Polls: Handling Workouts Near the Office

workouts-near-workOK! We have no real idea what the answer might be here, so we’re particularly curious to see what people think about this week’s question, inspired by one of the commenters on Above The Law:


We distinguish between workouts at lunchtime and workouts after hours (or before hours, if that’s the way you roll) for a number of reasons — it isn’t so much because your boss cares what you look like, but a) clients are more likely to be around during working hours and b) subordinates are more likely to be around during working hours — secretaries, paralegals, assistants — and sometimes dressing professionally is even more important in maintaining your dignity and place with them as it is with your superiors. But maybe we’re totally off base in that assumption, as well — comments are fixed so please comment below.

Pictured: Workout ball, originally uploaded by mag3737.

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