Coffee Break – Waves Cashmere and Silk-Blend Scarf

We Are Owls Waves cashmere and silk-blend scarfHmmn: I have never heard of the brand “We Are Owls” before today, but suddenly I am loving all of the scarves they have on the market right now. Case in point: this beautiful blue, teal, yellow, and white cashmere and silk blend scarf. I’d wear it with a blazer, long and loose, or looped loosely once around my neck in place of a statement necklace. It’s $180 at Net-a-Porter. We Are Owls Waves cashmere and silk-blend scarf



  1. I like this one and think it would make a great addition to a white shirt. The price is a bit out of my range though.

  2. For that price you can get a scarf from any high-end designer.

  3. The Classiques Entier Painted Parsival sweater that Kat recommend quite a while back is now available from Nordstrom Rack online for $69.97. I absolutely fell in love with it (in taupe) when it was first posted. I bookmarked it and waited for the price to fall. It’s currently available in limited sizes, but different sizes have been coming in and out:

    Anyway, I ordered two sizes and received them this past weekend. I was expecting the material to be a little more “sturdy” but it was actually more like a knit afghan (not quite that loose though) than something sturdier like tweed. I still liked it, but then I put it on and it simply did not work with my wider hips. Hugely unflattering on me, unfortunately, so back they went.

    Still, wanted to post since I think a lot of people originally liked the pick but found $178 to be too much.

    • I like that you’ve kept your handle. You just got the epilator, right? What do you think?

      • The handle comes and goes. :-)

        I’m very happy with the epilator, but not ready to show off my smooth underarms yet – there’s definitely still daily growth and dark hairs just sprouting even right after epilating, but it’s a lot better than my just-shaved look so I’m holding out hope that after a few weeks of this, I get to a point where it’s further improved. If that makes sense.

        As for my legs, I’ve always been fine shaving (that’s ligher hair for me), but decided to give the epilator a try anyway. It hurt a lot more than my underarms, for some reason (I guess because I’ve been known to give tweezing a go under my arms, but never my legs) but the results are quite good. Not smooth to the touch yet, but the visual effect is very good and the regrowth is much slower.

        • Did you use anything to prevent the pain or did you jump right in? I have mine but am scared to start!

          • I took a hot bath under the theory that it would soften/loosen everything up. Not sure if it helped, but I felt more prepared.

            One tip I saw on amazon (or maybe it was even here!) was to actally shave first and then “use” the epilator, which will accomplish next to nothing in terms of hair removal, of course. But it will get you used to the sensation and maybe even pick up a few stray hairs.

          • @Hairy — given I *always* miss when shaving anyway, I think that’s how I’ll start. Thanks.

    • I ordered this too, and I 100% agree with your review. Super unflattering for anyone with hips, which is unusual for CE. Could be nice on someone with a long, straightish torso.

  4. I really like this! Would I pay $180 for a scarf? Nope. But it’s lovely to look at and I bet it’s really soft.

  5. Threadjack –

    I’m a 2L facing am ugly situation. My journal decides board positions by election, with everyone (even current board) having an equal vote. Someone I know is running for EIC, but he is the most irresponsible, flaky person I know. We served on the board of a student run organization this year and he constantly ignored his responsibilities, did everything in the last minute, and did not show up to important meetings (sometimes with excuses like needing to do laundry). He has exhibited similar behavior with regards to study groups, constantly canceling at the last second and leaving others in a lurch. Through the last year and a half, he has also spent quite a bit of time complaining about wanting to quit school, not wanting to be a lawyer, etc. A mutual friend has interned with him and said that he was the same way at work too – he would sometimes pretend not to get emails that were sent to both interns so as to avoid specific assignments (leaving the other intern with a disproportionate amount of the grunt work). He acted annoyed when he was expected to do anything he didn’t feel like doing, and was comfortable letting supervisors know that. I could go on.

    In short, I do not believe that he can do a halfway decent job running a journal. But he is a nice guy, and we are friends. I really do wish him the best, in everything, including professionally, but I can’t stand the thought of him running our (relatively new) journal into the ground.

    So what do I do? After election speeches, the candidates leave the room and everyone else has a chance to speak about them. Our journal isn’t close so most people don’t know each other and would have no way of knowing these things about him. Based on just his speech, they would have no reason not to vote for him. There is absolutely no way I can stand up in a room full of people and say what I have written here. As a friend, I just can’t back stab him like that. But as a colleague, I worry about the continued viability of the journal… I’m considering bringing this up to a current e-board member, because I have no idea what else to do.

    I’d love any and all advice… thanks in advance, Corporettes!

    • I think you can speak to what you personally know first-hand about him. You’ve been on a board with him, it was not a good experience. Were you in the study groups with him? The internship, IMO, should not be mentioned unless the friend who told you is also on the journal. In that case, that friend should speak up about what he knows. Again, stick to first-hand facts, only.

      Another option: you could ask him now why he wants to be EIC, given his concerns about not wanting to practice law and thoughts of dropping out. Let him know now you have concerns. Maybe find some way to say that apparently, being on the other board was a lot of work, is he ready for that again? That way, if you say something later in the close-door session, it’s not a shock to him, he’s had a chance to have his say in response to you.

      • Thanks for the advice. I tried to bring up my concerns, but got attacked for being unsupportive. Sigh!

    • I would bring it up to an e-board member, probably most appropriately the outgoing EIC, and explain the situation to them. They might be able to share your comments anonymously, or read a note from you. In general, anonymous criticism should be discredited, but in the circumstances here I think people will understand (even if they still take the comments with a grain of salt).

    • Can you get up and say positive things about the other EIC candidate(s) instead?

    • Emma is right on – you should talk with a current e-board member. They probably have figured out that he’s flaky anyway (missing cite checks, missing student note, etc), and our outgoing journal e-board always got to put in their two cents at the board elections.

    • I agree with others that you should stick to first-hand knowledge. I don’t really think you’re the right person to speak about his internship because you weren’t there. I work somewhat as a liaison in my current job and hear similar complaints all the time from both sides and take them with a grain of salt. Talk about your experience working with him on the board and how he had attendance problems, procrastinated, and didn’t fulfill his duties as a board member.

      I wouldn’t necessarily bring up any comments about him hating the law or wanting to drop out of law school. I think most of my friends in law school felt that way at some point during their law school career, and I know practicing attorneys who admit they hated law school, went for all the wrong reasons, and when they started practicing, they found they really did like the law after all.

    • Quite frankly you sound wayyyyy overly concerned. Do you have some kind of personal interest in this? Whatever flaws your “friend” (who you are so willing to stab in the back) has are noticed by everyone else in the student body who knows him. As are yours. Word gets around. “Outing” this gentleman in any way is going to make you look like a major b****.

      • I’m concerned because I am a member of this journal and hope to continue to be involved. As such, I’d like what is best for the organization, and that includes competent, dedicated leadership that I don’t think this person will provide. Unfortunately, as I point out in my original post, my school is large and the journal membership is not close, so others on it are highly unlikely to know anything about this – if it were generally known, I would not have to worry about anything.

        My concerns are exactly what you point out – I know that by saying anything I am being a bad friend, but I am trying to balance that with what I feel is a duty to the journal and the ither members. How will I look if next year this person does a horrible job and others, knowing that I know him, come to me and ask me why I didn’t voice any concerns during elections?

        I appreciate your thoughts, anyway.

        • Former EE :

          Anon, EIC is a huge deal, and when the EIC doesn’t tow the line, the rest of the board gets bogged down. You absolutely should speak up, whether at the actual elections or to the former EIC. I agree that you should only mention what you know first hand, but in the interest of self-preservation, you should say something.

    • Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I will bring this up with a current e-board member and try to keep it as confidential. I’ll only offer in evidence the information that I know firsthand – I was only mentioning the other stuff here to support my main point that this is a pervasive issue and not a one-off occurrence.

      My best hope, is that the flake does what he does best – flake – and decides not to run…

      Thanks again!

  6. Job Hunting in LA :

    Threadjack – I just interviewed for a paralegal position at a Biglaw firm. I am really interested in the position, and I think the interview went well. I interviewed with four associates and one partner (separate, short interviews). Should I send thank you notes to all five (I think yes). Should the notes be handwritten, typed, or emailed? If handwritten, can I use notecards?

    • E-mail. I’ve too often heard of (and experienced as an interviewer) snail mail being too late to matter (i.e., that the interviewers havve already met and made a decision). I usually go straight home from interviews, wait about an hour from the end of my last interview, and fire off my thank yous.

    • Not comfy on my couch but wish I was :

      The general consensus here usually disagrees with me but I sent thank you notes writted in business letter style and mailed them regular mail to each person who interviewed me. I made sure to discuss something from the interview in the letter. Joe, you mentioned you want to adopt a Golden Retriever. I just saw one at the local shelter and wanted to mention it to you. Etc. That was after the “thank you for your time…..” stuff and before the, “I’m really excited about the possibility of working for your firm.” Again, these are not direct quotes or anything. I ended up getting the job, though I’m not sure how much my notes had to do with anything. I have since been involved in the hiring process and noticed that many sent no note, most emailed, and a couple did business letters. Only one, male, did a handwritten notecard (with his school’s logo as the design.) I think those that got hired had all done some form of note.

      Aside from whether it will get you hired, thank yous are generally appreciated. It is really time consuming to interview people. Those billables have to be made up. I enjoyed receiving a thank you note and it made me think fondly of the person I interviewed.

      • Not comfy on my couch but wish I was :

        Obviously that should say “written.” Also, my firm moves SLOWLY in hiring so YMMV.

    • I think e-mail is fine, especially since you interviewed with so many associates. This is sad, but as an associate, I am suspicious of anyone who thinks I’m important enough to warrant a handwritten thank you. Plus, e-mail is more immediate and hiring decisions in Biglaw often happen very fast.

    • I agree with those saying email. It’s quick, so it is more likely to get to them before they’ve made their decisions about you.

      If you do go with snail mail, I would go with a typed business-style letter. I know there are those who disagree with me, but I think handwritten notes seem unprofessional.

    • Email all 5 of them, and do it ASAP, because they are probably interviewing multiple people in the next few days.

  7. PSA for anyone looking for a business cas work dress — Kat featured this dress a long while ago, and while poking around on the Nordstrom website, I found a great sale on select colors:

    More colors (and reviews) for full price:

    • Cute dress, but what color is Jam (the sale price dress)? It looks like black, but I suppose it could be a dark purple? The full price link has a black option, so the Jam color probably isn’t black.

  8. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on recommendations for plus sized clothing.
    I will say that my ass is plus sized– but the rest of me is “regular” sized! hahaha

  9. Just a little rant. The Agency in charge of IT in my state and for my agency upgraded the internet filtering software next week. And now Corporette is blocked. Along with my bank, the IRS, other legit work websites. And of course any site that sells anything. Boo!

    That new iPhone is looking better and better to me.

    • that would be *last* week, not next week.

    • Yes, SuperBoo! My firm’s IT dept blocked Corporette last fall (while of course still leaving open Sportsjam, Fantasy Football galore and all manner of other totally work inappropriate sites) and I was just livid. I suppose that I am more *focused* these days but I miss my coffee breaks here!

      • yeah, that’s the thing. With the NCAA tournament starting, the sports sites are available, but this one isn’t. I’ll probably get a lot more done and spend a lot less money now. I guess that’s good. But I’m going to miss my breaks during the day.

  10. Hello fellow corporettes –

    This is my first post, and it’s a threadjack, so forgive me! I’m hoping someone might be able to recommend a sturdy, simple brand for pantyhose. I used to buy the cheap L’Eggs Silken whatever brand, and I thought they were pretty good for the money, but I can’t find them anywhere anymore. Oh – I’m a devout thigh-high wearer, won’t wear anything else. Now I buy a pair from Hanes that I get at Target. They’re $7/pair, which wouldn’t be too bad if they weren’t also the flimsiest crap I’ve ever encountered! I keep my toenails neat, I store them in their original packaging, I’m mindful of surfaces that might snag them, but inevitably by the end of the day I end up with runs from my toes/ankles/calves shooting up to my thighs. I’m getting really frustrated and am hoping someone can recommend a decent brand that’ll last for more than one wear? I know runs are inevitable but if I could get a few weeks or even – dare I dream – a few months out of a pair, I’d be delighted. Thanks!

    • Assets, the Target version of Spanx, are kind of pricey ($10-15/pair), but they seem to hold up well. Don’t know if they make thigh highs though

    • I buy from OneHanesPlace. They probably won’t last any longer, but at those prices I don’t mind when they run so much.

    • I love Hue, but I wear regular pantyhose, not thigh highs. I get it at Macy’s or My favorites are the No Waistband pantyhose, but they also make thigh highs.

      • I wear thigh highs too (can’t stand the thought of being sucked in all day) and I really like the Hue “pretty details” french lace thigh high. It’s a bit pricier, but I bought a few pairs before I started work in the summer, and I haven’t gotten runs in them yet. They also stay up ALL day.

        • For years now, no, a decade, I’ve been buying all sorts of hosiery from out of Canada. You have to anticipate as the shipping is a bit slower (customs and borders) but the variety and prices are comparable, and often less, than dept. store prices. I prefer Italian (Filodoro) and Spanish styles, but YMMV. The shop owner, Nicole, is very knowledgable and helpful. Yes, they also sell a good variety of tights as well – I know it’s still cold lots of places. Not an owner nor shareholder, just a very happy long-term client.

          • Anon to hide location :

            Eek! Just tried to check it out because I’m on the hunt for an Italian brand of tights I love, but it was blocked by work as a “lingerie and swimwear” site!

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