Coffee Break: ‘Jet Set – Slim’ Saffiano Leather Wallet

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Jet Set - Slim' Saffiano Leather Wallet

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The below content is about the 2014 Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

There’s a ton of MICHAEL Michael Kors at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale, and for today’s coffee break I’m liking this little leather wallet in a happy, bright raspberry.  It looks like it has plenty of room for cards and money, and numerous positive reviews.  It was $98, but is now marked $66. MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Jet Set – Slim’ Saffiano Leather Wallet




  1. Aside from the overly prominent logo, the wallet looks nice.

    • hoola hoopa :

      Agreed. When I was wallet shopping, many lovely contenders were cut from the list because of a prominent logo. There must be two kinds of wallet owners: those who want the logo and those who don’t.

      • Or those who are snooty about wanting a label and those who are snooty about not wanting a label. ;)

      • I agree. I think that even tho I LOVE Micheal Kors, I would NOT want his name on my wallet b/c some peeople would think I am useing HIS wallet. FOOEY! I perfer a very pretty UNDERSTATED wallet, well made but withOUT even a name on it. I would mabye be abel to have a logo, kind of like a horse shoe for Coach or Aigner or something like that, but NOT even something 3 dimeansional. I think an EMBOSSED horseshoe is better then a cheap gold horse shoe, b/c they wear out after a while and then you need a NEW wallet.

        Mason is acting up now that I told him NOT to wear tight pant’s any more. He say’s he is tryeing to be styleish, but I said no one is interested in the size of his thing. He said that Lynn is encoureageing him to be more styelish, so I said he can be as styleish as he want’s in his apartement, but NOT at work. I hope I was not being to harsh, but I do NOT want him detracting from ME in the courtroom, especialy if the manageing partner wants me to let him stand up and speak. FOOEY!

    • I have recently purchased a lovely LeTanneur bag and noticed they have amazing wallets, also Saffiano leather but they are known for obnoxious label display. They still have a logo but it does not take half the size of the wallet.
      You might want to look into this brand.

    • Meh – the logo doesn’t seem overly done to me. It’s not available in pink through the link, though. Only boring, practical colors.

    • Shoplifter :

      That kind of seems like Michael Kors’s schtick, though.


  2. I’m in my early 30s and I really only have two close friends, one from high school and one from college, neither of whom lives within driving distance of me. I didn’t have a big social group in high school but in college I had lots of people that I hung out with and many girls that I thought of as fairly close friends. Most of those friendships naturally evolved into nothing more than sending Christmas cards and liking major life milestones on Facebook but there are also several that ended in “friendship break-ups.” Although there are plenty of things in my life I regret and I know I’ve treated certain people badly at times, I really think in each of these cases where the friendship ended, I was right to feel the way I did or the person was not really being a good friend to me and I am better off without that specific person in my life. However, even though in each case I think “With friends like X, who needs enemies,” the common denominator is me, and since I seem to have had more friend break-ups than is normal, I wonder if there is something wrong with me or if I’m a bad friend. I am an introvert, I like spending time alone and with my husband, and we have several couples that we know through him that we socialize with fairly regularly in person and my two close girlfriends are always there for me by phone or email. So I don’t really feel lonely on a day-to-day basis but I do get sad at times about the fact that I have so few girlfriends. For example, the last few years have been absolutely filled with weddings for us, but all of them have been family members or my husbands’ friends and we haven’t been invited to any weddings of my friends. I guess trying to make new friends is a possibility but I work a lot and I don’t know how I would meet people. I really hate small talk and talking to strangers in forced social settings. I’m not really sure if I’m looking for advice or just commiseration. Just feeling especially blue today looking at everyone’s Facebook photos of Memorial Day BBQs and pool parties with friends, I guess.

    • Making Friends :

      Hi Friends – wow, I was thinking a lot of the same things, it’s crazy you posted that. I haven’t treated my friends poorly, but I have definitely lost touch after going abroad. Now I am moving to NYC and am dismayed to find myself with such few friends. I’ve also been considering (I think I read that on a post on Corporette for making friends when moving to a new city). Have you considered this?

      Also, to the other Corporettes, have you tried and how was your experience?

      • I have not tried meetup directly, but my friend from college did when she first moved to the city (she knew me and a few other people, but felt like she didn’t have a good group of friends, and I work all.the.time.). She met a great group of friends through meetup, and I actually ended up meeting and becoming very good friends with several of them myself! Based on their experience, I think it’s a great thing to check out. This was in NYC, so YMMV in other places.

        About friendships generally, I’m also in my early 30’s. I currently have a large and solid group of close friends, but many of them are not the same friends I had in my 20’s. I think “friend break-ups” are natural and I’ve had quite a few of them (ranging from the quiet fade to messy blow-outs). I think you’re underestimating how much this happens, in part because people don’t talk about it that much. Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation (and TWOP) introduced me to the concept of friendships having a lifespan. Hearing that was really helpful to me when I was going through rough patches with friends and trying to figure out whether it was worth it to end it. Some people are just not meant to be in your life for the rest of your life, and that’s completely okay. You can also meet very close friends later in life. My closest female friend is someone I met less than 3 years ago, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

        It sounds like you have had the normal/natural drifting apart with friends that occurs in your 20’s, and then haven’t replaced those friends with new people in your life. Regarding why those new people haven’t emerged, I think part of it may have to do with being married. Not because single friends don’t want married friends, but because you don’t have the same burning need/motivation to meet people and get close to them, because you have someone at home. Making new friends at this age is really hard — you don’t have school in common, some people have already solidified their friend groups and don’t have time/space for a new person, everyone’s trying to establish their careers/families, etc. It involves putting yourself out there and making time for people when (sometimes) you’d rather just hang out by yourself. If you don’t have the driving force of loneliness pushing you along, it’s hard to put in that effort. Especially if, as you say, you work a lot and don’t love small talk. Really I think you just need to ask yourself if it’s worth pushing yourself to try to meet new people even though you’re tired/want to go home alone after a long day/don’t want to have the silly conversations you do with people you just met. If it’s worth it, there are tons of ways to do it — try meetup, try a hobby, ask a coworker out for drinks after work, ask your friends if they have any new friends who just moved to the city and are looking for someone to hang out with, tag along with an acquaintance to a party with and meet everyone there, etc. I realize all of these things are easier said than done for an introvert, but those are the ways you meet people.

        • Making Friends :

          Hi Anon – thanks for your thoughtful input. It really put some positive energy (not to sound too hippie) and focus for me trying to make new friends – like it is not too late! It is very much appreciated. I think I will try meetup!

      • I used Meetup when I first moved to my current city and joined a book club. I didn’t make any lasting friendships or even any outside of the book clubs, but it was nice to have a group to socialize with and have a topic that steered the conversation. I stopped going after I joined some community theatres, which was really where my interest was. Overall, still a nice experience for meeting some new people.

    • If it makes you feel any better, I have lots of friend, but nobody who throws bbqs and pool parties, so there is that. If anything on FB makes you feel sad, read the article this guy wrote about how fb posts are misleading.

    • hoola hoopa :

      Honestly, that’s just part of the 30’s for many people. It’s not just you.

      The way that I thought about it was that in my teens and 20’s, I wanted interesting friends. In my 30’s, I started to want normal and nice friends. Those two categories weren’t completely compatible, so I lost a lot of friends. Like you, I was sad to miss out on all the excitement, but I didn’t regret leaving the particular relationship. Over time, you’ll make more friends and/or settle into the smaller group you already have.

      Ditto that FB is misleading. Not only do only the people who did something fun and exciting post pics, but you don’t really know how fun and exciting it was in real life.

    • Saffiano leather :

      Don’t look at facebook.

      I am also rather introverted and have a hard time making new friends. These days I’m pretty busy with keeping all the balls in the air — work, toddler, marriage. I have my moments when I’m sad that I don’t have more friends and a busier social life. But I’ve made peace with my being a little antisocial. This was something I came to in my early 30’s. And I do my best to engage in social situations when they arise — engaging in that small talk that does not come naturally, etc.

    • Famouscait :

      I also have several very close friends from childhood and college who live in other locations, and no really close friends where I live. I can’t speak to the friend break-up issue that you mentioned, but I thought I would suggest this book:

      MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend

      I read it a few years ago and I think it has some good overall take-away lessons. Namely, that you have to put in the effort to make a new friendship, and that everyone wants more friends. I also sometimes struggle with feeling a little anti-social; like you, I prefer to spend time with my husband or alone. My older sister, in contrast, is always the one throwing that BBQ or pool party for her large group of close, same-location friends. More and more I come to accept that I’m just more of a small friend kind of person. My job requires me to be very social so I have a lot of acquaintances, but I’m not one to just “hang-out” with a girlfriend on a random weeknight or Saturday afternoon. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a bad friend or unlikeable in any way – I just prefer the company of my husband, dog, close friends, or myself.

    • Anonymous :

      I’m on your page. I have a handful of close friends who I could call at 2 in the morning if needed, however, they have all married and moved away. I am close to my parents and my family, but if my litter sister did not come over for the long weekend, then I would have been all by myself (no barbecues, or beach houses herer!) I’m over 40, and found that you need to apply diffrent strategies to find friends at my age. I have a couplle of organizations that I volunteer and an active in, and have also reconnected with my religious faith. It’s not impossible to make new friens, but you can’t rely on what you did in your 20s either.

    • Baconpancakes :

      A couple of things.

      a) As previously noted by everyone here, facebook is full of lies. EVERYONE seems to be having the time of their lives, which statistically is impossible.
      b) It’s ok to have fewer friends than you used to. Don’t want to deal with the effort and annoyance of keeping up with 20 close friends? Have two, and call it a day, and know that those friends will probably help you bury the body when you need them to.
      c) That said… friendships take work. When you’ve had friend “break-ups,” were these friends consistently un-fun or hurtful, or did they just upset you once or twice and you got upset and cut it off? With the friends who drifted away, did you try calling more? Even texting, or sending cute photos of animals helps keep a friendship feel more alive. If you don’t do these things, it doesn’t mean you’re a “bad friend,” it just means you’re a person who prefers fewer, closer, easier friendships to having more numerous long-distance, more-effort friendships. That’s totally fine!

      But I completely get feeling left out on holidays. As a former introvert with lingering introvert tendencies, I find it’s very important to either have rockin solo/SO plans on holidays, or make sure to have a BBQ to go to. If no one seems to be throwing one, throw one yourself.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Heh. I actually posted on Facebook that I was free for the weekend and would love to be invited to a party if anybody was having one.

      Ended up with a bunch of “likes” and no invitations… *sigh*

      • A friend of mine asked me to let him know if I could get together, but instead, I spent a thrilling Saturday afternoon and early evening waiting for the washer repairman. He was good looking but not worth my whole afternoon. So I went to see Million Dollar Arm yesterday afternoon with my friend and her 9 yo twin grandsons – which was fun! But seriously, I wouldn’t have gone to a party if I’d been invited. I’m just that boring.

    • anonymama :

      It sounds like you don’t actually want or need more friends for the actual substantive value that those friendships may give, just that you feel like you should have them when you compare yourself to other people. So I would say don’t worry about it – different people have different kinds of friendships, and different size friend groups, and unless you are sitting around on weekends wishing you had a party to go to (and it sounds like you don’t particularly even want to go to those parties/weddings/etc. in the moment, just that in retrospect you are thinking,” man, it looks like everyone else on facebook has more fun/more friends than me”) it’s not worth the effort to cultivate friendships just to keep up with everyone else.

  3. Need to Improve :

    I am majorly burning out and am in bad need of a vacation. Even just planning it will make me feel better. I would like to go to a beautiful beach with warm water and stay somewhere kid-friendly. It needs to be a relatively easy flight from the West Coast. I have anywhere from 5-9 days to take off. The vacation will be in August or September.

    I have been to most of Mexico/Belize/Guatemala/Honduras and also South America, but never the rest of Central America, such as Costa Rica or Nicaragua. Are there any fabulous beach resorts that are relatively easy to get to (traveling with wild toddler)? Or should I just go the easy route and go to Cabo? I was hoping for somewhere with slightly warmer water . . .

    • Hawaii? Or do you definitely want international?

      • I was also going to suggest Hawaii. It’s got the warm water, an easy flight to and from the West Coast, and a lot of kid-friendly hotels.

      • Need to Improve :

        Great idea! Which beaches there are swimmable? I want to be on a beach with warm water I can swim in.

        • Ala Moana, Waikiki, Waimanalo, and even North shore during the summer (one of my faves). On Oahu the best toddler friendly beach is probably Waikiki and Ala Moana. Unlike the caribbean/Aruba, the drop off is quick and steep from the shore to deep water.

          Stay away from Sandy beach if you feel like swimming as Sandy is pretty consistently full of hard breaks.

          I also think that Koolina and the other resorts will have swim friendly beaches.

          Kihei on Maui had some pretty swim friendly beaches as well! (It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the other islands so I can’t make any recommendations there)

          • Just re-read. You want to swim–not your kid. If you’re an adult that can swim, all of the above is fine. Ala moana almost has swimming lanes next to the SUP paddlers.

        • Anonymous :

          Add Kaanapali on Maui to the list of good swimmable beaches–the Black Rock area right by the Sheraton also has great snorkeling.

  4. An attorney left my firm and is no longer in private practice so all of his cases stayed behind. He didn’t leave any transition memos. He didn’t move emails to public folders though our office manager is doing that. He said most of them were just in “babysitting” stages and had nothing urgent to be done. We divided his cases up and are learning that they all have urgent stuff. Every call I have received the last couple working days have been on his cases. I just hate cleaning up someone’s mess when it feels like he didn’t give a crap about the stuff he left behind. It is totally messing up my schedule and making me very grumpy. His cases are also crap cases too so there is no real gem to inherit. Grrrr. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • I think we inherited cases from the same former coworker. I’m in the same position and it’s killing me because he ran his cases so differently than I run mine. Not to mention that I’m dealing with the most unnecessarily difficult opposing counsel on this case. I feel like I’m constantly behind and just don’t know what’s out there to bite me…

  5. Anon for this :

    One of the more senior associates just announced he’s quitting and my gut reaction was “I’m so jealous – I want to quit my job too.” This is not a normal reaction right? I have a hard time distinguishing between normal work frustration and frustration with my firm, which has many flaws. I go through phases where all I want is a new job but I just don’t know if I would experience the same feelings somewhere else

    • Maddie Ross :

      Nope, I think in law, that’s a completely normal reaction.

      • + 1000! At my firm, the good-bye happy hours for departing associates are mainly so that the associates staying can drowned their sorrows.

      • anon-oh-no :

        i dont disagree, but that sucks. i do not understand and never will understand why people practice law who dont want to. there is simply not enough money to pay me to work that hours i work at a big law firm if i did not like what i do. i love what i do and always have. certainly there are cases and attorneys and days that are no fun, but that was true when i clerked, when i summered at a small firm, when i interned on the hill, and even when i was a waitress and a bartender.

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          That one is easy: Loans. In order to pay back my law school loans, I basically can’t do anything other than be a lawyer. Now, obviously the story is a lot more complicated than that, but basically it boils down to loans, and the economy upon graduation being wildly different than the economy when enrolling in law school. My job isn’t even bad, but if I didn’t have loans, I’d either be practicing a very different area of law, or I’d be working in a position where a law degree was useful but not required (something in politics/policy).

          • anon-oh-no :

            i hear that answer a lot (or the variation “money”), but i don’t really buy it. people know how much law school cost when they start, so the economy doesnt have much to do with it. but we also are not talking about the inability to put food on the table or just to find any job. i just think that if you really hate it, you should do something else. i cant imagine “settling” for a big firm job.

          • The point is you do a job you hate for a few years to pay back the loans so you can go do a job you like. As for the economy, well, I would have loved to “settle” for a big firm job so I could pay back my loans faster, which is what I thought I’d do when I enrolled in law school (because it was 2006/2007, and the criteria for getting a biglaw job was “are you at a top 15 law school” and “are you breathing”). Then of course the economy crashed and big law jobs were harder to come by, and a lot of people ended up in lower paying jobs that weren’t any better in terms of lifestyle than BigLaw. I could write a lengthy novel on this, but believe me when I say there aren’t a ton of exciting jobs easily available that pay enough to pay back 200k in debt.

        • I agree that for many it is the money, but personally, I do like practicing law. I just don’t like my job – mainly because of the hours. I’ve been looking, but there is not a lot out there right now.

    • Trust me, most place’s I have found out are pretty suckey. I lucked out findeing the manageing partner, and that was a flueke, b/c I bumped into him lookeing to serve a subpeenee, but most of my freind’s have suckey manageing partner’s who either load on alot of work every FRIDAY, or harrass them sexueally, or even both, if you can beleive it! My freind Sue works in DC at a pretty big law firm, and the manageing partner there ALWAYS asks her who she is dateing. She has dated alot of guy’s but like me, all of them just want to have Sue take her clotheing off so they can OOOGLE her and then have sex. She is much prettyer then me, so I understand why men OOOGLE her, but the sex thing she does NOT like. So the manageing partner gets excited every time Sue say’s she is NOT seeing anyone, let alone dateing anyone, b/c at least 3 times, he has invited her to go to Rehoboeth Beach where he has a place, and when she went there last week, he “accideaneally” walked into her room weareing only his underwear. She did NOT respond to his ovature’s for dateing him (he is divorced with 3 kid’s), and Sue say’s he has bad breathe — I think you need to have that to be a manageing partner we think! So Sue does NOT want to stay at her firm b/c he alway’s want’s to take her to lunch and spends alot of time outside her office stareing at her. I said b/c she is so beautiful, she can get a job at alot of law firm’s but she is worried b/c she would NOT get a good recomendation from the manageing partner, and she was at the bottom of our class — even lower then me — so getting another job may be an issue for her in this job market, even if she is very pretty, b/c alot of women are jelous of her b/c of her look’s. I say Just Say FOOEY and move on, particularley if her manageing partner keep’s hareassing her. Who needs a bald guy with bad breathe breatheing down your neck? GROSS! I am sure she could get a job in the goverment, b/c they would not care if she is pretty as long as she does her work.

    • Anonymous :

      That is 100% normal.

    • Making Friends :

      I actually just quit my current job (I’m on my last week) and moving cities – the first reaction I’ve been getting from EVERYONE has been “Good for you!” “Congrats!” or “Are they still hiring more people? Haha…” So I think your reaction is pretty much how everyone feels.

  6. Nice! I’m on the market for a new wallet as the zipper on the last one is dying… this one might very well be it!

  7. I’m not in law, so I know I can’t even begin to appreciate your pain. But if it helps, please keep in mind that each of those cases is especially important to someone out there. The few times I’ve needed a lawyer (prenup, will, condo purchase, etc.) are obviously not gem worthy, but I can tell you that the attorney handling played a very important role and one I am forever thankful for. I can’t even image how horrified I would be if someone handled something so carelessly. When it gets tough, keep in mind that you are part of a profession and not just someone with any old job. You truly do make a difference in this world and serve a duty far greater than most realize. And as awful and frustrating as those phone calls must be, you’re all those people have for an answer right now. On behalf of all those out there who feel so helpless when it comes to anything legal, thank you for being there.

    • Meant to resopnd to GRRRRR….

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will absolutely do my best with all of his cases and I know that they matter to the client, no matter how small the case is. More often than not we just hear bad things about attorneys and I always think “we are hated until we are needed.” I will try to refocus my aggravation away from him dumping this on me (all of us) and focus instead on seeing how quick I can turn these around with good results and get them integrated into my case load.

      I think what actually burns me the most is I know that this task is part of my ethical obligations and I feel like he didn’t quite meet his ethical obligations in the way he left. I would feel differently if he left due to a medical emergency or got fired or something. This was a willful departure and I think things were left disorganized as a middle finger to the firm. I can picture him sitting at his new in-house equivalent job laughing thinking about us picking through his mess. Nothing is bad enough to be reportable – just aggravating and not “best practices.”

  8. Another one for the “ugh, today” files:

    This morning I came into work to finish a presentation that was to be broadcast to lots of big clients later on this morning. BUT no one that I needed to get back to me got back to me, which I expected, so I had everything as ready to go as I could have. Then my colleague emailed and said she wasn’t able to do her part, could I do it. So I did it, and answered to everyone asking where her part was. Then the software we use to broadcast for meetings was acting up, and I had to “talk” with tech support and try and change the password to our account about 3 times, (and had my job threatened twice in the meantime). By this time, I was only about 10 minutes early to the meeting, where I was supposed to be 30 minutes early for sound checks. With about 5 minutes left to the start of this VERY BIG AND IMPORTANT MEETING with lots of huge clients already signed in, the servers go down.

    No presentations.
    No emails.
    For the indeterminate future.
    head –> desk.