Giveaway: Win an Ellington Handbag!

Eva Tote: BlackSo a little while ago I was introduced to the good folks at Ellington Handbags — and not only did they send me a bag for review, but they’ve also offered to give one to Corporette’s U.S. readers as well! I truly do love my Eva Tote. First, it’s very rocker chic — love the zipper detailing, grommets, the big rings at the handles, and the seaming. The leather is really supple and soft, and it’s designed quite intelligently — for example, their tech pockets are inside another big pocket, which I think will be super helpful for those times where you just want to jam everything into your bag, and then can’t find it later.  (Am I the only one?) There’s an interior keyfob and a light-colored lining, as well as a detachable canvas cross-body strap. Gorgeous.

Mia Folding Tote: OliveFor the giveaway, if you win you can choose either the Eva (my tote — retails for $229, available in black, gray, cognac, or navy) — or you can choose the slightly more casual nylon twill Mia Folding Tote (retail $169, available in olive and black). In order to win, please leave a comment below (with your email address filled out in the field)– which bag would you choose, and why?

The Rules: Comment on this post (including your email address in the “email address field”), telling us whether you’d choose the Eva or the Mia, and why The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 22. You must include your email in the email address field so you can be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway. Your information will be held in confidence by Corporette pursuant to The Corporette Privacy Policy, and you will only be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway.  Please note that this contest is only open to residents of the United States.

Disclosure: Please note that Corporette charges advertisers a fee to promote and administer giveaways. Product reviews, as always, adhere to the Corporette Review Policy.


  1. Corporate Tool :

    I love the Eva, it’s professional, but the big hardware gives it a bit of a rocker chick feel.

    • Love the Bags! :

      I like them both, but I’d choose the Eva. It seems a bit more versatile in color and more professional whil maintaining an edge. It also seems to hold more, which is important to me. I like that it has many zippered pockets yet seems to hide them well.

  2. I love the Mia – it looks like the perfect traveling bag!

  3. I love the Mia folding tote- it seems so practical and easy to pack
    Into a suitcase

  4. tara v. b. :

    I love the cognac Eva tote. I keep trying to push myself away from my default black/gray wardrobe, and that would be a great accessory to inspire me to change things up a bit at the law office!

  5. I love the MIA!! It’s great for work, but casual enough for everyday use outside of work!!

  6. LOVE the Eva in Cognac – would look fabulous with dark wash jeans and a black tshirt on the weekend!

  7. Mountain Girl :

    I would choose the Mia. Love the color and the versatility of the design.

  8. I’d love the Eva in either black or cognac, for the exact reason you said–totally rocker-chic! It’s really pretty, thanks for alerting us to it.

  9. I would love the Eva tote. I love the look of leather and that gray and navy is to die for!

  10. I would love to win the Eva in gray or navy because I love handbags with big hardware. The tote reminds me of my Rebecca Minkoff MAB but in a completely different shape.

  11. I love the Eva. Because I look to Kat for all my fashion choices. :)

  12. eva- would be great for the office!!

  13. hellskitchen :

    I love, love the Eva! perfect for work

  14. I like the Mia, especially the cross body strap, because it’s different than what I currently own. Love twill for the summer.

  15. I love the Eva in navy or congac. Either one would be a great addition to my weekend wardrobe.

  16. Eva all the way! I’m a sucker for a soft leather bag.

  17. SoCal Gator :

    Definitely the Eva Tote in cognac. Great size. Appreciate the interior key fob but the killer feature are the two exterior zip pockets.

  18. Eva in navy. Completely agree on the rocker-chick vibe! And I am trying to move away from my just black or brown bags and I think the navy would be comfortable move towards color.

  19. I’d chose the Mia, as I really could use a durable, non-leather summer tote! Would definitely fill a void I have.

  20. Awful Lawful :

    I love the Mia in Olive. It looks like it’s big enough to schlep a file to and from work, but then could be worn folded over for a weekend brunch with the ladies. Perfect.

  21. I love the Mia! Perfect for everything I have to carry to work!

  22. I like the Mia!!! So great, although I do like my Lo & Sons still… but it will be nice to have a choice between bags

  23. Love the Eva in cognac! Love that its a bit tougher looking than my average leather handbags.

  24. I love them both but my super fashionista receptionist says Mia so it’s Mia for me(a)!

  25. migraine Sufferer :

    I like the Mia better because it fits better with my more casual wardrobe. Also, the detailing on the Eva isn’t really in-tune with my style (though I do love the supple feel of quality leather).

  26. I love the Eva for the exact reasons Kat mentions – the rocker chic details!

  27. I would go with the Mia because I like the styling and it looks extremely versatile for work.

  28. I would choose the Eva (love the grey and cognac). I have a ton of work events that I need to go to this summer, and this bag would be the perfect mix between professional and chic. I can see myself toting both my legal papers and make-up bag for sprucing up before meeting friends for after work drinks. Love, love, love it!

  29. anon in tejas :

    love rocker! because I am in my non attorney life, and I love it. plus the details really fit the 20=30 something that I am.

  30. Love the Eva, and would take it in any color!

  31. Oooh… I want the Eva in grey. I love grey and have been needing a new tote for years.

  32. I’d pick the Eva in cognac, I love the details and it looks so soft I want to use it as a pillow!

  33. I’d choose the Eva in Congac because it looks great as a stand alone purse. It doesn’t loose it’s pretty factor when the shoulder strap is added, which would make it a great bag for commuting and traveling!

  34. I am all about the Mia in Olive. Perfect weekend bag whether I’m perusing farmers markets or meeting friends for brunch.

  35. i love the mia because it can fit a laptop! a must for work

  36. DeckledEdges :

    I really like the Eva, especially in the black and navy. I love that it is big enough to hold a computer, but still stylish enough to be a non-working bag.

  37. Love the Eva tote, looks so functional and attractive. And I generally prefer the look of leather to nylon.

  38. Blonde Lawyer :

    I like the Eva in gray. It is more formal for work but also versatile for going out. It looks deep too, like you could put some papers in standing upright without folding them.

  39. I would pick the Eva in black. I don’t have a good black bag. This would be great for transporting things to and from work, while still being stylish. I also really like the navy.

  40. Ooh, the Eva! I am in the market for a new cognac leather bag to carry every day.

  41. River Song :

    Eva. Bring on the rock.

  42. Love the Eva in Cognac or Navy — would go perfectly with a bunch of work dresses I have! Been searching high and low for a perfect (but not outrageously expensive) Cognac bag. This just might be it!

  43. Amelia Pond :

    I love the Eva. It is big enough to shove everything you need for the day in it without the slightly diaper bag feel you get with some totes!

  44. I would choose the Eva tote in cognac. I take the bus to work and it looks like it would hold everything :) Also it is a can be a crossbody bag and that is so important for the time I spend waiting for the bus. With my current bag my back always hurts if I have to wait long for the bus.

  45. I heart Ellington bags – need to update my grey leather Bella and would LOVE a tan Eva tote.

  46. I like the Eva because it has a very pulled together look on its own. As to color, I’d have a hard time deciding between the grey and the black.

  47. Business, Not Law :

    Ooooo….love the Eva! I love the detailing on the bag and the addition of the longer strap makes it a stylish yet practical commuter bag. All of the colors are great too!

  48. While the quality of the leather of the Eva is appealing, there is something about the Olive Mia Folding Tote that I cannot stop looking at! It’s cool twill seems perfect to pair with summer or fall work wear, but it would equally complement a pair of jeans and dressy tee. I like that it is smart, functional, and versatile.

  49. Love the Eva in black because it looks like a bag I can hide my ipad in. I use my ipad as a “large print” iphone since I’m stuck to blackberry because of work.

  50. Emilie too :

    I would choose the Eva in black – it looks nice, and my current black bag has seen better days!

  51. i love the eva tote. the rocker look for a handbag is what my closet is missing. it’s great to dress up a casual weekend outfit or add a little something to the weekday wardrobe.

  52. I’d definitely pick the Mia. Sleek but casual — and I LOVE the color!

  53. I love the Eva. It’s such a great design and the fact that it has an intelligent design with great inside pockets could help me more easily find things.

  54. I love the Eva bag! The rocker chic feel totally fits in with the theme of my roller derby team!

  55. Texas Attorney :

    I would pick the Mia in Olive. I find leather totes to be too heavy. And I do not have an olive colored bag.

  56. Eva! It’s more expensive. ;)

  57. FormerPhotog :

    I love, love, love the Eva – I have been looking for the perfect travel bag for work and that is it – fits my punk-rock aesthetic, but still looks slick – and the added bonus of a cross body strap makes it super useful – that’s why I retired my other tote – it gets painful to carry once it’s loaded up.

  58. Love the Mia Folding Tote in olive. Now that it is summer and the busy season is over, I could use something a little more summer casual. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. I’m liking the Eva – just a little bit of edge to make it stand out, but not enough stuff hanging off of it to get in the way. And pockets! I love pockets. And soft supple leather. I like it in the gray for summer, but the color would also work well year round.

  60. Heatheresq :

    Eva in cognac definitely! Such a versatile bag!

  61. Vanessa Klisch :

    I love the sassy look of the Eva, but I have to say I want the Mia. I have searched for a fashionable bag with the versatility of a crossbody strap for months, and this is the first one I’ve seen with style! And the folding option? LOVE!

  62. momentsofabsurdity :

    Would absolutely go with the Eva! Perfect combination of rebel rocker (grommets, black!) and not-too-out-there!

  63. I’d love the Eva in gray. It looks large enough and beautiful to carry!

  64. I would choose the Mia. It’s large enough to fit a couple files but folds nicely for when you’re not carrying as much. It converts perfectly from business to casual wear.

  65. Though all the colors are lovely, the Eva in navy is my favorite. The dark blue is conservative enough to go anywhere, but it’s somehow less serious than New Yorkers’ standard black. The Eva strikes me as the little black dress of handbags: I picture it transitioning easily from the office (paired with my favorite deep purple flats and a camel sheath dress) to brunch on the weekends with gladiator sandals and oversize sunglasses.

  66. I choose the Mia because I’m dying for a lighter weight, more casual tote for summer.

  67. I love the Mia- so cute!

  68. I would definitely go for the Eva in navy/blue- it’s the perfect shade and would be great for work!

  69. I love the Eva bag, in black. I am about to start my career and would love to have a bag that looks put-together, professional, and yet still awesome. The pockets and features would help keep me organized, too, which is something I desperately need! I am tired of being that girl fishing around in her bag for keys/phone/whatever.

  70. Love the eva. Probably in cognac, but I’m a sucker for color and could realistically use a new black bag, so maybe I’d stick with the basics. Awesome giveaway!

  71. I love the Eva in the gray and navy – I’m trying to branch out from my boring brown and black bags and either would be perfect.

  72. I would pick the Eva because I love the navy color and nickel-toned hardware!

  73. I would choose the Mia – super cute for summer!!

  74. locomotive :

    definitely the mia. looks sophisticated but also looks nice and roomy and can be used for work, the gym, going out..aka everything!

  75. Professor Chic :

    The Eva in navy. It would be a fantastic conference bag for me. It is polished, but the edgy detailing means it is not too corporate for my area of the humanities.

  76. I love the versatility of the Mia tote – it’s perfect for all my work stuff but can be folded over into a more compact weekend version!

  77. I would choose the Eva in either gray or black. I love that the hardware is brushed nickel-tone and it would be a great bag for work and everyday use.

  78. I’d choose the Mia tote because it fits in more with my classic office wardrobe.

  79. I’m loving the Eva, because even though I’m a working professional/suburban mom of two toddlers by day, I can still rock out with the best of them by night!

  80. I like the Mia folding tote in Olive. It looks like the perfect bag to take to the office on Monday with your items for the week, then fold up and carry home to repeat the following week.

  81. valleygirl :

    I love the Eva Tote! I’ve been holding off on biting the bullet and getting something rocker-ish… but I love the navy! It looks like it could be dressed up or down – and I love that it comes with a shoulder strap :) perfect for lugging work around!

  82. I love the Eva because it looks like something that I would carry around on the weekend, but would still work well for the office. I absolutely LOVE the zipper pockets on the front – I’m always losing my cell phone in the bottom of my purse and this would help a ton!

  83. I’d choose the Mia in olive–I love how it has a kind of rustic rocker look to it…and can still fit all my work papers. Who gets to look cool AND carry ten pounds of legal briefs with them on the subway?

  84. Ooooh, I would choose the Mia in Olive. I have been looking for a lightweight, twill (or similar) bag for the summer, and that one looks perfect for hauling all of my stuff on the subway!

  85. so anonymous :

    I would choose the Eva because glazed Italian lamb leather sounds amazing!

  86. I love the Eva in cognac! Perfect for work or weekends!

  87. I love the Mia! It’ll fit a laptop, or fold over for the weekend.

  88. Kimberly A. :

    Love the Eva in cognac (or maybe the navy- can’t decide!)! Slightly edgy but perfect for the office! Always toting around documents (given that I am the lowest man (2d yr assoc) on the totem pole so to speak) and this won’t get them wrinkled (can sit straight up)!

  89. i really like the look of the eva… it has an edgy feel to it but it still looks professional! (and my new accessories are grey grey grey~ so it’s perfect!)

  90. Eva. Love the Rock n Roll vibe.

  91. I’d choose the Mia bag in Olive! I need the versatility of a folding bag this size!

  92. Gonna have to go with the Eva in grey! I’ve been looking for a grey bag lately and it looks like the Eva can fit a legal pad in there, no problem!

  93. I like the Eva, though I admit I’m torn because the Mia does seem a bit more versatile. Still, overall, the Eva would be a great replacement for my current “giant bag I haul to work that barely looks like a purse anymore.” Plus, I do love the style and can see it looking fabulous either dressed up for work or dressed down on the weekend with jeans and fun/cool boots.

  94. I love the Mia tote in Olive. I’m always carrying a ton of stuff in my bag, so I need lots of room1

  95. Love love love the Eva. I’ll bet the cognac looks beautiful–and I could pair it with either my black or brown ensembles for work, which is a M-U-S-T for this mama who’s usually scrambling out the door with her briefcase, gym bag, day care bag, breakfast, and baby in tow. Frazzled much?

  96. Eva in navy! I’ve been on the lookout for a great bag in dark blue for a few months now. this one is it!

  97. Cyndy Lovejoy :

    I would choose the Mia Folding Tote in olive. It’s a great looking bag, the canvas looks sturdy and the styling is modern. I believe I could fit my DSLR in that bag and I’m in need of a new tote that doesn’t look like a camera bag that can handle all my regular purse, tech, and camera stuff! Thanks for the chance to win.

  98. Anonymous Poser :

    Wow. I hope I don’t *have* to choose in this e-mail–I can’t decide right now between the Eva in navy because wow! Navy! I need more navy :)

    or the Mia because I could definitely use an attractive, non-leather tote for summer. Oops, I think I just decided–I’d get the Mia in olive (and ditch a non-leather bag from an earlier iteration of my style evolution… ;) ).

  99. I would choose the Eva in Cognac. I love this color brown because I think it works year round, looks warm and rich, and yet still nice and professional. Plus, it would be big enough to fit my lunch for work!

  100. The Eva, because it’s the complete opposite of my current boring work tote!

  101. I love the Eva in black! I work at a nonprofit and need a professional bag, but a lot of the practical ones out there are boring or look like luggage. This bag has the right about of “advocacy chic” flair while still being professional. And I love that it comes with a strap to carry it cross-body, which is great for my public transit commute.

  102. You know that feeling you get when you lock eyes with a really attractive stranger across a crowded room? That’s pretty much what happened when I saw the Eva bag. It’s gorgeous, versatile, will work with all work outfits in all seasons, and isn’t boring but isn’t ostentatious.

  103. Wow, the Eva is beautimous (totally a word). Would love the cognac–such a lovely bag for work but still *slightly* edgy. What? I can be a professional with a ‘tude.

  104. I love the Mia! It’s so perfect for every day.

  105. I’d pick the Eva in Grey – I would love a Grey bag.

    However, I REALLY love the Nicole in either cognac or lilac…

  106. I love both but would choose EVA! She’s beautiful, versatile (can be paired with a dressed up look or a dressed down look) and it’s classic. It will be in style for a very long time.

    S7Bailey (at) gmail (d0t) com

  107. Christina Dye :

    I love Eva! She is professional, but also has a little bit of an edge with the chunky hardware and zippers. Would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe, and I hope I am chosen! I love Ellington and love supporting local companies. Thank you!!!

  108. Love the Eva in cognac…and navy!

  109. The Eva- looks beautiful! Its fun and professional looking all in one!

  110. Goosebumpy :

    Definitely the Eva. I’m a softie but like my bags to look tough.

  111. The Eva in black looks like a stylish way to carry my life back and forth between home and work.

  112. Michele Beard :

    I love the Eva tote! Match anything I wear!

  113. I’m loving the Eva tote! Edgy yet practical!

  114. I love the Eva – just what I need to add to my wardrobe. Large enough for files, yet stylish for everyday.

  115. I love the look of the Eva – I like the metal detailing and the leather.

  116. Mia, baby. It’s a little more conservative, which is what I’d need starting as a first year lawyer in the fall!

  117. PharmaGirl :

    Love the Eva in black… My bags do triple -duty for work, weekend, and diapers/snacks. This is a bag I can take to work and the playground.

  118. Wow, these are great. I’d pick the Eva in navy… it would go beautifully with all the pinks and grays in my wardrobe, plus it’s big enough to fit my breast pump accessories.

  119. I love the Eva in gray. I hate losing things in my bag and this looks nice and organized.

  120. I would choose the Eva in that beautiful grey, because it would be lovely and polished to haul to meetings.

  121. I dig the Eva because it goes from daytime to night out so easily!

  122. Love the Eva…especially in cognac!

  123. Love, love, love the Eva in cognac or navy. I have a conservative office, and this bag is classy with an edge. Also, I’m always dragging paperwork to and from, so the size of this bag is perfect!

  124. I love that Mia bag in cognac – tough and big without being one of those giant hobo bags – much sleeker look. I also love the idea of pockets with “sub-pockets” – this bag would definitely not be confused with a diaper bag ever, though it might carry a few fruit snacks or ballet slippers!

  125. Myra Kearn :

    I love the look of the Eva tote in black and am a huge fan of Ellington bags as I have 3 of them already! Professional with an edge!

  126. Aura Brosnan :

    I would choose the nylon tote b/c I could use it more. I also would never need such a large rocker bag.

  127. Meg Kurlinski :

    The Eva in Gray. Looks to be the perfect size for work files and the pockets sound great.

  128. Eva in Grey – professional and versatile enough to go with everything.

  129. I love the Mia! It’s the perfect size for day to day stuff plus carrying the essentials while traveling!

  130. I like the Mia, it looks really versatile.

  131. Though both bags are fantastic, I would choose the Mia in Olive. It looks like a perfect bag to transition from work-week to weekend. It would allow me to bring my laptop to work during the week but would be the perfect brunch bag for weekends!

  132. just Karen :

    The Eva in navy because it is completely unlike anything I already own.

  133. Joann Taylor :

    I’d go with the Mia. I travel a lot and a great, foldable tote is just the ticket for me.

  134. I would choose the Eva and I think it would be a much more stylish way to haul around my diabetic supplies.

  135. Definitely the Eva – gotta love a big black rockin’ bag!

  136. SouthernLegal :

    I like the Eva – particularly the navy or gray.

  137. a passion for fashion :

    Ohhhh. I love the Eva tote. I’d use it both casually and for work. I love having a big purse on the weekends to fit all of my kids stuff so i dont have to carry a diaper bag, and this one seems perfect for that. But it also seems big enough to carry folders for work and has just enough to make it extra fashionable, yet still work appropriate. I’d probably even bring it into court with me.

  138. I love the Eva! I’d definitely choose that one, because it would add some much-needed edge to my work style.

    Color-wise it’s difficult to decide among the black, the cognac and the gray. They’re all beautiful. Conclusion: I’d pick the gray, to mix it up. Sometimes it seems as though everything I own for work is black . . . .

  139. I’d choose the Eva because my wardrobe consists primarily of black/grey tones, and this gorgeous bag would match everything!

  140. I love the eva! I like all the colors, but have to choose the gray. I am a little gray-obsessed lately!

  141. I am in love with the Eva tote! It looks very professional but isn’t boring! I would probably choose it in gray, because it’s unlike any other bag I own.

  142. I’d love the Eva in cognac, because I recently started my first non-internship, full-time, working gal in the big city job, and I’m desperately in need a laptop sized leather bag that won’t er… rip. I’m also trying to incorporate a little more edginess into my largely preppy wardrobe, inspired by my beau’s love of combat boots and black canvas jackets with lots of zippers, and I think the cognac would ease me into that without a complete shock to my system.

  143. Eva in grey would be perfect for work to after-work events.

  144. I love them both, but if I had to choose one—I’d go with the Eva. I’d get more use out of it.

  145. The Eva! Love the leather, the hardware, and the angled pockets… And I can imagine that each of those colors would be incredibly useful. I’ve been hunting for the perfect tote, and this one goes on the list!

  146. Whitney Kippes (@Ms_Kippes) :

    I would definitely go with the Mia! I love the messenger style, and the external pockets. I travel a lot for work, especially to rural areas in developing countries, and I love that the olive is understated enough to be appropriate, while simultaneously being formal enough to meet with local government and carry at our HQ.

  147. Miss Priss :

    I love the Mia because it is the perfect hipster/rocker chic bag for heading out after work without being so cool I can’t carry it to the office.

  148. I’d choose the Mia because I have a kid on the way, nylon = better :)

  149. The Eva Tote is beautiful! Great tote/briefcase during the day, and carryall with style at night.

  150. The Eva! I like that it comes in navy, and it’s large enough for a laptop.

  151. Love the Mia – wish I had one for my upcoming work trip to China! Maybe I can win one in time for the next trip.

  152. I would choose the Eva. I need a “grown up” bag and this black leather looks like it fits the bill!

  153. I’d choose the the Mia because I like the versatility, and it’s hard to find non-leather bags with a professional appearance.

  154. Eva for sure–that is the chic-est looking briefcase alternative ever! And I currently, embarrassingly, stuff my laptop into my too-small leather bag and look like an idiot with it sticking out 2 inches because I refuse almost every briefcase I’ve seen.

  155. The Eva bag in cognac would be my pick. It’s gorgeous.

  156. Love the Eva in cognac. Love that it is a piece that is multi-faceted and can work in nearly any situation.

  157. I’d chose the Eva in Cognac.

  158. I like the cognac Eva… looks like it will match anything, and I could carry all my junk to work in it

  159. The Eva in Navy would be a great bag for work. Pop of color that would go with everything and big enough to hold some files.

  160. Mia in black — the styling makes it the perfect bag for hauling files to and from work.

  161. I would pick the Mia because the Eva looks too biker. :)

  162. Eva in black, maybe gray, for sure! This is gorgeous – love the hardware and strap options, and I love this kind of shiny, glazed leather. Also love that it’s big enough for files and an extra pair of shoes.

  163. They are both gorgeous bags (Eva in navy is yummy), but have to go with Mia in black. I am active duty and can only carry a black bag, so this is a much more pretty, polished and professional looking bag than my ancient backpack I’ve been schlepping.

  164. I would choose the Mia – looks like the perfect versatile bag!

  165. Mia in olive for me. I’m not quite rocker enough for the other bag. Canvas will be lighter and I like the fold over option. Maybe I’ll win!

  166. Love the Eva in Navy. I like that it can hold a ton of stuff, love the look of the leather, professional feel of it, and the color options!

  167. DC Association :

    Another one for the Eva. I’m not picky, I’ll take any color other than black, since of course i already have plenty of black totes! it is modern, it is leather, it is perfect!

  168. I’ve been coveting a big cognac bag FOREVAH – the color goes with everything and I’m always carrying some combination of laptop/ipad/phone/bberry and need the size – so I’d pick the Eva in cognac. Love it!

  169. Love the Eva in navy – it would fill a navy-bag-shaped hole in my work wardrobe.

  170. Mia would be perfect to fit what I bring with me in the plane!

  171. 100% Mia on this one. I tend to buy bags for work or social events, so I’m low on casual looks. Plus I adore the texture of twill.

  172. I’d love the Eva in any color! Gorgeous.

  173. I love the Mia! Love it! I hope I win!

  174. I love the Eva bag! It’s classic with an edge. Perfection!

  175. no longer "job hunting" :

    I prefer the Eva, I’m a sucker for Italian leather.

  176. I would love the Eva Tote because it looks like it would fit my ipad and snacks I bring to work.

  177. Eva, especially in cognac, because leather lasts me a long time, it can be fixed if it tears, and I am finally introducing brown to my closet.

    Really, am I the only one without brown clothes?

    It also looks like the perfect purse for casual days. A little edge, but not enough to let anybody in on your inner (weekend) freak :)

    • Lawlala, I think between us we might have a full wardrobe; I own almost nothing but brown. In fact, last week I was searching through my clothes and realized I don’t even own a pair of black work pants!

  178. Holy smokes, the Mia is awesome! I’ve been looking for a great fold over bag, and I love how cleanly this looks like it collapses.

  179. I would choose the Eva because I graduated from law school yesterday, and that Bag would be a perfect one to carry on my first day of work!

  180. Love the Eva in Cognac because the leather looks beautiful and it would work as a carry on with my laptop, magazines, etc.

  181. I love the Mia because it folds down into something smaller and love the crossbody strap

  182. WriterKate :

    Love the folding tote. It looks perfect for travel, easy to pack in a suitcase and use for conferences, meetings, and other business occasions, but also great for vacations! It also looks lightweight (???), which makes it perfect to carry a laptop!

  183. I would definitely choose the Eva – I like my bags to have a little alternative (in this case “rocker”) feel so I’m not entirely lost in the corporate big-firm culture.

  184. Former MidLevel :

    I vote for the Eva – I love that it has a slim profile, but also has plenty of space. Gorgeous!

  185. I’ve gotta go with the Mia…that would be perfect for my work bag!

  186. The Eva tote in navy would certainly class up my workday! Thanks for this chance.

  187. I love the Eva in gray. The gray makes it look so demure.

  188. I would definitely choose the Eva because first, I am a sucker for the zipper detail (seriously one look at my bags and you can tell I may have a small problem.) The second reason is that from Kat’s description it would be perfect for stowing all my work things, as well as my diaper-changing kit and the normal things you have to lug around with a toddler.

    I am all about the dual-function bags.

  189. EVA! It’s chic and versatile and it’s a tote! What more could a girl ask for?!

  190. Wow so hard to choose…I choose the gray Eva tote because the leather will be durable for traveling and it has a professional look with an edge :)

  191. The Eva in cognac or black. Work and volunteer events range from jeans & a tee to suits on any given day. It adds personality to what are usually set, mandated uniforms.

  192. I would definitely use the Mia all the time, in olive. Looks great for casual day-to-day or as a bigger weekend bag!

  193. I would choose the Eva. Not only would be a great work tote, but I could use it on the weekends for all my kids’ stuff (5yo and 2yo).

  194. InsidetheBeltway :

    Definitely the Eva – black leather never goes out of style.

  195. Absolutely love the Eva in black! I’ve been looking for the perfect black bag with no luck– I love the contrast between my slightly sweet dresses/skirt style and a leather bag with rocker chic details, and this looks perfect.

  196. I love the Eva – especially the bold navy color!

  197. I LOVE the Mia! Stylish & classy. It would be great for law school, and hopefully someday very soon… work!

  198. I would go with the Eva. I’ve been wanting a cognac bag – goes with everything – and I like that leather can be dressed up or down.

  199. I would choose the EVA! It is great, functional, and I have been carrying the same exact bag to work every single day since I started my corporate job over three years ago! Definitely time for a change…

  200. The Mia looks so useful for work and for traveling! Plus, I always put too much stuff in my bags, and the nylon twill makes it lighter than a leather bag.

  201. Oooohh I love the Mia. Big enough to carry files during the week and can convert down to something a bit smaller to carry on the weekends!

  202. Me, I’d go with the Mia because I’ve a trip-for-work coming up and it looks like it’d be perfect for international travel: plenty of room for my laptop and iPad for work as well as room for a Kindle for my in-flight entertainment. The outside pockets, though, are what really sell me on it: plenty of room for all of the things you have to keep taking in and out of your pockets at an airport! Passport? Slip it in. Tickets? Not a problem. Money because I forgot to pack gum? Done and done.

    Finally: do I blend in when I get off the plane in Europe? Yessireebob! Chic and ready for business!

  203. Seattleite :

    LOVE the Eva. And [channeling Joan Cusak] it’s even LEATHAH.

  204. The Eva in cognac, or black, or cognac. Yeah, cognac. I always feel more empowered when wearing accessories that are truly *me* and I can certainly see the Eva being a part of that!

  205. I love the Eva tote in Navy! I’m usually boring with my handbag choices in black or brown leather(ette) but this one is so fantastic! I’m in handbag love!

  206. Mrs. Jones :

    The Eva is both cool and practical.

  207. Absolutely the Eva. It’s much more rocker and suited to my style

  208. Love the Mia, which can go work-to-weekend and is perfect for summer.

  209. Tigger227 :

    I would love the Eva in black — it’s cool rocker-chic that would fit in at my casual office but could also be taken out to a dressier after-work function. And it’s just me! I love, love, love it.

  210. I’d love the Eva in cognac – goes with everything and so versatile!

  211. I love the Mia! It seems so versitile for everyday use!

  212. Love the Eva in any color. The leather looks great.

  213. Lindsey Pesek :

    I’d go for the Eva in black. Love that it is good for casual weekend wear and nice enough to pass for use at work.

  214. The Eva in Navy — stunning color!

  215. Love the Eva, especially in black and cognac – it looks tough, but not so rocker-ish that it’s trying too hard

  216. I’d go with the Eva tote. I’m a suburban mom who works in a corporate environment. I need all of the “rocker chic” cool points I can get!

  217. I love the Eva! It’s cool and modern, and the perfect size for when I need to bring my laptop with me to meetings.

  218. Love the Eva! It would match my other Ellington bags!

  219. Mia all the way. As a mom-to-be I forsee great advantages to having a tote than can magically double in size by unfolding it. Perfect for carrying things between home and the office during maternity leave.

  220. I like the Eva. More color choices and I love all the pockets.

  221. Love the Mia Folding Tote — all the room and pockets would be great for the mom on the go. I can have my briefs in one section, and Sophie the giraffe in the other!

  222. Love the Mia Folding Tote — all the room and pockets would be great for the mom on the go. I can have my briefs in one section, and Sophie the giraffe in the other!

  223. I love the Eva in Cognac. It would be the perfect everday work bag for me. I can carry my laptop and files in it but it looks like it would transition into a great everyday casual bag. Love the details (zippers and pockets) too.

  224. Eva in black – I love a great tote! And it looks like it be awesome for travel!

  225. GW Detroit :

    I love the Eva in black or grey – so versatile! And the I think the exterior pockets really make the look.

  226. I love the Eva, especially in Cognac and black. It would transition from work to evening perfectly, while still holding everything I need to have with me!

  227. The Mia, for sure! Love the details and the handles!

  228. Mia in Olive. Lovely color, practical bag.

  229. Totes McGotes :

    I would take the Eva in any color but navy. Loving the grown-up-but-still-rockin vibe, and the leather looks like buttahhh…

    [email protected]

    Pick me, Kat! Pick me!

  230. Totes McGotes :

    I would take the Eva in any color but navy. Loving the grown-up-but-still-rockin vibe, and the leather looks like buttahhh…

    [email protected]

    Pick me, Kat! Pick me!

  231. I really like the Mia, I don’t buy work purses anymore without a crossbody strap, as I end up filling them up when I have work to take home.

  232. I love the Eva tote in navy or black. Fun bag.

  233. The Mia in black is my choice. It looks elegant, lightweight and versatile!

  234. Love the Eva. Would use it as a purse/diaper bag.

  235. Lady of the Lake :

    Love the Eva in gray! Looks like a perfect everyday bag for carrying a few things to and from the office!

  236. Amelia Bedelia :

    I would choose Eva Tote (in black or cognac). I would carry it to work . . . that way, I would know that even though I am dressed professionally and following the dress code, I am keeping a bit of rocker vibe alive!

  237. Amelia Bedelia :

    I would choose Eva Tote (in black or cognac). I would carry it to work . . . that way, I would know that even though I am dressed professionally and following the dress code, I am keeping a bit of rocker vibe alive!

    Had to repost with my email address!

  238. I would choose the Mia because I already have a formal black leather tote for general use, but would love a more casual tote for carrying both to the office and on weekend trips and the like. And its cute!

    • Instead of ourselves, can we nominate our favourite contributor instead, as I’d like
      TCFKAG to win the bag for her helpful and downright hilarious posts. Vote TCFKAG!

  239. I love the Mia Folding Tote. I think it would be great for those days when I have to bring stuff home from the office. And by “stuff” I usually mean, hard hat, ear muffs, safety vest, safety glasses, etc. Plus it could fit my laptop. This would be a much nicer way to carry all that junk! I’d be the most stylish construction-ette around. Love it!

  240. Definitely the Mia. As a public transit/walking commuter, my shoulders have learned the hard way that real leather is just too heavy. I love finding new, cute, useful nylon bags!

  241. I would choose the Eva because its the perfect everyday black bag for work and play!

  242. I love the Eva tote! Especially in olive for summer. I need a bag to haul a BUNCH of stuff around each day at work, and the Eva seems perfect and light and perfect for summer.

    • Such a dork! I mean the Mia. Is it too late? Sorry, up all night last night.

  243. I like the Mia in Olive for traveling and even to take to/from work if it is not raining!

  244. anon prof :

    The Eva, definitely. I’m not hip enough for a rocker chick bag!

  245. I love the Eva in Cognac. It looks like it would be a great work purse.

  246. Obsessed with the Eva in Cognac! So chic and practical – I’d wear it anywhere. Already dreaming up outfits to pair with the bag.

  247. I would choose the Mia because of it’s simple but chic look. What a great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  248. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mia in black!!!
    It’s the perfect size and would go well with everything.
    Also, because I never really splurge on myself and would love to carry this around instead of the diaper bag :)

  249. Pretty! I could really use the Eva tote for work- I lug a laptop back and forth quite a bit, and need my hands free for the commute- the Eva with the cross body strap looks like the perfect solution!

  250. Littlest Attorney :

    Mia in Olive because I don’t have anything like it!

  251. karenpadi :

    I’d go for the Eva in Navy. Beautiful bag and it has a light colored lining!

  252. I would choose the Mia – I like that it’s slightly more casual and is definitely more my style.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  253. What a great giveaway! Both bags look awesome to me, but I think I’d choose the Mia because it seems like a great way to carry all my school stuff (I’m a doctoral student) and still look professional.

  254. I love the Mia, especially in the olive color – it’d be perfect for me to bring to work, and has that bit of casual-ness that makes it really versatile for using on the weekend as well. And I love that it folds over and can be worn messenger-bag style – it’d be perfect for traveling!

  255. Both look like they’d fit easily into my closet! If I had to choose, then I’d go for Eva in grey – I could see this becoming my laptop bag

  256. I like the Mia – the folding capability is awesome, and would be easier for the days I want to just carry a small bag, but being able to have it big would be nice for days I need to carry folders or something in my bag, too! I also love the internal key fob.

  257. i like the versatility of the mia!

  258. eva tote in gray – super fabulous everyday bag. the formality of leather, with just enough of an edge that makes it perfect for all occasions.

  259. Corporette Fan :

    Love the Mia in black! perfect balance between the giant totes I normally have and the cross-body bags I wish I could cram all my stuff into :)

  260. I love the Eva–could fit all my stuff for the office, yet let me have a little edge.

  261. Talkin' Texas :

    I vote for Eva. Hip but still works with a suit.

  262. Christina :

    The Eva tote in Cognac is gorgeous and the one for me — I love the color and the size and how it would be great at work or over the weekend.

  263. ChocCityB&R :

    I’d choose the Mia Folding Tote. Perfect size for my daily commute, and I love the interior!

  264. I like the Eva bag a lot – I think it’s great for every day use whether you’re going to the office or running weekend errands.

  265. I’m definitely choosing the Eva. I travel frequently and stuff my bags so as to meet the two carry-on limit. This bag seems perfect for my laptop, some files, and a good book. I really love the blue.

  266. I like the Eva because it’s both classy and a bit unusual.

  267. I’d choose the Eva. It’s big enough to carry files between home and the office, and the leather exterior makes it easy to clean baby spit-up (the current challenge to my work wardrobe).

  268. I would pick the Eva in Cognac. It seems like a perfect size for a professional bag, but the zippers keep it edgy. Plus, the Cognac color is amazing!

  269. Definitely the Mia – it looks like a great bag for travel, and looks like it would take up very little space if you wanted to stow it in your suitcase for part of the trip!

  270. I love the Eva in black. It’s a great style, and I could really use something hip and cool like this!!

  271. The mia! I like how it flips over into a smaller bag.

  272. Nice bags! I would go with the Eva for sure: more unique looking, could swing for an evening instead of just at the office, and love the features you describe (including the zipper compartments and tech pockets).

  273. I love the Eva! It looks like it would go so perfectly with almost any outfit! What a classic bag with an edgy twist.

  274. The Eva would be a perfect work bag. And the grommets help to make it fun!

  275. Stephanie :

    I would choose the Eva – it’s so hard to find a unique black back, but the Eva fits the bill!

  276. I love the Mia. Versatile for work and travel.

  277. Love the Mia – the twill with the leather is a nice combo.

  278. Michelle Doran :

    Love the Mia!!! So chic and NYC. Would go great with all my outfits :)

  279. The Eva, of course

  280. I would choose the Eva Tote because I have really been needing and wanting a bag that I can use as a purse and a bookbag, and still be stylin!

  281. perkypreety :

    I love Eva in Cognac…love the leather, style and it would fit my 15″ laptop for work..starting my first job (non-lawyer) and would love to have a professional and stylish bag

  282. Definitely the Eva in gray. I prefer leather to nylon plus I love the detailing.

  283. Eva–because I want to model for my daughter and niece that classy, classic style doesn’t have to be,”Boh-ring!”

  284. I love the Eva – the soft leather and larger hardware make it look stylish while making a statement.

  285. I would choose the eva in grey I love the zippers on the side and I don’t have a grey purse and it looks so soft

  286. I am on Team Eva. Love the rocker chic!

  287. Jennifer Eberle :

    I love the Eva bag in cognac or gray. As a senior associate at my firm, I travel to glamorous places, like Fayetteville, TN, Union City, TN, and Tupelo, MS ~ amongst other exotic locales. I need a bag that can handle coffee spills in the car, rain running from my car to a deposition, and the pockets to handle everything needed for depositions and hearings (such as Excedrin extra strength, my tablet computer, and files). Additionally, since its made of fabric, I can rest my head on it, when the depositions or hearings take longer, much longer, hours longer, than expected.

  288. Skippy pea :

    I love the Eva in black! I would wear it for a night out on town ( with convenient cross body strap) after work. It will work perfectly in the scenario and look cool with the zippers and other edgy details like large hardware!

  289. I love the EVA tote! It is just gorgeous! Wish I could find these bags in Michigan!

  290. Eva- She would be right on for my black power suits. She let’s you know that I mean business, but I have a spark – an edge. Love her!

  291. The Eva in black or cognac — the tote/crossbody crossover is a great idea. I love crossbodys, but they often feel too casual for work. The combination totally works, especially since the tote is big enough for files. I like both bags, but have to go with leather for the office. Canvas just seems too casual.

  292. I would love the Eva in grey or even orange. It is big enough to throw my laptop in when I need to, but so sleek and edgy with the hardware. And I am tempted to go with the orange for a punch of color, to be even more edgy!

  293. I’d choose the Mia, in either color. It has to be one of the most versatile bags I’ve ever seen, and when I look at it, I can picture it on my arm, everywhere I go, from depositions to “glamping” trips.

  294. I’d go with the gray Eva, because it would go with both my black suit and navy suit.

  295. I’d choose the Eva in black for a few reasons, it’s my sister’s name, I prefer leather, and I like silver hardware more than gold/bronze.

  296. I think the Eva in Cognac is gorgeous! Definitely a color that I always want, but end up passing up.

  297. The Eva tote is gray is just beautiful! It is neutral but not boring with just the right dose of rocker-chic. What an awesome giveaway!

  298. I would love the Mia in Olive. The neutral color and material makes it very versatile. I also really like the look of it.

  299. Mia in Olive — perfect for transporting the laptop to and fro during the workweek and can probably double for a mini (chic) diaper bag on the weekends.

  300. I would choose the Eva tote in black. I like the black to use at work since it would go with everything, but with the great silver accents it also can easily transition to having fun with friends in the evenings or weekends. I also really like the shape of the bag since it is more vertical rather than horizontal in shape. It is hard to find a bag with this great shape!

  301. DeeDee V. :

    The Eva in navy… what a great bag! I love the edge from the hardware and zippers and that color is so versatile (in my wardrobe, at least)

  302. Eva in cognac because I love that material and color!

  303. The Mia, because it looks like you could fold it up and carry it as a backup tote.

  304. Eva – it just looks fun!

  305. I love the Eva in navy. Navy seems really big this year and it would be a nice change from all of my black totes!

  306. eva- it looks tough but elegant too. nice balance to strike!

  307. I would love the Eva in cognac to take to work and to carry my necessities when I’m in Rome, Venice, and Naples this July!

  308. I love the Eva…

  309. Eva for me because I think leather works best for work and weekend, and as it “ages” it still looks great. I’d get out of my comfort zone and go with the cognac – it’s really quite a versatile color.

  310. Love the Mia.

  311. BigLaw Optimist :

    I dig the Mia. I really like the “folding” feature, and I like that it will carry a laptop!

  312. The Eva! It professional and hardcore.

  313. Stephanie :

    Mia! I love the clean lines and convenience.

  314. I LOVE the EVA tote in black or gray. I have been looking for a tote to travel with that would hold everything. This one looks perfect!

  315. Love the Eva in grey. Working for the government, I take what opportunities I can to subtly emphasize the professional but tough, strong woman vibe to some of my military coworkers. In other words, when can I let my inner biker chick out and get away with it?

  316. I’d choose the Eva to use as a chic bag for hauling stuff to campus. I love the durability of leather (despite the extra weight) and the moderate size of the bag.

  317. I love the Eva – It would be great for off the clock, but I could also get away with it at work.

  318. I think the Mia is brilliant, it looks so versatile. I think it would be perfect to pack for my conference this summer, packable yet will hold all the paperwork I will accumulate while there!

  319. Eva Tote for sure! It’s a perfect match to my personality! :)

  320. Kate O'Donnell :

    Love the Mia in Olive. The casual fabric is perfect for school. Plus, it could fit my laptop. Rock on!

  321. The Eva in Black! It’s the perfect bag–professional, but with a touch of personality. I love the zipper details! And it’s great for commuting. I just love any bag that is large enough to accommodate my laptop, and I appreciate the pockets because I am one of those people that jams everything into her bag.

  322. I love the Eva in black. Great rocker looks, and hopefully the design means I wont be constant searching for my stuff. Looks like its the perfect size for me, and if it can stay organized, so much the better.

  323. I think the Mia is great! It would be perfect for everyday at the office, or casual weekends as well.

  324. I like the Eva one because of the zippers and the size!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  325. Displaced buckeye :

    I’d pick the Eva in gray,because it’d be perfect for all the stuff I lug to work

  326. Eva! I love the hardware and it looks big enough for all my briefs, books, memos, forgotten packs of gum, long lost lip glosses, etc.

  327. Sabrina Andrews :

    I love the MIA, versatile color and I like that the lining is light.

  328. dancinglonghorn :

    I had actually been thinking about getting the blue Eva – I love the fact that is work appropriate but with a little bit of flair but not visible brand names!

  329. Rose in SV :

    I prefer the Eva in gray. I love the zippers and the size of it. I also think that the leather will age bettern than cloth.

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  330. I practice equine law, somewhat of a niche market, and the Mia tote in olive has those elements of equestrian style that can take it from a day at the office to mingling with clients at a polo match – classic structure, gold tone hardware reminiscent of bridle hardware, leather trim, and casual-chic canvas. Love it.

  331. I like Eva, it’s kind of punk but still classy enough for the office

  332. I love the Eva. I love the color and style.

  333. love the mia tote, the fabric is more to my taste and would look professional carrying charts to my home visits with my clients. thanks for the giveaway!

  334. The Eva tote is perfect for bringing files to court!

  335. The Mia Folding Tote really catches my eye. I just finished my last exam of my first year of law school and decided to finally part ways with my old college bookbag. I have been searching all over (mostly stalking Corporette) for something that will be as functional to help me transition into my first (unpaid!) internship. The crossbody strap looks comfortable, and the bag will hold my laptop without looking bulky. The Mia Folding Tote would be a stylish staple in the professional wardrobe I’m slowly building.

  336. Cosmoline :

    Ooh, I would take the Eva in grey. My husband and I are going to travel overseas in the next year to see his father and I would love a sassy bag for the trip!

  337. Where are my keys? :

    Eva in cognac or black because I’m constantly digging for my keys/cell while running from the office to pick up the kindergartner or well, anywhere. Love the utility of the pockets combined with the fun fashionable details that we all try to squeeze into our work wardrobe.

  338. I would love the Eva. It would be a great purse to go from office to night time. Much better than my tried and true patent leather purse!

  339. Rock chic, Eva is so cool and I love it can held by the carry top handles or the cross body strap. I live in NYC and am usually on the go and Eva bag could hold everything I need for the day in style.

  340. I like the Eva in navy and the Mia in black. Hmm, my final pick will be the Eva.

  341. I would choose the Eva because, like others said, it’s rocker-chic but still professional!

  342. Love that the Mia looks professional enough to bring to work and cool enough to want to carry!

  343. Would LOVE LOVE the Eva to carry to work. My current purse is falling apart and looks like the Eva would hold my laptop and file folders.

  344. scientist :

    I’d choose the Eva because I like the placement of the pockets. I also need a more formal bag right now more than I need a casual bag.

  345. The blue Eva bag is professional but with an edge to it that shows you’re not afraid to push the envelope a bit. Would love to carry this into my conservative office this summer.

  346. Also Anon :

    Eva in black! rockerbeautiful.

  347. I pick the Eva tote. The leather looks so soft and i love the look of the zippers!

  348. Both bags are lovely, but I would definitely choose the Eva, it’s my kind of style, and the sleek style of the bag and the lovely basic black color means that it will match with just about everything in my wardrobe! :) Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! I would be thrilled to win.

  349. Old Towner :

    I love the Eva in cognac. Such a great color!

  350. I like the proportions on the Mia in Olive.

  351. I absolutely love the Eva! The zippers and metal detail gives it a great edge :)

  352. I love the Mia Folding Tote because of its versatility-you could carry it was an assortment of outfits and wear an assortment of colors and it would still match! Also looks like it would transition well through the seasons.

  353. Pretzel_Logic :

    I love the Eva for the rocker chic vibe–professional, big enough to haul all my big kid job files, but young enough to keep the kid inside alive.

  354. Gail the Goldfish :

    This is a tough one, but I think the Mia in olive. I’m not feeling the zippers on the Eva. I must not be rocker chic.

  355. Lauren Guilbeau :

    I would want to win the Mia folding tote in olive because it would be perfect to carry everything to work in. Plus its so cute.

  356. The Eva in Navy. Navy is my new favorite fashion color.

  357. I’d love the Mia. I’d use the open version for when I’m carrying around baby’s things and small version when out by myself!

  358. Abigail Holmes :

    I like them both but prefer the Eva. The Eva not only matches most of the clothing I own but seems very functional. As someone who commutes and has to bring lunch, a bottle of water, and umbrella, sometimes my laptop and walking shoes (I change my shoes as I enter the building) a big bag is a must. Its perfect for the working, stylish, commuter.

  359. I like the Mia Folding Tote – seems to be versatile – can dress up and down for work / casual.

  360. Love that Eva–I could look like a total badass, even while toting around a mess of file folders and my toddler’s half-consumed bag of goldfish crackers.

  361. I love the Eva in cognac. That would definitely be my first choice.

  362. I like the Eva….I have been needing a black purse for a while.

  363. SV in House :

    ooh, love the Eva in blue — great details, plus now that I have a new, smaller laptop, I need a great bag to go with it!

  364. I would choose the Eva in black–it’s the holy grail of the zipper-top, laptop-holding black basic bag that I’ve been searching for. Even if I don’t win, I am going to buy it!

  365. I like the look of Mia.

  366. Bursting out :

    Eva in grey! Great color that would be an unexpected alternative to black. Love the long strap for a cross body option – so versatile for work or weekend.

  367. The eva in black would be a versatile bag for me

  368. I would choose the Eva, leaning toward gray or navy (so gorgeous!)–the zipper detailing and rings give the bag an edgy touch which stands out against its more unobtrusive rectangular shape. It has greater color versatility and looks more professional compared to the Mia, which strikes me as an equally useful but visually duller bag (that said, I do think the gold detailing stands out in a prettier fashion for black, not so much olive). And finally, considering my 15″ laptop computer, the Eva would just better hold my belongings (large slip pocket!).

  369. An Eva in gray for me please! Beautiful, and, named for my best friend!

  370. Both bags are amazing, but Eva would be perfect for work. I love the cognac and grey colors!

  371. I’d choose the Eva. As a working mom of a little one, I love lots of places in a purse to keep everything organized!! It’s hard looking around for a pen for a meeting but only finding lip gloss or a baby teething rattle I stuck in my bag from the night before!

  372. Shacey Petrovic :

    I love the Eva! It is the perfect combination of classic chic and rocker chick. I would lug my folders to work in it or wear in shopping with the girls on the weekend. Great bag!

  373. bellafortuna :

    Both are gorgeous! But the Eva tote in Navy takes the cake.

  374. I’d love the Eva in grey! I just graduated from law school and have been looking for a larger professional purse, this would be perfect!!!

  375. EvaEvaEva! :

    I LOVE the Eva! I’ve been trying to make the jump from “thrown together” to “put together” and I think this bag would put me squarely in the camp of “put together” chic!

  376. Christina Claybrook :

    I am lusting after the Eva. I love the edginess of the bag, and also love that it is still wearable for every day! Thanks for the opportunity for these bags, Kat!

  377. I love the Eva tote in grey! I’ve been looking for a great grey tote for awhile now and may have to go ahead and purchase this even if I don’t get picked.

  378. I’d love to win the Mia because it’s so versatile!

  379. Would love the Eva to jazz up my work style!

  380. Eva! It would be perfect for work, and I love all the pockets!

  381. I would choose the Eva, it fits my lifestyle well!

  382. Love the Eva – I’d choose it in Cognac. I love how the classic color contrasts with the edgy details. I’ve been looking for a warm-toned leather tote for ages and this totally fits the bill!

  383. love the Eva! so rocker, so chic.

  384. Love the Eva in Cognac because it’s different and would work well for traveling.

  385. The Eva is great because it can be used for work AND play!

  386. I would love the Eva bag in black. It’s such a great style for both work and play. I can picture it with *so* many different outfits, such a versatile handbag!

  387. Definitely the Eva because it is professional enough for work, but also sexy enough for the weekends!

  388. I adore the Eva Tote in black. I have an inner rockstar (don’t we all?) and I think the black would go great with all of her outfits!

    Please enter me into the giveaway.

  389. I would be thrilled to win the Eva as I am in need of a large leather bag that has a newer look than the vintage bag I currently use.

  390. Cynthia W :

    Mia is my choice, because the casual feel of the olive bag is perfectly suited to summer. As much as I love leather, lugging a big black bag around in SoCal heat doesn’t help one look less bulky when all the seasonal clothes appearing in the office are light and airy!

  391. Stephanie T :

    Oh, goodness… I’d be all OVER that Eva bag. Exactly as you said: the “rocker chic” vibe. Besides, I’m more than a little obsessed with zippers on black.

  392. Nancy Bennett :

    I would choose Eva because I think it looks more professional.

  393. Definitely the Eva. Can walk into a meeting with it, then jet home or to the airport – no need to stop to pick up an unsightly bag you didn’t want to take with you to the meeting! The cross-body strap then helps you travel with it when you don’t have enough hands running through the airport (or the mall!). Yup. A winner.

  394. I love the Eva its so downtown and edgy. I would use it everyday and it would look great with jeans too. Plus it looks roomy.

  395. I would choose the Eva because the it can be dressed up or down.

  396. I’d choose the Eva — such rich-looking leather! Great for holding all the junk I seem to carry around constantly.

  397. Barrister in the Bayou :

    I love the Eva in cognac!

  398. I love the Eva! I have been looking for a good-quality, but not boring tote like this.

  399. The Eva is a nice work tote. I could use this for a light court day, putting a couple of files in along with my regular stuff (and there’s oh so much of that). Nice.

  400. the black because I’m in need of a new black bag and have been putting off getting one for over a year…

  401. I love the Eva bag, it reminds me of a rocker bag!

  402. I like them both but the canvas tote seems so useful!

  403. I like the Eva tote. It has a classic style, but the zipper detail makes it look trendy.

  404. Definitely the Mia, because I need the gold hardware. I have precious few items of silver-colored jewelry and I just like the look of gold hardware a lot more.

  405. Both but would choose Eva for the side zippers and ability to dress up an otherwise casual weekend outfit.

  406. Both are beautiful, but I prefer the Eva. I love that it’s simultaneously professional and edgy, and that it’s big enough to hold both my commuter shoes and a water bottle.

  407. I love the Eva bag, and I echo the reader who said it reminded her of Rebecca Minkoff. The Eva bag’s hardware and shape remind me of the Minkoff Cupid bag from last year, which had gold hardware, and a soft yet durable-looking black leather. Both the Eva and Mia seem to be picking up on the bowling-bag-size hand tote trend that I keep seeing in ads. Either one would put my current canvas tote to shame!

  408. I’d choose the Eva, love the tech pocket!

  409. Eva is the bag — in Navy! That’ll match my luggage so that I’m color-coordinated on my weekly trips through the airport.

  410. I love the MIA! It is the perfect mix of professional and chic for the summer time.

  411. Ooh! Please choose me! I would LOVE the Eva in black! I’d use it to carry all my stuff to and from work!

  412. the eva!

  413. The Eva, because those pockets are perfect to stop me losing all my tiny notions!

  414. I would definitely choose the Eva! As a college student working as a paralegal with law school aspirations, I try to dress professionally for the (frequent) times I have to trail my boss to court. But no money for splurges on a college student budget! I’d love a classy leather bag big enough to hold everything without embarrassing myself or my boss… The Eva looks like just the ticket.

  415. onehsancare :

    Love the Mia in olive! It looks so versatile, good for taking to the office or traveling.

  416. the Eva–it’s a little edgy and gorgeous at the same time. And the only tote currently in my possession is coated canvas, so the Eva would broaden my tote-carrying possibilities by an order of magnitude.

  417. I love the Eva in gray – it would make an awesome bag to carry all my weekend essentials.

  418. I love both totes, but I think I would pick the Mia in olive because it looks extremely versatile, and I think it suits my personal style better.

  419. I love both totes, but I think I would pick the Mia in olive because it looks extremely versatile, and I think it suits my personal style better.

    (Reposting because I think I put the wrong email address down. the first time.)

  420. LOVE the Eva! The zippers are fab!

  421. I love the Eva in black. It’s gorgeous and edgy without going too far. A handbag is a great way to show your style while still keeping your clothing professional, and the Eva tote is defiantly my style!

  422. I like the Eva. They are both great but there’s something about the feminine toughness the Eva portrays that attracts me.

  423. I’d love the Mia Folding Tote in olive since the foldover option makes the bag so unique and versatile!

  424. Definitely the Eva in cognac. It’s the perfect all season bag. The detailing makes it more than a boring purse!

  425. I like the Mia! Like so many others have said, it looks like a great extra bag for when you’re traveling.

  426. Ohh … I love them both — can’t decide!!

  427. Eva. I need a new dresser work page and I love the look of this one.

  428. I love the Eva in cognac. I feel like it’s such a classic and versatile shape, but the hardware adds just enough flare.

  429. I ‘d select the Mia in Olive. I like the horizontal design and contrast in colors.

  430. I love the Eva Tote in navy. It looks like it’s a perfect carry-on size for travel, and the navy color is beautiful!

  431. I love the eva tote in black. I have a lot of colorful handbags, but not a really nice black one. And this one looks big enough for me to carry a pair of shoes in – a must in a handbag for me.

  432. Kelley Rap :

    LOVE the Eva Tote ~ an updated, current spin on a classic style. Most women would take a lingering second look at this eye-catching bag when passing by. Most men of good taste would nod in approval. LOVE that it’s made in Portland, Oregon, my home town!

  433. The Eva in cognac would be my choice. I’ve always wanted a bag in a shade of orange, and this fits the bill perfectly. Because of its size, I can use it to carry work papers and my laptop, but it would also be an eye-catching accessory that confirms that I’m a lady with style!

  434. Eva please. The hardware gives it a slight edge while still being usable for any setting.

  435. I would choose Eva in gray because she would compliment my summer wardrobe perfectly.

  436. I would totally get the Mia in Olive. Perfect for carrying my lunch for the week to work on Monday, then fold it up and take it back for the next week.

  437. I love the Eva! Professional, but with just a bit of an edge to help it stand out.

  438. oh I need the MIA! a perfect work and weekend bag for me.

  439. Oh man – definitely the Eva. Soft leather, a little edgy, and I love the variety of colors!

  440. I would choose the Eva in grey, because it looks to me like poor Eva is crying at the idea of me not taking her home.

  441. Cavedweller :

    Would love the eva- perfect for my petite frame!

  442. I’d choose the Eva!

  443. I would go for the Mia, I love the olive color!

  444. My vote is for the Mia folding tote – it’s more my personal style as it sounds very versatile. I love the idea of being able to use the bag in multiple ways such as converting it from a tote to a messenger bag, meaning this bag could be used for both work and weekends! I just finished graduate school, and Mia looks like a great bag to carry to my new internship! It’s professional and clean-lined, looking professional without being boring or stuffy. Great bag!

  445. The Eva in Grey is elegant and would match many outfits.

  446. Eva in navy. No other choice. Plays well with all others. Flat handles instead of rolled always win. The slight of shoulders like myself don’t fare well with rolled handles. Vertically challenged girls like me always gravitate for north/south totes. East/west just makes us look the letter ‘t”. Thanks for the opportunity Kat. Appreciate it.

  447. Love the Eva – it looks like it would hold more documents (sadly I do a lot of work at home after hours), which is important.

  448. Love the Eva. I just like bags to be leather. (I know, I know, heavy, etc.) And the edgier look really gets me going, without being too much.

  449. Christina :

    The Mia Folding Tote, for sure – lightweight, durable, and a great contrast to all the black I wear in Boston. I can picture myself toting this all across the city and for work trips.

  450. Im liking the Mia fold over tote. The look is a bit more subdued (great for work), while the fold over versatility, allows for space when needed, and a different look when you don’t want to look like you’re carrying a large tote.

  451. I’d choose the Eva. Love the metallic hardware!

  452. I love the Eva in gray. I adore leather bags and like that there is a strap in addition to the top handles – very versatile!

  453. The Eva in Grey is what true beauty is all about- classy, understated, and stunning at the same time. It would fit my lifestyle so well, be it walking to the library to read an archive about the Renaissance in Europe or driving a scooter to have a mid-morning snack at a coffee shop. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  454. Lisa Wamboldt :

    I think the EVA seems more versatile, so that would be my choice — but they both seem like great bags! I like that there is a gray option for a neutral as I think it goes well with both black and brown. Even though I don’t subscribe to the theory that all accessories (e.g., bags + shoes) must be in the same color scheme, this bag would work with anything.

  455. I’d love the Eva–I’m just starting a new job, and I could use a new bag as a confidence booster!

  456. Hope it’s not too late to comment! Love the Mia. I could definitely use a little more edge in my wardrobe.

  457. I’d love the Eva because it comes in gray!

  458. The Eva! Tough and sassy.

  459. Oh, I hope I win! Love the bag.

  460. I love them both but I would go with the Eva bag. It would easily transition from work day to date night. I would choose gray because it’s neutral but a little different from basis black.

  461. I love the Eva! Great compliment to a professional wardrobe, and can double as a great travel bag and to use at conferences. Love, love, love!

  462. I like the Eva just because it’s in black. I’m a New Yorker and we love to rock black accessories, clothes, etc. no matter the weather!

  463. The Mia. I love the color and fabric. Chic.

  464. Love the Eva bag – so versatile and would be perfect for all the work travel I end up doing

  465. Love the Eva. I think I would choose it in black, because I wear black all the time. Great back to use for stashing everything I need to bring with me to the office.

  466. Christina :

    I would choose the Mia for all the goodies I have to haul on my bus commute – files, notepad, a pair of flats, headphones, etc – while trying to look sleek and professional! A girl can ride transit AND be fashionable, right?

  467. I would have to vote for the Mia. Even though it’s not leather the design looks a little more chic to me than the Eva. Add in the folding option and you completely win me over!

  468. I love the Eva Tote in cognac — so pretty! I love that it can fit a laptop, and I assume, my iPad. Perfect for taking to class!

  469. Love the Eva – perfect for work and outside of work :)

  470. The EVA bag is my pic. The grommets, large zippers and overall rocker chic look is what I love.

  471. I’d go for the Eva in black, 100%. It fits the sophisticated look I’m going for in my adult life, but still has enough rocker edge. Plus I would love to have a bag with more pockets…I’m so tired of digging through my bag for my keys/lip balm/wallet/etc.!

  472. Michelle C. :

    I love the Mia tote. My bag that colored could definitely use replacing.

  473. Mia–love the olive with its military chic feel.

  474. I would go with the Eva because it’s edgier, but not so much so that you couldn’t take it to the office.

  475. I love the Eva bag in black – its big enough to hold my stuff and has an edginess that I love!

  476. Laurie Harrington :

    Awesome bags! I would pick the Eva – I love the styling and it sounds like there was a lot of thought put into the design, which I totally appreciate. Love it!

  477. Definitely the Eva — you can’t go wrong with an edgy black tote.

  478. I would love the Mia and use it often during my work week.

  479. Debra Jean :

    I love the Eva. What a classy way to tote your stuff!

  480. CATHERINE :

    The Eva is my pick; it’s sizeable yet slim, professional but edgy, iconic without being too stiff, and looks like it would be easy to carry. I can just visualize Eva Longoria with this tote; perhaps that’s where it got its name.

  481. The Mia is a stunning bag that would go with many of my outfits. I definetly love its versatility.

  482. i love the navy eva tote – would totally use this to carry my laptop to work!

  483. Eva in navy. Perfect size and navy!

  484. Barbara Anderson :

    I choose the Eva….perfect look for casual or work!

  485. Thanks for shagrni. Always good to find a real expert.

  486. Roxie Townsell :

    I love the Eva, in the cognac color. I love leather totes. I can get my favorite large wallet in there, my planner and tablet, and the rest of my “must always have with me” things. And the sweet scent of leather in the morning…Mmm!

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