Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale: Workwear Picks

nordstrom thanksgiving sale 2017Cyber Monday update: almost everything in this post is an EXTRA 20% off for Cyber Monday — we’ve also done a roundup of shoes and bags in the sale!

I’ve been a busy bee going through the early Nordstrom Thanksgiving sale all day! Note that they’ve kind of got two sales going on right now: one is the big designer clearance sale they always have around this time of year, and the second is early markdowns hitting the racks in anticipation of their usual Thanksgiving sale — with TONS of workwear under $100.  On the designer side of things, I’m noticing a lot of sale items for Manolo Blahnik, Chloé, Max MaraAkris punto, Prada and more — and on the regular side of things, lots of good deals on J.Crew, Lafayette 148 New York, Kate Spade New York, Nic + ZoeAGLStuart Weitzman, and Tahari. Note that there are also lots of good deals on beauty, including on Urban Decay (some up to 50% off!), MAC, Philosophy, and Bobbi Brown — and of course some great deals on lingerie including NatoriChantelle, Hanky Panky, Yummie Tummie, and more. I’ll have to save the shoes and accessories in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving sale for another post — stay tuned!

(You can see our full Cyber Monday sale roundup here!)

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Dresses for Work in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale — Under $100!

Above, $28-$58: bluefloral sheath dress / mock neck sweater dress / greenish floral dress


Above, $58-$89: green ponte dress / dress with collar / stretch sheath dress / gray drape dress

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Slightly Splurgier Dresses in the Nordstrom Sale ($136-$773)

 fit & flare dress (plus sizes too) / black and floral dress (several print options) / gray check dress /  cobalt zip dress (matching crop jacket) / velvet dot

Cute Tops for Work in the 2017 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale

Above, $23-$53: tiered bell sleeve tee / blue cardigan (lots of colors) / gray merino wool sweater (lots of colors) / twist neck satin /  color block sweater

Above, $89-$178 yellow cashmere sweater / keyhole print / light gray silk blouse / silk stripe button front / teal print

Blazers for Work in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale 2017

Above, $47-$416: knit blazer (tons of colors) / boucle jacket / red velvet blazer (lots of colors) / blue/red fitted blazer

Bottoms for Work in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale

I seem to have missed an image for these $75 stretch knit trousers — the brand is a reader favorite with lots of styles on sale!

Above, $47-$117: twist front skirt / four-season crop pants / animal print skirt / greenish pants / floral skirt

Above, $128-$224: check bootcut pants / stretch wool pants (reader favorite) / cuffed pants / navy straight leg pantspinstripe pants (matching blazer)

Ladies, what are you getting in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale? What pieces in general are you keeping an on for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (Any favorite designer stuff you’re hunting for in the designer clearance sale?)


  1. Anon Mouse :

    Sigh, okay. I’m going to vent about something that I don’t think should be bothering me as much as it is.

    Yesterday was my 30th birthday. It comes about two weeks after my fiance’s birthday (also 30). I always go out of my way to make his birthday special — especially this one because it’s a big milestone. My love language is gifts, so I get that that comes more naturally to me than to everyone. I planned a really fun weekend for the two of us with lots of his favorite activities, a fun outdoor adventure, drinks with friends, baked a cake and made him a nice dinner, and then got him a nice ($500) watch.

    He had asked what I wanted and I said “a tennis bracelet – doesn’t have to be real diamonds just something nice and boxed with a nice card.” On Tuesday, I asked what he wanted to do and he said “you can do whatever you want.” Obviously, that is true, so I told him I’d like to go to dinner at a nice place.

    Yesterday, (my birthday and obviously a weekday) he had to work, so I puttered around the house, read a good book, and cleaned. He was meant to get home at 6 and after bugging him about it, he made reservations for 730. At 6:15, I texted him to ask when he would be home. Keep in mind I’d been just hanging out alone for my birthday the whole day. He said “I decided to take my computer to get fixed, so I’ll be home at 7:15.” At around 7:30, he got home, we rushed to dinner (which was at a fine/okay place but not a fancy place by any means). We had a nice dinner but I was a bit bummed and trying to get over it.

    We get home and he’s like “Okay I have to wrap your gift so hang out in the bedroom.” I do that and he comes in with a huge box. I open it and it’s a fake Christmas tree and he’s like “happy birthday! I thought we could decorate for the holidays.” I was like okay, cool? We set it up and it’s fine, he picked it up at Home Depot and it seems nice enough.

    Here’s the thing — the rational part of my mind is grateful that he got me a present and took me to dinner. Those are both lovely things to do. I want to feel happy and excited and grateful about it but I just feel.. sad.

    I think just coming off of a couple of weeks ago, when I really went overboard trying to make his birthday special and show him how much he means to me, he just made me feel like… an afterthought. I think I wanted something where he would get me a gift for me, that really made me feel special, and plan stuff that showed me how much he loved me. Instead, he got a gift for our house, not really for me, and he didn’t get a card or plan anything without prodding. I know that’s probably an unfair standard because he did do some planning and wrap up a gift, but it feels so stark in comparison to what I did for him that it’s really bumming me out.

    I don’t think there’s a solution to this. I just wanted to vent for a bit.

    • It is totally okay for this to bother you. The fact that you are aware of the distinctions in love languages is also good–presumably your fiance expresses his love in other ways that are satisfying and fulfilling to you (otherwise he wouldn’t be your fiance).

      Gently, I would encourage you to express to him that you’d like him to make a slightly bigger deal about your birthday . . . and then make yourself stop prodding. He has no reason to take initiative if you are always checking in, and if you continue that pattern, you’ll always feel like you helped plan your own celebration.

      And buy yourself a tennis bracelet!

    • Anonymous :

      Oh man. I would be P!SSED if I were you. He decided to get his computer fixed?! He got you a fake tree?! You need to be honest with him and tell him that you don’t feel appreciated or valued.

      • Anonymous :


        You have every right to be mad. Have you done any pre-marital counseling on communication?

        It would one thing if he asked you what you wanted and you just said ‘I don’t know’. But you provided specific information and he didn’t seem to care at all. It’s not like he went to buy you a tennis bracelet and then saw a lovely necklace that he thought you would love instead. He bought you something that’s basically a necessary item for Christmas which is totally unrelated to your milestone birthday.

    • Anonymous :

      Ugh I feel you. My husband won’t do anything for my birthday unless I spell it out exactly and even then there’s usually not a lot of effort behind it. My solution has been to basically always plan our big annual vacation over my birthday – I love traveling and we usually travel in style so I always have a pretty nice birthday that way and somehow coordinating everything doesn’t bother me nearly as much when we are traveling vs if we’re just at home and I have to make my own birthday plans. It might not work because of the timing of Thanksgiving, but it’s something to consider if you like traveling.

    • Anonymous :

      Your 30th Birthday? I think you need to have a serious conversation. Why did he think it was okay to ignore your request? Why didn’t he want to be spending more time with you? Did he appreciate what you did for him?

      This isn’t love languages. This is marrying someone lazy and inconsiderate who will never bother making you feel special

      • +1. There’s a difference between not rocking the gifts (many people) and totally not doing what you asked and then on top of it running an errand for himself. I’d be concerned about the latter.

    • this is so inconsiderate. id be upset too

    • Birthdays :

      Why is it so important he make a big deal out of your birthday? Are you perhaps upset because he generally ignores what you want, and not about this one instance?

    • Anonymous :

      Super late to the party here. I keep going back to your opening paragraph – that you don’t think this should be bothering you. Why do you have such little regard for yourself that you think your fiance’s behavior is anything approaching acceptable? He has zero respect for you. He made you late for dinner because he wanted to run an errand that he easily could’ve put off til the next day? When he was already running late because of work? That’s not acceptable from a first date. It’s certainly not acceptable from a fiance, and totally unacceptable on a special occasion. Is he always this disrespectful of your time?

      As if that wasn’t bad enough, he not only didn’t get you a birthday gift but then he gaslighted you about it. He knew he was supposed to get you a gift, knew what he was supposed to get you, then failed to do it. Instead of fessing up and apologizing, he decided that you obvi have the intelligence of a toddler and will be happy with just anything he deigned to repackage as a “gift.” So he got a tree – that he’d already gotten/been planning to get for the holidays – and wrapped it as your “gift.” Now he doesn’t have to spend money on you! Or put any actual thought into something that’s just for you! Score for him!

      You are not a priority to him. He does not respect you or your time or your emotional needs. If this is how he acts on a special occasion I shudder to think how he must treat you on a daily basis. DTMFA.

    • I’m late replying to this, so you might not see it, but this is the story of my life. My love language is also gifts. The first time my husband (then boyfriend, and we were college students at the time) gave me a gift it was unwrapped with no card, the second time it still had the price tag on it, etc. There was one time when we were dating and I wanted to spend the day with him on my bday before the dinner and party we had planned that night. We were in our low 20s at the time. I ended up spending the day alone, and by the time he came over I was livid and threw a fit when he gave me the gift which was a household item (which is actually something I still use to this day 7 years later), but at the time I thought it was unromantic and he had put in in a gift bag with no tissue paper or card. I was hysterically crying. I used to set up scavenger hunts and surprises and other things. Like you, our birthdays are also close together, with his coming first and we are also the same age. Here are the things that helped us:
      – You have every right to feel the way that you feel, but he isn’t psychic, so talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel. Maybe have him read an article about the different Love Languages. While it has taken a while and my DH is still not the best gift giver or birthday planner, he has definitely improved
      – I’ve lessened up what I do for him a bit and tried putting myself in his shoes. I truly love giving people creative gifts and planning events, etc. but I also realized that just because I like doing that, does not mean that he likes doing that. BUT the fact that he doesn’t like doing that also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me or care about me. Honestly, I think half the time I went all out for his birthday or our anniversary or something was half as much for me as for him, since I found it super fun to plan all of those things. He was always very thankful for them, but it did not inspire him to recreate on his own, because that is just not who he is and that is not fun for him – it is stressful. This is has helped me not lower my expectations, but change them.
      – As I’ve gotten to know his family better over the 10+ years we’ve been together I understand where it comes from. I’m not saying that this makes it ok, but his family is TERRIBLE at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events, whereas in my family my parents made a huge deal of our birthdays when we were kids and still do to this day even though I don’t live at home. Understanding this has helped me appreciate the efforts that he’s made because he just was never taught to act like that. And really helped me in realizing that just because birthdays/occasions are important to me does not mean that they have to be equally important to him. However, he needs to know how I feel and respect that.

  2. Equestrian lawyer :

    My husband is also terrible at birthdays and most of our major fights have happened on my birthday, so I feel you. He is an otherwise great spouse so I have lowered my expectations somewhat – and he has gotten slightly better with time. They just didn’t really do birthdays when he was growing up, I guess. But your 30th? That’s a special birthday and I understand why it hurts. I think you need to have a real conversation about how hurtful this was for you and how he could make it up to you. Could he throw a huge thing for you next month on the day of your birthday?

  3. help me plan a dinner menu? You guys are always so great at this. I have 5 ladies coming over for dinner tomorrow. i am not a great cook. I was thinking about grabbing a tray of chicken broccli ziti and making a salad? Was there a fancy arugula one going around? Do people have ideas to make it feel like more effort or better menu planning ideas for me? thank you! (no vegetarians and no gluten avoidance)

    • Start things off with a baguette or crackers and some cheese, maybe some nice salami, maybe some grapes and those rosemary marcona almonds from Trader Joe’s.

      For dinner, the easiest thing would be to make some salmon. Buy some pre-marinated salmon filets (or just regular is fine too). Use the directions here — It takes about 10 minutes total.

      Then make a salad with arugula and chopped tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, olive, and feta. Toss with a light drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

    • I always recommend chicken Marbella from the old Silver palate cookbook. Not much more to it than throwing stuff into a baking pan and sticking it in the oven, and everyone loves it. I’d do this with a baguette or two, a nice green salad and an assortment of cookies from a bakery because everyone loves those.

      • Except don’t follow that nonsense about cutting up your own chicken. Just buy skin-on bone-in chicken parts already cut up. I like dark meat like thighs but a lot of people just like breasts so I’d probably just get a bunch of skin-on bone-in breasts.

  4. What's for dinner? :

    Salad- arugula (a/k/a ‘rocket), sliced strawberries, feta cheese, candied pecans (available in the produce sectio at any grocery store, or you can diy) with balsamic viniagrette

    Main course- I’d do a pasta of some sort. People are still in a turkey funk, so a ‘meat & 3’ type dinner menu is going to be a bit much. Boil water and cook pasta. You can do this while you make the sauce. I’d make a quick sauce of veggies (heat olive oil, onion till soft, add garlic, then add veggies- I usually use some combo of spinach, asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash, small tomatoes, broccoli cut small- just about anything lurking in my fridge. Once nearly cooked, add some chicken stock & dry white wine. Cook down some more. Add a good handful of grated parmesan and the cooked pasta. If too thick, add a little of the pasta-cooking water. Salt & pepper to taste. Pass additional parmesan at the table.

    Dessert- Strawberries left over from making the salad, with sweetened whipped cream.

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