Coffee Break: Go-To-Glamour Wristlet

Nine West Go-To Glamour WristletThe jeweled print may or may not be your favorite design, but I think this wristlet is incredible, particularly if, like me, you tend to switch bags often by having a pouch system in your purse. This one is on the big side (11 x 1 x 8) which makes me think it would be great for people swapping between tote bags, diaper bags… heck, even boat bags. As with wallets, I like that this one is colorful so you can find it quickly and easily. It was $35, but is now marked to $20.29 at 6pm. Nine West Go-To-Glamour Wristlet


  1. something :

    Ray Rice is out of the NFL. Good riddance. They made a bad decision at first, but I’m glad they’ve owned up to it and eventually made the right one.

    • Anonymous :

      And to balance it out, NCAA lifting Penn States bowl ban early, just in case you started to feel like football was more than a really expensive way to exploit black men and harm women and children.

      • something :

        I’m not sure it was the right decision, but a large part of the result is to give back those black men you mention, who had nothing to do with the abuse, their scholarships. Like I said, I haven’t read enough about it to have formed a specific opinion, but I think there’s at least an argument to be made for not continuing to punish the players who are there now who had nothing to do with it.

        • Anonymous :

          Nope. No argument. They could have gone to other schools, and getting a scholarship to mint money for a school that isn’t paying you while slowly destroying your brain and getting no real education isn’t much of a prize.

          This is just the NCAA deciding that they can get away with business as usual again.

          • something :

            It’s really not that simple. Transferring to other schools doesn’t always work, especially when there are 100+ players on scholarship on a given team. They couldn’t all have transferred. (Plus you usually have to sit out a year after transferring, although I think that may have been waived here.)

            Also, there have been far, far more players who graduated with college degrees, who wouldn’t have otherwise, than players whose brains were destroyed by football. Brett Favre is suffering memory loss – he played all through college and had an extremely long pro career, during a time when the information wasn’t out there about concussions. It’s still awful, but I think strides are being made, and regardless, the third string guy on a college team is far less likely to have those repercussions, but still gets a scholarship. You can’t pretend that all players are suffering those same losses in the same way.

            Again, I don’t know what the answer is, as a lifetime football lover. But I will say that there are many more nuances than you are letting on. It’s not a matter of “cancel football, these kids get a real education.” A college degree is worth far more than no college degree, even if they had to skip class to practice and go to games.

            I agree that payers should be paid at least some, but that is not the issue here.

    • I couldn’t believe that video! So glad they did that.

    • I’m going between “So glad he’s out” and “Why the hell did it take this long and why were they protecting him?” (For the record, I’m actually partial to the Ravens, too)

  2. Lady Tetra :

    Does anyone with pets and allergies have a HEPA air purifier? Does it help with allergies? Thanks!

    • marketingchic :

      I haven’t had pets, but I had a couple when I lived in an old, dusty house and they seemed to help my toddler’s asthma. Keep in mind you may need multiple units.

    • Yes, I think it has helped my SO deal with our pet. Having non-carpeted floors also helps. If possible, have someone else vacuum your home using a HEPA filter vacuum so that you’re not breathing all the dust that the vacuum kicks up (and give it time to settle before you are back home).

    • I have two honeywell room filters. I am allergic to dust and I would say that the air filters, bed covers, pillow covers, and keeping the windows closed year round in the bedroom helped immensely. I was able to have my allergist write an Rx for them and get them both paid for by Flex Spending also. I ordered from an online allergy store and I forget the name but they always have deals and sales too.

    • hoola hoopa :

      We have a 5″ HEPA filter on our furnace. When we don’t need heat, we still run the fan so that inside air is constantly filtered.

      We have a large and constantly shedding dog, family members who wear their shoes inside, and an old house – so we have plenty of dust, dander, and hair.

      It’s *definitely* helpful for my husband’s allergies and asthma. I can’t tell a difference (no allergies), but it’s night and day for him. We have it to reduce his environmental allergies to pollen etc. He’s not allergic to our dog. I don’t think it’s that magical, if that’s what you’re wondering. He’s been in homes with cats (to which he is allergic) with similar systems and he still reacts.

  3. Medic Maggie :

    based on blog availability, here’s what I’ve come up with for names…(and thanks for all the ideas this morning!)

    PollyPennyPants (or DarlaDressForLess)

    What’s your pleasure, or other ideas? I’ll launch soon….

    • Anonymous :

      Maggie’s Closet Magic.

      • I really like this. I’m not a huge fan of the alliteration of your other names in this instance (shocking, if you know me IRL) and I am not sure highlighting the thrifty aspect alone is all that appealing by itself (it’s like would you rather visit a food blog named Smitten Kitchen or 5mealsfor$10? There’s a market for both, but SK sounds so much yummier). Maggie’s Closet Magic (or Maggie’s Magic Closet even) still gives you the alliteration you seem to like and references the gist of the blog but still sounds intriguing and really cute.

        Of the other picks, I’d go with Wearagain.

        • +1

        • I agree w/ AIMS and would vote for wearagain of your choices. Thrifty Mc… reminds me of the title Young House Love gave their neverending house to-do list back in the day (Listy McListerson) and would also be harder to type in quickly.

          • Medic Maggie :

            I may be outing myself, but I cannot stand YHL. At all. I want to strangle them.

          • Orangerie :

            Hah, I can’t stand them either. My thoughts are summed up by Miranda Priestly/Devil Wears Prada: “You have no style or sense of fashion” … replace fashion with interior design skills.

        • +1

    • Bewitched :

      I love Wear Again and 20 In my Pocket is also OK now (but I wonder whether it will have staying power if that song (ever) goes away). I would stay away from the Polly/Thrifty theme-it reminds me of Polly Pockets or Betty Boop or similar alliterative names which have nothing to do with fashion (and thus I would not be inclined to visit-but that’s just me).

    • ThriftCouture? HandMeDownDiva? SecondChanceChic? HauteThrift?
      I feel like it needs to reference the purpose of the blog, or I wouldn’t click.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        I really like HauteThrift.

      • Medic Maggie :

        Haute Thrift is awesome. But taken. So is SecondChanceChic.

        I agree that there needs to be a reference to the content, or it is lost on potential readers.

        Thank you all for your input–I really do appreciate it, and hope to get something up and running! Today’s outfit 100% Goodwill (except shoes & unders): Butter yellow Gap chino trousers; Worthington knit patterned (gray, black, purple, periwinkle, yellow) short-sleeve blouse; gray Banana Republic ruffle-front open cardi. Oh, and on-sale Target flats (black & white pinstripe! $5 on clearance!)

    • Sydney Bristow :

      How about Chic on the Cheap? Not sure if I randomly thought of it or saw it this morning, sorry if it was the latter!

  4. Housecounsel :

    I am feeling a little self-conscious that I do not know what a “boat bag” is and don’t think I know anyone who has one.

    • I go boating and I’ve never heard of one. Cursory google search shows a lot of canvas totes. Not sure how this bag fits in.

    • I bet you do know tons of people – think LL Bean canvas totes.

      • I’ve only heard of “boat bags” in the context of the LL Bean Boat & Tote. And I would never take one on an actual boat, a nylon bag is much more practical.

    • I don’t know either, but I really really want the problem of constantly switching items from my evening bag to my work tote to my “boating bag.”

  5. I just need to post a (ridiculous) vent – I am SO sick of the term “babymoon”. Isn’t it just a vacation you’re taking while pregnant? And at the same time, if I never hear about another push present, it’ll be too soon.

    I may need to stay off FB – it’s making me ragey.

    • Anonymous :

      Not ridiculous at all! We’ve discussed the terms at length here before.

      • Has been discussed to death, but if the new “generation” wants to discuss it I’ll just sit it out.

    • Orangerie :

      Lol, yeah it’s kind of a weird thing to apply a cutesy term to. Also, “minimoon.” Like “oh I’m sorry it doesn’t count as a honeymoon unless it’s x number of days or longer.” So patronizing.

      • Haha yes. Oh, you “just” spent three days on the Cape? Too bad for you that you didn’t have 2 weeks in Bora Bora! Your marriage will totally suffer.

      • The term babymoon doesn’t bother me that much, but I don’t get this new concept of having a “minimoon” and then a “honeymoon.” My facebook news feed is filled with people who did both and it drives me crazy. YOU GET ONE HONEYMOON. The second “honeymoon” is just a vacation!!

      • I know someone who just took a 7-day “minimoon” which is seriously pushing it IMO.

    • Medic Maggie :

      similarly, is it still a honeymoon if it isn’t taken immediately after the wedding?? We chose (in part our choosing, in part availability of the house) to honeymoon about a month after we got married. So glad we did it that way–there was no crazy mad rush the night of the wedding, or the morning after. We called our “babymoon” our “Last Hurrah” instead.

    • Yup. Facebook detox.

    • I got an amazing gift for carrying/delivering our child. I don’t like the word “push present” but I do like the idea of getting fancy things, and whatever gets me there gets me there.

      • Can’t you just buy fancy things when you want them? Within reason, of course.

        • Yeah, I’m with tesyaa. I like pretty things (including pretty sparkly things – I’m basically a magpie), but I can’t get on board with push presents. Yaaaaaay, your body did what it’s supposed to do! Biology! Woooo! It’s weird.

        • No, this was a splurge item that most people wouldn’t just walk out the door one day and buy for no reason (think Rolex watch). I generally couldn’t buy things like that without my husband’s consent, and he would never agree to buy a Rolex watch unless there was a reason. Having a baby was the reason.

          If you can do things like that whenever you want and without spousal consent, then I am jealous.

          • Personally the idea that my husband would give me a gift to reward me for carrying a baby weirds me out. It’s like a tip – I do something for him, and he gives me a payment. I find it totally creepy.

            And i agree, I don’t have to get one- thank goodness. Instead, if I want something, I either pay for it, or (if it really is such a big ticket item) I discuss it with my husband, and we decide whether we can afford it and then fit it into the budget. Generally if its reasonable and important to one of us, we find a way.

            He doesn’t get to decide when I deserve a splurge item.. and certainly not as a reward for something like that.

          • hopefully one day I can have a balanced, loving and mutually respectful relationship just like all of you!

    • We took a trip for our first anniversary and our friends started calling it an “anniversarymoon.” I shut that down quick. It was a vacation. (Though we did play up the anniversary part for discounts, hehe).

      It bugs me when these ubiquitous endings get added to everything. You do not need to add “-gate” to every. single. political. scandal. /endrant.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        Ok all I can think now is “anni-vega-versary”

      • I can’t wait to be embroiled in a juicy political scandal, which, of course, will require me to get away somewhere secluded and fabulous with my SO to hide out for a bit, and I am going to call it my “gatemoon” (or “moongate,” since that rolls of the tongue better).

        But I am with you all. I know it’s just words and marketing but ugh. Seriously, the image conjuring by the term push present alone… So not necessary.

  6. Passed Over :

    Over the past year, my bosses have been working very hard to retain a coworker of mine, to the point where I ended up being held back to ensure that coworker was able to take on lots of responsibility. (I know this was the case because I was directly told so by the big boss. ) We both have the same title and I have been in this position slightly longer; however, coworker has more outside experience and transferred in with the expectation that he would be promoted quickly.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t be promoted until this person is promoted or leaves. It’s looking like he’s most likely going to be my direct supervisor and he has already verbally told me that he plans on giving me additional responsibilities and realizes that I’ve been underutilized. This is all good, right?

    Any tips on how I can deal with the frustration factor of being pushed over?

    Also, I am feeling like a bad feminist right now because I’m not even applying for this supervisory role (reason: as soon as it was posted, coworker was told by the bosses to apply right in front of me. Seemed pretty clear, eh?) although I know this is something I could excel at.

    • Anonymous :

      How is any part of this good? And why, given a year of being passed over, have you not activated job search mode? I mean, awesome that the person who put you in the corner values you ability to let them get ahead at your expense, and short term that might be rewarded, but long term you need to find somewhere else to succeed.

      • Passed Over :

        Yeah, this is the conversation I’m having with myself.

        Other side of this is that this gig I have is incredibly competitive to get, it’s what I envisioned when I went to grad school, and to get to my long term career place I either need to stick it out here for another 3-4 years or be willing to take a 50% pay cut and work far worse hours.

        Part of this is me trying to figure out if this kind of cr*p is something I want to deal with for the next several years.

        • This situation would make me really angry. I’ve been fuming over far less! Unless you don’t really want to be promoted anytime soon, aren’t competitive, and are truly fine with where you’re at, this would be really hard to take. I’d evaluate your options. Is it really that extreme, in terms of either/or, stay here/take a 50% pay cut?

        • I understand where you’re coming from, but why aren’t you applying anyway? Even if you know that your co-worker will get picked, this is a great way to signal to your bosses that you are interested in moving up.

          • Yeah I don’t see why just because they told him to apply, that you can’t also apply.

            You may not get it, but how can applying make you worse off than you are now? As a.k. said, it sends the right signal.

          • Meg Murry :

            The only way you can signal you want to move up is to apply. Otherwise, you are sending the signal “I don’t really good want to be a supervisor”
            If nothing else, it will be good resume dusting off practice and good interview practice if nothing else.

      • (former) preg 3L :

        Completely agreed — I read your “this is all good, right?” as sarcastic. Don’t get over it; get mad and get a new job! You’re not a bad feminist either.

        • Passed Over :

          To respond to both this and anon at 4:40:

          Yeah, it really is that way. When I have talked to people who have my long term career goal about their path, it boils down to:

          1) Started in the job I currently hold, suffered for 5-10 years and then moved directly into goal career path.
          2) Started in job that pays 50% less and has horrible, horrible hours for 5-10 years, moved into related field and then moved into goal career path.
          3) Be friends with someone very important and get handpicked (note- usually everyone hates these people and I don’t see this as an option)

          • Can you tell us what industry it is?

          • If your bosses are trying so hard to retain this coworker, where was he going to go? Would you be qualified to apply there? (Also agree with the others who think you should apply for the opening at your current employer.)

          • +1 to Danielle!

    • It doesn’t sound wrong to me that coworker would get advancements/responsibilities over you if he has more outside experience and transferred in with the expectation that he would be promoted quickly (I’m assuming that the experience is relevant, of course). But I understand why that would be extremely annoying, and completely vent-worthy. Of course, if you’re not enjoying the job/being treated as you could be other places/etc., looking somewhere else may be a good option.

      That said, I definitely think that you should apply for the promotion, even if you aren’t going to get it. It will let management know that you are interested, and, once this guy is out of the way, they can focus on you. Think of it like people who run for presidential nominations that they have no hope to get – sure, it seems like a waste, but it seriously raises their profile and gives them credibility, either for later races or just in general. And who knows? This guy could do something really dumb, or get another offer somewhere else and leave, or something else could happen that leaves his spot open at any time. (To continue with my presidential race analogy, everything that I’ve read about 2008 suggests that Barack Obama had no intent or expectation to actually win; Hillary Clinton was set for that; he only ran to raise his own profile for the future. But look what happened.)

      • Passed Over :

        I’m kicking myself for not applying and now the posting is down.

        I have considered going where he was looking. It doesn’t align with my goals and I know that leaving would burn a lot of bridges, putting me in a place where I couldn’t renter the path I’m on now.

        Thank you all for the comments- I’m reading all of them.

        • Former Partner, Now In-House :

          Go (in person) to the person who told co-worker to apply right in front of you. Say that when you heard that, you assumed that they did not want you to apply and that you were afraid of being retaliated against if you did. Say that you’ve since realized that is silly and that of course they want you to apply (if asked only: so they can consider your readiness and, if they think someone else is more ready, know exactly what they need to do for you to get you ready for next time). But when you went to the link, it is down. So you need an extension until tomorrow to get your materials in and could this person please make that happen.

          • Good advice except for the retaliation part – that will make you sound nuts at best and like a lawsuit waiting to happen at worst and it doesn’t sound like what’s happening at all. Try to submit a post-closing application but come up with a better way to frame it.

  7. anon for this :

    I get secret satisfaction out of seeing one of my friends (who is a self-proclaimed grammar freak) post something grammatically incorrect. But I never call her out on it, even though my fingers itch to do so.

    • It’s a fair sentiment. I also privately smirk when someone writes out a complaint about how much better-educated and more professional they are compared to all their coworkers, or how annoyed they are with someone else’s incorrect speech or sloppy writing, but their post is riddled with typos and errors. Glass houses…

      And you can feel all the more smug for being too classy to say anything about it.

    • Are you more smug than I? :

      My sister gave me the “I’m silently correcting your grammar” mug for Chanukkah, and I roared because it was so appropriate for me.

    • Contracts :

      Call her out on it, as long as you are friendly. I bet she’ll appreciate it, actually. I correct friends when they post, and I get a kick out of it when they fix mine. Brings me down a notch in a nice way.

  8. Posted this on corporette moms, but hoping for more response here. Apologies to anyone not interested in reading about TTC.

    I’m 34. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for just about a year, and my GYN just referred me to a fertility specialist for further work-ups and testing. I’ve had long and irregular cycles for my entire adult life, with no real explanation. I’ve had basic blood tests done by every GYN I’ve seen, and nothing out of the ordinary has ever shown up. So I’m not surprised that we haven’t gotten pregnant yet — 80 day cycles really do decrease your odds!

    My husband very much wants a baby as well, and has also been frustrated and disappointed that it hasn’t happened quickly. He’s very much aware of my long cycles/irregularity, and knew that might pose a problem for us. But now that the possibility of Clomid and other interventions seem more realistic, he’s getting cold feet. Over the weekend he suggested that we wait and try other things — acupuncture, gaining a little weight (I am normal weight), various holistic solutions, etc. — before doing further testing. I’m just unconvinced that any of these things will fix what’s been a lifelong problem for me.

    Has anyone dealt with cold feet from their partner while TTC? I think what’s driving my husband is a fear of multiple births combined with some degree of distrust in western medicine.

    • Frou Frou :

      My DH didn’t have cold feet, so take this with a grain of salt. You can do both allopathic and western medicine when TTC, and many find the combo very helpful. Personally, I am a huge fan of acupuncture, but I did not use it for IVF because the reasons for my infertility were pretty straightforward/structural (severe endometriosis and multiple surgeries on my ovaries). You can ease into IVF with a round of clomid and gauge your/his comfort level moving forward if the cycle is not successful. This might help him become more comfortable with a more involved process (stims, retrieval, transfer, etc). You can also control the number of embryos you transfer (we transferred one, but then again, we only retrieved one egg), so although the concern over multiple children is valid, the number of embryos you transfer is within your control. Have you discussed with him just going for the consult and the initial testing that is recommended, just to see what’s involved? IVF can be pretty intimidating, but going for the consult and having the RE explain everything is worth the co-pay. Best wishes!

    • It could be either the financial aspect or the way that fertility treatments can take over your life that has him concerned – both very valid reasons to be scared of the first step down that path. You guys might want to have the “how much are we willing to do to have a kid” discussion. This isn’t about what’s logical or not, I don’t think. Your husband may just be better educated on what fertility intervention looks like and may not want to do that yet or at all.

    • It’s anecdotal, but there are lots of people who use Clomid and don’t end up with multiples. And plenty of people like me who have twins absent any fertility treatments. Even if you do have twins, there are a lot worse things – and now that they’re 3 I can finally say that having twins is wonderful!

  9. In moderation for saying corpore t t e moms so trying again:

    I’m 34. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for just about a year, and my GYN just referred me to a fertility specialist for further work-ups and testing. I’ve had long and irregular cycles for my entire adult life, with no real explanation. I’ve had basic blood tests done by every GYN I’ve seen, and nothing out of the ordinary has ever shown up. So I’m not surprised that we haven’t gotten pregnant yet — 80 day cycles really do decrease your odds!

    My husband very much wants a baby as well, and has also been frustrated and disappointed that it hasn’t happened quickly. He’s very much aware of my long cycles/irregularity, and knew that might pose a problem for us. But now that the possibility of Clomid and other interventions seem more realistic, he’s getting cold feet. Over the weekend he suggested that we wait and try other things — acupuncture, gaining a little weight (I am normal weight), various holistic solutions, etc. — before doing further testing. I’m just unconvinced that any of these things will fix what’s been a lifelong problem for me.

    Has anyone dealt with cold feet from their partner while TTC? I think what’s driving my husband is a fear of multiple births combined with some degree of distrust in western medicine

    • Anonymous :

      I mean, ok, he suggested it. Did you respond with “sure, let’s investigate that. And I’m also going to an MD.” What did he say? You’re 34. Waiting is not helping. I’d be suggesting he buck up.

    • AnonLawMom :

      Are you sure it’s cold feet? Clomid is a serious drug. There is a reason that you can only use it a limited number of times in your lifetime. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give some less aggressive “treatment” options a try before you jump to clomid/IUI/etc. FWIW, I had terrible long cycles when I was TTC as well. It was brutal and frustrating. I did do accupuncture and felt it actually did help. Of course, now that I am not TTC anymore my cycles are 4-5 weeks max. Ugh. Now I want long cycles!

      Have you read TCOYF? Do you chart/temp/etc? I’d start that asap if not. You will want that data even if you go down the clomid road.

      • I agree that Clomid is serious. And who knows if that’s even the right option — I’m just mentioning that as the example of what seems to freak out my husband.

        I have read TCOYF. I did a couple of cycles of temping, but my temps were all over the place and suggestive (to me) that I’m not ovulating. Other signs indicated that too. So I’ve abandoned that approach for now. I’m hoping that further tests can shed light on whether I ovulate on my own or not.

        When you say that you feel like acupuncture did help, do you mean that it normalized your cycles?

        • Bewitched :

          Clomid worked for me the first time too. Very irregular cycles. I agree with the tough love above-at age 34, I would try to persuade my husband we could not wait. I’d be fine with doing both (alternative and RE), but I would not postpone the RE.

    • In my experience, meeting with a fertility specialist was helpful for both me and my husband because we were able to do the required testing (which, in our case, was largely covered by insurance), get some data, and have a meeting with the specialist to fully discuss the options, success rates and various other statistics, cost, etc. We liked having all the information and options in front of us so that we felt confident in making the decision to go forward with the treatment (which, in our case, was not covered by insurance) rather than continue trying on our own, acupuncture, etc. Having all the statistics (like the percentage of multiple births, how age impacts the success of various fertility treatments) as well as our test results was key for both of us — just talking about the possibilities without the actual data did not really help us, and caused us to delay treatment far too long.

    • Diana Barry :

      The RE should be able to talk clinically and allay your husband’s fears. Could be he is just scared of ‘too much’ intervention.

      FWIW, I wen1 1 year plus without a cycle and Clomid worked for us the first time.

    • He might need some time to adjust. You have this idea in your head that you and your spouse will bring life into the world in this loving, romantic, private act; stark, cold, antiseptic-smelling doctor’s offices with needles and hormones and schedules really is not. at. all. part of that. It’s a hard thing to reconcile yourself with.

      Another thought – has he had his sperm count checked before? If not, could that be why he doesn’t want to do more testing? All this time the two of you have assumed it was your cycles that were to “blame” and now he’s facing the possibility that a test could show that HE’S to “blame.” Obviously neither of you are actually blameworthy, but his fear of finding out that something is actually WRONG is understandable, if a bit misguided.

      I don’t really know what advice to offer, other than to talk to DH about what’s really bothering him and make sure you’re both on the same page, whatever you decide to do next.

    • This is late and you probably won’t see it. And this post will not convince your husband if he already believes in this woo, but acupuncture will not work. It is magical thinking, nothing more and nothing less.

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