Coffee Break: Daisy Ballet Flat

Daisy Ballet Flats | CorporetteReaders have been swearing by the beloved AGL flats for a thousand years — but they often look a bit on the clunky side. If you’re looking for a sleeker ballet flat that is also super comfortable, these newer flats from AGL look great — we’ve pictured them in the black leather, but they’re also available in navy leather, white leather, pink suede, and “black shimmer suede.” They’re $299, available in sizes 4-13. Daisy Ballet Flat

Psst: Looking for more comfortable ballet flats? Check out our last roundup, with prices starting at $49.

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  1. Anonymous :

    I know a lot of you are cautious when it comes to photos of your kids on social media. I’m expecting and am in the process of finding a photographer for newborn photos. All the decent photographers in our area have a heavy social media presence and share their pictures – including newborn photoshoots – on their public Facebook and Instagram profiles. Is it reasonable to request that our child not be featured anywhere online? Is this something we should get in writing in the contract? As someone who works in PR, I’m sensitive to the fact that social media is an important way photographers grow their business, but I really do not want images of our child, especially any where her face is visible, posted on publicly accessible web pages. I would be ok with the photographer displaying prints in their studio or in a portfolio they show to prospective clients. My main concern is really just digital images, because they can be copied and shared so easily and can quickly fall into the wrong hands.

    • Anonymous :

      This is for a newborn? If her name is not on there, is she really going to be that discernible? No snark intended.

    • Absolutely a reasonable request and if the photographer is not OK with it, then you have your answer and should move on. Consider whether you are ok with photos not of his/her face, but say those chubby tiny baby feet – that might be a compromise. But if you are still uncomfortable with that, it is still a totally normal request. Some may require you to buy the rights, FYI.

      I am getting married in a few months and have a deal with the photographer about this because it’s an issue with a lot of other photographers I have seen. I also stipulated that no faces (of us or guests) or personal details can be in photos they sell to the vendors. So our florist will only have photos of the room and flowers, not of flower girls with the flowers. A friend of mine had a photographer that took a photo of the invitation along with the envelope addressed to her parents’ house and posted that all over social media and then sold it to the stationer’s who also posted it all over social media. To her horror, her parents’ names and addresses were posted everywhere and they were really difficult about taking them down because of what was in the contract. Unreal!

      • We did the exact same thing for our wedding. Our photographer removed it from our contract without complaint.

    • My comment was eaten, but yes a 100% normal and reasonable request. We did this with our wedding photographer.

    • People ask for this – put it in the contract (or likely he/she will give you a media waiver to sign – don’t agree to it). I’ve had friends agree to a selection of pics being posted – not the entire shoot – IF the name won’t be associated with the pics at all AND if there won’t be any pics of parents + kids on the website (so no one can put together whose kid it is). Then you just have pics of a random newborn. That to me seems harmless. Yes pics of your 2 week old are out there, but he/she looks like every other infant and no one has any clue who he/she is.

    • cake batter :

      Some foster parents get pictures taken of their foster babies, who under many states’ laws can’t have their faces posted online. I’ve seen a number of photographers of these babies post either artsy side profiles, hand/feet shots, or similar angles where the child is not identifiable. This seems like a reasonable compromise, if you’re open to it.

  2. Someone posted on the other thread that she advises younger women not to be baking cookies for meetings or running bake sales, lest they be known for that rather than professional work. Let me add to that – drives me crazy when my female junior associates jumping on admin tasks like binder making, photocopying etc. We’re attorneys and we all get that sometimes you just need to throw together a binder and that is a junior associate task, yet I’ve never seen a male junior jumping to get it done yet I’ve seen plenty of women assume they will do it not their equivalent male peer. Had to talk with a mentee at one point bc we were staffed together on a case, I was much senior and traveling a lot, the partner would raise things that needed to needed to be done at the office like research and brief writing (and he was aware and ok that she’d take on a lot of those tasks despite being junior bc I was on the road). She literally would defer on the substantive work until he or I specifically said to do the research but would unnecessarily volunteer for admin tasks. Had to talk to her about how her male 2nd yrs peers jump at the opportunity to write a draft of a summary judgment brief bc their 8th yr is gone all week – thus they get experience much faster . . . .

    • Sounds like you gave her some sound advice.

    • Never too many shoes... :


    • I am currently digging myself out of a hole and was punished because I was given way too much admin work. I was told to work a ceiling amount of hours. I have no attorneys beneath me. Basically I will ask for help now but I do not want to do the admin work and ask help on the legal work. I work with all men and would have loved this advice early on (8th year now, still only woman).

    • I bake Christmas cookies and brought some along for a training I did. Team loved them. They appreciated them. I am a human with a life outside of work- I like baking – it was a great way to bond. But I am well established in my position.

    • lawsuited :

      I frequently volunteer my male peers for these kinds of tasks – “I’m sure John could put together the trial binder” or “Why not let Mark organize the materials for that seminar?” Just thinking about it makes me LOL.

  3. Hi all–seeking advice for anyone who’s relocated from NYC to LA. I’m graduating from law school in May, and seriously entertaining the thought of moving out there since it’s a transitional time anyway. Besides general moving advice, how would that work career-wise? I have fairly good grades, I’m on law review, and I’ve been at my current internship for almost a year, but I don’t come from anything close to a T14 school. I don’t currently have anything lined up for after graduation (I know, I know).

    Is there any chance of getting a job out there? Would it be smarter to take the bar here, get whatever work I can, and then lateral in a few years? Is there any hope of moving there, taking out a bar loan, and just throwing myself into it and hoping I find a job after I take the bar? What would you do?

    • Secondary question, while I’m drafting a novel anyway:

      if I were to move there, take the CA bar, and then have to find whatever legal assistant/starbucks/paralegal job I can get to pay the bills, will I be able to find anything after that, given 6 months-1 year of underemployment? I can’t imagine that would look good.

    • Why not apply to jobs in both markets simultaneously? Take the bar of wherever you have gotten a job.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        I like this idea.

        Remember that CA is really unfriendly to attorneys from other states: no reciprocity.

    • Decide 100% if you want to be in Ca. now or ever – and if there’s the slightest chance, take that bar. Look it up but I’m almost positive you can waive in from Ca. to NY if you change your mind; you can never waive into Ca. Under employment certainly won’t help your cause — why not start applying to “regular” jobs across the entire state rather than assuming you need to settle for a paralegal job. Also – too late for fed clerkships, but what about at the state level? If you can get in anywhere for a 1-2 yr clerkship, take it, and it then becomes a good entry to a local firm.

    • I have made that exact move. The industry is crazy here and the bar situation s*cks for most. Please make sure you’re okay with the housing prices and the realities of traffic here. Numerous friends decided that paying a fortune for LA prices plus 90+ mins each way in traffic on top of a 12 hr work day was a deal breaker, but felt stuck because they’d just gotten settled.

  4. Anon for this :

    Looking for a recommendation for a psychiatrist in San Diego. Someone close to me needs to be seen for anxiety and possible meds. They are in therapy but it’s not doing the trick at the moment. Thanks in advance.

    • Wildkitten :

      If it’s this person’s first time on meds, it can often be easier to see a primary care physician and get on the most commonly recommended generic drugs. If those don’t work, then it’s always good to go to a psych for a more in depth analysis of different med options or combinations.

      I say this not to discourage finding a psychiatrist but because they are often harder to get appointments with, and for the first appointment, the most common generic drug is the one usually prescribed either way. Good luck!

    • Would the therapist have a recommendation?

    • Anonymous :

      I am sure your intent is good but unless you are a medical doctor you might want to refrain from diagnosing someone with anxiety or with needing meds.

      • Anon for this :

        Hence the need for a doctor. But feel free to be as judgy as possible to someone asking for help in a rough situation.

        • Anonymous :

          Sorry about that. I think I came across all wrong. I really think your intent is good, but having been told by a friend that I was basically off my rocker when I wasn’t and just needed to vent, I am a little sensitive to people throwing around diagnoses of anxiety. I sincerely hope your friend is OK and gets through this and gets the help she needs and was just trying to take up for her a little in the event that she isn’t totally out of control.

          • Anon for this :

            Thanks for coming back. I will just say (a) my friend asked for this specific help, and (b) a diagnosis of anxiety does not equal being off one’s rocker or being totally out of control.

    • What part of San Diego? I like my PCP at Scripps Clinic Mission Valley (Paula Eisenhart) but can ask around if that is not convenient.

  5. Sad Sad Anon :

    Does anyone feel like they missed the memo? As children you are always told to be a good person, but society doesn’t actually mean it. What they really mean is pretend to be a good person, buy a SUV and live in a McMansion in suburbia, kill animals and support companies like Walmart and Amazon with atrocious labour practices. I was probably 14 when I got the memo and by that point the damage was done and I was a young environmentalist, and now at 30 I’m a giant weirdo.

    • Anonymous :

      This view comes across as closed-minded and smug, though I tend to agree with your sentiment.

    • Anonymous :

      Idk, I kill animals (not, like, personally) and still think I’m a good person. None of my friends drive giant cars or live in giant houses, because I choose to live in an urban area. I see people around me doing good with their lives all the time. It might help if you stopped viewing virtue as a checklist and opened yourself up to the rich tapestry of life, and chose to see the goodness in someone who eats meat and fights for homeless children or shops on Amazon and marches and campaigns for black lives.

      The memo you are supposed to get as an adult says the world and the people in it are not black and white.

    • newbinlaw :

      Yes. very much. I feel like a total weirdo crazy leftist hippie sometimes, and I live in LA! and I work a corporate job so its not like I’m that extreme…. people are selfish. That is my conclusion at least.

    • Given that I own an suv, have a home in suburbia, eat an omnivorous diet, and rely on amazon prime, I am clearly a bad person. Oops. Missed the memo.

    • Yes, I think about this a lot, actually. It does feel like most people do not treat others kindly, at all. Some days it’s pretty disheartening. I try to continue to be the best person that I can be. I’m hoping that it may work like dominoes and other people will follow suit. So far, I’m not sure it’s working, but I’m going to keep going.

    • Anonymous :

      You can pry my spacious home in a quiet suburban neighborhood to which Amazon Prime delivers from my cold, dead hands. By the way, we are very conscientious about things like insulation and energy usage and appreciate the quality of life that comes from a peaceful home environment. Sounds like you could use a little peace.

      • I SO Agree! Why is it that some people just can’t understand that others just want to live a good life after struggling day after day and a boring job ? I am hoping for this ideal. Does that make me a BAD person? Hardley. FOOEY for being so judgementel of others!

    • I try to be kind. I have lots of friends and really full relationships. I’m not ripping people’s throats out to get to the top of the ladder, but I’m doing fine for myself in my career. And FWIW, my husband works at amazon. In a warehouse. Not as a complete peon, but he started at a pretty low level. 5 years later he has worked his way up a few levels and has a stock portfolio of amazon stock that’s around $200k and he’s getting paid six figures at a job that only requires an associate’s degree His job can be hard, but he is also very well rewarded for it. We all make trade offs. Thnx for your pity, tho.

    • There’s some good strong opinions here, but I think the underlying question is kind of interesting — what other things do you feel like you missed the memo on (i.e. the message you thought you got growing up didn’t turn out to be right in your experience?) I was recently talking to a friend who thought that her generation was sold a bill of goods on “finding your passion” when really you should find a job that pays you and maybe your passion should be a hobby. Sometimes I feel like I missed the memo on something akin to “following the rules/doing the assignment right” etc leads to success where the reality is more complex.

      • I think women my age got some really mixed messages on ambition. When people told us, “You can do anything,” what a lot of us heard was, “You really should do everything.” I’m 36 and have spent most of my thirties deprogramming myself from that belief.

  6. Sloan Sabbith :

    I’m going to DC in about a month for a conference, and then staying the weekend after. I’ll be on my own, and want an AirBnB- I’ve stayed in the Crystal City area and didn’t mind the Uber/subway into downtown, so that would be fine, but I’m looking to stay in the 100-120 range. Safe neighborhood (including at night), near a subway station or the sights themselves- I don’t care about amenities in the apartment, but I DO NOT WANT TO SHARE A ROOM and want my own private entrance.

    I’ll be doing the tourist thing- museums, the Mall, etc. On my list to visit the Holocaust Museum, the American Indian museum, the National Cathedral, the Library of Congress, Arlington National Cemetery and the Museum of American History- might have to cut something, but for ballparks of the areas.

    Any recommendations, either specific AirBnBs or areas to stay?

    It’s my first time ever planning any sort of solo trip for myself!

    • Look it up – but I wouldn’t stay in Crystal City or anywhere in the blue/yellow line metro area within the next month as there are significant metro shutdowns due to construction. I realize you could uber, but rates for Uber go up in an area once they realize there’s heavy demand bc metro riders are taking it too. If you want to stay in Virginia – look in Roslynn, Courthouse, Clarendon bc it’s a few stops into the city (on a different line). Clarendon has the most nighttime/walking around type of activity, though I think the other 2 areas are perfectly safe too – just quieter.

    • I live here and my family usually stays in hotels, so I can’t comment on specific AirBnBs and I don’t know how much they run in what neighborhoods. But to orient you, the only neighborhood with *some* residences that is close (like under 15 mins walking) to the mall/museums is Penn Quarter. If you can stay there, great. If not, the mall is relatively far from where most of the neighborhoods are, but you can easily access it via the metro or bus. Take a look around Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle, or the western part of Capitol Hill (walkable to Capitol South or Eastern Market) for a short metro trip or a long walk to the sites.

      If you’re open to staying slightly further from the mall but still in a very safe neighborhood, look at Cleveland Park and Woodley Park. These are near the National Cathedral but not the other places you mentioned.

    • Anonymous :

      My friend has an Airbnb in the Pentagon City area – do you have an email for this s!te I could send it to?

      You may be able to find a hotel room in that area for those rates on the weekend too :-)

  7. Out of state cover letter :

    What’s a good reason to put in a cover letter for applying to jobs in a different state where you live? DH and I are 100% committed to moving to a specific new state at the end of the year. Our reasons are mainly to make a cleanish break from family business and to change climates. Those reasons don’t feel concrete enough to me and I’m concerned that we’re going to get passed over for jobs because we don’t have a better reason. We’re moving no matter what, but we’d like one of us to have a job lined up by the end of the year so we can move to that area immediately.

    • Anonymous :

      Make plans to move immediately with no jobs. You’ve been stewing over this for years. You should have savings to cover the move and significant job search time. I think it’s much to early to apply for jobs next year! When you’re 12 weeks out, just say “I am relocating to xyz effective January 1, 2018.” And then move asap and use your new address.

    • I wouldn’t put a reason but might just indicate in the letter that you’re relocating. They’ll notice that you don’t have a local address.

      Maybe check Ask a Manager?

      • Most people don’t put their addresses on their resumes anymore. But yes, put it in your cover letter that you’re moving, preferably with an actual date (even if it’s made up).

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Are you the poster who has written about trying to get out of the family business but with all sorts of complications? I’m really happy to hear you are making serious plans to get out!

      I didn’t have any luck searching for a job long distance when I was planning to move but I also didn’t have a specific moving date or reason aside from wanting to live in NYC. How did you choose the city you pick? There could be a tie worth playing up there. I also agree with the suggestion to put a clear moving date in the cover letter. Do you know anyone in the city where you are moving? Perhaps they could help introduce you to people which might get you past the quick recycling of an out of town applicant’s resume.

    • Say you are moving for family reasons?

    • How popular is the new location? Moving to LA or Chicago or Miami (to say nothing of NY, SF, or DC) without a location connection will work, but moving to Cheyenne or Biloxi will require an explanation. I have done the cross-country move to random popular city, and it has only required explaining to a totally receptive audience how awesome the city is. For friends who have moved to Minneapolis or Birmingham or St. Louis, you need to explain how you have a preexisting relationship with the city, rather than picking this LCOL city out of thin air.

  8. I have been searching for some simple black flats. Are these really worth $300? Anyone have these that can recommend them?

    • Legally Brunette :

      I love AGL flats but they’re so pricey. I recently discovered this cheaper version which is incredibly comfortable and sleek.

    • Anonymous :

      I just got a pair of Dr. Scholls flats from Nordstrom and they’re incredibly comfy and surprisingly inoffensive. I had to text my friends to make sure they’re not frumpy just because of the brand.

      I posted about Rothy’s here a while ago – I just got my first pair and I ADORE them. They’re definitely not good for wide feet though. My feet are average? They used to be narrow but I think they’re just normal width now? I can fit in Rothy’s fine but not if my feet get any wider.

    • Anonymous :

      Agreed, I like these but I’d love any dupes around ~$50… I’m very cheap and I ruin shoes easily, so I don’t like to spend too much.

    • I purchased a pair of AGL flats on deep discount and they are by far the best looking flats I own. They make anything I wear with them look dressy. Mine are purple and I’m sure the limited versatility is why they were on sale. I haven’t bitten the bullet yet to get a more wearable pair but I’d definitely consider it. They’re also comfy.

  9. anon4this :

    My best friend’s (emotionally abusive) long term boyfriend told her today that he cheated on her last weekend. Apparently a one-time thing.

    I live across the country from her, and want to be supportive as she is not prepared to tell other friends/family about this, at least not yet.

    I want to tell her to dump him ASAP but I also know my priority is to be supportive of her, regardless of her decision to stay with him or not. How can I best do this? Can anyone recommend ideas based on experience? (FWIW, they are 30 y/o, no kids, but do own a business together with relatively small debts all in her name)

    Thanks, Hive.

    • Wildkitten :

      Can you fly her out to spend the weekend with you?

      • I did check it out but it’s not in my budget right now. She is heading on a trip with another friend this Friday which I think will help, but I want to be supportive until that time.

    • Husbands who find women other than their wives to park their peckers in need to be strung up by their cohones and ridiculed by their clergymen. It is a mortal sin for a married man (or woman) to let anyone but their lawfully wedded spouse know them Biblically. Public flogging could put an end to infidelity. Am I right, Hive?

      • Anonymous :

        Speaking of trolls, LOL…at least this one was somewhat creative.

        • Right? And why exactly are we not supposed to call things out like this, or at least point and laugh and roll our eyes?

      • It’s spelled cojones.

      • Never too many shoes... :

        Um, no. No, you’re not.

      • Anonymous :

        I agree. Infidelity is wrong, whether it is a married person or someone committing adultery with a married person.

        • Especially if youre married. I agree. No extramarital affairs or you’re out, in my opinion. When you say your vows you have to mean them, not going thru a formality until you have a few drinks and wind up banging some drunk. That’s why we have marriage, to distinguish us from the rest of the animal kingdom, many of which copulate at will without any remorse.

          • I mean, I think originally the institution of marriage was created so that women would formally become property of their husbands instead of their fathers, but you do you, sweetie.

          • Anonymous :

            But seriously, if you think cheating on a spouse is OK, stay away from me and stay away from my husband.

      • Alexa, stop.

    • Wow I’m bummed about the t-rolling comments here and didn’t want to dignify them with a response, but my friend is not married which should have been clear. I just want advice about what I can do, not what she should do.

      • If she’s not married or engaged then he did not cheat. Until she gets a ring, he should be free to try others with their Nuva rings. Just be careful of STDs!

      • You can listen and sympathize with her. Give her all the listening time you can manage. Don’t try to fix it for her. (I say this because I am a huge fixer and that’s not usually what people want.) You could send her something if it’s in the budget. A pampering kit. Flowers. Food delivery. Something like that. And send her some funny texts too because she needs to laugh too.

        I would be careful about piling it on with the “he’s such a jerk. He doesn’t deserve you. I hate him” because it will be very awkward when you attend their wedding two years from now (ask me how I know)

        • And even if they don’t get back together, she probably cares or cared about this guy, and “he’s such a jerk, I hate him” may not be something she wants to hear. (It’s indirectly implying she has bad judgment).

      • I agree with Anon at 7:33 – don’t try to fix it, and don’t tell her what to do or not to do. I would definitely remind her that she is a good person, and she deserves to be treated respectfully and lovingly. I would be careful phrasing this – instead of saying “he doesn’t deserve you”, say instead “you deserve better than this treatment”. Let her know you are there for her.

  10. In-House in Houston :

    Does anyone use Rodan & Fields skincare? Does it really work? A friend is selling and the marketing materials are pretty good. But would like to know if real women use this stuff and if it works. It’s not cheap. Thanks!!

    • I think you can get better products for the price (often lower) but I also refuse to buy MLM things so YMMV

    • Anonymous :

      I bought the full regiment for dark spots plus the super pack accelerator or whatever. It all lasted me about 2 – 3 months, and I didn’t notice any difference at all. When I told the girl that on the follow up, she said, well, you really need about six months. Of course, that’s not what they say when they sell it to you! And anyway, in the meantime I had gotten an IPL and fallen in love with it, so I ditched them anyway.

    • I buy it. I use the soothe kit. I have rosacea and it’s much less of a problem when I’m using the kit. (I’m not always 100% faithful to the kit. Don’t tell Alexa above.)

  11. Bad Friend :

    How often do you all speak to your close friends– I mean really speak on the phone or meet in person, not text? I’m trying to figure out if I’m just being cold or if my friend’s expectations are unrealistic.

    A close friend and I live a few hours away from each other. We text once or twice a week back and forth, and talk on the phone maybe once every two weeks. This is plenty of contact from my point of view– I enjoy chatting and we visit when we can (once or twice a year), but I don’t have time for a long phone call every few days. She will routinely text me that she misses me when we’ve only talked three or four days prior, text me every few days, etc. If I don’t respond the same day, she’ll start asking me if I’m okay, is something bothering me, am I sick. I just tell her no– I was busy with work, or I had an event that night, or whatever it is that I was doing. But honestly it’s starting to weird me out that we could have just spoken for an hour on Saturday, but she’ll text me on Tuesday saying she misses me and wanting to have another long call.

    I really do enjoy our talks when they are at a time I can relax and concentrate on her. That just doesn’t happen every single week. As a result, I’ve started to dread her voicemails and texts because I feel guilty I can’t prioritize talking to her at the moment. Then I feel guilty for not moving around other priorities to be on the phone with her– she is dealing with some life stuff (not awful, just Life) and I know she doesn’t have a lot of other friends.

    • This ebbs and flows with different friendships for me. I’ve had friends I would be surprised to not hear from every single day for periods of time, and then that sort of fades out and we don’t talk as much for whatever reason.

      That said, I think the level of frequency you’re talking about is a pretty steady flow of communication and her expectations do seem a touch needy.

    • Anonymous :

      I think friendship is whatever you want it to be. There’s nothing wrong with just saying “I’ve got a lot going on, I’m just not available to talk more than once every couple of weeks.”

    • How old are you guys? Bc in my mid-30s experience, setting aside 1+ hr to talk isn’t something that happens often (like a few times a yr max with each friend; and even less with others who don’t want to talk on the phone and just want to text). And if it happens on Saturday, you are good for a while — reaching out again on Tues would be seen as odd/needy. The only time in my life there’s been that much talking (though it was face to face) with friends was in college and grad school – but that’s bc we lived together too; so you’d see each other at class, at home, constantly.

      • Bad Friend :

        We’re 29 and 30 so, out of college long enough to know that adult life gets busy. I think she’s being a little needy but I don’t want to hurt her feelings when she clearly just wants company. Ugh.

    • It ebbs and flows over the years, but right now, I rarely talk to most of my out of town friends, even people I consider to be close friends. I’m busy with work and a spouse and a toddler, and most of them are too. I’ll text them once every few weeks or once a month. Some friends I’ll have a long call with every few months, and some are friendships where we’ve never spent much time on the phone. One of us will visit the other, or we’ll plan a vacation together, every couple of years. I hope that in a few years, we can pick up the pace right now, but I barely have time to shower, let alone spend a lot of time texting or on the phone.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I don’t even talk to my family as much as you talk to this friend! I might jsut be a lower contact person than others though and I typically hate talking on the phone.

      My 2 best friends live on the west coast and I’m on the east coast. We text randomly every couple of weeks and talk on the phone every few months. We get to see each other in person approximately once a year although that totally varies. Each time we talk, it is like no time has passed and we pick up where we left off. We’ve actually talked about the frequency of our conversations and have come to the conclusion that it totally works for us.

      It is really similar with my family. We text randomly and I videochat with my dad for an hour or so about every 2-3 weeks. I’ve been talking to one sister more often lately because she is planning her wedding and has a long commute that she likes to spend chatting, but we probably only speak every 1.5 weeks outside of random texting.

    • My best friend moved away this summer and I would say we’ve done about one long conversation a month (an hour or more). We’ll text/Facebook in between, similar to how we would when we actually lived together, but the phone calls aren’t typically planned and more sporadic.

    • I don’t think her expectations are unrealistic, they just don’t match yours. I talk to my best friend (long distance) every few months on the phone, but we text/gchat constantly. I just don’t value phone calls even when I value the relationship. Even as, like now, I am in a friendship-turning-LDR, talking on the phone is important, but falls by the wayside because of life. Can you two agree to text more (which gives you more flexibility)? If not, it makes sense to explain that your response rate has nothing to do with her.

  12. Fixer Upper :

    I have weird feet and really liked the hidden wedge flats from Saks Fifth Avenue (recommended on this site), but I think they are no longer available. Has anyone found something similar? (These are the most comfortable flats I’ve worn and they work for my feet.)

  13. Has anyone ordered from of mercer? I like their 5th ave dress design, and wanted to see if anyone can speak to their quality

    • I have and like the greenwhich dress. I’m 5’3″ and sometimes feel like it’s a bit short – beware if you are tall, as I’ve heard that’s generally true of the brand.

    • I have two dresses. On one, the hem fell after less than a year so I’m not very happy. The other is in good shape.

  14. In the mood (for etsy) :

    Because every now and then, there are questions about etsy jewelry, I thought I would post a link to this roundup

    • In the mood (for etsy) :

      33 best etsy jewelry shops, or so they say

  15. I am looking to lease office space. I’m looking online but I mostly see tech style spaces. I’m looking for furnished individual offices. Ideally, 3-4 individual offices and a shared conference room. I’m looking for around a 6 month commitment that could be extended. I’m in the east Bay Area of SF.

    I know it’s a long shot but has anyone here done something similar, and if so, how did you go about it?

    • Try Googling for “Executive Office Space” or “Executive Suites” – that will probably result results closer to what you’re looking for, rather than co-working / open plan type places.

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