Coffee Break: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Picks Under $200

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 picks under 200This post has become the runaway post (LOTS of great stuff this year, ladies!) and I’m late with Coffee Break, so let’s start with these: presenting our favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks under $200!Nordstrom Anniversary Picks under $200 - Dresses for Work under $100 See all of our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 workwear picks here.

Some general notes:

Readers, have you found anything great yet in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? There are a TON of great dresses under $100 (particularly Eliza J) and blazers, and we’re also in the midst of rounding up suits, old favorites, plus size picks, and more.I was particularly interested to note that The Skirt may be back — it feels like Halogen’s “seamed pencil skirt” disappeared for a few years after readers were disappointed by the style changes to it. This year it’s just black and camel, but I’ll be very interested to hear whether people are happy with it!

Workwear Under $200 in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 picks under 200 - stylish tops and dresses for work under $50!

Pictured above, $29-$45: ruffle sleeve top (6 colors) / teal top / black top (4 colors) / green blouse (5 prints) / twist knit dress  (plus sizes too)

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 picks under 200 - stylish tops and bottoms for work under $60!

Pictured above, $52-$64: tie neck blouse (lots of similar) / ruffle neck blouse (also long sleeves and plus sizes) / stripe blazer / wide leg pants (and 2 prints; petites also) / side slit pencil skirt (and possibly the return of The Skirt?)

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 picks under 200 - stylish blazers and dresses for work under $85!

Pictured above ($64-$84): white knit blazer / long black blazer / burgundy plus dress / green dress (navy, plus sizes too) / star neckline

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 picks under 200 - stylish blazers and dresses for work under $98!

Pictured above ($84-98): purple dress (3+ colors, plus sizes too) / plaid blazer / pink dress (black also) / striped sheath dress / cobalt sheath dress

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 picks under 200 - great workwear picks

Pictured above, $98-$169: plaid sheath dress (plus sizes too) / olive skirt / red blazer / red dress (navy also) /  blue wool blend cardigan

Readers, what are your favorite picks under $200 from the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? What are your favorites in general from the sale? What was your first purchase — and what did you already have problems buying? (I had to refresh my browser about 15 times to buy the skincare set I mentioned this morning!)

Click these pictures for links to our posts on plus-size picks in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, as well as our posts on part 2 of the best workwear in the NAS!

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  1. Slowing Metabolism-What Seems to Be Working :

    I am one of the (several) posters who has been wondering what to do now that I am 40 and I am suddenly gaining weight.

    I took the suggestion to try Weight Watchers (well, I am actually just tracking points on the free app iTrackBites) because I don’t want to go to meetings (or really do most of the other program stuff, actually). So far I am down 3 lbs in one week.

    It was really illuminating for me because you just eat whatever you normally eat and enter the points (then stop eating when you run out of points) and I had been of the mindset that I didn’t know what to change and thought I needed to do something drastic. Really, all I needed to do was either eat a bit less or make more filling choices (duh, I know). But because I’d just eaten whatever for so long, and because I do eat relatively healthy, this was new to me.

    It helped me understand how much I was eating and what the “cost” of certain foods really is. Now I try to plan a lower point but filling breakfast (oatmeal made with water instead of milk and a banana) and then either a lighter lunch OR dinner rather than having a delicious lunch with my friends at work, going home and having wine and cheese and then being tempted into going out to dinner with DH after he gets home.

    I am only trying to lose the 15 lbs that has creeped on, so 3 lbs is a good start for me.

    Anyway, I am feeling somewhat optimistic so I thought I would share since I’ve seen this same questions a lot lately :)

    • Anonymous :

      Wow 3 lbs in one week is huge! Congrats! My metabolism has been taking a nose dive every 5 years since I was 25. First I cut out the nightly glass of wine and stopped ordering an app with dinner. Then all snack food, even healthy snacks like hummus and celery sticks. But if the scale isn’t moving after you eliminate all the obvious traps, you just have to cut back on your portions. Even healthy stuff has calories.

      And kind of similar to what you said – I eliminated a ton of carbs because I’d rather spend my calories on filling things like protein. Bonus that it’s a lot harder to overeat protein/veggies than carby foods. Like, I can eat nachos all. day. long. But eating just cheese, salsa, and guac doesn’t have the same mindless munching appeal — and I actually get full.

      • Slowing Metabolism-What Seems to Be Working : :

        Thanks! That was the hard thing for me – grasping that even healthy snacks are no longer ok for me :(

    • I am similar. I used to be a bone in college and law school, but 10 years sitting on my tuchus writing breifs for the manageing partner has caused me to look like a pear. I still have boobies, but with a big tuchus, no one cares about my boobies any more. Dad points to my tuchus and says that I will never get married unless I look like my sister Rosa, who is married with Kid’s and I think he is right. I used to be able to woo almost any man, but now men under 50 are not lookeing at me, except mabye for a quickie, but I say FOOEY to that!

      I hope to find a guy who has a good job, money and interested in haveing kid’s right away, so if the HIVE has any guys who fit the bill, have them write and we can connect ASAP. I hope I get lucky soon b/c my egg’s are getting stale, according to dad. DOUBEL FOOEY!

  2. pilates question. :

    I’m just getting into pilates and need to switch from regular socks to grippy ones. Will any old pair work or do y’all have recommendations? Thanks!

    • grippy socks :

      Amazon usually has some good options that are 2 pair for 15-20 bucks. I think “LA” something is the brand I’ve tried. Really anything that has those little nubs on the bottom for grip is fine though.

  3. Anonymous :

    Oh look my comment went straight to mod how shocking.

  4. Anonymous :

    Last year 100% of my NAS items were cheaper on regular sale by the time fall arrived. Never again.

  5. Anonymous :

    So longer blazers appear to be back…

  6. Advice for interview clothes :

    Looking for clothing advice for my DH who is in a somewhat unusual interview situation. The role is with a large-ish nonprofit in the Pacific Northwest, and would partly involve working with community gardens.

    He’s done a first interview via phone, and now has an on-site half-day second interview next week. The first part will be in-office, then they’ll do a site visit to one of the gardens.

    Suggestions on what he should wear? I was going to suggest jacket/tie/slacks (or maybe khakis?), with the option to take off the jacket & tie and maybe roll up his sleeves for the garden visit. He thinks this is still too dressy for the garden, and also that any taking off of clothing isn’t really interview-appropriate. He also doesn’t want to get super hot and sweaty, and it’s actually been warm enough here that this is a risk (unlike our normal cloud/rain combo). Plus we’re in the notoriously casual Pacific Northwest.

    Another factor: This is a career change for him, so he doesn’t have a great sense of the norms for this type of organization. He’s coming from a field where he mostly worked outdoors and wore carharts or jeans — even on days he needed to go into the office, normal attire was jeans/plaid. The most dressy he’s ever needed to be for an interview is slacks with a long-sleeved button up and tie.


    • Flats Only :

      Just a wild guess but my instinct would be for khakis, brown leather shoes that aren’t super formal banker-type shoes, a plaid button up shirt in a crisp light fabric, and a coordinating summer weight sport coat over top. No tie, and the plaid shirt will look good with the sleeves rolled up in the garden.

    • Anonymous :

      If it is a large-ish organization, do they have an HR person he could ask? I would try to get advice from someone there as this is so specific. My instinct is to wear a blazer of some kind that can be taken off if need be, cotton khaki-type pants, and a solid color button down. Footwear could probably be more casual. I would not wear jeans. Tie seems optional. But I would err on the side of formal – I think there is more risk the other way.

      • Lana Del Raygun :

        +1 and if there’s not HR, I would ask the interviewer. Since there’s a garden visit involved it seems specific enough that it wouldn’t be weird.

    • Anonymous :

      Is it a largish laid-back non-profit, or a largish corporate-style non profit? I’d dress differently for these different settings.

      Can you go to the website and see how the leaders present themselves? My instinct is that there is more risk in this setting being too formal than in being too casual. I’d go crisp and polished on the casual side — khaki’s, the crisp plaid shirt mentioned above, no tie, and maybe not even a jacket. But making sure the clothes fit very well, and look very good.

      • Advice for interview clothes :

        I think it’s more laid back. Pics of leadership on the website look pretty casual: button-ups but no tie, knit blouses, polos.

    • Does the site visit involve driving somewhere in a car? If yes I would think taking a blazer off and leaving it in the car would be totally non-awkward. I get the idea that taking a blazer off during an interview seems weird in an office setting, but I would think if there’s a drive involved the wardrobe change wouldn’t be so awkward.

      • Advice for interview clothes :

        I like the idea of using the car to change — will definitely suggest that to him.

  7. Alanna of Trebond :

    Turns out Brett Kavanaugh is our newest public servant with (now mysteriously gone) thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Seems like a seriously embarrassing thing for a Federal Judge who makes a pretty great salary.

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t know. His story that he bought season passes for himself and some friends, who paid him back eventually and so he paid the debt, is plausible to me. Now the fact that I am richer than him, despite being early career in a notoriously low paid profession, and he still elected to buy thousands worth of baseball tickets, makes me question his judgement.

    • The debt isn’t “mysteriously gone” – it could have fallen below reporting requirements. Besides, in the ensuing years, he earned an extra $27k lecturing at Harvard and his wife got a job as a town manager paying $66k. Just seems like anm extra ninety grand a year could make a nice dent in sixty grand of credit cards and personal loans….

  8. Resume Question :

    If you have taken a NITA deposition course or similar type of training, what heading do you put this under on your resume? It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my resume…

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t include that. If you have actual trial or depo experience, say that. NITA training, while good, is not something that I would give you points for and I would see that as trying way too hard to make something out of nothing.

    • Anonymous :

      Only include it if you don’t have substantive experience. Did an employer sponsor it or were you employed when you did it? If so I’d list it as the final item under that employer.

      Otherwise, maybe under education? Or create a Training category at the very bottom (where Interests or whatever usually goes)?

  9. Wow! You picked out so many cute pieces. I wish I had spent more time on the dress section as the pieces I like are no longer available. I did find some cute sweaters though :)

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