Coffee Break: Hazel Pumps

Hazel pointy toe pumpThese $119 Sam Edelman pumps have been around long enough that we included them in our last roundup for job interview heels — but I don’t think we’ve ever done a Coffee Break feature on them. If you’re looking for a classic stiletto, and you’re ok with a very high heel (3.75″), these shoes are highly rated — Edelman shoes all have a good amount of cushion built in, and I love that they currently come in 14 colors (including neutrals like black and beige) at spots like Nordstrom and Zappos, while Amazon has a ton of older colors/prints in limited sizes and colors. Most colors are available in sizes 4-13 and three widths. Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump

Looking for a much lower version? This pointy toed kitten heel has been around for a long time and wins rave reviews; meanwhile this pointy-toed slingback is marked down to $53.

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  1. Drugstore shampoo? :

    Lately I’ve been having trouble with my scalp, both dandruff and acne at the same time. Suggestions for drugstore/grocery store shampoo that’s easy on the skin? My straight blonde hair is pretty easy, and I don’t often use conditioner.

    • Cookbooks :

      Free and Clear might be worth checking out. It’s free of a lot of common irritants and formulated for sensitive skin.

    • Anonymous :

      No suggestion for shampoos but when that happened to me, I reduced my sugary stuff and diary intake and increased vitamins and the ‘ruff was gone in nearly two weeks.

    • Trader Joe's :

      I swear by the Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa shampoo.

    • In addition to Free and Clear, consider getting a silicone scalp scrubber. They make harder plastic ones too but those might be more irritating to your scalp.

    • Try sulphate-free shampoos (without SLS), they are much better than traditional shampoos (less irritation, less drying to your scalp and hair and can help with dandruff caused by irritation). I am not based in the US, so difficult to say what you will/won’t find in drugstores, but you could try L’oreal Ever range, Wella Prof Elements, some Redken and L’oreal Prof ranges are sulphate free as well (Frizz Dismiss and Vitamino AOX).
      Don’t be alarmed by the fact these shampoos don’t foam as much as basic ones. Their cleaning properties are excellent and in a few weeks, you will get used to it.

  2. Decorating Advice :

    Anyone want to unleash their inner decorator today?

    I’m trying to figure out what color to paint the walls in my kitchen. It was redone by the previous owner with lovely, high quality materials, but it isn’t quite my style. The kitchen currently has off white cabinets (fine and not changing), yellow paint (yuck, need to change), and a slate and glass earth toned backsplash (debating changing but want to paint the walls first and see if I like it better then.)

    What color would you suggest? The room is long and narrow with a ton of windows at one end but none at the other end. Appliances are stainless, floor is dark grey ceramic tile, counters are a granite that has lots of streaks of various browns and creams through it.

    My style tends towards simple and airy. I like shaker style cabinets and a kind of beach house vibe, this kitchen is more cozy french/tuscan country. If I were designing a kitchen from scratch, I would go with white shaker cabinets, white backsplash, grey countertops, sea glass tones on the walls.

    • Anonymous :

      What about a nice blue with shades of gray to it? That should work with the white, the gray, and the earth tones.

      • Decorating Advice :

        I thought about that! My only concern is that because blue and yellow are opposite on the color wheel, will blue make my cabinets look more yellow?

        Do you have a specific paint color as to what you’re thinking?

        • Anonymous :

          I don’t unfortunately (apartment dweller here who wasn’t painted anything, so no experience.) I would say just go to the store and grab some swatches and see what works best. If you’re worried about the blue making the cabinets look yellow, try to find one that’s more gray than blue.

    • Anonymous :

      Pale grey?

    • Anonymous :

      Or a sage green?

      • Anonymous :

        +1 to sage or celery green. I have painted 3 kitchens green (usually with the oak cabinets) and have really liked it everytime.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        Yeap! I love the subtle sage green in my kitchen.

      • +1 It’s hard without knowing which earth tone the backsplash is – I assume you mean brown? Does it lean more yellow or more blue?

        If it leans blue, I’d go with a bright mint green that veers into seafoam or teal. Maybe Fresh Mint or Frosty Mint from Benjamin Greene?

        If it leans yellow, I’d go with closer to a basil green or lime green.

        • Backsplash is tans and greys – glass and slate is involved.

          Countertops are tonal brown granite with lots of action in it – everything from white to reddish brown to almost black but reads as tan generally.

    • Anonymous :

      What color are your counters?

      I changed the backsplash only in my kitchen (swapped out the counter granite that ran up the wall as the backsplash – meh – for a basket weave marble backsplash). It was a huge improvement for very little money.

      You can either get a bunch of paint swatches and pick something that brings out a minor color in the backsplash or pick a color you like and also swap out your backsplash.

      • Colors look like a latte exploded while someone was making it. So – everything from a touch of almost black to white with mostly a tannish color dominating.

        Like I said, they used really high quality materials so I feel like I shouldn’t change it, but it doesn’t feel like me. I think you’re absolutely correct that I should get a bunch of swatches and samples and pick out a minor color in the backsplash.

        Someone here mentioned the color ‘Meteorolgical’- I’m almost pondering that color. Alternately, maybe I’ll go with a light neutral, but then I would worry my cabinets would read as ‘dirty’ vs. offwhite.

        • I dunno – I think the Meterological reads pretty moody. If you want your airy beachy thing, I’d go with a sage-y green. It’s going to keep the space light and I think a green will work with any browns, you just have to find the right shade.

          If you want to try a neutral, my favorite go-to was Behr’s “Arabian Sands” – tan with the slightest hint of pink. It’s really sharp against a white, but bet it’d be pretty good against off-white. The trick is – they don’t have the paint swatch in the store anymore (I think I got a pretty close match with an “Adobe Sands”), but they still have the paint mix combination in the computer, and you might be able to search it on their online site.

        • Simply White :

          I would go with white walls based on the description of what you like. White walls will completely change the Country French feel of the room while I sage green and tan would look nice but not change the Country French feel.

        • I would definitely go with white walls. Adding more colors will make it feel more country.

    • Simply White :

      Benjamin Moore Simply White (has the tiniest bit of cream which should work well with your cabinets).

  3. Anonymous :

    These appear to be suede. Do you wear suede in the summer? I typically think of it as for winter.

    • I do, but Houston is basically always summer so these seasonal-wear distinctions have basically always been lost on me.

      • Anonymous :

        I’m a Houstonian too!

        I wear light colored suede in the summer but I’m big on the seasonal feeling clothes and accessories, so anything dark suede is only in the fall and winter (even though it doesn’t get that cold).

      • AnotherAnon :

        Cheers from another Houstonian who’s wearing a short sleeved sweater because it’s a million degrees out and sub-zero in my office.

    • Yep, it’s a popular look in my area; suede “nude for you” heels have definitely taken over from matte or patent leather. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have both been wearing suede heels in summer for a few years now, too.

    • Anonymous :

      Yes I do. I think suede is more fashion-forward than plain leather right now too.

      • I think suede is a mistake in the winter, at least in NYC. I know Houston is hot and steamy and proabably does NOT get any snow, but if it does, the last thing my pumps need is snow to add to the salt and dog poopie on the streets of NYC. FOOEY. I’ve ruined suede shoes in the winter and NOW know NOT to wear them. I think if I get married and move to Chapaqua, I then could decide whether to wear suede while I drive my SUV, but until then, SUEDE is ONLEY for the summer in NYC! YAY!!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t wear a suede bootie in the summer and I’d hesitate before wearing a black or brown suede heel, but nude or a bright color doesn’t raise any eyebrows for me. Just makes me wish I had the guts to buy suede- I have a tendency to destroy light-colored suede shoes after 1-2 wears!

    • On shoes, absolutely! It’s the only time of year I can guarantee they won’t be ruined by snow and slush.

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t wear suede in the summer — my locale is boiling hot, and the soft / cozy appearance of suede would make me feel hot and sweaty just looking at it. But I don’t think I’d even notice if I saw someone else wearing suede.

    • Suede shoes can look great in summer especially if they are lighter-colored.

  4. Anonymous :

    I love this style of shoes. I have three pairs and will probably buy more. The cushion is great, and the toe box isn’t too narrow for me (ie, no bunions).

  5. Talk to me about unions. I work for a state judicial agency, and in anticipation of a bill passing granting us collective bargaining rights, one of the local unions has sent out mailers with authorization cards. I’m pro-union, but I never anticipated (possibly) joining one. My state’s public employee collective bargaining laws do not permit public employees to strike, which speaks to my biggest concern, but how else would it affect someone?

    • Anonymous :

      even if it’s allowed, do you know how your employer feels about it? And do you understand what rights they are advocating for? I feel like with a lot of places nowadays (post-industrial revolution), you may not be getting a ton of bang for your buck with unions. Though that really depends on the industry/part of the country, etc.

      • Anonymous :

        +1 from this labor law lawyer. Especially if you already receive good health care and pension benefits from the state.

        I have practices on both sides in state and private industries. The primary benefit from my perspective is some insulation from your professional work/work-life being impacted by rogue elected officials. The union will offer legal protections that you don’t already have and potential policial alliances that you may desire or have use for in the future.

        • This helpful to know. Thank you.

        • I can’t even begin to comprehend the short-sighted nature of not joining a union because the pension and healthcare benefits are good… now. This is about protecting you and your interests in the future. The state is not there to be your friend.

          And, of course, whatever “good” pension and healthcare benefits you have now I would assume those are there not because the state is such a good natured friend of the common worker, but because the union fought for those rights. And, for goodness sake, those rights are getting torpedoed at every possible angle. Protect them through collective bargaining.

    • anon for this :

      I’m in academia, where a lot of people feel that unions are a thing that is for other workers. I’m also in the bluest of states, so my status group of junior researchers unionized a couple of years ago, with great success in almost any way imaginable. Ensuring nobody is paid below a minimum (there is no ceiling btw), vacation, health insurance, protection against retaliation, standards for supervisors, professional development, I could go on and on.
      I heard that the switch to the objectively better insurance was annoying for those that had to switch doctors, and that the people making employment decisions frequently claim that they can’t pay above a certain amount dictated by the union (not true in the case of our contract).
      Signing the authorization card is kept confidential/secret from your employer, and doesn’t commit you to anything yet, as far as I know. We had a very transparent process where after enough authorization cards were collected, ideas were crowdsourced as to which elements of our work should be negotiated and improved.

      • Oh, standards for supervisors and professional development. I never thought about those. This gives me a lot to think about. Thank you!

    • I am a state government employee. My boss threatened to formally discipline me a couple years ago, so I elected to join a union based on H’s advice (he’s a labor attorney). If it’s available to you, I would elect to join just for the peace of mind. It’s nice to have a workplace advocate.

  6. Baconpancakes :

    What’s the new nude-for-you shoe to replace the LK Bennet Sledge nude look? I wear my nude patent heels at least once a week in the summer, but they’re getting unforgivably scuffed and scratched, and I don’t want to replace them with the same style shoe, but need something neutral enough to wear with basically everything. Are nude block heels a thing? Wedges? Cognac leather instead of nude?

    • Anonymous :

      Pointed toes or block heels are more current I think.

    • I’d replace with a wedge, but that’s because I hate hate hate block heels. I’m convinced we’re going to look back on our block heels in 5 years and wonder why on earth we bought such clunky shoes.

    • pugsnbourbon :

      What about gray instead of nude-for-you? Still very versatile.

    • Anonymous :

      I would move away from nude leather. Lizard, or suede in a cognac color, would be really pretty.

  7. Anonymous :

    Reposting because I was so late on the morning thread. Suggestions so far are Knomo, Tumi, and Timbuk2

    What should be get to replace my old ratty messenger bag? I’m going to Prime Outlets this afternoon, need some ideas.

    I’m job-hunting now, doubt I’ll land in a formal business environment—biz casual, with lots of colleagues in khakis and jeans is more likely. I can’t wait with the purchase, because I need it for interviews/networking.

    I very strongly prefer cross-body bags. Totes & the like slide off my shoulder. I often prefer men’s bags to women’s. Needs to work for day to day & the occasional overnight.

    Budget isn’t huge. Fossil is more likely than Coach or Cole Haan (though I’ll check there too—you never know). Possibly Kate Spade or Banana Republic level. I’m not limiting myself to those stores, just giving an example of budget.


    • Cole Haan Outlet :

      I bought my perfect tan work bag (cross-body) at my local Cole Haan Outlet. It was the men’s attache. It looks like it’s available via Nordstrom Rack as well.

      For what it’s worth, I was unable to find this (budget, size, style, “cute” and seriously functional, etc.) in a “women’s” style. Totally recommend it! I love it .

    • Got stuck in mod and will probably stay there forever.

      I love my Cole Haan men’s attache. I could not find what I wanted (size, quality, cross-body, color, and functionality) in the women’s selections, so I went with Cole Haan Outlet. They have it at Nordstrom Rack per a quick Google search.

    • I have an Osprey, Patagonia, and a nice leather one from LL Bean that I switch out depending on mood, weather, and how much I carry. I always get tons of compliments on the LL Bean one, and i’ve had it for about ten years and looks awesome!

    • I had a timbuk2 for a long time which I loved. Also, LL Bean makes really nice messenger bags.

  8. Rainbow Hair :

    Did a good thing happen to you today? Let’s share!

    I have terrible cramps and attempted to cure them by buying myself a ridiculous sugary beverage and it kind of worked! And then a colleague texted to ask if he could bring me a coffee. TWO treat drinks today! Yay for treats!

    • Anonymous :

      We are facing a reorg due to my boss leaving. I have been here less than a year, and was hoping he’d be a strong supporter for my mid-to long-term success at this place. Today, I scheduled a meeting with grand-boss, made a good impression talking about my work, and talked openly about my ideal scenario for this reorg re: where I’d like to work in the organization. And he said we’ll try to make that happen! Yay for asking for what you want!

    • Ouch! That hurts :

      Finished personally installing and taping off for painting of last sheetrock in the house post-Harvey! A good thing for today…

  9. Anonymous :

    Any Napa wine tour recs? Doing a 3 person girl trip next month and we’re looking for a tour to join so we don’t have to worry about getting around.

    • Marshmallow :

      We did the Wine Train and it was amazing. So much fun, no need to drive, and the food on the train was delicious.

    • Platypus tours

    • I did Platypus Wine Tours a few years ago and liked it. They have smaller, more curated tours and your lunch and shuttle is included. They will also pick you up from your location depending on where you are.

    • I’d do West Wine Tours ( – they customize based on your preferences & take you around in a cute VW bus.

  10. Gail the Goldfish :

    Oh look, Kat posted a purple heel. That’s never happened before:-) (Though I do feel like it’s been a while since we had a purple shoe recommendation)

    • ha! although I will say I have a pair of shoes that are this sort of fuchsia-y purple color that I bought on a whim (in an airport!), and they’re actually a great color and go with much more than I thought. also, they add a pop of color without being too matchy-matchy (unless you happen to have a lot of fuchsia you wear regularly, in which case, also amazing).

      • Gail the Goldfish :

        Oh I have multiple pairs of purple pumps, which I think were from some of the several purple pump hunt roundups on here over the years. Though mine are more wine colored or a deep purple rather than fuschia.

        • Kat, I love the new Kitten heals pump’s from Trotter’s that are on Amazon. I was told to stop wearing 4″ pump’s until I can get my hammertoe fixed. I am sad b/c I love 4″ pumps but cannot do 10000 steps even with Nike’s as long as I have this condition. I am also worried I will never find a decent man to marry I look short and squat. That’s why I show my leg’s off with 4″ heels. FOOEY! Dad knows a doctor who fixed Rosa’s toes year’s ago and she is now married so I have hope! YAY!!!!!

      • pugsnbourbon :

        I have a pair of purple pumps – not nearly as nice as these, but decent – that I bought on clearance. They have been a lucky charm for me at several job interviews (my field is arts-adjacent).

  11. Legally Brunette :

    I have been so swamped at work that I haven’t figured out any vacation plans for the last 2 weeks of August, when my kids are off (ages 3 and 5) and my MIL will be in town. We have a 3 day trip to Dallas right in the middle that we will need to work around, but otherwise we are free. We are in DC and open to getting on a plane and going somewhere, either local or abroad (ideally less than a 5 hour plane trip). Wouldn’t mind some beach time but also looking for other stuff to do. We love nature, history, good vegetarian food (no big amusement parks, at least not the whole time).

    Feeling overwhelmed at the options and would love some ideas. I realize this is a very broad ask. Thx!

    • Anonymous :

      What about Seattle or Portland? Hovering just around the 5 hour mark for a plane ride. The weather is usually beautiful in the summer, there is an abundance of good vegetarian food, and they are both fairly outdoorsy cities (or there is easy access to a ton of outdoor activities).

    • No recs BUT the morning thread about travel agents inspired me to find one next time I need a vacation but too busy to do the research.

    • Anonymous :

      In the last 2 weeks of August, I’d feel like going north–New England, Nova Scotia, Iceland–or to the mountains.

    • Anonymous :

      What about the Colonial Triangle? Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg.

      There’s all the historic stuff; Yorktown has a darling public beach; there’s a Busch Gardens in Williamsburg; the Virginia Zoo, Cape Henry Lighthouse, and First Landing State Park are in Norfolk; working colonial farm with petting zoo (remove space) http://www.dcr.virginia. gov/state-parks/chippokes-plantation#general_information

    • anon a mouse :

      Nova Scotia would be great. If you want something more urban, Montreal?

    • Nova Scotia is beautiful this time of year . Fly to St. John’s New Brunswick. Grand Manan is fabulous by ferry from south of there.

  12. shoe advice? :

    Someone talk me in or out of buying these. My taste is generally super minimalist with a bit of edge. So at work I wear a lot of MM but nothing with a twirly skirt or anything. In my free time I typically wear a black leather jacket, jeans, solid color top. Don’t typically wear heels but can make some exceptions. For some reason I’m lusting after these:!/color/246

    • The model is spilling out of these in the front. They might be really shallow. But they are beautiful and if you don’t have many patterns and colors in your wardrobe these would be very classy.

    • Can you think of 3 outfits to wear with them? Then go ahead and enjoy them!

  13. Horse Crazy :

    Ughhhh I hate the after-interview feeling of thinking of all ways I should have answered the questions…”why didn’t I say that?” Just a vent, sorry…

    • Anonymous :

      This is me too. I ask this because I don’t – are you preparing? I wonder if I really worked out my responses that I wouldn’t be left with so much regret.

      • Horse Crazy :

        I did prepare, but I definitely could have done a better job. I spend most of my prep time thinking of questions I should ask them, because I hate not having enough questions, but they didn’t even give me an opportunity to ask anything! I feel like I should have spent more time preparing to answer questions, but I’m not sure I know how to do that…

        • Anonymous :

          I guess practice canned responses? I don’t know either. I’m doing a lot of interviewing so I should know the ones to prepare – tell me about a situation when …? Insert bad and good stories!

          I know what you mean on the prepared questions – I hate when they take up the whole time with their pat questions.

          • Horse Crazy :

            Yeah, I also need to work on responding to the question “tell me about you experience with _________”, when I have no experience with _______. That’s the one that’s killing me today.

  14. Anonymous :

    About ten years ago , I trained in a new male coworker taking over my job when I was promoted. We’ve remained great friends since then and regularly catch-up, meet for drinks, etc.. I enjoy his friendship and hearing about his family, etc..

    Out of the blue today – he texted me in a way that was clearly intended to convey a romantic interest. I am happily married. He is recently re-married.

    I was so shocked by his text message that I am having trouble focusing on my work. I am sad that he would do that because I enjoy his friendship. I handled his message gracefully, but the toothpaste can’t go back into the tube.

    I am at a point in my life where more friendships have been lost than gained and I just feel so disapponted.

    Should I try to preserve my treasures friendship or should I set it on fire and walk away? I’m so confused that I feel like a 13 year old girl.

    • I would treat it as though he clearly intended to text a different Anonymous (which very honestly could be the case) and completely ignore. Erase message.

    • I had this happen to me when I was newly married and highly recommend that you walk away. I do not think you need to set it on fire, but I would not communicate with him much, if at all.

      I thought I could handle it, but then realized that I found it flattering and though a semi-natural reaction, I realized that was way too close to the fire. Consider joining some kind of community, whether through hobbies or in your local area, and building up some new friendships.

    • Anonymous :

      You can’t preserve the treasured friendship you had, because he clearly has/had a different idea of what the friendship was/is than you do. So, that relationship is over. The question now is, is there a friendship available moving forward? My personal take would be no, because I wouldn’t be able to deal with having a friendship with the kind of recently-married man who would send me that text message.

      • Yes. This is so true. I am sure you did NOT do anything to lead him on. Men look at us and think s-x, even if we don’t. FOOEY! I have had alot of guys act like we are freinds to get closer, but then I find out that they had OTHER ideas. One guy in college always met me in the cafeteria b/c we liked egg salad sandwitches, and we had 2 classes together, but then I found out from my freind that he had taken some picture’s of me and then put some other woman’s body on my head with no clotheing on, and hung them in his closet where he showed his freinds, saying I was his girlfreind. I then figured out he just thought of me as a s-x kitten, but I NEVER even kissed him, let alone did any stuff like he was telleing his freinds. I told him I did NOT want to eat lunch with him any more and I did not study with him for finals b/c I could not get that thought out of my mind. FOOEY!

    • Anonymous :

      Have you talked to your spouse about it? I an’t imagine your spouse would be thrilled if you tried to maintain a friendship with someone who has clearly violated your friendship boundaries.

    • I’m not married, but I’ve had married men that I met through work develop “friendships” with me that apparently included additional interests, on their end. When I was younger I fervently hoped that I could maintain what I thought was a valuable friendship. Nope. I wish I didn’t waste so much time mourning the friendship or trying to salvage it, but I suppose it was a good learning experience. It’s a shame, but the healthy friendship simply didn’t exist, and likely just won’t ever exist. It sucks, but people who seek out other people for affairs (emotional or otherwise) are unlikely to change. Resist the urge to do anything that would agitate the situation further…but just walk away.

    • Completely out of the blue and BY TEXT? Did it include your name or any identifying information that makes it sure it’s for you, as opposed to his wife? Honestly, in your place, I would strongly consider that it was a mistake. Delete it and forget, forget, forget.

      If he violates this benefit–of-the-doubt you’re giving him by asking about the text or something similar: then by all means, burn bridges.

  15. paging perimenopause :

    Someone asked in the morning thread about blogs that might inspire a changing metabolism/ body. May not be your personal style, but this blog is neat and has lots of good links to other over 40 bloggers can be found At notdressddaslamb — she has a neat edgy style, and mixes colours and patterns well— this is more if you are in a creative field. I find as my metabolism slows, even though my hourglass shape looks similar to the way it did ten years ago (I’m 47), the Same shapes (fit and flare, sheath) still look good and conventionally flattering…but… I have to go slightly more edgy. My style has always been more feminine, so now though I still incorporate my previous pieces, I try to add elements that are more sophisticated.

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