/handlebars so you can spot your bike easily while emerging from the swim “fog”
        -I like to set my socks on my shoes and have them sort of “primed”–if this makes sense, I roll the top part open so I can slide my foot right into the foot part of the sock without having to navigate a wet foot through the narrower ankle section.
        -if you don’t already use lacelocks on your running shoes, get them! I like the kind that you just thread your regular laces through and squeeze to tighten or loosen (won’t post link to avoid moderation, but TriZone sells something like this called “Squeezums”–I think you can also find plain ones in craft stores). I once lost out on 1st place in my age group by 12 seconds because I had to stop and retie my shoe–I had just got new shoes a week or two ago and not moved my lace locks over from the old pair. I stocked up after that!
        -this is something I wouldn’t recommend for your first race, but you might put it on the list to learn down the road–a lot of the experienced triathletes and pros leave their bike shoes clipped into their pedals to shave a few seconds. When they mount their bike, they just ride it with their feet sitting on top of the shoe, and after a few hundred feet when the mount line crowd has thinned, they reach down and slide one foot in at a time. Same with dismount–take your feet out one at a time a little before the line, and coast in with your feet resting on top. This also offers the advantage of not having to run on your bike shoes, which is super awkward and painful when transition is cement. I lack coordination, and I’ve done too many races with an incline right off the bat that I’d want my feet in the pedals, so I take the 5 seconds to put my feet in my shoes. But it looks so cool when other people do it :)
        -lastly, HAVE FUN! I love sprint tris :)

  5. Need an umbrella :

    How timely! I have had to step out twice today in the rain. No umbrella in my bag or my car, except for a mickey muse umbrella for my toddler. I had half a mind to use it the second time around I needed to run out in the rain. I am just going to be damp all day long instead. Sigh!

  6. someone please tell me which color of this skirt to buy! Relevant info: I have a white eyelet skirt already, but this one seems more grown-up and I like how the pattern shows best in white; I have a black skirt of this general shape but no detailing (and wear it frequently, so this one would get into the rotation); the red is cute, but what to wear with it??

    • lucy stone :

      I love it (so much that I’ll buy it when it goes on sale or I have a discount code)! I think that the white would still probably be different enough from a white eyelet skirt that you could justify it. I like the red and think it would look cute with a grey or white tee or tank.

    • Buy the white. That’s the one you love. I have had and donated red skirts many times – there is nothing to wear with them unless you are going to the republican national convention and want to dress up like Besty Ross or the flag.

  7. I also have a small umbrella in my purse at all times. And usually a change of flats in my car for days when surprise showers REALLY hit.

    TJ: I just bought a coral pencil skirt as a celebration of losing 20lbs (still more to go, though). It’s a cotton blend, so I plan on wearing it for the weekend/non-work times, but I’m kind of blanking on what would be fun to pair it with. I’ve thought maybe a mint green? Maybe a pastel yellow? Has anyone seen any cute casual tops that might be fun with this color?

    If it matters: I’m an hourglass shape, and have auburn hair and fair skin with warm undertones.

    • My personal favorite color combo with coral is turquoise, and it sounds like that would be super cute with a turquoise top on you. Also cute would be the colors you mentioned of course, as well as maybe some fun stripes or polka dots or patterns.

    • phillygirlruns :

      i just wore a coral skirt last week with a tan/khaki blazer, white shirt and red statement necklace – i was sort of test-driving the tan blazer, so i kept things generally simple. i’m thinking navy and kelly green for other color tops, or a neutral blazer (tan, chocolate brown, navy) with accessories (necklace, scarf, whatever) in just about any color – red was great, but i’m thinking greens, purples, all shades of blue. i tried it with a yellow button-down and it didn’t look right on me, but that might be my coloring.

    • Charlotte :

      One of my favorite color combinations is coral/white/navy. Maybe a short-sleeved navy top or sweater? Or a navy and white striped top, for a more nautical look?

    • I think a lot of shades of blue would look fun with coral – navy, royal , turquoise, dark teal, sky, tiffany. I also think mint, lime, tangerine, and yellow would look good too, but I might throw in gray, black, navy or another darker neutral in there to keep from looking too Easter-y. But then, pastels aren’t my thing. If you’re into that look though, go for it.

    • Thanks, ladies!

      As someone who is just recently jumping on the color bandwagon, I very much value having a second (or sixth) opinion on what colors work. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if I’m just overwhelmed by color choices, or if something actually looks off.

      As usual, hive to the rescue!

  8. Time to plead for your insight. I’ve been, as you may know, job-hunting as my current position is up at the end of June. I have two solid leads on jobs; one I really want, one that I don’t want, but that just gave me a third-round interview offer. Back in November, I also applied to be a language assistant in Spain, as kind of the ultimate back-up. It doesn’t pay much, but assistants work under 15 hours a week, and you know, Spain and stuff.

    I was just accepted as a language assistant. At this point, I would basically be ready to say f-you to the job search, and take it. I want to work in international education, so it’s not a step back, either, since I’d try to volunteer/intern/whatever with a local study abroad provider while I was there.

    However, my car broke down last week, and not the kind of “broke down” where you’re kind of okay driving for a few months. The cost of the repairs will take my savings account below the point where I would feel comfortable committing to Spain, especially as I have to bring my dog, too–it’s not like I’d be starving alone, there’s another creature dependent on me for subsistence (not to mention airfare). I have four paychecks left. No matter how much I clamp down on spending, they will not be enough to make up the difference.

    What the f-ing f do I do? I want to go so badly. I almost started crying at my desk when I saw the email, because this is my dream–but sometimes dreams don’t work out, and I am at my core a realist. I have five business days (seven calendar days) to accept or reject the region in Spain where I was placed. I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what the right choice is.

    • I’m normally not the type of person to suggest that you borrow money from someone else, but, can you ask your parents (or a sibling) for help? Can your parents loan you the money for your car, with the understanding that you’ll pay them back slowly over time? Or, would you be able to stomach the interest rate if you put the repair on your credit card and paid the balance off over time?

      • I actually applied for another credit card last month (so I could have extra credit to build my rating, not because I was broke or anything) and have 0% interest on it until next May. So really–I can handle it. I just hate not paying off my balance in full every month, because I feel like if I let it go it could spiral out of control really quickly. But gosh darnit, situations like these are why people have credit cards, right?

    • Dog in spain :

      Have you already research the quarantine requirements for bringing a dog into Spain? Some countries require several weeks/months of quarantine before you can have your pup/kitty with you.

      • Yup, researched this exhaustively. Spain and the US are in the same rabies zone. There’s no quarantine.

    • Do you absolutely need the car? Otherwise, why not see if you can sell it or whatever for whatever value you can get for it — and then figure out a car when you get back.

      You also may need to look into whether you can actually take your dog with you. The rules regarding international dog transit are pretty strict. Do you have a back-up plan if you can’t bring your dog?

    • Anonsensical :

      Can you come up with a quickie part-time gig to scrape together whatever cash you need? How’s your credit? I had a car emergency not long ago and was able to get a store credit card that gave me 6 months at 0% interest, which turned my $800 brake job from impossible to doable in $150/month increments (just watch out for the terms on those cards – sometimes if you don’t have the entire balance paid by the end of the promotional period, they tack the interest onto the entire original balance instead of just what you’ve got left.)

      • If going to Spain is your dream, you need to find a way to make it work. Get a second job, sell some stuff, borrow the money… whatever you need to do.

    • When would you leave for Spain? Can you get by until then without a car? This is obviously easier in some places than others. How much will it cost to fix the car? If you absolutely need a car, can you buy a junker car to get you by until you leave for Spain (maybe cheaper than fixing your car)? Bike, borrow friends’ cars, hitch rides.

      I say, if this is your dream, go for it. Don’t let this car thing get in the way.

      • TurtleWexler :

        Even renting a car for a couple weeks may be cheaper than trying to fix yours. Some rental companies have great deals on weekly or monthly rental periods, depending on where you’re located.

    • Also, if you have old electronics around the house that you’re not going to need (not to mention furniture), you’d be surprised how much you can make selling them on line. Gazelle and the like is nice and easy for electronics and then obviously craigslist for furniture. Could help fund part of the trip at least. :-)

    • Absolutely – follow your dream to Spain. See if you can do without a car until you take off. As I recall you’re in your twenties. Go to Spain now. Live on pennies now. There will never be a better time in your life to do this.

      (but make sure Spain is really your dream and not just your escape clause because job hunting is no fun.)


      • Oh, Spain’s the dream. Job hunting is what I feel like I should be doing because I am a Responsible Person who Makes Good Choices. Went to the in-state public school instead of my dream school because it was cheaper. Accepted a job I didn’t really want so I wouldn’t graduate from college without one. Was the first of my friends to get an IRA. Saved enough of my paltry salary that I could spend last summer in Spain, without putting a dime on a credit card.

        Basically the only semi-impulsive thing I’ve done in the last four years of my life was getting my dog.

    • new york associate :

      If Spain is your dream, then sell the car and go. If a new job in the US is your dream, use the job as a language teacher to parlay your way into speeding up the process — call the other two jobs in question and see if you can get them to move any faster by explaining that you have another job offer.

    • Go to Spain! If you don’t do it now, you never will, and you’ll probably regret it. There are lots of good suggestions here for finding a way to make it through the transition financially. These suggestions may or may not be exactly on point, since only you know all the details of your situation, but I say — do whatever you must to make it work!

    • Another Sarah :

      I did the assistantship in France, and it was the best. job. ever. on. the. face. of. the. Earth. Go. To. Spain. And, if you’re worried about leaving the job search, stop – you’re so much more interesting for having done this that you’ll be fine. The fact that you can challenge yourself such that you’ll ship yourself off to a foreign land to teach random foreign children is an excellent trait – most people would be terrified.

      Do you absolutely NEED the car? Can you live at the school in Spain (where it’s probably going to be super cheap) and so be able to afford food better? Also, you probably won’t spend as much on food as you would here – I was able to get lunch at the school for about 1.50Euro a day, and your school may have kind of the same set up.

      • Sadly, I do need the car, and don’t think I’d be able to live at whatever my school is; haven’t heard about any Spanish auxiliares doing that, and I’ve read everything there is to read. Food is blessedly cheap. I guess I’m more worried about increasing my exposure to Zara…

    • Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies. I think I’m going to try to get myself (and the furry not-so-little monster) there. I will be putting some furniture on Craigslist for sure. Unfortunately, I can’t go without a car–there’s no viable public transportation where I live–but I do have a credit card with 0% APR until May of next year, so I can just throw all the car stuff on that, and chip away at it from there. I’ll be contacting friends who work in food service to see if they can get me a job for the summer.

      I hope they don’t offer me the stateside job I actually want, or I’ll be even more of a mess than I am now. Big sigh.

      • It sounds like the Spain gig something similar to what my bil is currently doing (my sis tagged along for the ride). They are coming home next month. He spends 15 to 20 hours a week talking english to students & loves it.

        He has been able to make some more money teaching English while in Spain – something you may want to look into, especially if the assistant position is only 15 hours a week.

        Good luck – I hope you can make it work!

  9. I always carry an umbrella with me. I keep one on my laptop bag and in my car. I have found some name brand umbrellas and TJ Maxx and Marshalls for decent prices. My faves are the ones that auto-open and auto-close.

  10. lucy stone :

    One million thank yous to everyone who recommended Amlactin for keratosis pilaris. I’ve used it for three days and my little red bumps are now little flesh colored bumps just in time for our wedding in 12 days! :)

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I seriously need to remember to use mine. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

      • lucy stone :

        Thanks! The Amlactin hasn’t made it go away but it has definitely reduced the size and color of the bumps. I’m going to use it for two days then take a break for two since that seems to be working.

  11. Can anyone suggest brands/stores that run SMALL? Odd request, I know, but my waist is tiny and I have to get literally everything taken in, which is pricey. I am particularly looking for pencil skirts/pants. Skirts, I can usually get away with a petite 00, but I am a tad bit too tall (5’5″) for petite pants, and regulars literally hang off me.

    • I’ve found that J-Crew/Madewell (especially Madewell) runs a bit small — especially depending on the cut.

      Some of the brands that trend younger also tend to trend smaller too, but its hard to necessarily find high quality stuff there. But have you checked out the “juniors” section to find some slacks — they might have some basics that would work and would trend towards a skinnier figure.

      • I usually hit the “juniors” section for casual clothes, but have yet to find any decent professional attire there. Usually the pants are too stretchy/polyester/cheap looking, and the skirts a bit p*rn star secretary.

        I’ll check out Madewell, I haven’t tried there, but I haven’t had much luck with JCrew.

    • Check out the blog ExtraPetite. She sometimes score great things from the J. Crew kids line.

    • I second the recommendation for extrapetite.

      I was in your position for several years (before that blog existed) – 00, 5’4″. I basically just had everything tailored, never managed to find anything in my size – hope it works out better for you. Good luck!

      • I think H&M runs really small. I am a 2 or 4 in most mall stores and I can’t ever fit into a 4 in H&M. Even in skirts.

        • I find that H&M runs small but also varies a lot. Just because the blue shirt fits me in an 8 does not mean that the green one of the same style fits the same way. Try every single piece on.

          • Yep, H&M varies wildly. I also am not thrilled with the quality of their clothing. I’ve had a few items from there that have fallen apart after one wear.

    • Alanna of Trebond :

      I am more or less your size (although maybe a little bigger, 0 rather than 00, and 5’6″)–I buy from Zara, Elie Tahari, Theory, ASOS, Forever 21. (Ann Taylor, Jcrew, etc. are usually too big.)

    • Mango runs small. They have some physical stores in the US, but not many.

      • As a rule of thumb, I’ve found that Spanish brands tend to run small (Zara, Mango but also Morgan or Desigual). True for shoes, too.

  12. I need color advice. I bought a Boden skirt last year that I still haven’t worn – it’s a pencil skirt, med/light gray background with a neonish yellow silhouette floral pattern (, if that makes sense – solid yellow shapes of mainly long vertical stalks and leaves and a few flowers here and there). I cannot decide what to wear with it. I am probably going to end up with a white button down shirt and some sort of colorful heels but I feel like there must be better options.

    • Oh! Here’s a link. The background is actually much darker than it looks in the picture, more medium than light gray.

      • I actually like both the light purple and the pink that they use in those pictures.

        I think white is a fun neutral to try (especially if you throw in a bright necklace. I think navy might also dress it up a little or in the winter black. Or you could try a lighter or a darker yellow, not sure how that would work.

        • Oh, I hadn’t noticed the light purple! That could work. I tried the pink bc I liked it in the picture, too, but on me it seemed like a LOT of color craziness for my office.

  13. TurtleWexler :

    I had one of the Totes umbrellas pictured, and it bit it pretty quickly. The ribs are just so flimsy, and it’s almost impossible to fold up so I think I damaged them that way in addition to trying to use it on a slightly windy day. It’s fine as an emergency umbrella, but definitely not suited to much more than that.

    I used to have a sturdier Totes that wasn’t much bigger but had auto-open and was a lot nicer to use. Sadly, I can no longer find it and it’s like twice the price of the one above so I haven’t replaced it yet. Of course, here in the PNW we just put our hoods up — umbrellas are for tourists, haha.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I seriously miss that about the PNW. I feel like I need to teach umbrella etiquette in NYC because unfortunately it is totally necessary to use an umbrella to get to and from the train.

      • I miss that about the PNW too. Everyone here in D.C. whips out their umbrellas the moment it starts to mist, and then I have to dodge them all day.

        • Jessie Leichtling :

          I live in Maryland and it seems like it’s the norm for everyone in Montgomery County too going too and from the bus and subway and just making a short walk across the street. I just laugh at all the cheap umbrellas and not so cheap ones flipping up and pull up my hoodie and turn-up my I-pod which is currently playing a long list of Pink Floyd, Queen, Skid Row and Lita Ford. Lol!

      • TurtleWexler :

        The funny thing is that the sidewalks here are about four times as wide as those in the East Coast city I recently moved from, so being in a sea of umbrellas would be far less hazardous here. I don’t miss having to do duck-and-dodge maneuvers, though!

        • Sydney Bristow :

          I swear I’m going to lose it if I get poked in the face one more time even while doing the duck-and-dodge maneuver.

    • Ha! I’m so glad I moved to the PNW. I never liked umbrellas, and now I fit right in. :)

  14. No Name, Just Shame :

    TJ re Friendship: Although I am utterly ashamed to admit this, I am asking for your suggestions for rectifying this situation. My good friend (we lunch almost every month and share very good rapport; I hosted a bridal shower for her, she a baby shower for me) had twins in February, and aside from an immediate congratulations at the news, I have done nothing to reach out. Part of this has been almost literally no time (FT job, 2 little kids, church responsibilities), and part of this is attributable to awkwardness on my part. I have struggled with the symptoms of introvertedness and indecisiveness my whole life, and sometimes I can overcome them, through sheer force of will, but somehow this time I feel paralyzed. Part of the problem with me is that every time I thought to call, I talked myself out of it, as it might be a bad time. I considered emailing, but it was her work email, so I wasn’t sure whether it got to her. I could have texted, I suppose, but as time wore on, it seemed less and less appropriate.

    I am thinking that she is probably back at work now (yes, this much time has passed). What can you suggest that I can do to get back on the right foot with her. Obviously I can either call or email, but should I do something else? Perhaps a gift for the girls? I did get them nice gifts at the shower. Am I obsessing too much about this? I don’t know. Please help, and admonish me appropriately.

    • Just call (or email), whatever is easy for you to get done. Invite her (and the babies) over for lunch or brunch or whatever, or offer to pick up some takeout and bring it to her, if it’s easier to meet at her place (thus not having to load up the babies). Or offer to get out of the house with the kids – just let her know you’ve been thinking of her and hope she’s been doing well. It’s not a ton of time in the grand scheme of things – and her schedule has likely been a bit crazy as well, having to adjust to 2 newborns.

    • Girl. First of all, you are probably over thinking this. She had twins in February! She is not sitting around obsessing about who has e-mailed her and who hasn’t! She has two mouths br*ast-feeding right now!!

      But…just send an e-mail. Say, hey! The twins are three months old. I know you must be exhausted. But do you want to grab coffee some time? And if she says she’s totally not ready to right now, take that as what it is, and get back to her in another month or two. But don’t make the first e-mail some sort of mea culpa, that’ll just make it awkward.

    • Okay, thanks, guys — just emailed her! This was the kick in the pants I needed. I appreciate especially that TCFKAG pinned me as overthinking. I tend to do this a lot too.

      • Just know that you’re not alone in over-thinking – I do this all the time!

      • Go you! If it helps, I do this all the time too and this thread is reminding me that I just need to e-mail a long-distance friend I’ve been neglecting.

  15. Styling help needed! :

    What top to wear with these pants? Link to follow. Thanks in advance!

    • Styling help needed! :

    • Former MidLevel :

      Any neutral (solid or print). Personally, I would pair it with a black-and-white print.

  16. Gooseberry :

    Saw an amazing shirt on someone at a party this weekend, and wondering if anyone has seen it or knows where it might come from. It was a silk (looking), long sleeve, button-down in a cream-ish color with a print of adorable yellow bicycles. I could not stop thinking about how much I loved that shirt as I walked home from the party! Anyone?

    • anthro to the rescue :


    • Boom goes the dynamite.

      • Oh! And this morning I saw a girl wearing the cutest cat skirt to (what I assumed was) work or school. It was awesome, I mean, it was no shark shorts, but it was awesome. This reminded me that I should look it up.

      • Gooseberry :

        I kid you not, I could kiss you! Sweet — I wish it was cheaper, but I really must have it. I must.

      • Ha ha. I *knew* I had seen that shirt somewhere and could not remember where. Its even saved in “My Favorites”

      • SpaceMountain :

        Love! And there’s a scarf in that print, too . . .

  17. I’m going to an outdoor graduation in DC later this week. Forecast says 40% chance of rain. How do you dress around this? Do you just take an umbrella and forget about keeping your legs dry? Or is there some sort of McGuyver solution out there? My mom suggested making a “blanket” out of trash bags or something, but I’m also worried about being super hot under impermeable black plastic.

    • Just let your legs get wet. It should be fairly warm so you’ll dry quickly.

    • A blanket of trash bags? Unless it’s the acid rain from that volcano movie with Pierce Brosnan (Dante’s Peak?) that caused the grandmother’s legs to melt, I really wouldn’t worry about it.

    • Couldn't Wait to Quit :

      Wear a skirt or dress – you can dry your legs a lot more easily than you can dry out soaked pants cuffs. Also, wear shoes that can be ruined – if you don’t have something that could get trashed maybe buy one of those really cheap pairs of folding flats they sell at CVS.

    • I would think light weight white plastic trash bags are much more appropriate for a spring graduation than heavier black plastic trash bags.

    • If it’s the same school I went to that has its graduation on the Mall, there’s a rain site if it’s truly pouring. If it’s not raining hard enough for that, just wear a skirt and crap shoes (seriously, I promise no one will notice or care if you’re in flip flops).

  18. MaggieLizer :

    My summer associate mentee is dazzlingly handsome. I introduced myself and almost swooned when our eyes locked. I recovered and avoided making eye contact by staring at his eyebrows. His shapely eyebrows… sigh…. I also redirected all attempts at personal conversation for fear of giggling flirtatiously or being super awkward. I have to go to dinners and lunches and such with this kid. How do I hold it together (for at least the next 3 weeks)??? TIA!

    • Try to think of him as your little brother. Develop sisterly affection. I mean sisterly affection in your head, not overtly towards him. Just enough that it will replace the other kind of affection in other parts of your body.

      • I successfully did this with a younger quasi-assistant coach on my XC team. I just decided I was going to stop feeling like I was constantly walking a line between ignoring him, breaking down and flirting, and ignoring him again–and started treating him like the bratty little bro I never had. We even look enough alike that people occasionally think we’re actually siblings! It’s great. (If a little creepy.) So MaggieLizer, it can be done! I believe in you!

    • new york associate :

      Obviously, you should hold it together — but you could also consider pulling a MObama and marrying the guy!

      • That’s what I was going to say, but you best wait until he’s not your summer associate mentee anymore! Lol.

    • Former MidLevel :

      Just breathe and remember that he is just a person behind that (hot) facade. Right now, you are in a supervisory (at least sort of) position and definitely should keep things professional. but for what it’s worth, I think it will seem *more* awkward if you avoid anything personal for the whole summer. It will be okay. :)

    • The only plus to him being devastatingly attractive (rather than just say, moderately handsome) is that when I am confronted with men that attractive, I get so awkward, there’s no way they could ever return my crush. ;-). Cuts down on the possibilty of hanky-panky. But you should totally take stealthy pictures of him and then start a “my hot summer associate” hey girl tumblr. :-P. (dont really do that…that’d just be creepy.)

      • MaggieLizer :

        The girls at his law school have probably already created a tumblr for him anyway. Sigh. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t lobbied so hard against the pool/beach/bathing suit-appropriate summer associate events.

  19. Divaliscious11 :

    Did Totes ever take care of that not letting hourly employees have time to pump issue from a few years back?

  20. Hello there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?

    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard
    on. Any recommendations?

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