Yet ANOTHER poll: Should women unbutton their suits to sit?

should-women-button-their-suitsShould women unbutton their suits’ blazer buttons to sit? Given all the discussion whirling about interviews, we though we’d take another poll, because we’re really not sure of this answer, either.

Should women button their jackets when standing, and unbutton them when sitting? We’re aware it’s proper form for men to do this, but have always been unclear for women. Our thoughts: some women’s suits aren’t meant to be unbuttoned, and some are (including the suit pictured above, BOSS Black ‘Janna’ Wool Blazer) — because of that it’s probably more preference than etiquette. We would suggest that if you go with suits in the latter group, though, that you follow the rules men follow, and a) don’t button the bottom button, and b) be aware of how it drapes when you sit — if it looks dumb, unbutton it.


We’ve done extensive research on this (fine, we checked Wikipedia and a few books lying around the office) and didn’t find an answer.

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