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I get a zillion emails a day (seriously, it’s in the range of 500 or so) — but the one must-read email for me every day is my Salemail from Shop It To Me. I’ve written before of my love for the company and service, and that has continued, unabated.

If you’re not familiar with Shop It To  Me, here’s the scoop — you tell it which brands you like, and what your size is, what percentage of sale you want to know about (I’d say do 30% off if you’re building your wardrobe and buying a lot, but do something higher if you don’t want to be tempted so often!  Mine is normally set at 60%, I think).  And then you pick the frequency of the email — it can come as little as once a week, but I think I get the most value out of it when it comes daily.  And then, pouf!  Every morning you get an email that tells you what’s newly on sale in your size.  It catches the special one-day-only sale codes, and it tells you when something’s Final Sale, right in your Salemail.  They’ve also recently added a brilliant “search” feature where you can log in and see *everything* that’s on sale in your size (and not just what’s newly on sale).  It’s nice that you can easily adjust the view in the search — only show me things under $150!  Show me things only 30% off! Only show me belts, on sale, in my size!  I’m actually signed up under 3 email addresses — one to watch for my sizes, one to watch for my husband’s brands and sizes, and one to watch for my mother’s brands and sizes.  (Pictured:  an example of a dress I recently found in my Salemail — Kay Unger Mini Check V-Neck Dress, was $200, now $120 at Saks.) The service can be particularly great when you’re shopping for one particular event (e.g., a holiday party) or a particular item (like a velvet blazer to go with your new party dress.)

So when Shop It To Me reached out to see if we’d be interested in a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.  And now, you can enter to win an item or outfit from your Salemail — up to a $150 value. Here are the rules:

1. Sign up for Shop It To Me, if you’re not already — you must be a SITM member to win.

2. Leave a comment about holiday party wear by Monday, 12/20, at 12 pm ET. If you’re already a member of SITM it could be which item or outfit you’d want from your Salemail, or — if you’ve only just joined — perhaps a general comment about holiday parties (what you’re wearing to your office holiday party, which party mistakes you’ve seen…).  Please be sure to fill the “commenter form” in with the email associated with your SITM account (I do not recommend leaving it in the body of the comment itself).

3. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, 12/20!

I’ve already pictured one of my favorite dresses above, but here are some of the other great pieces that have popped up recently in my Salemails, and might be my choice if I won…. I think all of them could be dressed “down” for a holiday party at the office (add a blazer, keep your hair and makeup normal) or dressed “up” for a friend’s holiday party (add dangly earrings, a smokey eye, some killer heels…)

Alice + Olivia Polly Sleeveless Dress

Polly Sleeveless Dress, was $368, marked to $184, comes to $147 with code EXTRA20.

BCBGMAXAZRIA green printed stretch woven draped front dress

Green printed stretch woven draped front dress, was $158, now $95.

All right, ladies — comment away! Good luck to all!

Disclosures: Corporette charges an administrative fee for giveaways, and for this promotion Kat may receive “referral” credits as well.


  1. My office party is always immediately after work (sometimes even eating a bit into the work day) and people don’t wear anything too special – sometimes seasonal colors or accessories, more often not. I’m glad this is the case because I’d find selecting a special outfit for such a function to be more stress than I need this time of year! Though I’ve also got to say that I love the Bluefly green dress linked to above. It’s adorable and if it weren’t so cold in NYC right now, I’d wish I had it to wear to a family event over the weekend.

  2. SF Bay Associate :

    I *love* my SITM. It’s a daily must-read.

    Re: holiday party wear – I’m getting a lot of sheath type party dresses in my SITM, but given my pear shape, I really need more a-line options. Please more A-line/fuller skirt, SITM! And for inexplicable reasons, I am also totally drawn to the sequin shift dresses I keep seeing in my daily email. They look so fabulous in the pictures. But I need one of those like a hole in the head though… right?? I may end up satisfying that itch with some sequin/glitter holiday party shoes, also showing up daily in my inbox thanks to SITM.

  3. I too love my salemail email, but sometimes I have to refrain from looking at it because the deals are too irresistible. I think I set it to only email me things that are over 50% off. I am looking for a nice jacket to wear with dressed up outfits.

  4. GildaLily :

    I wore some great calf height boots I found from endless via a salemail for just $60ish to our neighborhood holiday party. Threw on a cute black and white print dress, red cardigan, green retro-style earrings and I was good to go!

  5. Our office holiday party is today, in a couple of hours. Because it’s in the middle of the workday, people are dressed “office appropriate”. I have added a festive red sweater, red shoes, and red white and black argyle scarf to my normal black pants.

  6. Love SITM and Corporette — I am going to add Kaye Unger to my SITM “brands list”…I love this dress. It would be a great one for both my family Christmas party AND a fancy NYE party.

  7. Our office party is also during the day, and it always involves messy foods (pizza and home-made desserts). It can be a real trick to look fancy, festive, and professional, all while wearing clothes you wouldn’t be horrified getting pizza sauce on! I’ve usually put together a nice outfit and then worn a (washable) black blazer over it, sometimes with a festive pin. When I’m no longer worried that someone will trip and launch pizza at me, the blazer can come off.

  8. I love SITM. Wore a red dress I bought there on Monday.

  9. Our holiday party was in the afternoon, so I chose to go with color and fun – in a dress I would still wear to work otherwise. So I wore a red DVF dress with patterned tights and a bold chain statement necklace. The fun tights with the big sparkly necklace and colorful dress made the perfect office party wear – and the pieces are such that I can wear them individually to other events too!

    I personally love color for a party, so I think it’s a great way to have fun at the holidays.

  10. i just signed up for SITM! I work for a university which is too large for an office holiday party so i unfortunately don’t go to one! When I used to work for a big law firm, we’d have a very fancy holiday party, and the dress would be “business formal” so I would usually wear one of my nicest suits with a more festive top underneath.

  11. I bought a beautiful black satin ruched dress from Nordstrom for my office holiday party. I looked like a million bucks in it…or would have, had not the damn zipper broken as I was getting into it, 30 minutes before the party started. I actually ended up walking around my neighborhood stuck in the stupid dress trying (fruitlessly) to find a tailor to fix the zipper. I ended up wearing a black cashmere Theory sweater, pants, and shiny heels, thus cementing my reputation as the office prude.

  12. I love SITM, though I’ve had to stop looking at it because there were too many tempting things to see and want to buy :) I didn’t buy my holiday party attire this year from there, but I have seen quite a few interesting things. This year I was pretty conservative: black pantsuit and red shiny silk button-down. I felt festive and super professional. Didn’t see any major faux pas (although that would’ve been fun).

  13. I’m mostly a solo attorney. No holiday party for me :(

  14. ahh, wayy too tempting to have shoes emailed to me every day

  15. Treadjack: The UBS banker dress code (covered in WSJ today) mentions something about buttoning/unbuttoning suit jackets — buttoned when standing, unbuttoned when sitting. Makes sense, as my jackets ride up/poof out if they are buttoned when sitting down. But, how to go back and forth between buttoned and unbuttoned without looking like an idiot? Especially when there are multiple buttons, so it cannot be executed with a single flick of the wrist? I noticed men just tend to leave unbuttoned, but I don’t always want to reveal that much of the shirt I’m wearing, if it’s a tank or tee, for example. Any tips?

  16. I just signed up, but I think it’s going to be my new favorite thing.

    My office had an extremely causal holiday party. I wore a plain red sweater dress and I was neither over nor under dressed.

    My husband’s holiday party is in January and it is a “black-tie optional” affair. I just ordered a sequin dress and I’m really excited about it.

  17. Just signed up for SITM, and trying to get my husband to do the same. I wore a simple black dress to our office party, with some awesome red shoes. When else would I get the chance to wear those babies?

  18. I love SITM! For a while, I had messed something up, so I was getting multiple emails per day, but they are so useful–I found my winter coat (which I had been coveting) on super discount through them!

  19. I’ve been a member for ages. It is a nice study break when I get the emails.

    I am actually dressed for a holiday party now. Plaid dress, black cardi, boots. I’ve been feeling particularly preppy lately (probably because my SITM is filled with J Crew goodness.)

  20. I just signed up for SITM. I didn’t wear anything special to my office holiday party, it was on a Friday afternoon. There were a few sequins on my cardigan.

  21. Feel free to delete my previous comment. I forgot to talk about party wear!

    I love SITM! For a while, I had messed something up, so I was getting multiple emails per day, but they are so useful–I found my winter coat (which I had been coveting) on super discount through them!

    I’m currently hoping a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress drops again in price. It’s navy and has curvy-figure-flattering ruffles.

  22. I have been a member of SITM for a while, but I am going to take Kat’s suggestion to adjust my settings to 60% off so I’m tempted less often :)

    I am partial to this dress as suggested by my SITM this week:

    My holiday party is tomorrow and I am excited! Wearing a black shirt and beige tulip skirt.

  23. Our holiday party is being held during office hours, so I’m going with a brown velvet dress as a compromise to dressing up while keeping my entire outfit professional enough for the rest of the day. For me, it’s always a challenge to not be too dressed up, since engineers inherently dress casually and I’m one of the few women here.

  24. DC Lawyer :

    Our holiday party is featuring an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Probably not what most of the Corporettes are planning to wear, but I’ll be sporting my best Rudolph sweater!

  25. I wanted the adorable shopbob nanette lepore honeysuckle dress that I saw this morning in my SITM email, but at 70% off, I waited too long – it sold out quickly! Oh well – there’s always next week ;)

  26. just joined!

    My holiday parties at work are always frumpy and boring, so I don’t have the opportunity to have fun with it. Usually a dress and jacket or bolero.

  27. My go-to holiday dress is a knee-length BCBG number. It is made up of a black pencil skirt on the bottom and a sheer silver top. The top is loose with short sleeves and a geometric pattern in a bib shape across the collarbone.

  28. Employed 3L :

    I love SITM – It’s my favorite email of the morning. I’m looking for a necklace just like one I missed on an SITM sale to wear to my firm holiday party on Friday night!

  29. I love SITM! Because of the specific settings I ALWAYS see dozens of things I like.

    My office holiday party is during office hours. I am on the hunt for a shimmery red or green sweater to wear with a regular outfit…maybe some cheesy earrings, too!

  30. I really loved an outfit one of my colleagues wore to our work event this year. She had on a black pencil skirt and cowl neck fitted sweater with a beautiful gold brocade-ish jacket. She looked festive and professional at the same time. It made me want a jacket like that!

  31. Just signed up. My office party is just a lunch, so I’ll be wearing a suit. I may get really festive and wear a red sweater underneath. Ooooh…hold me back.

  32. What a fabulous service – it’s going to save me tons of time! I’m hooked! I really love the red Kay Unger v-neck dress – that would be perfect for a work holiday party and/or dressed up for a nice dinner out!

  33. Just got my first email from Shop It To Me and I love it already!

    I have a few holiday parties this week, but they’re right after work. I’ll be wearing work clothes. Maybe I’ll go crazy and wear a sparkley sweater or a gold belt!

  34. There is one super cute Nicole Miller Red dress I would love to have for the holidays!

  35. I just joined – this is fabulous.

    For my holiday party, I wore a black 3/4 top with a little chiffon on it and a black lace over red skirt. I was a little bit fancy, but the other female associates (2 of them) had on strapless dresses. Maybe next year I will wear a dress! :)

  36. My holiday party already happened and I wore a patterned skirt with riding boots and a sweater cami combo. It was a pretty laid back affair with pool and buffet style finger foods.

  37. I have three great cocktail dresses. Two are red, one keyhole in front and back. Looks great with silver wrap or black. One is silk and has flower-y “thing” on the right side.

    Just signed up. Great site. Hopefully I’ll score some suits and heels!

  38. Less is usually more with holiday party officewear. I prefer to wear a simple dress with funky heels!

  39. Since my work party is at the office, after the workday, I’ll just make my workwear a bit more festive that day. Probably a pretty cardigan and a skirt with some sparkle in my jewelry.

  40. I love holiday parties because I can dig into my extensive vintage dress collection. I have a great black wool one for an upcoming party – just above the knee, pencil skirt, long sleeves with a deep, draped surplice bodice – can be worn either demurely or provocatively, depending on the occasion. Black heels and black on black polka dot tights with simple jewelry…voila.

  41. My holiday party is right after work this year, and takes place at our office. As a result, I think I will not change, but will wear something slightly more festive than usual to the office. Not explicitly Christmassy or anything, but with some color, perhaps.

  42. I usually don’t think too far in advance about my office holiday party (always fancy with lots of sequins and up-dos on other people), then I end up wearing something too businessy I grabbed out of my closet at the last minute. This year a friend let me borrow something a little more sparkly. Maybe next year I’ll think about upgrading the hair and makeup.

  43. I love shop it to me! I have been a member for two years and I get my alert every Tuesday morning. Unfortunately I haven’t bought anything in forever because money is tight while in law school. I have been dressing so drab while in law school because of a slight weight gain and so much stress, that the holiday wear to me means something with sparkle. I am on the hunt for a fabulous new years eve dress that is sparkly or a sparkly clutch and great shoes.

  44. Catalina K :

    I have been a member of SITM for a little while, maybe a month or so, but I’ve already come to love the convenience of receiving these great deals directly into my mailbox. As for a beautiful, elegant holiday party item I would love to have from the SITM Salemail, that would be the Maggy London Lace & Stretch Satin Sheath Dress (Nordstrom Exclusive).


  45. Love SITM! I usually wear a LBD, but spice it up with red lipstick, for my work holiday party.

  46. We have an in-office, afternoon party, where we are encouraged to wear “sparklies.” Let’s just say I’m not super enthused about this. For my husbands actual holiday party, I’ll be wearing a metallic brocade skirt and a fluttery silver silk shirt.

  47. Oh holiday party… My office’s holiday party is at a yacht club and I have no idea what to wear. I should add that it’s at the yacht club because that’s where my boss lives, so I have no idea if this should be casual or dressy. (Yep, he lives on a boat. It’s a step up from where he used to live, which was in his office.)

    But I’m excited about New Year’s parties… I want to find a fabulous top with some sequins.

  48. Unfortunately for me, our holiday party is just a lunch in our office where most people, believe it or not, don the dreaded ugly sweaters. I might class things up this year a bit and wear this fabulous new red dress I have (crew neck & knee length) with a black cardi, tights & a black belt!

  49. Divaliscious11 :

    Sigh…we aren’t having a holiday party this year….but we are getting most of our bonus so, no complaints, except that is is nice to have the opportunity to relationship build with others in the company in a non-formal environment.

  50. Looks interesting. I’ve got two holiday pieces – a sequin top and a velvet boyfriend blazer – that I’m planning on wearing to all holiday events, though probably not together.

  51. I just joined SITM. My office party is during lunch and not exciting…unfortunately no reason to wear anything special.

  52. I’ve been looking forward to SITM emails on Mondays and Thursdays for a couple of years now.

    I work for the government, and our group had a cookie swap last year . . . but nothing this year. Even then, no one really dressed differently than normal, since it was during the middle of the afternoon.

    I’m quite sure, however, that I could come up with somewhere to wear one of the many great suggestions SITM sends me!

  53. Our holiday party is this week. Not sure if I’m going yet. Biggest booboos I’ve seen in years past have definitely been of the “overly slutty” variety.

  54. My workplace is pretty conservative so I dressed in holiday colors: a green mock turtleneck underneath a red blazer.

  55. the full cleveland :

    Our holiday party is well into January, no doubt for budget reasons! So I’m hoping to find something smashing on SITM in the post Christmas cavalcade of savings.

  56. My rule for holiday parties is always to dress up – even if I am the only one not in jeans and a sweater. There’s really no other time of year to drag out the sparkles, so why not embrace it? I’m stalking my SITM emails for the perfect tuxedo jacket to wear with a sequined tank for New Year’s Eve. Even though I’ll be spending the evening at a small get-together with only my husband and two other couples, I want to bring in the year looking sharp (and sparkly!).

  57. Unless I find something special in the next 2 days, I’ll be re-featuring a silk blouse with black pants this year at the office party.

    Oh, and I discovered SITM about a month ago. Brilliant!

  58. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman :

    I just joined up and I am all about some grey and blue bird blue this year! Yummy colors!
    [email protected]

  59. Our office party was right after work – just wore my most flattering suit and a fun red top, but nothing special. One woman wore a floor-length green velvet gown … something like a high school choir gown … yikes!

  60. No holiday party at my office but I would still love to buy the DvF dress in my STM e-mail last week!

  61. I love the jewel tones and sparkles some can only get away with at the holidays.

  62. My work holiday parties were one pizza/gag gift party during work at lunchtime yesterday where I wore normal work attire, and another tomorrow from 2-4 that I am skipping, but would involve the same attire. I went to a coworker’s party over the weekend and wore black skinny pants, boots, and an embellished pink top. That’s really pushing the limit for my city’s fashion.

  63. My holiday party tip – bring whitening gum to chew before pictures – it actually does make your smile slightly brighter (especially after drinking red wine!)

  64. I wore a mustard silk blouse to my office party. I love SITM….i think its a great website !

  65. After I signed up for SITM I was flooded with spam. It took me about a month to make the connection and unsubscribe but I still have way more spam than I ever did before subscribing to SITM. Not worth it IMO.

  66. I’m a shop it to me member!! I think for my holiday party I’m going to just wear a simple black dress and some cute heels. Nothing too crazy.

  67. I’m planning on wearing a simple black dress and some cute heels. Nothing too crazy!

  68. My office is in south Texas on the border of Mexico. Our party is right after work, so I’ll probably be wearing jeans and a cute short sleeve top :)

  69. no holiday parties for me this year, other than family get-togethers where anything above sweatpants is high fashion. but if i did…i have a great short-sleeve sweater that i would love to pair with a nice, textured black pencil skirt. or red wool…hmm, so many options. love my salemail, will have to look around for a new skirt!

  70. We’re just having an open house afternoon type party this year so I’m thinking a simple off-white sweater, gray pants?

  71. We have a bring-your-significant-other holiday party during work hours, so I’ll wear a red tahari shirt that has just a smattering of bling near the neck under a black velvet blazer and black tuxedo pants.

  72. Just joined! I had seen a few people mention the site, but always forgot to check it out.

    I’ve only been to one holiday party for work before. It was on a Friday night in a hotel ballroom. I wore a black dress, dressier than I would wear to work, and a red sweater with a little sparkle to it. There was quite a wide range of clothing at the event, from jeans to long gowns. Because of that, I certainly didn’t feel out of place.

  73. Just joined. I’m with the federal government, so our holiday parties are (1) during work and (2) pay for yourself. But I do try to wear less formal clothes. This year – a sweater set, brown & black plaid skirt, and boots.

  74. Just joined. My work part was at work after hours, but work casual. My husband’s is this Saturday. I am looking forward to dressing up a bit. I like looking my best when we are together.

  75. Joined. Holiday party this year – no idea what I’m wearing, but it’s two days away, and I generally plan these things no more than 20 minutes in advance.

  76. Thanks Kat! I have now signed up and am looking forward to my future SaleMail. Of course, not that I NEED to buy new stuff. oh well.

    Because I am a remote employee, I actually do not get to take part in my company’s holiday party. At my previous company (high tech) the party was always extremely casual. It was a bit of a challenge to wear something fun and festive without making the engineering guys feel weird in their jeans….. ah those were the days…..

  77. I just signed up; thanks for letting me know about this site. It looks really cool. For our office holiday party a true “Party dress” would be “too much” for my office. I am stepping out a little though (for our office culture at least.) I’m wearing black pants, a black tube and a soft beautiful leopard print 3/4 sleeve jacket. Accessories include gold earrings and a pretty gold bangle (just one) with just a little sparkle. Thanks again!

  78. Our holiday party is in office this year, but I would love to get something new for my out of office holiday parties!

  79. Thank you for the tip–I just signed up (and am filling in info for kids’ clothing as well). My office holiday party is today, and with all I have to carry back and forth, I didn’t want to bring a separate outfit. I’m wearing one of my usual grey sheaths, but paired it with a satin green tank undearneath (so it’s just peaking through) and a green cardigan. I also added a skinny gold belt to add a bit of holiday sparkle.

  80. I love Shop it to me! My office holiday party was last week, and I wore a satin dress that has geometric piecing on the top in cream and a pleated skirt in black. I love this dress – I’m thinking of wearing it again for New Year’s!

  81. I use SITM and it’s a sweet little shopping tool. For this holiday, I don’t have any invitations to really “fancy” parties, but when the right occassion rolls around, I’ll bust out my red patent slingbacks by Stuart Weitzmann and black studded Michael Kors dress… Oh yeah!

  82. Vermonter-ette :

    Also just signed up – thanks for the info. Here in Vermont the challenge is to find the opportunity to get dressed up and semi-glittery. Sleek and dressy tops over jeans work well for most holiday parties – but I’m thinking it may be time to up the ante…

  83. I keep seeing all these adorable party dresses for “holiday parties,” including on Shop It to Me (been a member for a long time), but I’m a little confused. Maybe all of my friends are just degenerates, but we NEVER dress up for holiday parties. All my work-related parties are right after work, so I’m usually there in a suit rather than a cute cocktail dress. Please, someone, give me an excuse to buy a supercute party dress!!!

  84. I just signed up too. Our holiday party is late this year, and I’m looking for a versatile maternity dress that I can wear to it. I don’t want to spend too much on a one-wear dress, so I want something inexpensive, as well as something I can maybe wear even later. e.g. Something with an empire waist with gathers might look ok to wear even if not pregnant. Looking forward to getting some Shop it to me picks!

  85. Love SITM! Although my budget doesn’t allow frequent purchases, the daily emails have been fun to browse (I signed up a couple of years ago).

    I’ve attended 3 work holiday parties this year–all across the board from casual to black tie. I actually had the most fun with my outfit at the casual party in skinny jeans, a sparkly top, and killer pumps!

    Happy holidays to all!

  86. Just signed up and this looks perfect- LOVE having the sales come to me.

    For holiday parties this year, I’m loving statement jewelry.

  87. I just signed up. We don’t have any invites to any fancy holiday parties this year, but I love throwing a dressy top over a great pair of jeans. I’m also loving the sweater dress with a fabulous pair of boots look for this winter.

  88. I love ! Right now I have it set at a very low threshold as I’m quite dollar poor but clothing rich and I don’t want to be tempted. But oh the after-christmas MLK sales… can’t wait!

    As for holiday parties, I will not get anything new this year, but I’ll definitely be wearing my red christmas wrap dress. Looking forward to it!

  89. pinkrobot :

    My holiday party was last week. I wore a black high waisted skirt, a blue ribbon belt, (matched my lapis lazuli pendant) a dark blue silk blouse, and silver pumps. The pumps were a terrible idea. :)

    shopittome looks like fun. I can’t wait to see what it sends my way.

  90. Holiday parties are where I will flaunt sparkly baubles! I love to buy big jewelry and look forward to those rare occasions when I can wear it. Baubles on stilettos pack the double-whammy!

  91. No official work holiday party for me this year, but my favorite co-worker (and new best friend) just invited me to a celebratory dinner at her place. I get to bring a bottle of cheap wine and wear whatever the heck I want. Glorious! I’m considering a sleeveless sweater dress over a turtleneck and tights, mostly because it is freezing cold here but I’m dying to wear a dress of some sort, but also because Kat keeps recommending layering things over turtlenecks and I’m… not really sure about that. ;) I’m happy to have a judgment-free space to try it out.

  92. Hey i just signed up. I am hosting a small get-together at hoem for New Year’s so looking forward to wearing some cute dress- yet to buy it though!

  93. I’ve been 9 months pregnant or just had a baby for the last few years — this is my first Christmas in a while where I have a normal body shape! Not sure if I am even current enough with holiday wear, but I love jeans with a sequin top. :-)

  94. Jennifer F. :

    I love holiday parties because I feel like I can get away with a lot of sparkles and sequin dresses!

  95. Holidays are good times to break out the sequined scarves. The best of both worlds — a little warmth and a little bling!

  96. Just signed up – looks like a great service! I dressed up my basic office-appropriate black dress with fun jewelry for an after-work holiday party last night.

  97. I just found your blog via the Little Pink Book email. Your writing is brilliant! Wish I had this advice at the start of my career. For the holiday party this year (our small group is going to a Christmas concert) I am wearing a dark gray wool pencil skirt with a slightly less matte paisely print that makes it cool and dimensional and a black turtleneck and tall black boots. (It is cold here.) My debate is what to wear over the sweater. Sounds weird, but I have a princess cut black wool pea coat that looks kind of cool with the skirt, and takes it down a notch for regular excursions, but might be too casual for this. I’d love an excuse to buy a fabulous fake fur swing coat, but not sure it’s practical…

  98. my favorite holiday party outfit is a dark purple silk mini dress that i wear with tights and a black cardigan, it’s warm and conservative but still kind of sexy because the dress is short.

  99. Corporate Tool :

    I’ve been eyeing a pair of sparkly heels for a while, as I have a wedding to attend this holiday season, and I can’t really justify them otherwise. Here’s hoping!

  100. For our office party I’m wearing black patent heels, black tights, a burgundy silk short skirt and a fitted white button-up.

  101. Party wear this holiday season is all about the rich grays and luxurious textures. The little black dress can evolve into a little charcoal gray dress with a luxuriously soft real pashmina in a berry color, and black or dark gray leather boots. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :)

  102. I just joined SITM but am on the hunt for cozy tunic-length sweaters and/or some winter dresses — not exactly holiday party wear but so be it!

  103. My holiday party wear is usually a sweater with nice jeans or black slacks, or a sweater dress because we usually travel during the holidays and it’s easy to pack and mix and match. I also take holiday themed pins which I can only wear once a year and I don’t mind putting pins on sweaters. Have been with SITM for a couple of years.

  104. My holiday party go-to outfit is a 3/4 sleeve black dress that I can dress up or down with accessories – big cuff bracelets, statement necklace, fun tights, colorful wrap… (but don’t worry – not all at once!)

  105. I think a fun black dress can be great for a holiday party.

  106. I am new to SITM and so far I want everything on their site! I am wearing a 3/4 sleeve BCBG dress to my company’s holiday party.

  107. The Office Holiday party this year featured a lot of layered looks and wrap dresses with sparkly heels. I chose to wear a red, gold and blue wrap dress that was appropriate but festive and comfortable (a sometimes overlook quality of a party dress).

  108. I just signed up, with your link. I got the first email; looks good. I was surprised to see Juicy on sale so much though.

    I wear one of my 3 dresses, all semi-formal, or a skirt and top to parties. Or jeans. Hey, im in college. I can pull off black jeans and a frilly top.

  109. The last office holiday party I went to, in 2005 (and Thank you, Lord, for having the owner of our firm discontinue those parties), I wore a dark red sleeveless knit dress with matching coat, and a big necklace, which made me feel better about the whole ordeal.

  110. I’ve been thinking a service like Shop It To Me would be really helpful, so I’m excited to find such a thing exists. Regarding holiday party wear, thankfully I do not have an office party, nor does my husband, so I am getting off easy this year. What I will be looking for on SITM will generally be suiting and shoes for work.

  111. A classic black dress can be perfect for a holiday party, especially with colorful, sparkly heels. I love to add a glittery necklace or bangles for that “put together but fun” look! Happy Holidays!!

  112. shallotry :

    My holiday party wasn’t a dress-up occasion, but the trend among the women was to debut a new or old favorite. I pulled out my favorite cold-weather office outfit for the first time this season, a long, bias-cut, lined wool skirt that’s been tailored flatteringly (worn with tall boots, top, silk scarf.) My colleague pulled out a soft grey cashmere cardigan with some low-key sequin frou-frou that she had been saving for the right day.

  113. I love SITM, it spread like wild fire my first year of law school. Who can blame us, it was much more amusing than Litigation Basics. I just used SITM to find something adorable for the holidays – a loose green velvet blazer with a sash bow – perfect for when its oh so cold outside.

  114. One thing that has always puzzled me about holiday wear for women – it’s cold outside and yet the party dresses are always skimpy. How’s a girl to stay warm!?! I know a big coat helps outside, but it’s not really part-ish to wear a scarf and gloves while mingling at a holiday party.

  115. My holiday party outfit: long red cashmere sweater, black pants, burberry check flats, and long silver-beaded necklace.

  116. Black skirt suit with red shell and black pumps. Its about as festive as i’m comfortable w for the holidays!!

  117. My friend and I swapped dresses for a holiday party this year. It was like having a whole new party dress without the cost!

  118. My judge throws a holiday party at his house for his clerks (current and former), staff (current and former), and their families as well as his friends. It is a jeans and sweater kind of event and I love the informality of it all. This year – I might have been a little more informal than I intended in jeans and a turquoise Banana Republic top that was quickly covered in my three month old’s spit up. I can’t wait until I can wear grown up clothes again without having to worry about massive dry cleaning bills!

  119. Jennifer gersch :

    i subscribe and love a warm brown dress and a chic red bag

  120. I’m a new member. Browsing the website just made me wish I had more holiday parties to go to. . . sadly, there haven’t been enough. But I’m looking for a black velvet blazer and a pair of tall boots that are both waterproof and party-worthy.

  121. for holiday wear i love sparkle, so a pretty sweater that sparkles is for me

  122. Stephanie :

    Out of the dresses Shop it To Me is giving me, I’d choose this one:*qm*7XSV3D*AQQ

  123. BigLaw Refugee :

    My holiday party was at 3 PM on a workday and spouses were not invited, so it was pretty much “wear whatever you wore to work.” But last night I went out to a nice dinner with a large group of friends, so that was almost like a holiday party. Everyone was wearing sweater dresses and patterned tights, which made me crave those items even though I probably wouldn’t look at good in them.

  124. Carmen Austin :

    I have been a member for several years. I would love a DVF wrap dress or some Tory Burch Revas. I love purses as well.

  125. Unfortunately, I had to miss my firm’s holiday party – 33 weeks pregnant and had a doctor’s appointment (the party is a gathering in the office starting at 4pm). I would have worn a red sweater (along with half the office – BO-RING).

  126. My sister will dress to the nines for our family’s holiday gathering. I live further away & only see the fam a few times a year, so the pressure to look fabulous is totally on. I’ll fret all week about what I’m going to wear.

  127. I love all the sequin dresses that are out. My favorite are the brightly colored ones in reds and blues.

  128. Our office “party” is at lunch during the day… so I will wear regular office clothes but will probably slip in a sparkly accessory.

  129. Dorcas Swindle :

    Our holiday party was called “casual” but since it was on a Thursday, everyone attended straight from work. A few people – mostly the staff – changed tops to something more sparkly.

  130. There are so many adorable outfits in my Shop It To Me Salemail! Wouldn’t this DVF dress be so fun for a holiday party?

  131. From my Shop it to Me this morning, I like this for a nice holiday party or winter wedding: Love the sale price, but what I don’t understand is how BCBG gets away w/ charging so much for clothes that are almost exclusively polyester!

  132. I recently went to a Gala and wore this sleeveless Evan Picone dress from Dillards. I had several compliments.

  133. I had a birthday party and then a tacky Christmas sweater party to go to on the same night, but the birthday girl didn’t want anyone wearing red or green to her party. So, I wore a cute blazer, top, and jeans, and then switched the accessories when I went to the sweater party. I still wasn’t dressed up, but at least I was appropriately festive with my red Stuart Weitzman pumps and red light-up earrings. It was a fun evening! I haven’t had many dressy Christmas parties this year, and I actually find dressing for casual parties more difficult. Hopefully Shop It To Me will help!!!

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