Coffee Break: The Handbag Raincoat

I just noticed that there’s a product called the Handbag Raincoat over at Shopbop (and also at HandbagRaincoat.comThe Container Store, and Amazon). They make it in both a small and large size, which are $10 and $20, respectively. I can see it as being a great option, particularly in in-between weather when you don’t have a big coat to cover your bag if you get caught in the rain. You could even keep this in your office so that if you end up needing it you can just grab it on your way out. This pictured size is $20. The Handbag Raincoat

Psst: We actually have an old post where someone wanted advice on how to weatherproof her work tote — this seemed like a much more elegant solution than my “just wear a big coat” advice…

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  1. Betty White :

    Sorry, but I would laugh so hard if I saw someone carrying this! I thought for a minute it might be April Fools Day!

    • Anonymous :

      Same! WTF? I had to read the whole post twice to make sure it wasn’t a dust cover for storage which is the only possible way this could be useful.

    • Marshmallow :

      Me too! It’s like those plastic bonnets I used to see grandmas wearing in the rain when I was a kid.

    • Anonymous :

      Laugh all you want, but when I get caught in the rain with a Chanel handbag, my handbag raincoat is coming out!

      • Anonymous :

        Yeah, I would totally use this and my fanciest handbag is Kate Spade not Chanel.

      • I heard somebody joke once that you can tell who has expensive bags when it rains. If it’s a cheap bag, they’re using it to cover their head or something. If it’s an expensive bag, they’re shielding it under their coat. I’d personally feel silly using this kind of thing, but it does seem handy.

        • witnessed it firsthand :

          If you’re really rich/refined, you carry a larger sized longchamps tote that you can then put your expensive bag into when it’s rainy or you have to put it on the ground.

    • I can just see a group of b-school students now:

      “We need to solve a problem that PLAGUES US in everyday life.”
      “Yes, I hate it when my Birkin gets rain spots on the way to class.”
      “Ermegahd–that is also such a HUGE problem for me too.”
      “I know! Let’s develop a raincoat for fancy handbags!”
      “Yes! The market will be HUGE! Everyone has a bag.”
      “We are geniuses!”
      “Yes! Profit!”

      What? No. If your handbag is this fancy, you probably can afford a cab/Uber/Lyft/car. Sorry…this is absolutely absurd and I am SHOCKED (EllenCaps!) that this is not an April Fool’s Day post.

      • when it’s a heavy rain you can ruin your favourite bag even in those 2 min it takes to get to the car

        • What are these precious bags? I have had many bags, including suede, and I have had zero bag bonnets, and not one single bag, including suede, has ever been ruined.

          • Cows are waterproof, I’ve heard.

          • Anonshmanon :

            I’m wondering if people’s idea of a _ruined_ bag might be very different…

          • JuniorMinion :

            This reminds me of that jerry seinfeld bit – when it rains the cows don’t say “let me in I’m suede!”

      • This made me snort.

        Also, I would totally use one of these if it was large enough to cover a banker’s box or two that is bungeed to a luggage carrier on trial days.

      • : )

    • You know, I don’t even carry expensive bags and I might use this to walk around on really rainy days to keep all my papers dry.

    • I can see the use for something like this, but I would honestly forget it every time I needed it.

      • Senior Attorney :

        It would need to fold up very very small so I could keep it in my bag at all times.

    • Anonymous :

      I can’t imagine using this, but, on the other hand, I have shoved my entire handbag into a plastic trash bag to get it through an unexpected deluge, and that didn’t look great either!

  2. nasty woman :

    Ahahahah all I see is me trying to wrangle what looks like a gigantic wet jellyfish and getting water everywhere.

  3. Anonymous :

    Omg don’t.

  4. coffee bean :

    I know there was a discussion earlier about bosses day gifts, but it kinda spiraled into a discussion of whether folks still use checks. Back to the original topic, I know we’re past the (made up, pointless) day, but my team is still being hit up for cash so we can get big boss “something nice” as a belated gift. Expected contributions are $20-40 each for all 20 of us in upper leadership. I’m personally very opposed to gifting up, so I’ve traditionally just signed the card and ignored the cash requests, which hasn’t seemed to get me in any trouble yet. (I’m not at all opposed to chipping in for a group lunch or bringing in donuts or something – that’s nbd in my mind.)

    This week, though, one staffer was being especially insistent that everyone give cash, and now it’s come out that she already bought the gift and expected people to reimburse her after the fact. Sounds like I’m not the only one who has been opting out of the cash donations, so she’s coming up short on what she thinks she’s “owed.” I guess I’m telling this story to beg anyone in this position – please don’t hit up your teams for cash! Don’t celebrate this dumb holiday! It makes people feel uncomfortable and feel like they can’t say no.

    • Anonymous :

      Someone should tell her to return the gift and ignore the made up holiday. I don’t care that she made the poor decision to buy the gift ahead of time. Still not contributing!

    • I feel like Ask A Manager has addressed this before. You might search the archives for some ideas.

      • coffee bean :

        Heh I’m not for looking for advice as much as venting about the situation as a whole. It’s utterly absurd to me that grown adults take made up holidays like this so seriously.

        And to Anon 3:41 – agree, I’m definitely not ponying up. Sorry not sorry.

    • Senior Attorney :

      OMG this is gross.

      She’s getting what she deserves for being so ridic.

    • Anonshmanon :

      wow. I am right with you there with a Liz-Lemon-full-body eyeroll. People think that bosses deserve to be treated to several hundreds $ worth of gifts annually by people paid less than them…crazytalk.

  5. This will coordinate perfectly with my rainbow bonnet and galoshes! ;)

    Does anyone have a large sisal rug they would recommend or something that looks similar in aesthetic. I want to get one for my bedroom but would like something that will be soft underfoot and not shed too much and I’d rather not spend more than $200-300 since it will largely be covered by my bed. 6 x 9 or 7 x 10 size.

    • Rain bonnet. Not sure why I typed rainbow, although now I kind of want a rainbow bonnet too.

      • Anonymous :

        I was picturing you in both a rainbow bonnet and rainbow galoshes. Yay for the ambiguity of modifiers in English!

    • Target used to sell (maybe still does? can never tell online…) a sisal rug that had a thread of chenille in it, and the edging is a sturdy but soft chenille weave. They also sell one that is just sisal, and is not soft underfoot at all; I think that one is more indoor/outdoor. The one I’m suggesting is purely indoor.

      Ours survived two moves and two puppies doing allll sorts of stuff to it. It wore like iron; the only reason it got replaced was a mishap with the edging, which we accidentally tore and couldn’t replace (and it frayed after it tore).

      This is the closest to what I mean that I could find; feel it in the store if you can.

    • In mod with a specific rec from Target.

    • Overstock – 8×10 for $210,873,839&recidx=2

      RugsUSA $190 for a 7×9

  6. Anonymous :

    Does anyone have any winter gloves that they love? I’m looking for a nice pair- sky’s the limit

    • I have these and love them (but mine are in a dark burgundy color):

    • Yes, Brooks Brothers cashmere lined leather gloves. So soft and warm. I bought a second pair last year when they went on sale at the end of winter.

  7. I’m debating whether to have bridesmaid dresses or not. Anyone not have them and then wish you did when you looked at pictures?

    • Veronica Mars :

      I was on the fence too and then I found some that looked perfectly fine that were way less expensive than traditional ones. Check out J C Penney and search “bridesmaid” — about $30-$40 each on sale. Lots of colors.

      • +1 having been a bridesmaid exactly once, I really appreciated that the bride picked a cute, modest, inexpensive dress that I could wear again (actually wore it as my Easter dress one year b/c we’re in the South and Easter dresses are still a thing).

    • As a bridesmaid in a wedding for that didn’t have “bridesmaids” dress, I vote in favor f bridesmaid dresses. I’m in your wedding, I’m here for you, please just tell me what to wear. It stressed me out having to pick something myself, I also ended up having to get a dress for another bridesmaid who showed up with a dress so short it was not allowed in church (like could not bend over, butt cheeks coming out the bottom short).

      • givemyregards :

        +1 to this. I honestly stress out more and spend more money when I have to pick it out. Plus, it’s frustrating to hear “I don’t care as long as it’s green!” and then send your friends pictures from the dressing room and have them say “oh I was actually thinking less formal than that” or “I was actually thinking full length” or “I was actually thinking more of a dark green…”

        • + 1000

          I commented below about the individual-dresses-look – but I made a list of 20 dresses for 4 women and said here you go, these are all approved. Pick whichever you want.

          Absolute free reign is stressful.

        • +1. “Buy whatever you want” only works if you truly don’t care what they show up in – butt hanging out, floor length sequins, dark or light or patterned, tight bodycon slip, or swing tshirt dress from Target. Unless you’re getting married at the courthouse, I promise you actually DO care about some of those things. So make it easier and just pick a damn dress.

          The worst was “Pick any gray dress you want! Knee length, light gray but not silver, all one color, no longer than elbow length sleeves, preferably A-line or some kind of flared skirt portion. Oh and nude-for-you closed toe shoes with a 2-4″ heel. If you want to text me pics from the dressing room, I can help you pick the right color.” Like, I get that you’re trying to be flexible, but you clearly have a specific dress in mind. Just pick it out and save us all the hassle of trying to read your mind.

      • Linda from HR :

        I think having everyone do the same color can work if either a) everyone still picks out the dresses together so the bride can OK everyone’s choices or b) the bride is somewhat specific about shade and 1-2 details about the dress so there’s some uniformity.

        Another option could be for the bride to pick out a few options and let each woman choose which works best for her, or people can use that as a guideline to get something similar that works with their body and budget.

      • Anonymous :

        Yes. I’ve been in 9 weddings. Trying to guess what’s appropriate for your vision is harder than buying the dress (or one from a list of dresses) you pick.

      • Just jumping in to +1 this. Having folks guess what you’d like is hard. Just pick something reasonably priced (for your folks) please!

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve seen it both ways. If you trust the women in your wedding party to get dresses that coordinate well and are appropriate, I think it can look great. But I went a wedding last weekend where the maids chose their own dresses and one of them had an amount of cleavage that was really inappropriately low cut for a wedding. From what I heard the bride was not happy about it but didn’t want to confront her friend. I’ve also seen it where the dress colors really clash or don’t look coordinated at all.

    • Anonymous :

      I got married over a decade ago, when not having official b-maid dresses was rare, but I’ve been in/to and through the planning of lots of weddings since that time. I think this is an area where you have to be real with yourself – do you picture b-maids that coordinate? If yes, think about who your b-maids are. Are they similar in their style or willingness to conform to a certain style? If yes, than picking their own in a certain color is totally fine. If not, (say, one if your friend from high school, another from grad school and they are super different, and another is your future SIL who is 10 years older than you), then you probably need to provide additional guidance by way of a specific style or coordinating styles from one designer/dressmaker.

    • AZCPA - Stitchfix #2 Review :

      A couple questions:

      1. How many bridesmaids are you having?

      2. Do you mean by not having them choosing less traditional dresses or telling your attendants just to wear something in a particular color family, or do you mean having your attendants wear whatever color and style they want?

    • I’m glad I didn’t have them – not what I was going for at all, but if you do have them I think it looks nicest to pick a color or color family and length and have them each buy their own. Just my personal preference but I don’t love the fully matching look even in pictures.

    • I just asked my bridesmaids–4 friends–to go to david’s bridal (3 of us were in grad school) and pick something that was short/knee length and marine blue. Everyone picked something they liked, no one spent a fortune, and everyone ran their choices by me first, which was kind but totally unnecessary.

      • Oh, also, I had a very wide range of heights, weights, sizes, shapes in that group of 4. It was easy for everyone to look fabulous but personalized on a budget at DB.

        • I did the same thing for my bridal party and I think it worked out really well.

        • This is what my best friend did for her wedding also. She picked the color and said she wanted short dresses, then we all picked what we felt most comfortable/thought looked best. It worked out well. We all wore matching shoes though (and they were sky-high uncomfortable Vera Wang heels, haha.)

      • pugsnbourbon :

        My sister did exactly this – wedding was Saturday and we all looked good.

      • Pale Girl Snorkeling :

        Yes! Did the same for my sister’s wedding this summer. She picked a David’s Bridal color and each of us picked out a dress that we liked and looked good in the selected color. Lots of options and nearly all were appropriate for a wedding since that’s all they sell.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      I was at a wedding where the bridesmaids wore Forever 21 dresses — they weren’t bridesmaid dresses, just dresses. They looked great and the wedding was on one of those fancy wedding webs!tes, maybe Style Me Pretty? I think it’s a good option, if the size/shape of the dress works for your friends. It eliminates the angst about “what do I weeeear?” but also doesn’t limit you to that narrow slice of dresses labeled for bridesmaids.

    • I did not have bridesmaids dresses because I did not have bridesmaids. Instead I had my four closest friends get ready with me, have our hair professionally done together (I paid) while having champagne and snacks, and then had the photographer take pictures of us throughout the process and after all together. Everyone looked fabulous because they looked like themselves, possibly with better hair. Absolutely no regrets.

    • Wanderlust :

      I used azazie for my bridesmaids dresses. I picked a color and told my ladies they could pick any dress they wanted in that color.

      • Baconpancakes :

        I’ve heard they have quality control issues – did you find this to be the case? I was actually looking at a dress there as a replacement for a short c0cktail dress of mine that bit the dust.

        • Anonymous :

          I’ve used them twice with no issues. I like the custom sizing option better than the regular sizes.

    • I’m so in favor of different dresses that uniform dresses are starting to look weird to me.

      You could go to a hardware store and get those paint strips with 5 shades of a related color and tell your girls to pick out, for example, any dress for a casual beach wedding along these shades.

    • It always looks to me like the bride grabbed a few random women and handed them flowers. Honestly, I think it looks garish to have the bride in a beautiful dress (or whatever beautiful item of clothing) and have bridesmaids varying from bandage black dress to floor length purple. There should be some consistency to add to a cohesive look, even if its not the same dress.

    • I was in a wedding a couple of months ago where the bride told us all to pick out and wear a black cocktail-length dress. It ended up looking great in photos. But I think it worked in part because four of the bridesmaids are all friends with each other and have fairly similar taste, so our dresses looked sort of coordinated anyway.

      • Same here–we were all friends from college, currently living in three different states. Ur somehow we managed to find three purple dresses in different shades that together looked great! All we were told was “purple” and we all somehow went long and Lacey

    • teal, but not that teal :

      Was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the bride gave us good guidelines. She went to David’s Bridal and picked a color, fabric and length and then let us chose our own dresses. Three women with very different bodies all looked good, and looked good together.

      • That’s exactly what I did for my wedding and I was so pleased with how it turned out! I chose a color, fabric, and length at David’s Bridal and let my bridesmaids choose from there – we ended up with four different styles among six women, they all felt comfortable in a dress that suited them, and the pictures were gorgeously coordinated.

    • I had a color palette and asked each woman to pick a short dress in a similar material in that color palette with emphasis on picking something they would actual wear again. All of them were just regular cocktail dresses.

    • I think it’s heavily dependent on 1) you and your taste/level of bridezilla 2) and your bridesmaids and what they’re willing to put up with.
      I had mine do Rent the Runway (or you could purchase if you wanted to light the money on fire for a one-day gown) – with only a length and color scheme/palette requirement

      It was fabulous and I’d recommend it to all. I absolutely agree with the above comment
      “’m so in favor of different dresses that uniform dresses are starting to look weird to me.”

      when I see women who have to buy junky colored dresses (to fit perfectly into your wedding scheme) with cheap materials, where they’re all wearing the same exact shoe (yes, I’ve had a bride MAKE me buy a pair of heels), I cringe

    • I had my bridesmaids wear dresses in different shades of the same color blue. It was absolutely gorgeous in pictures just like I thought it would be– think the different shades in a painting of a wave. It was also nice that the dresses looked flattering on the vastly different body types of my bridesmaids. BUT it was very difficult to pull it all off. No one had to spend a ton of money, but everyone put in a decent amount of time finding dresses that coordinated together. We were all young and broke so I think my bridesmaids preferred spending time over money, but this is definitely something to take into consideration.

      On the other hand, my SIL just had everyone get navy dresses for her wedding without giving us much other feedback. It still turned out fine, but I did worry that my dress was unintentionally darker navy than most of the other bridesmaids.

    • Anonymous :

      I vote for bridesmaids dresses. I had them for my wedding (Davids Bridal, affordable and every length, cut and color imaginable) and it made pictures look great-and I appreciate them when I am a bridesmaid. I have been a bridesmaid at a wedding where we just knew to get a purple dress…the result was varied, different shades of purple, different materials, different length-and looked okay. It was actually a lot of effort for everybody to find a purple dress that they liked! It would have been easier and prettier if the bride picked a dress. If you do want that (purposefully) unmatched look that you sometimes find on Pinterest-how about picking one color (very specific color-e.g. Hibiscus) at Davids Bridal, plus dress length and letting your bridesmaids pick from that.

    • I had 6 bridesmaids and asked them all to get a navy blue cocktail dress of around knee length. One was taffeta with a faint gold design, one was lace, one had blue sequins, one had a really interesting one shoulder neckline, two were more plain but with gathers. It was not super matchy matchy but I liked that. I think most people have reworn their dresses or did rent the runway for their dress.

    • My man of honor wore a tuxedo. Problem solved.

      Seriously, though, I paid for the outfits for my female attendants (cashmere sweaters with ball skirts – it was a long time ago). Having been an attendant a few times, I was happiest wearing whatever the bride picked and paid for.

    • I asked them all to wear any blue dress. None of my friends are the type to show up with inappropriate cleavage or a knit maxi dress for a formal wedding. They all ended up in formal fabric dresses in a bunch of different shades of blue that all happened to be knee length. A few were previous bridesmaids dresses they were glad to recycle. It looked great and my family members are still talking about it years later!

    • No dress coordination :

      I just got married with three bridesmaids and no coordination on dresses at all. My direction was basically “wear a dress you’d want to wear to a wedding as a guest.” A few reasons for this: I like them as individuals and wanted to showcase that. I didn’t have the mental energy to pick out bridesmaids dresses. I also felt guilty about asking someone to buy a dress for my wedding (I have never reworn a bridesmaids dress). I like bridesmaids dresses for other weddings! Just not mine…

      One ended up in colbalt, one in mauve and one in a blue/green geometric patterned dress. I don’t regret it at all – while it doesn’t give a blog-worthy look in a photo, I like how it captured them for who they are. It also felt bit more mature than a herd of chiffon.

      FWIW, the groomsman also didn’t coordinate except for the direction of “don’t wear a black suit.” We ended up with 4 in navy and one in bright blue.

      Of course, I’m bias but I think the pictures look great!

  8. For the past 6 months I’ve been planning a glorious 2-week trip to Japan. Recently my company decided to sent me to India for two weeks directly after I leave Japan (as in, change my layover to head to Delhi instead of the US). So now I’m packing for work AND vacation, plus several 10-hour plane rides. I’ll be gone for a month in total.

    I’ll have access to laundry while in Japan (AirBnB) and can probably send out laundry while in India (business hotel). However, I’d like to pack as light as possible.

    What would you pack/wear on the plane?

    • cat socks :

      I’ve traveled to India from the U.S. and it’s a long flight. I totally go for comfort on the plane. Knit pants / leggings and a knit top with a cardigan. I get cold easily, so I might even bring a scarf or pashmina. Comfortable shoes for walking through the airport.

    • Chicago anon :

      I think it depends a lot on what time of year you’ll be in Japan, and what kind of clothes you’ll wear for work in India. I’d start there and see what you could wear in both places.

      Alternately, I’d be tempted to just pack for India and buy new clothes at Uniqlo when you get to Japan and either ship them back to your house or donate them when you leave for India.

    • Anonymous :

      A nice warm, elegant shawl & Soft waisted but still look like trouser pants–or change into something comfy when you’re on the plane– are musts for me. Asia’s not like the US you’ll look inappropriate when you arrive esp in India you’ll be expected to be somewhat put together. I get super dehydrated and hungry so love several good sheet masks that I wear for almost the entire flight, hand creme, and snacks (bars work well). Delhi is cold-ish in winter so that’s something to keep in mind if that’s when you’re going.

    • If you’ll need businesswear, can you get a couple of suits etc shipped out to the hotel in India in advance? I personally would be deeply resentful if I had to carry two weeks’ worth of work outfits around on my holiday.

    • The air in Delhi in the winter is pretty bad, especially at night, in part because of all the smoke from fires people are burning to stay warm, so bring a scarf or pashmina with you on the plane to breathe through in the car on the way to your hotel (and to keep you warm).

  9. Bday Gift Help :

    Hi, all! I need to get a birthday gift for my younger brother. Late 20s and lives 3,000 miles away in D.C (and I’m on a short time frame). Ideally needs to be email-able/non physical (like a subscription service, gift card, membership, tickets, etc..). I’m having a noncreative moment and coming up dry except for basic standbys like a gift certificate. Help!

    • Budget?
      Beer of the month club?

    • Rainbow Hair :

      Subscription to [Thing He Is Interested In] Box? Like Wine of the Month or Craft Beer or Spices or whatever…

    • Bday Gift Help :

      Budget is $100-150

      Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    • Anonymous :

      A lot of the restaurant groups in DC do gift cards you can us at any spot – try Think Food Group (Jose Andres) maybe?

    • Bday gift :

      Concert tickets for something coming up in the area he’d want to go to?
      Museum membership? I guess that’s less useful in DC actually…

    • If you know his style well enough-an outfit mailed to his home. Or a customized travel accessory, e.g. a toiletry kit with initial or a leather/canvas duffle bag (Bed Bath and Beyond or Pottery Barn) with monogram.

    • Alamo Drafthouse gift card – see all the movies while eating the best food (they email you the gift card)

      Mysterious Package – they send mystery puzzles in the mail

      Zingermans can usually overnight some delicious food.

    • This is very much a know your brother gift, but for my last birthday I asked for classes to a fancy workout studio from my parents. I don’t need more “things” and it was a splurge.

    • Anonymous :

      I just found a service called Diana Delivers where this lady in DC will make you a custom gift basket and deliver it for you. I am sending one on Thursday.

  10. Marshmallow :

    I’m having an awful day and need a mini-break. I have a 20% “friends and family” coupon for Sephora. What is your favorite, sort of frivolous Sephora product? Need some ideas to add a treat to my otherwise very boring order restocking my regular stuff.

    • Veronica Mars :

      L’occtaine advent calendar. Lots of little goodies to cheer you up.

    • coffee bean :

      Sheet mask!

      • Anon in NYC :

        Yep – just did a Sephora sheet mask last night and my skin looks great (the Pearl one).

    • TO Lawyer :

      Do you wear lipstick? I’d get one of the Sephora Favorites lipstick sets – you get tons of fun options and I prefer the minis because then I may actually use it up.

    • Luna foreo mini.

    • Diorshow mascara. Too expensive to buy regularly, but I love it so it always feels like a treat when I do.

      I’d also scour all the holiday gift sets coming out.

    • s in chicago :

      Not frivolous but so, so amazing. Drunk Elephant vit C. I put it on before bed and wake up with glowing skin. I consider it “look like I had a vacation” in a bottle. Add a Dewey stick with your normal make-up routine–dot the forehead above your eyes, outer eye/cheek, upper lip and chin. I’ve seriously had friends ask what I’m using because my skin looks so wonderful and youthful. (Why not use the vit. C in the a.m. like the directions say? Because it stinks and kind of looks orangey and it’s a little sticky. But again, so, so worth it) If you’re just looking for a mini pick-me-up then Dewey stick alone. Couldn’t be easier to use and isn’t all crazy like most highlighters–no sparkles or need for Kim K. contouring skills.

    • Anonymous :

      Anything skincare – fancy masks, Sunday Riley or Drunk Elephant products.

  11. Anonymous :

    I have an interview coming up in Investor Relations, more of an EA but growing into the role/group. The HR lady said that while X company supports work/life balance, this group does have more needs of overtime that come up. I don’t know a lot about this area – what are reasons why there would be extended hours – would it be failure to plan work out, or is it “things came up” and what would those things typically be?

    • I would imagine that in any EA role, regardless of area, you’re one person to whom frontline emergency response and pressing deadline/customer service issues would fall.

    • The main reason would be because public companies tend to make important IR announcements before or after market close, which means if something is decided late in the day at a Board meeting, you might need to stay to do a press release or whatnot, that will hit the wires before market open. That’s why.

    • Anon in NYC :

      Event planning / event management would probably be a big one (investor road trips, or dinners, etc.).

      • Life Happens :

        Corp Comms/IR person here. Long hours are around the quarterly earnings reportings. There is always a crunch to get the financials together, write the earnings release, the scripts for the CFO and the CEO, setup the analyst q&a on the call, lineup the financial and biz press, etc. This happens 4x per year and is a heavy lift each quarter.

        Also, filings and so on happen after the market closes (to avoid impacting stock while trading). There are also investor road show events and huge presentations that keep IR people in the office all night.

        Hope that helps!

  12. Vicarious shopping request: c*cktail dress for my upcoming holiday party. I’m short (5’3″) and hourglass shape. Don’t really have any preferences other than probably not interested in full length dresses. Also maybe not black since I have 6 LBDs I could wear. I usually skew toward Macy’s or Nord, but maybe I’ll try RTR!

    • OP – would like to keep the budget under $150. TIA!

    • I wore this to an event last year and loved it- I put my hair in a high ponytail, wore jazzy earrings and velvety shoes. The dress made my waist look small, and the long sleeves kept me warm:

      If you’re looking for something more formal, I like the following:

      • Also, for any ladies who are busty- this was too big up top for me but looks beautiful on other people in the pictures:

      • Rainbow Hair :

        That nailhead one!!! covet covet

        • Anonymous :

          I actually rented this dress before and did not like it. The arms were very tight and it flared out in an unflattering way. I went with the backup dress instead. This dress works well if you are on the bustier side with regular to skinny arms and shoulders.

      • pugsnbourbon :

        Ohhh, the Shosanna Coraline dress is AMAZING.

  13. Managing Expectations :

    Looking for help with two scripts for one situation that came up today. Someone asked for an unlikely turnaround time, which in this case I managed to pull off, with help from a coworkers, since neither of us were working on anything else time-sensitive. But this particular internal customer is asking for similar “rush jobs” more and more often, which is not going to work out long term.

    Thankfully, my manager is very supportive of setting reasonable boundaries with customers. But how do I politely say, “I’ll try, but I’m not sure I can do it for you by [end of the day]” and “I’m glad I could help you this time, but I may not always be able to drop everything else like I did today.” From the reactions I got from the customer I dealt with, today I was a little clumsy. Advice?

    • That is a very tight turnaround time. It normally takes X days. I’ll do my best to get it to you ASAP. It may not be until —.

    • “I’m glad it worked out this time. Normally we really need (X number of days) to complete a project like this– I say that because next time we may not be able to move as quickly. We really enjoy doing this work for you and want to make sure we can get it to you in time!”

  14. Baconpancakes :

    Last two small bits of projects to finish before I leave for a conference tomorrow and I am wildly unmotivated. Ugh.

  15. VeganCheese :

    So, after years doing the same “long layers with blonde-ish highlights” I need a new hairstyle. The problem is that I really don’t know exactly what I want and no idea where to find photos to inspire me. When you are trying to get out of a hair rut, what do you do? Look at Pinterest?

    • Absolutely, pinterest. Just start with a general search, like “medium length haircut ideas,” and fall down the rabbit hole.

    • New Tampanian :

      That… or if its a colorist/stylist I really trust, tell them to surprise me with a few parameters (need to be able to pull into ponytail, no bangs, professional hair color that isn’t an extreme change like blonde to black) . They know what will look best on us usually.

    • Anonymous :

      Pinterest, and celebrites with hair I like.

  16. Managing Expectations :

    Thanks for the suggestions–these both sound like good options.

  17. Paging the person who knows someone who edits legal documents. I am not the OP, but need someone. Could you email me the info to [email protected]
    Thank you

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