Packing a Gym Bag for the Office

what to put in office gym bagReader A has a question about what to pack for a workout before, during, or after work hours:

I am an attorney in Chicago. I absolutely LOVE your site and I was wondering if you could do an article about gym bags. Specifically, essentials to have in your gym bag so you don’t have to repack it every time you work out. Also, maybe some cute/durable/good sized bags that you’ve seen. Finally, this may sound silly, but advice on how to pack the bag, like have the stuff you’ll use in the shower in one little pouch; hair stuff in another; or maybe hair stuff with makeup combined.

I don’t necessarily want to own two of everything and my gym does have hair dryers, brushes (not the best though), etc. but if I workout in the morning and I am going to the office afterwards, or after work and want to look presentable when I leave (it is a nice gym with lots of potential business connections), it’d help to have some guidance on what to have and how to pack it in there. [Read more…]

What to Wear to Workout – In Front of Coworkers

what to work out in in front of coworkersReader M has an interesting question that brings us back to that old classic: what do you wear to workout or exercise in front of coworkers?

I am an articling student at a mid sized law firm and I have a “law day fun run” coming up, hosted by the law society. It just occurred to me that my running outfit (mini skort and a skin tight tank top) might not send the right impression even though it’s what I actually wear when I go running. I have seen male lawyers biking and running in skintight and/or revealing outfits before but I am not sure if I can get away with that as a female lawyer.

What should I wear?

I offered my advice on what to wear to the corporate gym way way back in 2008, and I’m curious to hear what readers today have to say about it. More and more companies are offering on-premises gyms for their staffers’ use, and even if they don’t, many people go to the gyms located near the office, where odds are high that you’ll see coworkers. (Pictured: Printed Chase Skort, available at Athleta for $54.) [Read more…]

Mid-Day Workouts: Yay or Nay?

midday-workouts2018 Update: We still think this was a fascinating discussion on mid-day workouts — but you may also want to check out our more recent discussion about lunch workouts.

Today, let’s talk about a subject that we’re sure is near and dear to everyone’s hearts, particularly given the new guidelines that women should get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day: is it acceptable to sneak in a mid-day workout? How can it be accomplished with style and grace?

The main problem that we’ve always had with a mid-day workout is the fact that the hour dwindles pretty quickly if you head to the gym and plan on showering afterward. Let’s say that you have an hour to workout:
– Subtract 5 minutes for the trek from your office to the gym (assuming it’s somewhere very close, like around the corner)
– Subtract 5 minutes to get into your workout clothes, get “checked in,” get your towel, and secure your locker.
– Let’s subtract another 20 minutes for a shower after your workout — by which we mean disrobing, bathing, and getting re-dressed in your work attire.*
– Subtract another 5 minutes to return to the office … with dripping wet hair and no makeup. [Read more…]

Polls: Handling Workouts Near the Office

workouts-near-workOK! We have no real idea what the answer might be here, so we’re particularly curious to see what people think about this week’s question, inspired by one of the commenters on Above The Law:


[Read more…]

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