Coffee Break: Shoes & Bags in the Nordstrom Cyber Monday Sale

With the “extra savings” that apply to many items in Nordstrom’s big sale, there are a ton of great deals today on shoes for work. In particular, heels, boots, flats and more are steeply discounted. Some favorites, after the jump… prices as marked are today’s prices; they may go back up tomorrow if/when Nordstrom ends the extra 20% discount. Note that if you’re buying a lot, you may want to declare today your “personal 10 points day”(!). (Also, check out our workwear picks from the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale, which are also an extra 20% off today as well!)

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Above, $63-$76: burgundy suede block heel / d’orsay (several colors!) / lace detail / two texture block heel

Above, $71-$238: ankle strap (5 color options) / grommet wedge (several widths) / wine d’orsay / suede rounded block heel

Stylish Flats for Work

Above, $51-$89: fringe detail / navy ballet / pointy toe / leopard / ballet

Booties for Work

(See our latest discussion on booties for work!)

Above, $63-$107: low velvet bootie (6 colors, including suedes) / suede block heel / block heel / buckle detail block heel

Tote Bags for Work

Two observations of note: first, there are a TON of discounted Tumi bags in the sale! Second, unfortunately the “extra 20% off” barely applies to the bags — still, lots of great selections.

Above, $19-$320: faux leather / navy / black / cobalt

Wallets, Card Cases and Other Little Gift Ideas

Above, $23-$61 – black card case / red card case / lanyard / wallet (7 colors!)


  1. I’m going to Vegas next week and I’m thinking I need to book tickets to some shows. For those of you who have seen multiple circque du soleil shows, which one would you recommend? Anything else really cool? I was eyeing the zombie burlesq*e. Is it better to book things ahead of time, or to go to that half price show ticket booth and try my luck once I get there? Also, any restaurant recommendations?

    • “O” is my favorite Cirque du Soleil show – the water adds a really cool element to it. Go to Olives at the Bellagio for dinner beforehand.

      • Oh, and if you want to splurge, the spa at the Mandarin Oriental is AMAZING. Completely worth it.

      • I really wanted to go to that one but its already sold out for next week :( I don’t know if tickets ever pop back or if I could find some day of?

        • That’s too bad – I don’t know about same day tickets, but maybe call the Bellagio ticket off and ask? If that’s not an option, Love (their Beatles show) is pretty cool too, and I’m not really a Beatles fan.

    • Yay Kat! You and me really LOVE Nordstrum’s!

      As for the OP, my dad used to go to Las Vegas all the time for busness, and almost every time mom went along, they went to see Wayne Newton and Cher. I recomend you look up to see if they are still active down there b/c they do a great show, Dad says. He recommend’s Wayne Newton’s Casa De Shenendoah, which is a museum that Wayne built. If you want a slightly newer sound, you can always ask to get tickets from your maiter-dee, and there are alot of younger players trying to make it big there.

    • ALX emily :

      I saw the zombie show last year, it was pretty funny! I got discounted tickets ahead of time on – we were there on a popular weekend for the marathon/half-marathon and I’ve never had any luck with the “discount” ticket booths being cheaper than offers for popular shows anyway.

      • I’ve also seen the Zombie one and it was worth the discounted price, but probably not the full price. We have family local, so they are generally able to secure “locals” discounts simply by asking for them when they call.

    • In House in Houston :

      I really loved The Beatles: Love at the Mirage. Even if you’re not a huge Beatles fan, you’ll love it. It follows a story line with their music. You’ll love it.

    • Anonymous :

      Restaurants- Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris- good food, reasonable cost, and sit near a window or on the terrace for a great view of the Bellagio fountains across the street! My favorite Cirque show surprised me- Ka, one of the oldest. A little bit of a storyline, which I missed in Beatles and O.
      We enjoyed the bar/lounge at the top of the Stratosphere- go at sunset, amazing view.

    • Anonymous :

      My friend got tickets for Absinthe! at Caesar’s when we were there a couple of years ago and I loved, loved, loved that show. Highly recommended as long as you can handle raunchy humor. Definitely do not go (and do not take anyone) if you can’t deal with crude jokes and a lot of innuendo. But it is hilariously funny, I haven’t laughed that hard in years.

    • My current fave in Vegas is Bazaar Meat at the SLS (north end of the Strip, take a cab or Lyft). Skip the steaks and go for the foie lollies, the olives traditional and modern, the fire and ice oysters, the Robuchon potatoes, and the Bellotta ham (spring for the tomato bread upgrade).

      Off the Strip, I love Lotus of Siam for Thai (again, cab or Lyft and ignore the fact that it is in the same plaza as the Green Door), Raku for Japanese grill, and Hot n Juicy Crawfish (multiple locations) for, well, hot and juicy crawfish,

      Other good spots are Bardot Brasserie in the Aria, Estatoria Milos in the Cosmo (go for the lunch special — it’s a great deal and the choices are delish), Julian Serrano in the Aria, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in the MGM, and Yardbird at the Venetian. Spago and Mesa Grill at Caesar’s are long time favorites. I have not been to B&B, Cut, or Bouchon in the Venetian in a long time, but they all have been good in the past. For a high end splurge, I like Guy Savoy at Caesar’s, the brunch at Mozen at the Mandarin Oriental if they are doing the buffet, or the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s (endless Perrier-Jouet!).

      Yeah, I like to eat in Vegas.

  2. Fav shows "On Demand?" :

    Loving Lisa Ling’s show on CNN and really enjoyed their series on the history of comedy and on the 90s. Also discovered Hotel Impossible from Travel Channel. Wondering what else others have found worth checking out!

  3. Favorite Gifts Under $25 :

    What are your favorites to get or to give… or even things you buy yourself that you love?

    • Fancy scented candles or diffusers – it feels silly to spend $25 on a candle for myself but I love giving/getting them as gifts.
      Gourmet or specialty food items like chocolate, cheese, coffee, tea. DH’s former boss once sent us this amazing gift basket with the most incredible English muffins, and I was so sad to discover that they were like $20 for 6 when we’d eaten them all. SO GOOD.
      Gift cards to places I frequent, even if it’s in a small amount, because it will definitely be appreciated and used (Starbucks, Whole Foods, my go-to lunch place near my office, etc.).

      • Also, I love when charitable donations are made in my name to causes that are close to my heart. Even if it’s a small amount, it’s meaningful and it makes me feel like the giver knows me well.

    • Puddlejumper :

      – good quality tea – matcha, genmaicha, earl grey, jasmine pearls
      – REI hiking socks
      – Bonne Maison socks
      – tall beeswax candles
      – If they know my hand lotion, shampoo, body wash, candle of choice, lip balm preferences etc then give me those things, do not give me those things if you don’t know which ones I like because I am very picky about scent and have picked the ones I use on purpose
      – a book from my wish list of books
      – I would love high quality spices if you asked ahead of time which ones I need (liked smoked paprika)
      – Bon Appetit magazine subscription
      – If you have had it, and know its good, then really good preserves or honey are always welcome
      – a knit hat or scarf
      – gift card to my local cafe or local cinema
      -Donate to a charity

    • I really like fancy hot chocolate (or frozen hot chocolate, in the summer), both to get and to give.
      Also hand cream that I wouldn’t buy for myself b/c it’s too pricey.
      Fancy tea, either the Kusmi BB Detox or something from Palais des Thes (the Jasmine Green tea they have is amazing, also the The du Hammam).
      Fancy ice cube trays have also been a big hit for me. I got the star trek fan in my life a couple of death star ice cube molds and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a grown up more excited about a gift before.

      [email protected]:09 – I think those muffins made Oprah’s favorite things this year. She said she never travels without them!

      • +1 to hand cream! I’m hoping someone will take a hint and gift me some L’Occitane this year :)

      • In House in Houston :

        Those muffins are on sale at Macy’s now. Wolfermans!!!

      • They weren’t Model Bakery muffins, which are also incredibly delicious and completely deserving of being an Oprah’s Favorite Thing. I would be thrilled if someone sent us those as a gift, though – add them to the list! :)

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. Far more than fancy chapstick should cost, but so good.

  4. I am totally burnt out from Thanksgiving food and travel – what is your favorite quick, preferably light or heathy-ish dinner when there are literally no groceries in the house.

    • Puddlejumper :

      shakshuka – all you need is an onion, can of tomatoes, and some eggs. Of course you can fancy it up but thats the basics. Maybe you have some frozen spinach in the freezer? Stir that in.

      sweet potato with an egg on top and kimchi

      Rice/Quinoa/Sweet Potato (whatever starch you want) and Beans + salsa or can of tomatoes or cheese


    • I get a salad bag mix – my favorite has shredded broccoli and kale – one of the ones that include toppings, not just the greens. Assemble the salad (I use about a third to half the bag for myself) and top with two over-medium eggs, plus salt and pepper. This is one of my favorite one-person meals – the salad portion feels healthy but the eggs and toppings make it tasty and filling.

      • Anonymous :

        Is that the one with the poppyseed dressing? If so, +1 – that is one of my favorite meals as well (I make hard-boiled eggs, though)

    • Mine is a can of white beans sautéed with garlic and a fried egg. This is assuming nothing fresh. Bonus points for a piece of crusty bread or some veggies mixed in (bagged spinach is the easiest). If you have some bacon in the freezer that will make it extra yummy.

      Another super easy pantry staple if you have canned chickpeas and chicken broth is a chickpea soup. Google the Real Simple recipe. In a pinch, two cans of chickpeas, food processor-ed, and heated up with some sautéed garlic and water to thin out will make a tasty soup.

    • Pita/English Muffin Hummus Melts – slice and toast an English muffin and spread with hummus. Saute a few handfuls of spinach with olive oil and garlic. Place English muffin on a baking sheet, top both halves with spinach, then sprinkle some mozzarella cheese over the spinach. Put the baking sheet under the broiler for a few minutes, until the cheese is slightly brown and bubbly.

  5. Anon for this :

    Ladies, I won’t be making my billable hours this year – by a pretty big amount. It hasn’t been for lack of trying but my practice area has been slow and a major client left the firm. I was also kicked off a file due to an unfortunate incident I mentioned here a while back. I am transitioning to another related area but it has involved a lot of non-billable work and training. Now that I am faced with the reality of an uncomfortable conversation at my next performance evaluation, I am freaking out a little. Any advice? I am a 3rd year associate and my billing was good until this year.

    • Super anon for this :

      Brace yourself. Consider what you will do if they give you a heads up that your time is limited. Don’t take it personally if you do. Start brushing up your resume and Linkdin profile so that you feel strong and prepared. Firms make you feel like they’re the only place in the world. They’re not. As a third-year you are starting to be extremely marketable, both as a lateral and in-house. Do some soul-searching now, before you have to make any tough decisions. And make sure you have TONS of investment time on the books.

  6. Jules - with backpack PSA :

    For the poster looking for a backpack for her nephew:

    The Chrome bags I mentioned earlier are on a major sale at eBags, and presumably a lot of other brands are, too.

  7. Rough week :

    This past week has been awful: a young person in my extended family died, then my grandmother fell at home and required surgery, and this morning my very beloved cat died suddenly. I was already on edge and sad and my cat this morning has tipped me over into full-bore grief. Talk about kicking someone when they’re already down.

    I was able to work from home today and fortunately it was a light workload day, but as a big law midlevel I know I need to get back on my A game as soon as I can. What are some ways to focus at work but still take care of oneself? I’m finding my mind just wandering to nothing in particular and I’ll start something but only concentrate for a few minutes before mentally wandering off again. I don’t even feel like I got a good “self care” day after returning from the vet this morning because I can’t even be interested in reading a novel or watching anything on TV, much less be productive at work.

    I know it’s late in the day so I might repost tomorrow morning, TIA for bearing with me.

    • I am so sorry. My suggestion is to make tomorrow as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Do you have a work outfit that feels like pajamas? Wear your most comfortable work outfit, comfy shoes too. Try to get up a few minutes early to really focus on your morning routine– skincare, cup of tea, whatever you do in the morning, try to be efficient but not rushed and try to think of how each step is important to your day and can make your day better. On a day when I really need to focus, I try to take ten extra minutes to make sure I look and feel my best. This might mean a sleek ponytail to keep my hair out of my face all day but know that I look put together, and my “work pajama” outfit that feels comfy but looks professional.

      Then during the day, take small breaks. Is there a small snack that will make you feel better? I keep a bag of chocolate covered acai berries in my drawer. Maybe you can pick up something on the way to work and snack on it throughout the day. Do you have a favorite hand cream? Stash that in your drawer and use it once or twice throughout the day. Can you have a candle (or scent diffuser) in your office? Can you take a break to text a friend? Mostly I would make tomorrow as pleasant as I can through little efforts like these. I’m sorry you are going through this.

    • Missing Muffin :

      I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a rough week. This might sound stupid, but my beloved kitty of 19 years died a few weeks ago and I have a very small picture of her taped to my monitor at work. I touch it briefly in the morning and before I leave and it makes me feel better to see her sweet face watching me throughout the day. It might be too soon, but it really helps me.

      Other than that, you might consider letting a few friends know about your losses at work but at the same time saying you aren’t ready to talk about it.

      Finally, comfortable shoes and a no-pinch waist. *hugs*

    • I am sorry for your loss. Idk if you are going to come back to this post but if you do know that i’m sending you all the warm positive thoughts today.

      I had a few rough events in a row happen as well and just know that it will take time for you to get back to feeling like yourself. In the meanwhile, try to prioritize your health. It’s easy to fall into a trap of food that makes us feel good in the short run and terrible long-term (all the cheese and bread). Try to have at least a healthy breakfast and lunch.

      Nourish your body and mind with exercise – I alternate between running and yoga depending on my energy level for the day, sometimes I want to run away from everything and be so out of breath I can’t feel, sometimes I am so low energy that I can barely move and I allow myself to slow down and breathe and steady myself with yoga. Allow yourself time to grieve.

      I also found that reminding myself in a stern mental voice to get back to work and to not be a the stereotypical “woman” that all men think will break down at work and let emotions get the best of her helps me concentrate on work. Know that you will be slower for a little while and try to focus on things that absolutely have to get done and leave anything that can wait a bit to the side.

      I hope you are back to yourself again soon. *Virtual hugs*

  8. Good evening ladies! Any recommendations for a burgundy rolling leather briefcase around $1,000? Or brand recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Today was my first day of a new job where I am leading an effort that focuses on several different stakeholder groups. The first thing my boss did was sit me down and tell me that one of my coworkers is very upset about my position because she feels that my title outranks hers for no good reason and she is concerned that her work with one of the stakeholder groups is being taken away from her. I’ve got a meeting with her tomorrow and frankly, am worried. I get the distinct sense that she is out to get me. What do I Do?

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