Deal Alert – Huge Sales at Anne Klein

I noticed there were some huge sales going on at Anne Klein, so I thought I’d make my top picks. Some of these are final sale, but not most — if you mouse over them they’ll show the price, as well. I chose these pieces to give you a taste of the sale because a) they were cute, b) they’re all significantly marked down, and c) most have a lot of sizes left… but there’s a lot more inventory left in the “lucky sizes” arena. Happy hunting, ladies…


  1. I LOVE Anne Klein, so I bought alot when I started, but my slacks ALWAYS seem to be to tight on me, so I bought another pair and the larger size just hanges! The manageing partner says that I need to have a speceial size cut just for my tush!

    FOOEY on that!

  2. so anonymous :

    This is great. I like Anne Klein stuff that I have picked up in department stores, but I never thought to buy it direct! I’m wearing what feels like the same outfit for the second day in a row (pants and a button-down – yawn), so I think it’s time to do some shopping!

  3. LurkerHere :


    For all you engaged/married ladies:
    Did any of you go for a moissanite or lab created stone for your e-/wedding ring? We are looking but seriously disturbed by unethical practices in the mining industry, and also want something classic in design but with a nerdy twist (I love that moissanites, for example, originally came from a meteor, and that lab grown stones kind of have that science-y feel to it that I really like).

    Did any of you look at the differences between a white sapphire & a moissanite? I read somewhere they can be “glassy” looking… Just so many questions! Please give your $.02 :)

    • A few months ago, there were some long threads on this – if you do a google search for moissanite on corporette you should be able to find them!

    • Hey! I got a raw diamond from Melissa Joy Manning – her practices are highly ethical, although she acknowledges that the conflict-free certification process isn’t perfect. (And if you’re concerned about mining practices beyond the conflict issue, like labor issues, I understand why you’d want to steer clear of all mined stones.) I’ve seen both white sapphire and moissanite rings I’ve liked a lot, but I personally didn’t want to have anything that people might mistake for a regular diamond. I like the fact that my ring doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s. :)

  4. I’m sorry, but those cream colored slacks on the bottom row are pretty bad.

    That said, I’ve had terrible luck with the inconsistent sizing of Anne Klein clothing (particularly the AK line but also the designer line). In some stuff I can’t squeeze myself into a size 6, and in others the size 4 literally falls off. Beware of final sale.

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