Deal Alert – Nordstrom Clearance Sale

nordstrom-saleNordstrom’s clearance sale has started, and it’s good…

For workwear, there’s a great selection from Anne Klein, Bailey44, Boss Hugo Boss (great selection!), Classiques Entier, DVFTahari lines, Equipment cashmere and blouses,  Halogen, JoieJones New York, Nordstrom Collection (great cashmere), Tracey Reese,  Vince, and Vince Camuto.


And a few more:


And just a few more:


In terms of shoes, there’s a great selection from Stuart Weitzman (including two of the popular over the knee styles (not for most workplaces, but KYO!), Aquatalia, AGL, Cole Haan, LK Bennett,  Michael Michael Kors, Ivanka Trump, Anyi Lu, La Canadienne, and more. A few specific product picks:


In terms of accessories, it’s great to see so much stuff from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade New York, and so many lovely scarves.  (One question, though: what the heck is a “frontal necklace,” and why are there so many of them?) A few specific product picks:

nordstrom-sale-accessoriesLadies, have you started shopping the sale yet? What are your favorite pieces? 



  1. Miss Behaved :

    Ladies, I have no idea when I’ll be able to get into the office. I had snow days on Monday and Tuesday, plus the mbta was shut down all day yesterday. And my branch of the redline isn’t running. I just got a text from the mbta system saying that buses will be replacing Red Line (Braintree branch) service through Sunday, February 15, from start to end of service.

    Anyone in this area has probably seen the pictures of the huge lines for the buses.

    And, of course, Monday is a holiday. So it will be Tuesday, at the earliest. The last time I was in the office was Thursday, the 5th.

    • Are you able to work remotely? I’m guessing yes (since you work remotely M and F if I recall). Enjoy your extended hours in your PJs!!

      • Miss Behaved :

        Yeah. I’m working from home today and will do so for the rest of the week.

        • While I am sure there is some frustrating level of lost productivity, try to enjoy not having to get up and get “ready” to go to work!

    • Bostonite :

      My understanding is that the buses are from stops south of JFK/UMASS to JFK/UMASS and then the rail is fine from there. Are you that far down? Could you Uber/cab it to JFK/UMASS? (I interpreted “from start to end of service” to mean all hours the T runs, not for the whole rail line.)

  2. I went straight to the Vince sale when I saw Kat’s post this morning. I was excited to splurge on the Vince Three Quarter Sleeve Bouclé Sheath Dress in Shiraz. The color is so beautiful and I don’t have anything like it in my closet. I’m unsure about the sizing, so keeping fingers crossed that it works for me, as it’s now sold out!

    • Anonymous :

      I have this dress and its amazing. I wear it to work often. I love to layer a silk blouse underneath, too. The sizing runs a smidge small. I sized up one size since I didn’t really want a skin tight dress for work, but the smaller size probably would have worked, too. Its a great dress!

      • Great! I’m even more excited now. I have a grey silk blouse that would look great with the dark red.

  3. la vie en bleu :

    Sigh. I have the Anne Klein twist dress, it is PERFECT for my pear shape (Team-A on top, but size 12 hips) and it is my go-to black dress. I wish I could buy three more of it, but I’m too broke right now.

    • I’m exactly the same shape and size as you are. What size do you buy it in?

      • la vie en bleu :

        I am almost positive mine is a M. It has a high waist and the princess seams down the skirt are very forgiving for tummy/hips. I bought it when I was 20lbs heavier and now it’s a little bit snugger in the upper arms than I would like, but I’m a 36-38A and the bust area still fits great, so I’m not sure I would go up a size, but if you are any bigger on top than me I can’t promise it will be perfect. The V is a little low in the front but I wear a cami or slip under it for work and it looks great. I also consider it my LBD, though, and wear it with nothing underneath to go out and it feels just the right amount of sexy. Hope that is helpful!

        It’s so funny that we are the same size, I noticed that on the ‘fit’ post yesterday, too, what a small world. ;o)

        • la vie en bleu :

          Also i have to mention that I don’t tumble dry it even though you are allowed to, I hang dry just because I want it to last as long as possible. It’s a great heavy jersey, though, that is great for everything.

    • Not to enable, but they have a print version in the sale, too.

      • la vie en bleu :

        NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! don’t even tell me that! I was thinking I would be so happy if they had more colors…. I might have to find some money somewhere. You are the worst. ;o)

      • Oh I like that. I need to stop buying clothes though. There is no room in the closet. At all.

  4. Random time-keeping question: When you have lunch with clients during the course of a day-long meeting, do you count that as working time? I am a consultant and this happens pretty often.

    • Yay! Another Nordstrom Sale. I am goeing to blow through my buddget for Feburary in the next 3 day’s if this keep’s up! Rosa said the blue blazer from Yesterday is very nice and she will get me one in size 2, so there is room to grow! YAY!

      As for the OP’s question on billing, OF COURSE You should bill for lunch. You can bill BOTH for the time you spend entertaining them as well as for the FOOD. We do this all the time and it is 100% legal, the manageing partner says. A few of our cleint’s specifically ASK us to pick up the tab b/c they can NOT on their own spend this much on lunch — especialy if it is at a place like Morton’s or Spark’s, but they CAN pay a bill we generate for the same lunch, which ALSO pay’s for OUR Meal’s too! DOUBEL YAY b/c I got to eat a bone-in Rib-Eye Steak plus Crème Broolay for dessert on the cleint’s dime, even tho we used MY VISA Card, so I got the point’s! DOUBEL YAY!

      Myrna’s brother keep’s texteing me. I think Myrna told him about the Donald thing, and now he is competeing with him even tho he NEVER met him. He said he has first dib’s on me (like I am some sort of chattle) and that Donald cannot have me unless he decide’s to RELINQUISH me. I was NOT aware I have been pawned like chop meat by these men, neither of whose winkie’s I have any interest in. I suppose it is good to be wanted, but sheesh! Where is Brad Pit? Or that Cummerbunch guy, or Jared’s brother? FOOEY! I get all the loser’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!

      Roberta also called, and she is bringeing over some cookies b/c she is nearby. I will onley eat mabye 5 max b/c of my tuchus. Also, I have to quick drum up some pleedings’ to show her b/c I billed her company 26 hours last month on them, but did NOT complete them or file them. So I will go for now and do some crafty copying and pasting b/f she gets her at 4:00 p.m. Then I get to eat 5 cookie’s! YAY!!!!

    • If you discuss work stuff at lunch, yes. I typically do a separate time entry so that it can be easily written off by the partner (I’m a lawfirm associate) if needed.

  5. SmartCasual :

    I have $250 in Nordy’s bucks that are burning a hole in my pocket!

  6. spamtest123

  7. la vie en bleu :

    I don’t want to live in a world where Jon Stewart is not anchoring the Daily Show……. I am devastated, I don’t know if I will ever be able to smile again………. can I please get some internet hugs?

  8. V-day ideas :

    Anyone have any good ideas of something do with my hubby for V-day? We work like crazy, so time-consuming adventures are not good, but I would like to plan something small to do with him. I thought about taking him to American Sniper because I know he wants to see that. But the movies are our go-to date if we have free time together.

    Or something small to get him? I’ve gotten him nice work-out clothes in the past, as that’s also something we’ll do to spend time together. He loves cars, art, architecture, Ted Talks, and Cross Fit. We just bought a new house, so maybe an awesome manly home gadget?

    What are y’all doing with your SOs?

    • So this is my first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend ever. I’m going super overboard on the cheesy (to the point, I honest to God blush when I think about him opening it), but he’s always so sweet, so I want to do something sweet in return. I got the idea from Pinterest and it’s a brown paper package (bag) tied up with string full of all his favorite things. So then each favorite thing has a super cheesy tag to go with it. For instance, I bought a bottle of Coke with his name on it and the tag says “I SODA think you’re amazing.” A Kit Kat bar that says “gimme a break, and be my Valentine.” Some stuff in there is a lot more specific to some nerdy hobbies he has, so I just googled said hobby and valentine and found ideas there. I don’t understand what 90% of them mean, but I hope he’ll get it and like it.

      • Baconpancakes :

        I know it’s too late for this year, but possibly for next year, if he’s a video-game guy, the pixel heart mug (based on Legend of Zelda) was one of my absolute favorite nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts ever.

        My BF gave it to me in a Companion Cube box (from Portal), which made it even more awesome.

    • sweetpotatopie :

      Since you just bought a house, how about a power drill? (Bonus points if you get him a pink one.) Not really romantic but probably useful. Also, I think most men love toys like that :)

      • V-day ideas :

        This would be perfect except we literally own THREE power drills. But getting him a tool is a really good idea. He loves ALL. THE. TOOLS. (Yay Ellen CAPS.)

        • Wildkitten :

          I have a studio apartment and two power drills, so your number seems reasonable to me.

        • sweetpotatopie :

          My fiance keeps saying he wants to register for a flame thrower. I’m almost sure he’s kidding.

          Maybe a dremel?

          • My husband has a giant propane torch that he loves. I wouldn’t assume that your fiance is kidding.

        • Meg Murry :

          Laser level to hang pictures curtain rods etc? My husband owns ALL THE TOOLS and then some, and loves an excuse to break out the laser level.
          Stud finder is another favorite tool – and could even be valentine-y if you come up with something funny to say calling him a stud.

    • desi inside and out :

      we have a tradition of getting each other sweets. it’s cute and sweet and yummy.

    • Anon for This. :

      I got this for mine. Also good for decorating a new home:

      (Btw, thanks Kat, because I found the grommet web page from this web page)

      • V-day ideas :

        Ha! This is awesome. Are you really going to make this painting? I love the idea, but I would turn so red if my guests looked at something I made like that. Like, I imagine that there would be recognizable shapes.

    • Miss Behaved :

      American Sniper is really, really good! Just sayin’…

    • It sounds like our husbands are really similar, and my husband got one of those Lego architecture sets for his brother this Christmas and clearly really wanted one for himself. If he has a favorite building or something, you could get him the set for it and he could put it together and display it. My husband is the engineer, and he wanted the giant set you could make ALL the buildings with.

    • My husband and I are going wine tasting. If you don’t have a wine region near you, maybe you could set up an in-home wine tasting/pairing with different foods/chocolates? Now that I write it, I kind of want to do this myself!

    • I make an elaborate breakfast for my husband on v-day, and he usually brings me flowers.

  9. Interview at fancy NYC firm next month (in corporate, if it matters?) and need new shoes. Mine are all kinda ratty. Does brand name matter? Do I need to spring for Stuart Weitzman/Cole Haan level or is cheaper ok as long as we’re talking a plain and simple black pump. Patent? Not?

    • Wildkitten :

      I wouldn’t wear patent to an interview.

      • Really? There are a lot of things I wouldn’t wear to an interview (peep toe, grommets, etc), but I don’t think anyone will ding her for a plain pair of black patent pumps (or flats…or wedges).

        Although the last candidate we hired (conservative industry) wore strappy grommetty-spikey sandals with her interview suit, so there are always exceptions.

        • Wildkitten :

          Really. Maybe if they were the only shoes I had, but not if I was buying a new pair specifically for an interview.

          • So you’re saying that if an otherwise properly attired, well-qualified candidate wore patent pumps, you’d seriously reconsider hiring her?

        • la vie en bleu :

          I’ll just point out she said “I wouldn’t wear,” not “no one should ever wear”

      • Charlotte York :

        Patent is totally appropriate provided the shoe is otherwise appropriate and well maintained. Brand is irrelevant. Make sure you can walk to lunch in them. Big law NYC, now LA.

    • Patent or regular leather is fine (Philadelphia biglaw perspective). No need to break the bank – I only notice shoes of candidates if they’re poorly maintained (scuffs stick out) or if the candidate can’t walk at a normal pace in them.

    • I would go for something classic that is comfortable. Brand doesn’t matter as much as polished leather in good shape. If there is a lunch component, make sure you can walk for a little while in them.

    • Great thanks all. I’ll go back to being a competent human capable of buying shoes now :)

  10. Shopaholic :

    Man all these sales are not good for my no shopping ban!

  11. I saw in the Nordstrom reviews for a pair of shoes that one buyer had the shoes price matched elsewhere. I know that Nordstrom is notorious for price match, but any idea where else may match the Nordstrom sales price so I can take advantage of the sale despite the sold out status? Much appreciated!

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