Etsy Workwear: Seven of the Best Shops on Etsy for Workwear

etsy workwearI’ve always been impressed when readers have mentioned some of their favorite stores for workwear on Etsy — and I’ve even bookmarked a few over the years! Still, Etsy can be a pretty big place, so I asked Ashley Wermick, a fashion writer and editor, to take a look to kick off the discussion — what are YOUR favorite Etsy stores for workwear? What are you constantly on the hunt for that you hope an indie/custom seller can help you find? (Welcome to Corporette, Ashley!) – Kat

Sure, you’ve browsed Etsy to find handmade candlesquirky art, or even bridesmaids’ gifts — but how about office attire? There are hundreds of shops that sell professional, well-made clothes that can take you from the boardroom to casual Friday and beyond.Etsy shops for workwear

Here are seven Etsy shops to watch for workwear. Not only will you snag some stylish new duds, but you’ll help support indie sellers and small business owners. It’s a win-win.


Seven of the Best Etsy Shops for Workwear: heartmycloset

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Does Olivia Pope give you major wardrobe envy? Do you wish you could dress like Beyoncé on the daily? Then look no further than heartmycloset.

With designs based on TV characters, celebrities and vintage silhouettes, shop owner Cynthia creates inspired workwear in your choice of color and fabric, tailored to fit you perfectly. Because items are made to order, you can customize the fit — and the style — to suit your needs. Prices range from $66-$190.


Seven of the Best Etsy Shops for Workwear, #2: TielDorein

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Offering stylish career staples in sizes 0X to 3X, TielDorein is a must-stop shop for plus-size fashionistas. Check out their ultra-flattering wrap dresses, fun printed pencil skirts and “no-gap” button-front blouses, all made in the USA. Prices range from $41.40-$111.75.


7 Etsy Shops for Workwear, #3: marcellamodaCollage photo links (above): 123

If your fashion sensibility leans toward trendy minimalism, marcellamoda is the Etsy shop for you. Featuring clean lines, unique silhouettes and plenty of neutrals, it’s a go-to source for not-so-basic wardrobe staples.

As a bonus, each time you shop, you support charity. Sisters Marta and Siyana—who named the shop after their grandmother, Marcella— donate a portion of their profit to UNICEF. Prices range from $14.99-$290.


Seven of the Best Etsy Shops for Workwear, #4: thebroodingkind

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Love vintage clothes, but don’t have the time to browse local consignment shops? Located in Portland, thebroodingkind features a curated collection from thrift stores, estate sales and online sales. From shirt dresses and bow-neck blouses to pointy-toe pumps and structured handbags, this is the place to shop for professional, retro-cool workwear. Prices range from $16-$78.


7 Etsy Shops for Workwear, #5: MayaEplerFashionCollage photo links (above): 123

In this day and age, purchasing eco-friendly designs doesn’t have to be a luxury. Enter MayaEplerFashion, which offers mid-priced clothing made with high-quality, organic natural fabrics. With lots of office-ready dresses and cozy knits, visit this “indie vegan fashion boutique” if you’re looking to go green with your wardrobe. (See our Slow Fashion Shopping Guide if this is of interest to you!) Prices range from $9-$180. 2017 Update: Maya Epler’s moved off Etsy and onto her own site; you can find her work here.


Seven of the Best Etsy Shops for Workwear, #6: Laclefclothing

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When you’re expecting, finding stylish, office-appropriate maternity clothes can be a daunting task. Luckily, LA-based Laclefclothing has you covered with chic dresses, blouses and jackets made for your growing bump. After your wee one arrives, be sure to scope out their nursing mom-friendly tops, too. Prices range from $13.99-$42.99.


Seven of the Best Etsy Shops for Workwear, #7: VigilanteLabs

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Denver’s VigilanteLabs is a treasure trove of unique designs, where you can find everything from cosplay costumes to 1950s-style wedding gowns.

However, their selection of custom-made pantsuits can’t be beat. Shop owners Lianna and AJ will create a one-of-a-kind suit for any size made to your specifications… right down the lining and pocket style. Prices range from $575-$1,686 for custom suits.

Readers, how about you — what are your favorite Etsy shops to find workwear and more?


Etsy Workwear: If you want a fresh look for work, custom fit and design, and more, there are some amazing workwear shops on Etsy to know about. We rounded up seven of our favorites!

Looking for fresh plus-size workwear? Don't forget about Etsy workwear shops... we rounded up seven of our favorites!


  1. This has been one of the most interesting clothing posts on thissite. Love it, want more.

  2. Wow, thank you for this! I never really thought about buying clothes on Etsy, and it is such a big place that it’s hard to sort the quality shops from the junk. Some of these look really promising though!

  3. Love the look of the first shop, but I feel like there’s a high potential for it to look cheap and/or costume-y… does anyone have any actual experience with it? If high quality, then I’d like to order a replica of everything Claire Underwood has ever worn.

    • Haven’t ordered yet and was just looking myself. 2400+ 5-star reviews has me intrigued.

      • But lots and lots and lots of people write positive reviews of various ModCloth pieces, and they’re still not a quality that I want to start adding to my professional wardrobe, you know?

    • I have the same concern on the first one. Mostly because I can’t imagine how she can custom-make clothing like that for that price and still have it be very high quality – maybe she’s not US based? I make some of my own clothes and the cost of materials and time would be way over $99 for me. The Marcella Moda one looks like they have them factory made in Bulgaria (where a lot of designer things are made) so probably safer quality wise.

      • Gail the Goldfish :

        I have had HeartMy Closet bookmarked for years to order a dress from and still haven’t gotten around to it (I’m sure I first found it in comments here, so hopefully someone who has ordered chimes in). I seem to recall she used to have something on the FAQs (she also has a non-etsy website) that her assistants are not US based, though I don’t see that anywhere on there now.

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          a quick google search found a couple of the older (very old) comment threads on heartmycloset:

  4. Anonymous :

    Genuinely curious and I’m not an intellectual property lawyer- especially with respect to that first shop- at what point is there intellectual property infringement? Or is that not an issue?

    • My understanding is clothing designs are pretty hard to copyright. But it’s not my area of the law so take that with a grain of salt.

      • OfCounsel :

        Fun Fact – I actually went to a seminar on this exact subject at Comic Con this year. Fabric patterns can be copyright protected (like works of art), but generally speaking clothing designs cannot be protected because clothing is “utilitarian” and therefore not subject to copyright laws in the US. There are some exceptions, for example non-utlitarian add-ons (there is a case involving a belt buckle that was deemed to be a work of art), but as a general matter, clothing designs, even pretty unusual ones, cannot be copyrighted.

    • My understanding (coming from the knitting world) is that the design itself is not protected, but the written instructions on how to make it fall under copyright.

  5. Anonymous2 :

    I love this post and these clothes. I occasionally make my own clothes to replicate certain looks that I like. Etsy would be a good alternative.

  6. Anonymous :

    I love this post. I had no idea Etsy had these wonderful shops for workwear. Thank you for sharing!

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